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the HMM me my son my flouting lacquer truly spectacular sign came home from school one day and like a hundred thousand parents all over the country probably the same time I ask him

do you have any homework and that's what the next slide is is as I don't know then as hell other places on the internet we can go in like I'll website that we can look at the fee if you don't have any homework and he says I don't know look

as the high at partner interests I went on to school website look around and see if there was a place for teachers were posting homered and I found out that there were nine at this school comments 0 left got me more investors I'll start looking around school web sites all over the country and I couldn't find any teachers were able to

provide the simple homework that I A on parent and student could benefit from said anti I thought to myself why could make that happen because I know how to make Internet dawn I'm not that's something I can actually cook I couldn't play create a place for teachers can create an account and login and poster homered for the benefit of me

and my son house mostly the idea and I got 10 or 12 teachers to help me and tell me what they what tell me what they thought would be a good idea for side to side and again we want a good ideas nice time I might my process when I make something clicker thing is different %uh my process when I make something partially

is this guy a guy banging on a pizza 10 I don't 99.999 until it finally takes the shape than I wanted to take as not elegantly was not beautiful but eventually I get it to the place where I want and so about a month and a half at runtime frank and honest him I filing with %uh and I released it to the teachers who were using it

and they love it and they started telling other teachers about it and they loved it and those Peter teachers told other teachers about making love it and so about two years later I had 14,000 teachers using I have just last week I cross a hundred thousand students with active account in this crazy thing

mad not a mathematical structure a snack and there's about seven thousand schools that use it on a across the country and indeed at this point across the world which holy war I'm I do all kinda fun stuff I'm and an ass in the story clickers dip that other than that is a cool story I great is cool but the real story within

a story that I wanna come here to tell you little bit different mom want to tell you is that there are opportunities for us all for each person in this room to make a difference in the lives of others back now some money I'm and I and I don't believe that you need to go look for these opportunities

I believe you can look up right outside your window and you can see them and I believe in some cases the walking right into your door just like my son now somebody might look at a picture like this and think Ardleigh intersection and other person might look at anything there's an opportunity for me to make a difference I'm this fuckers the come on Flickr Flickr

okay I really love before and after pictures 2 before come on Flickr mark after gallon that look I can do an online okay sup I'm but then yes with a good night

lingers on okay I this thing is that the real pain in the game area area here than him here's the deal I'm you don't have to be the sidewalk builder UK you can really just be the sidewalk dreamer now I miss battle station appear you see me over here pouring the concrete and this is my really good friend Inka

and and and Niko hard Josh carpenter doing the groundwork I and that's absolutely true true the now I understand a lot as that makes this website workman has had a considerable amount either but I could not have made it happen without his help and that's the way it is with every you can do these things alone

but is good not to have the idea and you have no idea when you put it out there you can really make a difference now I wanted to do this entire talk to you today with my back turned towards you because well smarter people in the room convince me that was a really miserable idea but I am NOT turn my back on you now just illustrate a point

I'm a shame I think negative week mine and they put the same on do you think when somebody walks down the sidewalk that they're thinking themselves home Thank You person who may define like a mail with me I'm so grateful I am going to go home and write you a letter and then I'm going to build a statue for you

well you know minute we all know that's not the way it works when I get to do as I get to look at my computer and I get to look and the students arriving every day I get to feed the teachers arriving every day and the joy of seeing those schools arrive every day

that's all I get to do and what you might get to do you might get to look out your window and feed people walking down the sidewalk for you made possible you don't know where they came from and you certainly don't know what their ultimate destination is for you now as you made their journey easier

and more enjoyable i think thats my dealership thanks a lot of the HMM

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Software developer, Robert Zimmerman, talks about making a difference.

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