English Subtitles for Return of superman Ep 163 승재, 무차별 질문 ˝어디 아파요?˝ "현재는 선물이다"

Subtitles / Closed Captions - English

Last week, Kang Joon came to visit.

It's a rose. (Sniffing) It smells like fire. (He stole the children's hearts.) - What? - Kang Joon. Kang Joon.

(They went on a date to a cafe.) It feels like coffee. (5UPRISE member Tae Oh came to visit.) Where is Si An? - There you are. - Look at this. - I can't find Seol A. - She's not here.

There you are. (What kind of sweet things will happen?) What is waiting in store for them today? The Return of Superman episode 163, "The Present Is a Present." What do you think he brought?

He has a present for you. - What could it be? - I wonder what it is. (Tae Oh is bringing out something.) (Focused) - Here you go. - What is it? (What is that?)

- What is it? - What kind of gift is it? A gift. There's something inside. If you're loud, you'll scare it. - You have to be quiet. - Meat? (That's how important meat is to Soo A.)

Please open it. (Be quiet.) You might wake it up. Knock, knock, knock. (You should always knock.) (What could be inside the box?)

All right. I'll take a look first. (Surprised) - What? - What is it? - In 1, 2, 3. - In 1, 2, 3. (They're opening the mysterious box.)

- Look. - What is this? (Great) They are covered in thick armor from head to toe. They also have scary and huge pincers. They are lobsters. I wanted to make a special dish for the kids.

I asked Tae Oh to help me buy lobsters. What is this? - What is it? - It's scary. (I'm scared.) It's going to come here. I'm not going to play.

Are you scared? It's okay. I'm scared. It's okay. You can look from afar. - It's saying hello. - It's waving. - Hello. - Hello.

Si An, do you want to touch it? - Do you want to? - No. No. It's not scary. This, this, this. Tail, tail, tail... - This is how it swims. - It's like a mermaid. It swims with this.

Like this and this. - This... - It has huge hands. It has hands like scissors. But they're too big. (Stretching) It cuts things with these.

They're big like this. It's not scary. It wants to be your friend. - I touched it. - It's so hard. It's hard. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello, I'm Soo A.

- I'm Soo A. - It looks hungry. - Him? - Yes. Should we feed it? (Let's feed him.) Feed it? We're going to eat it soon.

Aren't you guys hungry? - No. - No. Have you had crabs before? (Did you eat crabs before?) Does it turn white? When we steam it, it'll turn red and delicious.

- You can eat this? - It goes red. We have to cook this so we can eat it. - Bye. - Bye. See you in my stomach. See you in my stomach? (These handsome men...)

(will make a lobster dish.) Goodnight. It looks good. (They're playing while waiting for the lobster.) - Si An, did you go? - No. Don't lie. Let's check.

Let's check if you went or not. Seol A is looking suspicious. You peed. (Seol A is going to a corner.) (Soo A notices something.) Me too!

(The sisters are up to something.) (A bean bag chair?) Hurry. (Rushing) (She's taking it to the master bedroom.) Seol A, why?

I have to go like this. (Help me do this.) - Pour it? Pour what? - Yes. (Focused) All done. - Done? - Yes.

- Done? - Good job. - All done. - Yes. Soo A, Seol A. (Where did they go?) Soo A, Seol A. Soo A and Seol A, what is this?

(Si An naturally joins them.) (They're taking out the chair's stuffing.) (Suddenly,) (Seol A goes outside.) Uncle. - Come here. - Yes.

- Come here. - What is it? (Let's play together.) What is it? (Meanwhile, the mess is getting bigger.) (He rushes over...) Look here.

What is this? You can't do that. (He falls on his knees.) Guys, your dad is going to get mad. - Hey. - No. You're going to get scolded. Don't do this.

- Really? - Really? Yes. You'll get scolded. How... (Speechless) We'll put it back. - Are you going to put it back? - Yes.

- Okay, help me. - Okay. Seol A, do you know where the broom is? - Get the broom. - Okay. Broom. (Seol A is running to get the broom.) (She's feeling bad.)

(It takes a long time to clean up.) Who did this? We did. Who did it? All three of you? - Yes. - Yes. Should you do this or not?

- No. - You shouldn't. Are you going to do this again? - No. - No. Good. That's good. It's okay if you don't do it again. (He teaches the children a gentle lesson.)

I didn't know what I should do. I was confused. If I look confused, it'll confuse the kids more. I tried not to look like I was surprised. I kept asking myself what I should do. (Sighing)

I'm so tired. I didn't know it'd be so tough. Babysitting is hard work. I wonder how I was like. I was probably really bad. I bet I was a troublemaker.

- When you were young? - Maybe when I was 3 or 4. I always had cuts and injuries. Parents are so amazing. They're reminded of their parents while babysitting. It must be a precious experience for them. Seol A and Soo A, come here.

- In 1, 2... 3. - In 3. (The lobster is cooked.) It's red. Thank you for the food. I broke it. (Amazing)

(The pincer meat came right off.) (It's full of meat.) It's all meat. How are we going to eat that? I'll help you. - Kang Joon. - Blow.

(Blowing) It's not hot. (Eating) Here. Good. Good.

(Eating) - It's yummy. - It is, isn't it? (The older children are getting home.) Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Come and eat. - I was eating this.

What is this? Let's eat together. Sit here. What is this? It's a lobster. A lobster. - Did you eat? - It's a lobster. Did you buy it?

Yes, we bought it on our way to give it to you. - Can you eat the intestines? - I can eat it all. Here, Jae A. Try it. (She's trying lobster intestines.) - It's good. - These are what you had before. - Great. - Take more.

- I'm done. - Are you? - It's like steamed egg. - It's all finished. - Look. - What is that? Is it an egg? - What is it? - What is it? Do crabs have eggs? It's kind of like eggs. Try it.

How is it? (It tastes bitter.) This is the face. (Seol A is running away.) (What is she up to now?) What are you doing?

- Uncle. - Take a picture of us. Take a picture for us. - Why are you taking one? - A picture? - Sure. - A picture? In 1, 2, 3. Look, they're posing.

- All good. - It's like steamed egg. - I want to see. - Show us. What do you think? Does it look nice? - I went like this. - Me too. (Running) I want to see.

What about Si An? You're right here. (Giggling) (It's a picture to remember their first lobster.) Peekaboo. - Si An. - Peekaboo.

- Where is Dad? - Dad? He's in Japan. - He's in Japan for a game. - Soo A. Should we talk to Dad over a video call? - Let's call Dad. - Let's call Dad. Dad.

(They try to video call Dad.) - There he is. Hello. - Dad. - It's Dad. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Dad. - Soo A, it's Dad. - Hello. - Did you eat well?

- How was your day? - It was fun. Soo A, what did you do today? - We played together. - What did we do? I don't know. We ate lobster at home together. - Lobster? - Yes, lobster.

You ate that? We steamed and ate it together. It was so delicious. - You must be a good cook. - Not at all. - You must be tired. You look slimmer. - Pardon? - It was harder than I thought. - Yes.

