English Subtitles for The Thorn Birds Scenes - 21. Meggie leaves Drogheda

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I wonder what Ralph will think...

when I write that you've married a Protestant. What difference does it make? I'm doing what he wanted, aren't I? Mom... I'd really rather that you didn't write. I'll send Father Ralph a letter about it as soon as we settle in Queensland. All right, if you prefer.

The minister's going. I'd best go down. I'll miss you, Meggie. If you don't stop, you'll have me crying as well... - and how would that look? - I'm a silly old goose. It's just that Queensland seems so far away. Well, it's not forever, and I'll be home to visit.

It's just that luke can earn so much more cutting cane in Queensland. Yes, I suppose that means you'll be able to buy your own sheep station that much sooner. That's right. And just think... I'll have a new home of my own to take care of. And I'll have children one day. I've just got to have something of my own...

something real that I can care about. Meggie, darling. And I need Luke. He's not one of those complicated men... who'll always be wanting something more than he wants me. Luke loves me, Mrs. Smith.

Truly, he does. £ 14,000 pounds! Why, that's more than a lot of squatters are worth. I had no idea. What, she didn't tell you? Oh Lord. That's Meggie. No more idea than a child about such things.

Ralph gave each of us money when the Church inherited Drogheda. Ralph? Father de Bricassart. He oversees the estate for the Church. I've transferred Meggie's money to the bank in Dungloe... and put it in your name. Mom.

Be happy, Meggie. Come on, Meghann, we'll miss our train.

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