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hello my name is chris and today I'm going to show you how to install a

graphics card in your computer before we begin make sure you have the following tools available a Phillips screwdriver and an ati graphics card i'm using the diamond ati radeon HD 5770 graphics card for this install first thing you want to do is make sure that your computer is shut down next turn off your power supply in the back of your computer and then disconnect all cables from your computer after you've disconnected all the cables

from your computer you want to make sure you open up one of the panels on the computer to get into your motherboard now depending on your case and your motherboard they will be different from what we're using here sometimes they'll have screws sometimes they'll have switches in this case there's a switch here on the back of our computer to expose this panel when I

flip it you can easily slide out the path before you even touch anything inside your computer you'll notice around here there's a metal plate surrounding your case you want to make sure that you touch this at least once before you begin your install so that you release any electricity from your body onto this plate and you don't damage any components inside your computer once

you've opened up your computer and expose your motherboard you want to locate your pci express slot now you'll notice inside this computer we have three slots to install card into the first one is this white pci slot next we have a small black pci express one Lancelot and the last one we have is a long black pci express 16 lane slot and this is the slot that we will be using to install our graphics card into

you'll also notice next to that slot here in the back there's a bracket with the securing screw normally you would take your philips screwdriver and remove that screw and the bracket so you can install your card since this one has a twist undo screw I'll just go ahead and use my fingers to remove the screw and then just remove the bracket

once you've done that you'll need to take a look at your power supply and locate a pci express 6-pin connector you'll notice here on our card in the front there is a little connector in the event that has six pins in it this is your connection where you're going to take your power supply connected to your card now this cable is coming from the power supply and it is a pci express 6-pin

connector so we're going to take this cable and connect it right into the car once you have it connected and just go ahead and make sure that your PCI bus connectors line up with the pci slot in your computer and just give it a little bit of force until you hear it lock into position once you hear it lock go ahead and take your security screws you removed from before and just screw

it back onto the bracket once it's in there you can go ahead and put your panel back on your computer lock it and then reconnect your tables to the back of your computer after you've connected all of your cables to your computer what you want to make sure first is that you don't have any on board video now what do I mean by onboard video well you'll notice here on the back of our

computer that we have a vga port this blue deport right here if you have this on the back of your computer you have onboard video and if you try to turn on your computer and connect your monitors to your new video cards rather than connecting back to your onboard video you won't get any video you need to first disabled your onboard video so we're going to take a vga cable and just connect it right into that slot

make sure to screw into secure the cable and once that's done you can go ahead and turn on the power supply

Video Description

Installing a Graphics Card: This video series covers how to install a graphics card into your computer. The first video of this three part series will cover how to physically connect your card into your computer, how to identify the correct slot your video card will need, and whether or not your computer has "on-board" video on it.