If you babysit my kids for one day, you can babysit any kid. Thank you for making a good memory for us. - You worked so hard. - Not at all. - Say bye to Dad. - Dad. Bye. Where am I right now?

- Osaka. - I'll bring you here next time. I hope to see you two when I'm back. - Yes. Thank you. - Thank you. I'll visit again soon. - Give me a hug. - I love you. (Hugging)

I love you. Take care. Si An, you too. - Si An, you too. - See you next time. Come here. (It was a special day for everyone.) - Bye-bye. - Bye.

Since there are three of them, I needed a hand. I couldn't look after all three at once. I respect Dong Gook. I was worried, but they warmed up to me first. I'm really thankful for that. I'm going to miss them a lot.

(I'll miss them.) Do I pull it? (These three are on their way to daycare.) (Why are they in pajamas?) This... - Did you sleep well? - Yes.

- I didn't sleep. - Why not? I didn't sleep. What am I wearing today? - Pajamas. - Pajamas. - Here. - Why are we wearing pajamas today? - Pajama party. - You knew?

(For the pajama party!) What is a pajama party? - Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday to you (They think all parties are birthday parties.) We have pajama days. The kids stay behind at daycare until late...

and they get to experience fun things. The parents get homework. We have to go on a date. After the date, we have to bring the receipt. We haven't talked properly in a while. I hope the kids can have a special pajama day. It's a tunnel.

- Turn off the light. - Turn off the light. - Turn off the light! - Turn off the light! (You're too loud.) You shouldn't be so loud in a car. Who is this familiar kid? (When the trio was making a racket last time...)

The driver is driving. Be quiet. (She scolded them last time as well.) You have to be quiet. You will disturb... the driver. Then we can't go to the party. Hey, you don't like being loud? Don't be rude to me.

(She's charismatic.) - I'm five years old. - Okay. (He's fast to back down.) I'm sorry. What is that on your head? - Me? I'm being a sheep. - Yes.

A sheep? (Giggling) We're here. Let's greet each other. - Hands on your stomach. - Ready. - We'll become children... - We'll become children...

- that are caring. - that are caring. We're wearing pajamas. What's on our heads? - Sheep horns. - Yes, that's right. We have sheep horns. Today... - Yes, that's right. - Ma'am. My mom... Ma'am. My mom...

(Did something happen to Mom?) She said... - she can't make it. - She couldn't? - She couldn't make it? - No. I see. I'll make it for you. Wait. Ready, go.

- Round eyes, small nose - Round eyes, small nose (They're waiting for their food while singing.) Good job. - I will always - I will always - Look at you - Look at you - Making a small wish - Making a small wish

Mine is here. - Mine is here. - Thank you for the food. - Thank you for the food - Thank you for the food - Teacher, eat before us - Teacher, eat before us - Enjoy the food, friends - Enjoy the food, friends You'll eat all of your food, right?

- Yes. - Good job. (I'm bored.) (Poking) Who did that? Who did that? It wasn't me.

Stop fooling around. Seo Eon, why is the cameraman here? He's our uncle. He's my uncle. - No. - No. You're my uncle, right?

No. You are. - Rock-paper-scissors. - Rock-paper-scissors. - I won. - I won. I lost. - Rock-paper-scissors. - Rock-paper-scissors. (Seo Eon wins.)

- Rock-paper-scissors. - Rock-paper-scissors. (Seo Eon wins again.) You should play paper, and I'll do scissors. That's how you should play. Why do you keep playing rock? (Hey, where are you going?)

- Rock-paper-scissors. - Scissors. - This. - I won. You have to do paper. Why do you keep doing rock? - Rock-paper-scissors. - Rock-paper-scissors. (He's playing rock again.)

- Seo Eon won. - You should do this. You should go like this. - Rock-paper-scissors. - Rock-paper-scissors. (He plays paper like he's told.) (Oh, no.) - I won. I won. - Gosh.

(My hand is faster than our eyes.) - I won. I won. - Gosh. (Seo Jun is the winner.) - Pajama party is starting now. - Now, you have to walk down the aisle. Yang Ah Reum, get up.

(It's pajama fashion show.) Ah Reum and friends, let's get ready. How beautiful. Keep your head up. Pose.

That's so pretty. (The cute kids'...) (pajama walking.) That's good. Good job. (This model is walking funny.)

(Seo Jun is using a prop.) Good job. Look to the front. Lee Seo Jun. Lee Seo Jun. Pose. Do a cool pose. (Seo Jun is posing as a tyrannosaurus.) Ready, go.

(It's a walk you never imagined.) It's a tyrannosaurus. (I'm Lee Seo Eon.) (My brother is so cool.) (Next up are couple models.) (They're like "Beauty and the Beast".)

(The twins are acting the same.) (Let's keep the party going.) (Next up is a dance party.) (Seo Jun's dance continues to evolve.) (It's an exciting balloon pool.) (Pajama day is so much fun.)

We should feel thankful... - to our moms and dads, right? - Yes. Who takes care of us when we're sick? - Mom. - Mom. Your mom stays by your side... and checks on your fever and gives you medicine.

How did it feel to see her worry about you? - I felt bad. - What? You felt bad? Why? Because Mom is sick. Seo Eon was worried his mom would get sick, too. When your parents come later,

give them hugs and tell them you love them. Make sure to give them kisses. Okay? Meanwhile, where are their parents? - Hello. - Hello. - One grapefruit tea. - A warm one. (They're on a date.)

I need the receipt. Hwi Jae and Jung Won are having a nice time. (It's hard to find a time by themselves.) It feels like a date. It's been a while. You look cool in your jean jacket.

You look 20 years younger. (He looks 20 years younger?) Whenever I meet someone older, they tell me to have a daughter. Do you want another baby? Do you want a third child, yes or no? In 1, 2...

Make sure you think about it first. You have to be honest. Okay. In 1, 2, 3. - Yes. - Yes. Really? We can get pregnant at the end of next year.

- What? - End of next year. When it's born, the twins will be six years old. Then they will help raise the baby. (This is the picture Jung Won is dreaming.) (They can feed the baby.) - She's eating. - She's eating.

(We'll push the carriage.) (Boing) (We'll make her laugh.) He's good. (We can love her twice as much.) Should we ask the kids?

The parents are back after their dates. - Hello, hello. - Hello. (They're handing in their date receipt.) Everyone is here. Hello. - We're all born in 1972. - Pardon?

(Hwi Jae finds people his age.) - Really? - Yes, the three of you. Really? Thank you. (I'm not the only old one.) - Thank you. - There are a lot. (The kids are here.)

(Where are they?) - Dad! - No, Seo Eon. (They just want to run to their parents.) No, you have to go line up. (The kids are lining up.) (They're so excited to see each other.)

