English Subtitles for How To Have Amazing Sex - Part 2 - Increasing Intimacy & Dominance

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hey this is Leo for actualized dot org and in this video i'm excited to be

talking about how to have amazing sex part to this version here is for guys and we're going to be specifically talking about how to increase intimacy and dominance like I said this video here is part two so I've got part one which you should go and watch first that's going to set the foundation for what it means to have amazing sex if

you're a guy so basically we're talking about here is how do you really really really pleased your girl at the same time you're also pleasing yourself so go ahead and watch part 1 and here if you if you're coming from part one part 1 basically said that there are like two pillars - amazing sex we also talked about some of the psychology that you need to have to bring into the bedroom to have amazing sex and how you think about

things that I also outlined there a lot of the the actual process that I use myself you can just copy and improvise on yourself but the two pillars I want to go into a lot of depth here because in that video I promised that I would cover these two pillars and i would give you specific exact tangible things that you could do right now

tomorrow I in your sex life that will increase intimacy and increased dominance and therefore lead to amazing sex if you do this women will go crazy for you they will get addicted to you like a drug because women are emotional creatures and all women love amazing emotional deep dirty intimate hardcore sex

so that's what I'm excited to share with you here right off the bat one warning that i need to give you guys is that some of you guys are very overly concerned about mechanics the mechanics of sex as guys we need to think of sex is a physical act I want to challenge you to start to think of sex not as a mechanical activity but as an emotional activity

the power of sex lies in emotions especially from the woman's point of view so well here i'm going to tell you i'm going to show you how to do is how to use very simple practical techniques to build up the emotions to amp them up so that both you can have an amazing experience right it's not about the mechanics it's more about the intent behind the way that you execute stuff you don't need to be some mechanical master or technician who's

got all the techniques down that's really not what amazing sex is about more about the connection it's more about the attitude that you take and how you make yourself feel and the way that you make yourself feel will then be reflected in her and it will be a great experience so the two pillars our intimacy and dominance amazing sex comes from having

both of these things inter playing with each other in the present moment so i'm going to talk a little more about this towards end of the video but basically what you're going to want to do is you want to do all one to one ratio roughly speaking which means one intimate thing for one dominant thing and you're going to kind of sprinkle them in randomly are going to mix them

up and you know some nights you'll do something really dominant and some nights maybe the theme will be very intimate and some nights will be a mix but generally start off by doing a one to one ratio then you can improvise on this stuff later as you kind of spice stuff up I'll talk about that later so first let's just go right into tips for how to increase intimacy and i'm going to do tips for have increased dominance

right and as a guy you're probably going to be resonating much more with how to increase dominance and intimacy because you naturally feel like well a masculine guy I want to be masculine guy in the better that's kind of weird assuming here with these videos you know the traditional masculine feminine dynamic is at play here and

that will come easy to you to be more masculine and more dominant but here with intimacy I'm almost asking you to be more feminine it's going to seem like oh but I don't want to be more feminine that's not right but I want you to open your mind and in fact the thing that you're probably missing in your sex life the most is the intimacy

if you're like a regular guy than I find that regular guys are okay with dominance but they're really really bad with intimacy and this is why lots of women complain about bad sex so really challenge yourself remember that you're going to be sprinkling the intimate stuff in with the dominant stuff

so you're not going to be perceived as feminine when you do this in fact it's going to amplify your dominance right women love this women love being intimate with her man so if you've got any kind of emotional hurdles that have to overcome to do this intimacy stuff then go ahead and you work that out that's your issue you got to fix that in yourself

so one really big way to amp up intimacy is with deep intimate eye contact deep into my contact it's kind of a soft loving look that you give the girl if you're having sex with her make sure you're looking her in the eyes this is very very important for building that intimate connection if you're having sex and not looking you're only eyes you're missing out on a lot of great opportunities just right there

the other thing that I like for intimacy is using little words of affectation so little words like baby my little girl hey cutie hey sweetie hey honey this kind of stuff right these little words you can use them in your phone conversations you can use them in your text conversations you can use them in person and then of course you should be

using them in the bedroom - oh and by the way if you can figure it out yet you should be doing lots of conversation and talk when you're having sex don't be the guy who's having sex in silence silence sex is lame sex you should be saying stuff and we're going to get to that in a minute here so those are some little phrases that you can throw in there and you can start your sentences whatever you want to tell her you can always just preface it with

a baby or hey cutie or hey sweetie or whatever next is just a general theme that you can use is anything that you can do to play up her femininity is a good thing and you should take advantage of that I sometimes people ask me hey Leo why do you call women girls girls is like making and selling a pedophile call women women well you know the reason I called women girls a lot of times is because it plays

up that femininity and they actually enjoy that especially when talking about an intimate relationship you know call your girl your girl I and any other kind of things you can do to play a professional he is really good stuff like just holding her hand or leading her around you know you being masculine her being feminine letting her be comfortable to

femininity complimenting her on her femininity complimenting her honor beauty this kind of stuff is really really good right because in the end what do you want in the bedroom you want her to be very very feminine right so start setting that frame long before you actually get her in the bedroom and then she'll naturally have

