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- I love you.

- You see the boats and the boat cliffs? So we decided to come aboard the USS Battleship Iowa. (waves crashing) (children screaming) (soft music) Check it out, I think that's a cruise ship!

Oh my lanta, that thing is huge! I'm so excited, today is gonna be an awesome day. When we woke up today it was rainy and cloudy and I was worried that all of our plans were gonna get cancelled, but the sunshine came out and we drove down to Long Beach.

We are going to tour this battleship today and I'm so excited because when I was a kid, I went and toured a battleship and it was such a, like important memory. Like I just remember how cool it was. So to get to do this with my kids is fun and, bonus,

Jeremy decided to defy fashion and wear joggers. (Kendra laughs) (upbeat electronic music) There he is, looking good. - It was either skinny jeans or this and I was like this. - When we arrived here, we're hungry and we're needing to eat first,

so I asked if there was anywhere close by to eat and they actually have a trolley that's gonna take us to the waterfront and, I'm just so happy! Do you wanna ride a trolley? - Yeah, I like a trolley.

- I see the trolley. - [Laura] I see it too! - [Kendra] It's coming. - [Caleb] I see it too mom! - [Jeremy] I see it too mom. - [Kendra] You wanna walk by yourself?

Of course you do big girl. - [Laura] Mom, it doesn't have buckles. - It doesn't have buckles, so we gotta sit so careful. Yeah, we're gonna go in this ship next. But first, we're gonna go eat. - [Laura] Yeah.

- Yeah. - Look at my smile. - [Kendra] You got a really great smile. I'm in charge of this kid. (child clapping) So the red trolley dropped us downtown and we're gonna find a spot to eat.

But we ended up at a Subway, it's easy though. - It's delicious though. - [Kendra] And we're gonna get six cookies. - [Jeremy] What kind did you get Isaac? - Raspberry cheesecake. - [Jeremy] Raspberry cheesecake, Laura got peanut butter.

- Elise and I both got chocolate. - It's our favorite. - And then Cubby got white macadamia nut. And I got the oatmeal raisin. - [Kendra] And we're all jammin' out to these tunes. ("September" by Earth, Wind & Fire)

(Kendra laughs) - Okay, let us know in the poll, which flavor of cookie you would have chosen. - We're looking for the trolley, but where is it? - [Kendra] We'll find it, we're going to the trolley stop. I love my little crew.

So this morning when I woke up and it was raining and I thought our day was gonna be cancelled, I was writing in my journal and I wrote an affirmation today and the affirmation that I wrote was, "Who knows but that something wonderful may happen today, have faith that it will";

and I'm just so happy with today. - [Caleb] Ooh, the pet store. - [Jeremy] It's a pet store. - I really wanna get a kitty cat. - [Jeremy] You wanna get a kitty? Do you see it?

- I wanna get. I'm so excited to get one! - We're not getting a kitty while we're in LA. - Simon says stand like this. Simon says bend your knees. Simon says put your hands on your head, stand up.

Ooh, Laura's out. (Kendra laughs) - [Issac] I've been like this the whole time - [Jeremy] Just kidding. - I don't wanna. - [Jeremy] Okay, I'll let you back in. - [Caleb] I wanna hug Isaac. - Simon says hug Isaac.

(they laugh) - [Jeremy] Simon says hug mom! (they scream) (they laugh) - [Jeremy] Hug dad, hug dad! Simon didn't say to hug dad.

- [Elise] I didn't hug. (record scratch) - You're out, you're out, you did it. The kitty woke up. - [Kendra] Oh look! (Elise shrieks) - [Jeremy] Oh, the kitty's yawning. - [Issac] I really want a kitty.

- [Kendra] (laughs) It does not look like a bobcat Caleb. - Simon says sit down kitty. - [Issac] Simon says scoot back. (Jeremy laughs) (Elise and Laura scream) - [Jeremy] He's playing with you. - [Elise] Sit down, sit down. Good girl.

- [Laura] Good girl. Simon says to sit down. Good girl. I love you. I wanna get her out. - [Elise] This cat is so cute! - I wanna get her out.

- [Jeremy] No, we'll have to get a kitty later. Just huggin'? - Yeah, I love him, I love him so much. - [Jeremy] I'm glad you guys love each other. Well, I think so far my favorite part of our California adventure has been standing here

waiting for the trolley for 15 minutes. - Seriously, this has been just random and fun. - It doesn't have a mom. - [Jeremy] The little kitty? - [Kendra] Does the kitty need a family? - I'm so sad!

- [Elise] I wish we could get this kitty. - [Kendra] Me too kiddos, but we can't. - Trolley's coming! (upbeat music) - You see the boats and the boat cliffs? - [Caleb] Yeah!

- Yeah! (children laugh) - [Jeremy] Alright, who's ready to go inside the battleship? - Me. - [Elise] Why is it called a battleship? - [Laura] Because it goes into battle and it's a ship.

- [Children] Bye trolley. - Say thank you. - [Children] Thank you. (upbeat techno music) - So we decided to come aboard the USS Battleship Iowa and tour it with the kids.