- Aren't you happy to see them? - Seo Jun's dad! (Hwi Jae is popular to all the kids.) - Smile and put your hands together. - Ready. - We'll become children... - We'll become children... - that are caring. - that are caring. (Cheering)

Are you ready to dance? - Yes, Ma'am! - Yes, Ma'am! Get ready. - In 1, 2, 3. Smile. ("Cosmos")

(The face of cosmoses) (Became red beside the road) (Proud) (The twins are doing their best...) (with every move.) (They practiced all day...)

(to perform for their parents.) (How did they get so big?) (It's a touching moment.) Hands together. - Thank you. - Thank you. - We love you Mom and Dad. - We love you Mom and Dad.

(The twins are expressing...) (their feelings with all their hearts.) (We love you, too.) (They finally get to go to their parents.) Dad. (Good job, boys.)

You did so well, guys. (Touching pajama day is over.) What did you do today? Mom and I thought about how... we can make you two happy. Do you want a little sibling?

What do you think about a baby living with us? (A baby?) (How will the twins react?) I like it. Do you like it? Is there a baby at home?

- No. - No, there's no baby yet. I think there is a baby at home. - No, no. - I don't think so. It'll take at least 10 months. - What about you. Do you want one, Seo Jun? - Yes. A girl or a boy?

A boy and a girl. (I want both.) All of them? - That will break my back. - That's scary. Twins. (Giggling)

Twin girls might be okay. - Come on, Honey. - Right. Please take a sibling. Give you a sibling? - You want a sibling? - Yes. - I can't. I lack male hormones. - Why not?

(Sighing) I don't have testosterone. Hello. (He's a new comer, Seung Jae.) How old are you? - I'm 3. - Are you 3?

What is your dad's name? Ko Ji Yong. Do you like your dad? No. - Really? - Yes. What is your mom's name?

Hee Yang E. - What? - Tiger. - Tiger? - Tiger. Tiger. Tiger? I ate all by myself instead of sharing,

and now I have a stomachache. - Blow your nose. - My tummy hurts. Why am I blowing my nose? I don't have a runny nose. You do. I don't.

It will feel good. Our new member Seung Jae's mom is... (She appeared on various medical shows.) She's a professional in home medicine, Hur Yang Im. (She was also known as Kim Tae Hee of medicine.) He was introduced to me as a businessman.

They just told me that he's tall and handsome. I had no idea. On my way there, they asked if I knew him. I didn't know back then. These two met through an acquaintance... and dated for five years.

In 2013, they got married. On October 6 of the following year, they had a son. They became a happy family. Welcome to The Return of Superman. Are you sick, Auntie? (He's asking if she's okay.)

Are you sick? (This nose doctor is trying to find patients.) Are you sick, dinosaur? Are you sick? (What about you, camera?) Lobster, are you sick?

Uncle, do you feel sick? Are you sick? I'm not sick. Uncle, are you sick? No, I'm not. Uncle, are you sick here?

The dinosaur says it hurts right here. (There is someone he's reminded of.) Dad! Is Dad home? When is he coming? The phone's ringing. (Who could it be?)

Hello. Seung Jae, it's Dad. Dad. Dad. - Tell Dad to come home. - Seung Jae. I don't like Dad.

(He's saying this out of nowhere.) I don't like you. You what? I don't like you. - He doesn't like you. - You don't like me? I don't like you.

Ask him to buy you something yummy. What do you want? Seung Jae. (He's suddenly running away.) (Rushing) Catch me. (Shall we go meet Seung Jae's dad?)

Beyond hardworking staff, there is one person. Let us introduce you to Seung Jae's dad, Ko Ji Yong. After leaving the entertainment industry 16 years ago, he changed into a businessman. (He became an ordinary businessman.) (We met him prior to the shoot for a conversation.)

(You can tell he's nervous.) How would he feel about his upcoming first 48 hours? Is there a reason why you decided to be on the show? I'm sure there are fans that want to see me on stage. I haven't been on television for a long time. I've lost the touch.

To stand on a stage as a group... Being a group requires us to adjust together. I'm not in the position to do that. I'd end up giving trouble to people I work with. In the current situation... (He wants to connect to others.)

I want to raise my child and show others... and connect to my fans in that way. (What kind of dad are you?) I'm a little... To be honest, I'm a low priority to my child.

He loves his mom the most. At a certain point, I noticed how big he became. Time passed by so fast and I felt like it was wasted. I feel bad about that. I can't call myself a good dad yet. I want to get closer to him.

He greets everyone he sees... until they greet him back. - Hello. - Hello. (Seung Jae is good at greeting people.) - Bye. - Bye. Hello, puppy.

What are you doing at night? See you again. He is cheeky. (Seung Jae is cheeky.) Me, too. Me, too. - Me, too. - He is invisible to them.

Play with me. Do you want to play with me? Play with me. - Hello. - My goodness. I am Seung Jae. He has good cheer.

(Screaming) Turn the car around. I think he is smart. He learns words quickly. My mother told me that she was the same. You wore a jacket.

I can't eat this, can I? You can speak very well. Is that a dinosaur? - No, it's not a dinosaur. - They are safety shoes. - Safety shoes? - Yes. (Does Seung Jae get along with his dad?)

Dad is home. Dad. Dad, are you hurting? - What? - Dad, are you hurting? He has been waiting to examine you. - Dad, are you hurting? - I am hurting.

Dad, are you hurting? Seung Jae, will you treat me? Treat me. My head hurts. (He starts with a stethoscope.) Are you treating me? (He starts with a stethoscope.)

My chest hurts. My goodness. It hurts. Okay. Dad has a cough, too. I do.

Here is a shot. It hurts. (He acts like a robot.) It hurts. (I gave him a shot.) Let's take out your snot.

What is that? Why is there a knife? - Let's take out your snot. - What? What will you do? - Why did you bring a knife? - Snot. - What will you do? - Let's take out your snot.

He will take out your snot. Seung Jae, he doesn't want you to do that. - Do you do it with a knife? - How will it feel? It will feel nice. Seung Jae, should I remove your snot? (He is scared.)

He wants you to take pills. Thank you. (The patient has been cured.) (Struggling) (He tries to help...) (and gets hit.)

(His eyes are shifting.) I am going to change. (He enters the room as a dandy man.) Ji Yong came out of the room in comfortable clothes. (Ji Yong used to care a lot about his looks.) (He used to fly on the stage.)

Even an ex-idol singer becomes relaxed at home. (Shaking) (He reached an age to take supplements.) (Since my body is precious, I will take another one.) Seung Jae, who do you want to sleep with? Bunny? Mom should sleep with Seung Jae.

Dad should sleep here. Should I sleep on the floor? Yes. (Dad is never his priority.) Sing, "Good night, Seung Jae." Good night, my baby

(The next morning) Dad, did you sleep well? Yes. Seung Jae, did you sleep well? - Dad. - Yes? Now that I am awake, - can I have fun? - Yes.

Did Daddy Bunny sleep well? (Shall I play with my toys?) Did you sleep well, toys? Mommy Penguin, did you sleep well? Daddy Penguin, did you sleep well? (He shows love even to the toys.)