that frame already said and she'll just play that role when you are in the bedroom all right and you can also compliment her when she's having sex with you and she's being very hot and dirty and feminine you can complement on that too and that will reinforce her femininity it'll make her feel like she can be feminine around you and you want her

feel safe and open to do that right don't don't bash her on her femininity so if she's a little bit emotional here there whatever it is within you know I reasonable limits then let her do that that's kind of why she's in a relationship in the first place next is kissing make sure you get good at kissing I'm not going to go into too much technique here you could probably watch

the other videos some place or basically go practice on a bunch of girls I'm more practice with one girl get good with kissing get good with kissing in different ways give her light soft kisses those would be more intimate you can also do more hard kind of dirty kisses deeper kisses those could be more dominant but basically you know know how to rub her lips

rub your lips on her lips gently caress her lips with your lips without even kissing but then you can go into kissing you can also go into a little bit of tongue licking and licking with your tongue on her lips you can suck on her top lip you can suck on her bottom lip you can suck on both lips there's a lot of different varieties that you can do with the with kissing so

just let you experiment with that make sure that you get really good and experienced and comfortable with that especially the light and soft kind of kissing that can really melt a girl's heart if you know how to do that right the other thing that you should do is you should do like I said more talking and what I'm talking about here specifically is intimate talk things you can say that build-up intimacy

what is intimacy good question asks we're talking about it well really intimacy is this special bond that you're building between you and her right this is what makes your relationship feel like a relationship this is what makes your relationship feel different in the relationship that you have with your guy friends or she has with her girlfriends and the way

that you do that basically is by being able to open up to be vulnerable to kind of be caring and loving towards each other and to be building something special that special connection for you to understand each other on a deep level intimate level you share things about yourself that you normally wouldn't share with anybody else

so that's what's really cool about being in an intimate relationship in the first place is that you do get that kind of like deep very raw connection that you don't get with your guy friends and that she doesn't get with her girlfriends and you don't get this with your parents or what really I anybody in life except your intimate partner so this is a cool thing you have to want this right

some guys some guys actually have a lot of difficulty being intimate because they've had screwed up I childhoods or they've been in some terrible relationships that have kind of burn them or whatever and now they're enable incapable of being intimate well again that's something much deeper than you can have to work out maybe with a therapist or with a life coach or maybe through another video that will

shoot on that topic I but I'm assuming here that you want to be intimate because this is a cool thing so here's intimate talk and intimate talk the secret to it is not so much what you say as the tone with which you say it again it's the tone right your tone is going to be softer it's going to be more loving

I almost like you're reassuring someone imagine that you're talking someone who's just lost someone in their family right and they're crying you want to be sure that we can take a very kind of a soft light type of a pro to get a very compassionate that's the tone or taken here and in fact you can do this whispering which is a really great thing

especially when you're having sex and she's like right near your mouth like her ears near your mouth or whatever you can whisper something intimate inner ear here's a couple of examples I want to have another video that talks how to specifically do really good dirty talk but I just wanna throw out a couple of examples of intimate talk something like hey baby i wanna cum inside you or a cutie

are you getting all wet for me or something like hey baby I feel so close to you now these might sound a little corny a little bit like sappy a little bit too lovey w but that's the whole idea that's what intimacy is this lovey-dovey thing

now if you're just instantly rejecting this out of hand like all Leo I don't want to do that I'm going to look at pussy or something I'm i urge you to reconsider because again you're not going to doing this the whole time is getting a lot of dominant stuff they're going to do so step is going to all balance out in the end but you know if all you are is just this like dominating sex machine in the bedroom

that's not really what women want women do want this intimacy and they're going to value a guy who offers them this intimacy much more than one who doesn't because you've got to look at a relationship from one's perspective from a woman's perspective the thing that she really wants inside her intimate relationship is deep emotional rapport with you

her man she doesn't want just sex he doesn't just want a companion or a best friend she wants deep intimacy in her relationship so anyways you know experiment there's a lot of different ways you can do intimate talk find your favorite phrases you can even sit down and just right stuff out

memorize it and then practice it in the bedroom also a great way to build intimacy is with gentle physical touch right like caressing her face gently just slowly gliding your hands over her body stroking her hair giving her a little kiss on the cheek or on the forehead this kind of stuff this is really really really good stuff you know it can be

just very subtle stuff but it all adds up and she's going to be very sensitive to this kind of stuff next is the sex positions so of course probably the most intimate sex position I would say is the most basic one just missionary missionaries great because your face to face also because you can whisper in her ear

also because you've got that strong amazing eye contact also because your bodies are completely pressed together which gives you a real intimate feeling especially when your stomach is pressed against her stomach and you're inside her that's super super intimate so that's really really good stuff make sure that you take full advantage of the missionary position right the way

you take advantage of it is that you whisper stuff in our ear while you're in the missionary position next is just a little phrase called i love you women love to hear I love you now depends on where you are in your relationship now if you haven't gotten to the I Love You phase yet then don't say it if you don't comfortable feel