I wanted them to learn the history and it's amazing, the Battleship Iowa was used in three different wars and to see it and-- It's just amazing. - [Man In Video] You get to time travel all the way back to the Cold War, the Korean War, and even World War Two.

- I feel it, I feel like it's going. - [Jeremy] It feels like it's moving 'cause of the water? (soft acoustic music) (children scream) - Is it Laura? - [Kendra] Guys look how interesting the doors are.

- [Caleb] Yeah, you have to step over them. - I think our room is actually nicer than like the nicest thing. - [Jeremy] Oh, yeah. Is this the laundry shoot? - [Kendra] No, it's really steep. (soft acoustic music)

- [Jeremy] They're peepholes. There's the steering wheel. - And it can move real quick. - [Kendra] The stairs are steep, so we're going down backwards. - I found some three beds (mumbles)

- [Kendra] You found three beds? We found like the bunkhouse. - [Elise] Our whole family can really fit here. - [Kendra] I think they could. - This ship is ginormous. - [Caleb] What is that?

- [Kendra] That's where they cooked all the food for all the people there. - That's big pots and pans. - [Jeremy] Cool, huh? It's time to get off. - I thought we were gonna ride it?

- [Jeremy] You thought it was gonna actually take us on a ride? - Mmm hmm. - [Kendra] I'm sorry buddy. - [Jeremy] It just sits here for us to come and look at it. - [Kendra] They don't really use it anymore. There's my mom and my grandparents! Yay!

- [Grandmother] Hi. - Alright, now we're heading to the beach. - [Kendra] So we are taking my kids to the ocean for the very first time today and I'm so excited to live these moments with them. It's just magical.

What do you think of this? - There's like a whole entire part of just the part that the water comes on. - [Kendra] It's called a beach. I'm so happy to be here! (loud waves crashing)

- [Caleb] Look, there's other waves. - [Kendra] Let's get in some water, 'kay? - [Laura] I'm scared. - [Kendra] See the waves coming? Here it comes, here it comes! (children laugh)

(children scream) (Jeremy laughs) - [Caleb] It's cold. - [Issac] I wanna swim in that water! - [Kendra] Ready? - [Caleb] Yay! - Here it comes!

(family laugh and scream) This is awesome. (Elise giggles) (Elise screams) - Oh my goodness, that one's like the biggest one yet. (children scream)

(children laugh) (Kendra laughs) - [Caleb] I love this game. This is such a fun game! (Kendra laughs) - [Jeremy] Oh oh, Caleb's pants are completely wet.

- That was amazing! - [Jeremy] And you're all wet. (water splashing) - This is really fun, it's beautiful out here too. The sunset is amazing. - Laura does not want me to put her down.

Do you wanna try touching it with your toes? Like this, watch, toe. (children scream and laugh) - [Caleb] It's getting high. (waves crashing) That's amazing!

- Laura thinks that's chocolate water 'cause it looks brown. (Caleb screams and laughs) Stay back here buddy. - [Jeremy] He's gonna fall. - Yeah! (children scream and laugh)

- I see a beach vacation in our future. - Yes. It was just a matter of time 'til Caleb fell. - Novice beach mom, I did not bring any change of clothes and luckily my grandma brought a towel. Lesson learned.

His ear is full of sand. (Jeremy laughs) - [Caleb] Really? Yay, yay, yay, best day ever! (soft acoustic music) - [Kendra] Good job big girl. Laura's having fun in the sand,

but she's watching the water very closely to make sure she does not get too close to it. - Look, the big wave! - [Jeremy] What do you like doing the most here? - Marking like record-breaking. Like this one might be able to beat the record literally.

- [Jeremy] Wow, I did not-- - Oh, second place. No! It broke the record. - [Jeremy] You know what, I bet waves are gonna keep breaking the record for the next couple of hours. - Really? There's a new record and it may not touch here.

(upbeat electronic music) - Got it. I got it and I throw. I got and I throw. - [Jeremy] Caleb thinks he's at war with the ocean. - Do it, do it!

Do it! Do it! (loud waves) - [Papa] Look at that, woah! - Papa did one over a wave. (soft acoustic music)

(children scream) (waves crash) - [Caleb] Yeah! Oh now that's a big one, that's a big one. - I think I've been smiling from ear-to-ear the whole time we've been here.

- [Jeremy] Oh yeah! - Look what I've found! - [Jeremy] It's a seashell buddy. - I'm tryna collect seashells now I guess. - [Jeremy] Whatcha doin'? - I'm burying myself, you know how to bury?

- [Jeremy] Yeah, but you have to lay down for it. - Really? - [Jeremy] Yeah, you lay down and then you cover your body. - Well, I'm doing this to me. It's not working. - Well, I didn't bring beathing suits

because I wasn't planning on us getting in the water. I thought we could just roll up our pants and like get our ankles wet, oh no. These kids are soaking wet. We're all gonna be stripping down and driving home in our underwear.

So we better J House outta here. J House out, goodnight. (soft electronic music) - So Laura just said to me, "Mom, I know what, I have an idea. I'm gonna change the whole world".

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