(Ji Yong rinses rice to make breakfast.) Shall we watch what Dad is doing? I will do the rest. (Mom and Dad switch positions.) - Come to me. - Play with Dad. Do you want to play with me?

I won't play with you. - Won't you play with Dad? - No. - Won't you play with me? - Put the cup here. Seung Jae, I am the one who plays with you. Dad. You are not the one who plays with me.

(It's as if she has two sons.) Dad, hug me. - Okay. - Dad is mine. Dad, show me your love. (He makes his dad's heart flutter.) (Kiss)

(Open wide.) (Seung Jae brushes his teeth with his dad.) You are almost done. Let's wash your face. (Licking) (He sticks his tongue every time.)

(It's a strange taste.) While Seung Jae gets ready, his mom prepares breakfast. She made seaweed soup... and oyster rice. (It's nutritious oyster rice.)

The nutritious breakfast is ready. Uncle, have breakfast. (The 26-month-old takes care of the uncle.) Eat up. Eat breakfast. (Flustered, the uncle runs away.)

(Why won't he eat?) What is this, Seung Jae? It's seaweed. This is oyster rice. (He has a rich vocabulary for a 26-month-old.) It's not hot, is it?

You are eating well. Seaweed. Seaweed is hot. (He eats hot seaweed soup...) (without hesitation.) You are eating well. (It's perfect for Seung Jae's taste.)

Dad, what are you doing? Are you doing my dishes? I am doing your dishes. (He wipes the table.) (He wipes the floor.) (He takes out the food garbage.)

I am exhausted. (He has 48 hours to go.) Seung Jae. (It's time to say goodbye to Mom.) Seung Jae. I am going outside.

Play well with Dad, okay? Bye. - Good luck. - Okay. - You can do this. - You can do this. - Have fun. - Okay. Mom, have fun.

Mom, have fun. Seung Jae, have fun with Dad. Okay. Don't worry about us. Okay. Bye. (Seung Jae send her off warmly.)

Mom is gone. I think Seung Jae and I will become close. I am sure I will do well. (Confident) (However) (He is unpredictable.)

(I had a bath.) (Seung Jae is out of control.) (How will Ji Yong deal with taking care of him alone?) So Eul and Da Eul, you are going camping with Dad. He will join us when he is done with the shoot.

Do you remember taking the subway? - It was really fun. - Was it really fun? Since you are better at reading letters, you can find your way with the signs... even if I don't draw you a map, right? (So Eul's developed a hobby...)

(of finding routes on a subway map.) So Eul said she wants to take the subway. We decided to drop the children at the station... so that they can meet us at the camping site. So Eul, Dad is calling you. So Eul and Da Eul,

please grab my hat at home. I will need it. Honey, we are on our way already. Really? Since I cut my hair short, - I need a hat. - Tell him to dress in a cute way.

So Eul suggests dressing in a cute way. Wear a hairpin. No. Dad won't look cool... if he wears a hairpin. Don't wear a hairpin. Be cool. I will figure out a way.

(So Eul is the problem solver.) Okay, figure out a way. Okay. There are many shops underground. You need to pass through them to reach the station. Your destination is World Cup Stadium Station.

Don't lose the blue bag that contains money, okay? Buy food since it's cold. Bye, Mom. Mom, I will bring tasty food. Bye. I love you. Da Eul, come over here.

Shall we eat at this place? Let's have a meal. Let's have a meal. Should we eat udon? (They found a noodle dish that costs five dollars.) Do you want to eat udon?

Why is it turning? It turns... so that people can take sushi. So Eul, this one looks tasty. (She takes a plate Da Eul wants.) (They have pineapple as an appetizer.)

Something caught So Eul's eyes. Salmon is really tasty. (What should I do?) Please grab my hat at home. I will figure out a way. (She planned on buying a hat.)

(Noodles versus salmon sushi) What will be So Eul's choice? (Noodles versus salmon sushi) So Eul, what do you want to eat? This one? - This one? - I will do it.

(You should take it, So Eul.) (So Eul takes a plate.) I want this one. Let's eat. What is this? It's soy sauce. You dip sushi in it.

Pour out the amount you need. Da Eul, you dip sushi in this. (She dips the fish in soy sauce.) (Eating) (Dipping) (She clears a plate.)

- I want to eat more. - This one. This one. Thank you. (Da Eul got egg sushi.) It's egg. (Will she eat Da Eul's sushi?)

(Of course, she won't.) (She dips it in soy sauce for Da Eul.) (She takes good care of her brother.) Enjoy it. - Is it tasty? - Yes. (He listens to So Eul and dips it in sauce.)

Use this plate. - It's tasty. - There is spicy paste, but it makes sushi more delicious. Do you see that green paste? It's spicy. There it is. (Shall I resume eating?)

This one is a bit expensive. She can't help but reach for more salmon sushi. I didn't know a six-year-old can love salmon sushi. (She has a big appetite.) So Eul, can you help me with this?

Here it comes. So Eul, I am full. Drink some water. (I will eat one more plate.) (Sushi is the best.) Counting 1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 6. How much is the total? Please help Da Eul down the stool. (They paid and Da Eul came down.) What is this? This? It's a business card. Do you want it?

Yes, please. Come again. (Look over there, So Eul.) (They spotted a Santa doll that comes down the rope.) (Screaming) (Da Eul laughs with his entire body.)

(It's perfect for a 34-month-old.) What is that sound? Listen. (Where is the sound coming from?) Let's go. (It's a Salvation Army kettle.)

You can put it inside. Here you go. (They do good deeds even after Christmas.) Thank you. (Da Eul and So Eul make a donation.) Let's go.

(They give back to the society.) I want to show you something. Da Eul, stop. (They check the route before getting on the subway.) We transfer at this station. (She knows the transfer station.)

Ta-da! We meet Dad at this station. Okay? It's scary. What's scary? That one. - It's scary. - We can go together.

(What did Da Eul see?) What's wrong? The ticket gates appeared before Da Eul. (During their last subway trip...) (Shutting) (Da Eul was trapped inside a ticket gate.)

Da Eul was flustered to be stuck inside a ticket gate. He must have remembered what happened. It's scary. What will So Eul do? Come quickly. (She sends Da Eul first.)

(Running) I will follow you. (So Eul passed through the gate as well.) It's not scary. (Three-year-olds can ride the subway for free.) It's not scary, is it?

It's no problem if you go first. (They reached the platform.) (What is that?) ("A Crack" by Hwang Mi Kwang) "Water flows to every crack..." "in the world."

"Between cracks," "another day approaches." I am sure it's a good poem. (So Eul gives safety instructions.) Da Eul, watch your feet. Go in after people come out.

Go in after people come out. Watch your feet. (Go in after people come out.) Where should we go? Let's stand. Hold this tightly. There is a seat. (An elderly man yields his seat.)

Thank you, but... Da Eul, the elderly must sit here. Let's go. (So Eul moves to non-priority seats.) Let's sit over here. (They are smart children.)

