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Destin: Alright, Keith. Prince Ruperts Drop.

Keith: Prince Ruperts drop (PRD), right. K: Papers submitted from 1660 to the Royal Society, so this is the very early stuff. D: Hey it's me Destin, welcome back to SED. I am in the basement of the Royal Society in London, England, and this is Keith, the head librarian, and he has a special paper written by who?

K: Sir Robert Moray. D: Ok, and it's about the PRD, right? K: That's right, D: Can you show it to me? K: Yep, so here we have an account of the glass drops by Sir Robert Moray. D: Will you show me the drawing, the famous drawing? K: So, if we just turn over the pages,

K: (reads) Solis a kingdom one and strong; but when the top is broken, shivers into men. D: So the strength of the Prince Ruperts Drop (PRD) was recognised way back in the day even at the beginning of the Royal Society. This is in the early years, right? K: It is; in the 17th Century they were playing with PRDs, the early fellows fascinated by them. D: They were fascinated back then; I'm still fascinated now, but today we're going to use some of the best technology that we have available.

We're going to use a high-speed camera and record a bullet striking the bulb of a PRD at several hundred thousand frames per second (fps). Lets go get Smarter Every Day. -boop- D: Alright, goggle up! Science is about to happen. The first video made about the PRD here at 'Lookout Mountain Orbix Hot Glass' was about why the PRD was so strong.

Today we're going to test the limits. If you haven't seen that video you really need to watch it because you have to understand what we're dealing with before this video will make any sense. This is the setup: I've got a 22 rifle aimed at a PRD. I've got a high-speed camera right here,

this is a v2511, we're going to run it at over 100,000 fps. So, I've got the rifle aligned so that we should hit the PRD The resolution is going to be a little bit lower because that is what you have to do in order to get so much speed, but is should be awesome. Here we go. Get your goggles on. Lets Do it. My PRD is wobbling,

so I have to time the bullet. (gunshot) (gunshot) (gunshot) Alright. Hopefully I got that. (Music plays)

(Exuberant laughter) The bullet did not break the PRD. It looks like it creates a shockwave that runs down the tail, and then the tail shakes, breaks, and then breaks it back the other way. I'm going to do this several more times because that is beautiful. That gun is pointed in the general direction of the high-speed camera,

so I'm a little nervous about that. (Music resumes) (gunshot) Just make sure... everything looks good. Click the high-speed [playback] now, Gaaaaaaaah! It's awesome!

Hahahahaha! Dang! That is beautiful. It's beautiful, and it's material science and if those jokers back in the 1600s had this kind of technology they would've written way more interesting letters to each other,

not that they didn't do a good job because they're awesome. (gunshot) (Music continues) (gunshot) Man this is just beautiful stuff. (gunshot)

(gunshot) (gunshot) (gunshot) (gunshot) D: Where did that one go? So there's a PRD in the yard and we don't know where...

That was a big one too. Oh I see it, I see it. Right there, There it is! Hahahahaaha No way! I'm keeping this. Literally bullet-proof glass.

K: (reading)'When the top is broken, shivers into men.' I think it's really cool that we have been fascinated by this little piece of glass for hundreds of years and it's still fascinating. Like this video is amazing, because we shot a bullet at a piece of glass and it didn't shatter. That's amazing. And it's, yeah, they were equally as... fascinating. Hello kitty cat,

-boop- Hey, before I show you that bullet mark on that PRD, can we do something kind of strange? Can I convince you to unsub from SED by clicking that button below to unsubscribe, and then, if I've earned it, please consider resubscribing and clicking the bell beside it to turn on notifications. Subscriptions are different now and it would be awesome if you would turn on notifications

to actually be notified every time I upload a new video If you're watching on your phone you can do the same thing in the app, just resubscribe and click the bell. I would really appreciate that - if I've earned it. Thank you so much for considering that. Ok lets look at this PRD. There is actually a bullet imprint on this thing which I find fascinating. A lot of people ask me if it's actually chips of glass they saw in the video.

It wasn't. That's actually lead; the bullet is shattering. That's not glass fragmenting off. You can still see the impact of the bullet on this PRD. It's really, really cool. On the 2nd channel I shot some of the drops like this, and got a li'l bit different results. If you want to check out the other PRD footage that I didn't put in this video, that will be on the 2nd channel.

AD If you would like to consider unsubscribing and resubscribing to SED and clicking the bell or becoming a Patreon I would really appreciate it. Gordon from 'A Shell in the Pit' made the audio and the music, Brady got me access to the Royal Society to hang out with Keith, His channel's called 'Objectivity'.

I'm Destin, and you're getting Smarter Every Day, have a good one. :)

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