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welcome to the theory primer theory is give us perspective theories are like

Windows in a house where you can look through multiple windows into the same room and get a different viewpoint from each window we talked about learning instruction we have three different perspectives the first is behaviorism behaviour of use the mind is a black box according to behaviors and learning is regular expected responses we know learning has occurred when we receive regular expected responses instruction

according to behaviorism is repetition and reinforcement and that is how we help people learn and develop the second perspective is cognitivism and infuse the mind is a computer according to cognitivism learning is recall of stored information if we can recall stored information we know that learning has occurred instruction according to cognitivism is helping to grab someone's attention and then help

them make sense of information and store it for later recall the third perspective isn't constructivism and constructivism views the mind as a rhizome that is all the different skills and knowledge are nodules that are interconnected to be drawn off of as needed according to constructivism learning is building knowledge by doing construction according to constructivism is guiding problem-solving responsible for guiding

our learners solving new and ill-defined problems now biggest on those perspectives we come up two different types of theories we have what is called descriptive theory and descriptive theory in education helps just answer the question what is learning learning theory which is the outcome of that attempts to describe what learning is the second type of theory that we have is a prescriptive theory which answers the question how do we help people

the outcome of that is instructional theory which give us methods for how to foster learning in summary we have three different perspectives behaviorism cognitivism and constructivism from this perspective we have two three types descriptive theories which are learning theories which try to explain what learning is and how it happens and prescriptive theories instructional theories which tried to prescribe ways to help people learn and developed

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A brief overview of theoretical perspectives, learning theory, and instructional theory.