(The subway runs.) We are getting off here. (They arrive at Yaksu Station.) Let's get off. Watch your feet. We got off.

Are we going to Dad? Of course, we are. Where else would we go? Where else would we go? (Laughing) Come here. It's dangerous. You should be on this side.

You should be on this side. Let's go. (She takes the outer side.) It's dangerous. "Transfer". Look at that face. (Face?)

What is that? (It's a Hahoe mask.) (So Eul copies the facial expression.) (She is the living Hahoe mask.) Are we getting on the train again? We need to get on this train.

- It's another train. - Wait a minute. Da Eul, do you know what this sign is? (She quizzes Da Eul on signs.) Do you know? Tell me. Telephone. (Surprised)

You got it right. When a bad man appears, you say, "There is a bad man." "Please call the police." Do you know what this sign is? Fire extinguisher. It puts out fire.

(Even his explanation is perfect.) You got it right. In that case, what is this sign? What is this sign? Don't touch.

Don't touch. (He answered correctly three times in a row.) What about this? (Will he get it right?) Don't get on the subway. It means, "Don't lean."

You might fall to the crack if the door opens. Don't do that. (Running) (They move to safety.) This one means... aunts with babies in their bellies...

can sit here. You can sit here since it's dangerous to stand. It's okay. No. (Don't underestimate Little Man.) It says, "Little Man can sit here."

(Really?) I am serious. Sit down. No, no. I don't want to. (What?) Don't lean.

Don't lean. What? Don't lean. (I will protect So Eul.) (When I was three years old, So Eul protected me.) (However, I am four years old now.)

Dad, what is this place? This place? This place is... a clinic for men. Wait, I am wrong. - Women visit the urology clinic, too. Right? - Yes. Why did you come to a clinic? I came...

to check the state of my health. A test is a must before having a third child. Around this time last year, my father had... a big surgery for prostatic hypertrophy. I had a DNA test on "Vitamin"... to look for my weak areas.

(Hwi Jae has a DNA test on "Vitamin".) I am at a risk for prostate disease and Alzheimer's. I am doing everything to prevent them. Seo Eon and Seo Jun, do you want a sibling like Si An or Lo Hee? I want a sibling like Si An.

I want a sibling like Lo Hee. - Really? - Do you think she will be pretty? (I think she will be pretty.) (The twins want a sibling.) Should my wife and I plan for a third child? - Please come inside the office. - Okay.

Come with me. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. (Imitating a baby) (Will I have a younger sibling?) How can I help you?

I am here to check if I am healthy... and without complications. Do you plan to have more children? I frankly want a daughter. I am sure there won't be any problems, but semen analysis will give us...

a more subjective result. (The unavoidable has come.) As men grow older, they can show symptoms... of male menopause. I answered questionnaires...

- for a self-diagnosis. - I see. I cry more. I think I might have male menopause. Dad, are you done? There is a store downstairs... that sells delicious milk and bread.

Don't you want to eat them? - I want to eat them. - You do, right? Come back after eating milk and bread, okay? I will come out after an examination and a shot, okay? - Dad. - Yes? Will you get a shot on your buttocks?

Yes, I will. Okay? This is the first step of having a third child. Knowing yourself and the enemy helps you win. For the middle-aged dad's challenge, various examinations are carried out.

The last examination remains. Don't you dare follow me. (Don't you dare follow me, camera.) (Good luck, Hwi Jae.) The twins came to the convenience store. What should I get?

Seo Eon, look at this one. Look at this one. Banana-flavored snack. - Where? - Banana-flavored snack. Spaghetti. (They have spaghetti at a convenience store.)

Look. Do you want a red one or a yellow one? Maybe the red one is spicy. It's not spicy. It's tomato sauce. (Shall we eat these?)

Is it really spaghetti? Yes, it is. - Please ring up these items. - Okay. Where is your dad? Where is your dad? He is at a urology clinic.

- What? - He is at a urology clinic. Where? He is at a urology clinic. Why did he go to the clinic? We are having... a sibling.

Do you want another sibling? You are greedy. (The twins take a seat at the corner.) (Rustling) Here. Chocolate milk is mine.

Spaghetti. (Let's see.) How do I eat this? Do you want me to make it? Yes. (He gets help from the owner.)

Have you had this before? - No. - No? It will be really tasty when I make it. Are you a cook? Am I a cook? I am better than a cook.

(His dishes will always taste the same.) (He is checking the instructions.) Seo Jun, where is spaghetti? Where is it? It's in the oven. Is it almost done?

Here is your spaghetti. (He made it very quickly.) It looks delicious. - Does it look delicious? - Yes. I am a talented cook. - Is it hot? - Yes, it's hot.

Take a small bite at a time, okay? (They wait a little bit.) (Eating) (Have a taste.) Try it. (Seo Eon takes a bite.)

It's tasty. (The taste of Italy fills his mouth.) I bought this. I bought this. Aren't you glad I bought it? You chose well.

Is it tastier than the one Dad made? Yes. (They take turns in eating.) (He rubs food on his face.) (The twins are good brothers.) (Chew it well.)

(Bottoms up.) My mouth is dirty. Who wants to wipe my mouth? I will do it. (They clean themselves up.) (He rubs the tissue paper with force.)

Did Dad get his shot? I wonder if he cried. Did he cry? - Did you get examined well? - Yes. - Did you find anything uncomfortable? - No. The test results are in.

You took three tests. There were hormone test, prostate test, and semen analysis. Your male hormone level is in the normal range. The normal range is from 2.5 to 8.3. Your hormone level is 4.3.

(It's lower than he expected.) There is a hormone called prolactin. It's one of hormones whose level rises... in pregnant women. Your prolactin level is higher than the average. Does that mean I am a woman?

No, that's not what it means. Men can have prolactin, but your level is a bit higher than the average. It could be the result... of extreme stress. The male hormone level...

came as a shock. - Your father had prostatic hypertrophy. - Yes. Your prostate is perfectly normal in size. We go over four parameters for semen analysis. The first one is semen volume. The second one is sperm motility.

The third one is sperm concentration. The fourth one measures what percentage of sperm... looks normal. In short, the results are... less than average on two parameters. (He has problems with two parameters.)

Firstly, sperm volume is a bit small. The second problem is connected to sperm motility. (Shocked) - Really? - Yes. - I will show you a video clip. - What? (Will you show me a video clip?)

It looks like the sperm count is low. There aren't many of them. The value of motility should be over 40 percent. It looks like... yours has a value that is less than 20 percent. It used to be 60 percent.

- It used to be 60 percent. - Yes. What happened in the past five years? Children. He put children before him for the past four years. (Hwi Jae's struggles began four years ago.) (As the twins grew,)

(he lost hair.) (Dozing off) Perhaps it was the weight of fatherhood. Let's put this here. (He didn't hesitate to dress up for his sons.) (Crying)

(It wasn't always successful.) (Hwi Jae grew older with his children.) (He became haggard.) It looks like I should have a child soon. Daughters are cute and pretty. Please take good care of your body...

and succeed in having a pretty daughter. Thank you. What do you think? (That night, the twins' place) You know, the sperm motility... The sperm motility...

What about it? The value... (Hwi Jae is hesitant.) used to be 60 percent. Now, it's 20 percent. My hormone level is too low, too.

What should we do? Anyway... You struggled with work and taking care of the twins. Since the results are bad, you should take care of your health. I will.

- Relax. - Okay. - Okay? - Okay. I won't drink alcohol in 2017. - I will help. - Okay. Meanwhile, Seung Jae is taking a walk with his dad. Bye, Uncle.

(Smiling) Seung Jae, which flavor do you want for candy? Strawberry. Strawberry. I will buy you a strawberry-flavored candy. (Let's run.) Here comes a car.

- Here comes a car. - Let's run away. (Hurried) (Seung Jae runs until he is out of breath.) I am dizzy. Are you dizzy? Let's just walk now.

(We can't walk when we're almost there.) Hello. - Welcome. - Hello. Which strawberry-flavored candy do you want? These are not strawberry-flavored. There you go.

- Dad, please open it. - Okay, I will. Here. (He got a strawberry-flavored candy.) One iced coffee, please. - Iced coffee? - Yes. - Which size? - Large.

(Seung Jae is looking around the store.) (Smiling) (He doesn't pester his dad to buy him anything.) - Do you want to go to the playground? Yes. Okay. Let's go. Bye.

(Let's go to the playground.) There are my friends. Yes, there are a few. Guys, we're having candy. (Seung Jae runs breathlessly again.) Guys!

We're having candy. Guys. Do you want some candy? (He spotted a friend on a rocking horse.) (Running) Hey, do you want a candy?

(Stroking) You're wearing a winter jacket. Do you want a candy? You can try it three times. (He is manly.) Do you want a candy?

(I'm okay, Seung Jae.) (Do they not like candy?) (Then I'll play somewhere else.) (Jumping) Let's go! (Sliding)

(What is this?) I'll kick it. (He kicks it lightly.) You're not supposed to kick it. Okay? There's a dog.

A wolf is following you. (What is he talking about?) It's a big dog. I'll catch it! He's not scared of anything. (Seung Jae versus s Shiba Inu)

Seung Jae, the dog will get angry. You should pat it, not scream at it. You're so pretty. - Do you want to swing? - Yes. Okay. Come here. (Should we swing now?)

Let's swing together. - Let's swing together. - Look at me. Aren't you Ji Yong from Sechs Kies? (Embarrassed) I was a huge fan back in middle school. - Thank you. - Do you have a son?

Dad, I want to stop. Do you want to get off? Seung Jae, do you want to slide with me? Do you want to do it with me? (He goes away.) I'm coming!

Who's there? I'm invisible to him. Hi, guys. Hi, guys. Hi, guys. (The other kids don't notice him.)

(Seung Jae never gives up.) What are you doing, guys? (Are you talking to us?) Can I play with you? I'll come to you. Please play with me.

Play with me. Guys, he wants to play with us. What should we do? Wait for me. Do you want to slide with me? I want to slide with those guys.

Do you want to slide with them? Can we play together? (He talks to a brother and a sister.) Let's slide together. Hold my hand. Let's play together. Come here.

(He finally found someone.) He doesn't want to do anything with me. (Ji Yong stays with the staff.) Let's find ants with sticks. I think we can find ants here. There will be ants...

and beetles. There will be ants. Let's try tapping. Then they'll turn into ants. I saw some cotton candy. - Where? - Over there.

She saw cotton candy. Should we go and see? (He shakes his head.) All right. (It's so funny for the invisible man.) They're ants now. I picked up a big stone.

Did you pick up a big stone? Let's put it there. It's huge. Let's poke at it hard. Why are you so smart? - How old are you? - I'm three.

Are you three? Let's play another game. - Another game? - Let's do something else. Let's go there. (Follow me.) (He's like Napoleon.)

(Seung Jae's adventures never stop.) Where are we? Where are we? - The playground is over there. - We came too far. (We can't stop here.) (Seung Jae never stops.)

Let's go there. (He still has so much energy left.) We're woodpeckers. We're like woodpeckers, right? Hello. (Ji Yong receives a call.)

Yes. (He walks away.) What time are they coming? Are the other employees there? (Something serious came up.) All right.

I'll call you right back. Come here. Who are you talking to? This is the safe zone. Hurry. I'm meeting... relatives today.

- Young Soo, where are you? - I'm in Busan. - Are you in Busan? - Yes. What happened to Ji Yong? Did something happen? I have to stop by at work. Our client is visiting us because there's a problem.

I see. I'm in charge of it, so I think I have to go. Hello, Mr. Ko. I'm on my way now. I couldn't find a babysitter, so I'm taking him with me.

Please ask them to understand me. - Okay. - It was an emergency. Okay, I'll ask them. We sometimes have urgent meetings. Sometimes, we have to finish some work... during the weekend. Then I go to work.

This is where I work. You should stay quiet up there. - Okay. - Stay quiet. Stay quiet. Excuse me. (The meeting has started.)

I came with my kid. Say hello to them. - Hello. - Hi. Tell them you'll be quiet. Tell them you'll be quiet. Did you come here...

in the middle of playing with him at home? - We were in the playground. - In the playground? We have to finish the meeting. I just found out it'd be installed on Monday. The decision-makers should know these beforehand. It's great that we're receiving an explosive response,

but we'll have about 20,000 to 30,000 people, and I don't think you're prepared for that. (Seung Jae is perplexed...) (because he has never seen his dad so serious.) We'll prepare for it well. I'd like your plans by tomorrow evening...

so that I can read through them before I go to work. Okay. (Is the meeting over?) Sir, - draw me an elephant. - An elephant? Do you want me to draw you an elephant?

An elephant and a monkey. He's drawing everything. Now, a Brachiosaurus. Now, a snake. He's not done yet.

- A snake. - A snake? Okay. He seems confident. That's a worm. No, it's not. I'm sorry, Seung Jae. - We're done. - We're done.

Thank you. - Thank you. - Thank you. (High-five) We're at Yongsan Station. Si An. We're going on a trip.

We're going to Chuncheon. It's that way. Seol A, Soo A, come here. Si An. (Si An, wait for us.) Seol A, Soo A, there are a lot of people in Seoul.

You should stay near me all the time. Okay. Dad, if we lose Si An, I'll find him and hug him. That's so sweet of you. We won't lose Si An, will we? - No. - No.

With the new year beginning, I wanted to spend meaningful time with my kids. When you start college, you often go on trips with your classmates. I'm almost 40 now, and I'm going on a trip with my kids.

Our train is here. Let's go. Hold my hand. Give me your hand. (They get on the train holding their dad's hands.) Jump in. Jump in.

Our seats are on the upper floor. - Go up. - Is it upstairs? My seat is number 13. - Is this number 13? - It's here. Sit down. It'll take an hour.

(I'm excited to go on a trip.) The train is starting. Choo-choo. We're going on a class trip now. Where's Seol A? (Seol A)

Where's Soo A? (Soo A) (Si An) (I'm Dong Gook. I'm a member of the soccer club.) We entered university in 2017, okay? Do you know the purpose of this trip?

We're doing this for teamwork. Do you understand? - Teamwork. - Teamwork. - Teamwork. - Teamwork. - Seol A, there's only one. - There's only one? This is an important moment. What should you do?

We should share it. Should you share it? This is what teamwork means. Right? There you go. (They're showing teamwork.) Good job.

When you go on a class trip... (This is a must.) You need a guitar. - A guitar? - Yes. (On class trips...) A guitar is a must on class trips.

Dong Gook teaches his kids about class trips. Try it. - Look at this. Like this. - There you go. Like this. (Si An can hold a guitar now.) (How did he know?)

Look at Dad. (When you play the guitar...) (Dad gave him a special guitar lesson.) - Cross my legs? - Cross them. (I'll cross my legs.) (Si An chose the song, "Three Bears".)

(Daddy Bear, Mommy Bear, and Baby Bear) - Daddy Bear. - Daddy is here. Baby Bear. - Baby Bear is here. - You're Baby Bear. Daddy Bear is chubby What about Seol A Bear?

Seol A Bear is chubby What about Soo A Bear? Soo A Bear is chubby What about Mommy Bear? Mommy Bear is chubby Is everyone chubby? Who's the cute one?

Baby Bear is so cute That's right. Daddy Bear is chubby Am I chubby, too? (He's the cutest Baby Bear.) (The train keeps on going.)

We're here. We arrived at Chuncheon Station. - Are we there? - Yes. What's that? What's that? That's you.

It's you and me. Yes, it's you and me. Look at that. We're going to Chuncheon. That's right. We're going to Chuncheon. - Chuncheon. - Chuncheon. We're in Chuncheon.

- Chuncheon. - Chuncheon. Stand there. I'll take a picture of you. - There are no clouds. - That's right. - One, two, three. - There are no clouds. Their first trip begins.

Let's go. Where are we going? We're going to see birds. I can touch birds. - Birds are not scary, are they? - No. Birds are nice. - Try saying, "chicken". - Chicken.

- Chicken. - Chicken. Good job. - You'll see many birds. - Whose car is this? I borrowed it from a man. - A man? - Yes. You're a man.

I'm not a man. I'm Si An. (Smiling) Are you not a man? You look like a man. I'm not a man. I'm Si An. - Are you just Si An? - Yes.

Si An, are you a man? I'm not a man. I'm just Si An. Are you just Si An? Si An, what sound do birds make? Si An is sleeping. (He must be tired.)

His eyes are half-closed. (Si An is asleep.) Including chickens, you can meet many birds at this farm. Will the kids like it? - Are you here to see the birds? - Yes, we are.

Come this way. - What's this? - Hi. It's food for baby birds. Do you want to feed baby birds? - Yes. - Okay, let's go. We'll feed them.

Let's feed them. Let's feed the baby birds. Wait here. (What kind of birds are there?) (It's a chaos.) (Welcome to the aviary.)

Si An, they might poop on your face. They might poop on your face. (Nervous) - My goodness. - It's okay. (My goodness.) (Oh, my.)

It's okay. They'll just sit on you. I wasn't scared. I was acting. I just mimicked you. I wasn't scared. (He's actually scared.)

- Stay still. - Stay still. Look how I do it. (Seol A follows him.) Seol A, aren't you scared? (Brave) - Come here. - Soo A.

Seol A is so brave. How can she be not scared? - Eat a lot. - Tell them to eat a lot. (Seol A is doing great.) Hey, eat. Give this to them.

(The bird is not coming near.) Hey, eat! Eat! Eat up! (She's angry.) Hey, eat!

- She's trying to feed the bird. - Hey, eat. (After hearing Seol A scream, the bird came closer.) Good job. Soo A is doing great, too. Si An, it's eating. Si An woke up.

(Seol A woke Si An up.) Look at this. - Look at that. - Si An. - Si An, do you want to try? - Try with this. (Half-asleep) (Eat it.)

(Smiling) Si An, let's try feeding that one. Feed it slowly. Tell the bird to eat. Eat. - There you go. - Hey!

There you go. (Eat mine, too.) There you go. (Startled) (They feel more comfortable now.) Hey.

Eat this. (Thank you, Si An.) The bird is sitting on his head. It's sitting on his head. Look at me. Try stroking it.

Stroke it. Stroke it. It'll stay still. Stroke it. - Si An. - It's sleeping. It's sleeping. What's that?

- Just stay still. - Dad, look at this. Stay still. It won't bite. (What happened to Dong Gook?) (Dong Gook is in trouble.) (Is a bird sitting on him?) Stay still. It won't bite.

(Nervous) It's a bit heavy. - Look at me. - It won't bite. (Are you okay?) Dad... - I'm so brave, right? - Yes.

- You're amazing. - Three birds are sitting on you. Yes. Si An. (Startled) Our eyes met. (What are you looking at?) Wait.

Our eyes keep meeting. (Dong Gook is making a fuss.) Gosh. I'm fine with small birds, but this one is too big. It's intimidating. Si An, try.

Look at that. (Si An is resisting.) - Give me your hand. - I'm scared. Give me your hand. Si An succeeded. Look at that.

Look at Si An. (This is their final hurdle.) Those baskets have eggs in them. Go to those baskets... and take two eggs. - I'll go first. - Okay.

(He stops at the nearest basket.) I'm inside now. - There are eggs. - I want to go in, too. (I want to go in, too.) There are eggs. (Si An is scared.)

Soo A, come here. Follow me. There are some here, too. (Seol A stops at a basket.) Here. You're doing great. You can take only two. - Just 2. - Pick 2 of them only.

(Soo A picks two eggs.) Stay still. (Hesitating) Si An, come here. Seol A, come. Look. Look over here. Si An stopped right in front of the door.

What happened? (He can't go in easily.) (Last summer) - Don't chickens bite you? - No. - Come here. - No, no, no! (No, no, no!)

- He says he can't. - Will you do it or not? (You should go alone!) Si An, go in and get two eggs. I'll run. Si An, you should go, too. Si An.

Si An, go in. (He hesitates upon seeing a chicken.) (First, he bows politely.) (The chickens are blocking Si An from entering.) (He's pushed into entering the chicken run.) Will he make it?

(Soo A pushes Si An inside.) (He walks inside while avoiding the chickens.) There are some here. There are some here. Two eggs. Get one more. One more egg? Si An.

(Si An's sisters root for him.) Come here quickly. (Where is it?) Did you get two eggs? If you got two, come on out. Si An, you can come out now because you have two eggs.

Si An's not even scared alone. (He stays calm.) Go away, chicken! (I can do this.) (Si An overcomes his fear.) Incredible.

Come out now. Open the door for him. - Good job! - Si An, did you get two eggs? - Si An brought 2 eggs. - Did Si An get 2 eggs? The two families had a lot of fun. It's time for the best time, dinner. 2017 is a year of the rooster.

Si An, Chuncheon is known for dakgalbi, okay? Dakgalbi? That's right. It's dakgalbi. Who will have a lot of Chuncheon dakgalbi? - Me. - Me! You raised your bat.

How much are you going to eat, Si An? - A lot. - You'll eat a lot? (Give me this much.) All right. Look. It's been roughly grilled. I'll grill it here. Look, look.

Gosh, it looks delicious, doesn't it? It looks delicious, doesn't it? (The grilling sound makes me want to eat it more.) It'll be perfect for your palate. (I'm so busy.) Seol A and Soo A, gosh, it's burnt.

Oh, my goodness. It's burnt. - Did it burn? - Yes, it's burning. (What is our wish?) - Don't burn. - Don't burn. Don't burn. - It'll be okay. - Eating it would make me tanned.

I'll try it first. - You'll eat it? - Look. (How does it taste?) - Why? - Why? (Curious) It's way too delicious.

It looks delicious, right? I'll give it to you. - It's hot! - Blow before you eat. (Blowing) Soo A can eat something hot. (Soo A expresses the heat with her body.)

It's hot! If you cut it in pieces, it'll be all right. (Try it, then.) (My goodness!) It's just way too hot. Cool it before you eat. I did cool it off.

Have a lot, all of you. - Feed her. - Have a lot, Soo A. (I really cooled this one off.) Say, "Thank you". Seol A, feed me. That's right. Feed her, Seol A.

You must be happy. (The three brothers and sisters are very close.) You guys came here... because I want you to unite and get along well. You should share even if it's only one piece. - Daddy, give me more. - All right.

- Give me more. - All right. - Give me more, Daddy. - Thank you. Give me more. I can wrap it. I know how to eat it as a wrap. (Stuffing)

What are you doing? Have you tried it? Seol A is eating a wrap. Si An, make me one. (Si An makes a wrap for Dong Gook.) (Dropped) Si An, you dropped dakgalbi.

(He gives it another try.) - I won't eat it! - Good. How will you eat it now? You should wrap it. That's it. (It's not as easy as I thought.) It's not as easy as you thought, right? Is it hard to wrap it?

(At three years of age, he shows strong tenacity.) Make a wrap. That's it. You've made one. What's next? (Seol A watches him, too.) (He puts it in Dong Gook's mouth.) Daddy, I can eat this.

- Shall I make you one? - Look. (He's ready to have a wrap.) This is how you make a wrap. It's like a bag. (It's more delicious because you made it for me.) (Sprinkle laver flakes.)

(They finish their meal with fried rice.) Blow. (My gosh.) (This is really good.) Dried laver, dried laver. Okay, dried laver.

Try. Try dried laver from Chuncheon. It's good. It's good. Gosh, it's really delicious. - It's delicious. - It's delicious? - Say, "Thank you". - Thank you for the meal. That's it. Give me a kiss. (Thank you, Daddy.)

Let's wash our hands and go. (So Eul and Da Eul arrived at the camp site.) So Eul and Da Eul arrived at the camp site safely. - How much is it for a child? - How old are you? We're 6 and 3 years old. It's free for a 3-year-old, 2 dollars for a 6-year-old.

Here you go. All right. (She buys a ticket at ease.) (We need to go find Daddy now.) (There's a weird man sitting.) This guy seems totally suspicious.

(Even his toes are excited.) (This man is fascinated with "Pick Me".) (Is it "Pick Me"?) (Da Eul is already dancing.) Dad! It's Dad! (Is he really...)

(He seems suspicious.) (Dad?) Where is Dad? (So Eul and Da Eul pass Bum Soo.) Where is Dad? (Da Eul also runs.)

Where is Dad? (Flustered) (Come here! Come here!) (You must give me your ticket.) Where is Daddy? Your daddy is over there. I'll take you there.

What is your name? I'm Da Eul. I'm scared. Let me see. Come here. Come here. (Who is this enthusiastic guy?) It was Bum Soo indeed.

(30 minutes ago) Isn't it too obvious? (He hasn't seen his children for a long time.) I wanted to play a prank to see if So Eul and Da Eul... recognize their own dad. That's why I dressed up as a man who checks tickets.

(His prank is successful.) (He stops walking and dances out of joy.) (He dances along "Pick Me".) (What is wrong with this man?) (He's interesting.) (I thought we were almost there.)

(However, Dad isn't here!) (Disappointed) (Where is Daddy?) (I'm right here.) So Eul. (Da Eul ended up crying.)

Dad. (Determined to meet Daddy,) (Da Eul protected So Eul...) (and came all the way here.) (Where is Daddy?) (Bum Soo removes the mask.)

Come here. Why did you cry, Da Eul? (Bum Soo feels sad because Da Eul cried.) (Da Eul and Bum Soo's reunion is touching.) Were you scared? Gosh, what were you scared of? You cried, too? I was just playing a prank.

The ticket inspector is a really good man. I... dressed up to play a prank on you two. (You are my dad, right?) Dad, I brought your hat. You brought my hat? Give it to me. Here, a knitted hat.

So Eul and Da Eul, bring my hat from home. I'll see what I can do. All right. Which hat should we get for Dad? This one?

They didn't forget to buy their dad's hat in the metro. (We bought Daddy's hat.) Bum Soo, you must be really proud of them. (He puts on a knitted hat.) - How do I look? - Good. (Giggling)

Dad, sit. (They're eating sweet marshmallows.) Here. (Da Eul is eating a sausage.) What is this? Is it popcorn?

One, two, three. (Popping) (Surprised) - Don't do that. - Okay. Look. I'm going to open it. One, two... (Squinting)

Look. This isn't popped rice. Ta-da. (Popcorn is ready.) (Da Eul take a bite.) - After I eat this. - Okay. I'll help you. Hold on.

(There is another event.) They're sending up a lantern with their wishes. (The lantern is holding their wish.) Look at the lantern, guys. - I'm going to be seven. - Wow. Please help our family...

live happily. Also, please help my mom be healthy. (Please help us be healthy and happy.) I like it. Next week, Dong Gook's family is out to see sunrise. (They're out to see the first sunrise of 2017.)

(Another pair of twins are visiting the twins?) Who are these mysterious men visiting the twins? Seo Eon, guess who is older. (Who are these mysterious men?) Fairies are visiting Lo Hee. (Lo Hee gets special visitors.)

(It's the finals at "Who Sings Best?") The dads are always there by the children's side. (Will So Eul do well?) Cheerful Seung Jae will continue to show his charms. - Let's shake hands. - Did you guy that excavator? - Try it. - Dad is the best.

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Ep 163 승재, 무차별 질문 ˝어디 아파요?˝ "현재는 선물이다"
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