comfortable saying it or you don't feel like it's honest for you then don't say it but if you're there then make sure that you say i love you and say it a lot and state especially when you're having sex with her and say it especially when you're about to cum inside her speaking of which if you really want to increase your intimacy a lot then get her to the point where you can be having sex with or without condoms and also

where she's on birth control and you can be coming inside of her this is the most intimate thing they can do is to be coming inside or without a condom so if you can manage that situation not only does that just feel amazing and it's like sex which is ten times better than without a car them but it's a super super super intimate and her response to you after

you actually come Insider is going to be very different than if you use a condom or even the chemicals inside your sperm have a physiological response on her even days later when it absorbed inside her body is there's some pretty cool science behind that shine I won't go into here I other stuff you can do to increase intimacy is holding her cuddling with her stuff like holding her hand or cuddling together after sex or before

sex or on the couch or whatever I mean personally I love cuddling to me it's an amazing thing it's almost as great as sex you should be taking full advantage of this don't skimp on the cuddling especially the moment after you cum inside her and you finish sex do not just roll over and fall asleep or walk out of the room or go take a shower

or whatever the fuck you usually do what you want to do is you want to cuddle with her spoon her come with her that's going to build massive massive intimacy and kudo points for you just five minutes of cuddling and you should be doing this for yourself to this is just an amazing feeling you know . inside a girl than cuddling with her for 5-10 minutes or whatever

after that is just awesome so hopefully you're doing is you're not doing this you're missing out on a ton of amazing stuff and your girl is missing out on a ton of amazing stuff and the last thing that I'll say about intimacy is learn how to make a girl squirt squirting is super super super super intimate I have a whole video just called how to make a girl squirt

it's one of my most my post watched videos of all time so go ahead and check that one out search for it that one will teach you exactly the technique in the psychological aspects of how to make a girl squirt you can make virtually any girl squirt if you do it right all it really requires

this is the building of the intimacy and learning some basic techniques so make sure that you are experiments and get that process down get that handled so you can do it with any girl all right so that their covers intimacy now what I want to do is I want to move on to dominance so here are some tips for how to increase dominance and this stuff will

feel probably a little bit more natural to you but there's still stuff you can learn here because a lot of guys miss out on this cool dominant stuff SI of course a woman wants deep intimacy with her man in her relationship but also what she wants is she wants to know that she's in a relationship with a fucking man a fucking boss the guy who knows what he's doing a leader and the guy who's in

a dominate her ass in the bedroom she wants that so the masculine and you brings out the feminine and her and this polarity creates that charge and that fire and that spark which is so hot in a intimate relationship so you want to amp up your masculinity and your dominance and here's how you're going to do it

number one is with your eye contact and here you do it with fierce I contact you can give an intimate look which is kind of a soft gentle loving look or you can give a fierce kind of like I'm about to stab you in the gut with a knife in prison kind of look about to shank you write that kinda like em I want to punch you in the face kind of look but don't go over the top you don't want to look like a like a psycho serial killer

you know just give her that kind of like fierce squint your eyes maybe tilt your head down like this and just kinda like give her a real kind of serious look and in your own mind when you look at her like that you should be thinking to yourself that's right the fuck your brains out that's the kind of look you want to give er

and when you think that and you look at it that way she's gonna feel that women are very sensitive to your internal emotional state and what you communicate here with your eyes they're very sensitive to it subconsciously so you want to use this to great effect if you got hesitation in your eyes if you got weakness in your eyes if you're not sure if you're stuck in your head

she's going to read all that off you right that's not a very dominant fierce look a fierce look is very I know exactly what I want and I want you and I'm gonna fuck you get ready to be fucked that kind of look the next thing that you can use to increase dominance is i love this one it's growling I hope you try this with your girl gonna notice her getting

turned on a lot if you try growling what i mean by growl is this here that it's like this deep guttural growling sound that you make with the with the bottom of your throat right here in your chest so go ahead and practice that with me right now I actually I can't do it that much because if I do it too much my throat starts to get scratchy and sore but you know just a couple of those growls

especially like if you're having sex with her in missionary position ER and her ears are right next to your throat she can actually feel the vibrations from your throat and you give her that growl that's going to turn on so much that's like playing up that kind of like a man animalistic i'm going to dominate you roll that makes you very masculine makes her feel very feminine like she's

getting dominated the other thing that I like to do with the growling is that you can also do little growls even outside the bedroom like if you give her a kiss and you can give her a little growl something like this just a little short little one like that it just has this amazing effect on women are known it just does

another cool thing you can do is biting of the neck right this is very primal animalistic - and you don't want to bite real hard you just want to give her a soft little bite but basically you start kissing her face maybe start kissing with their mouth with their lips then you move down her face then you brush her hair aside and then you just start kissing here along the neck and you're kissing then you can

go in for that by like that start lightly and then if she can tolerate more than go in harder some women are super super turned on by this because the neck region here is very very sensitive and it's also very intimate but also the same time very dominant this is a very great move the next thing we should talk about is dominant talk

I want should be practicing dominant talk in the bedroom and here's some examples of what dominant talk sounds like again it's not so much about the words you use what about the tonality and your own internal emotional state when you say these words so notice how i say these i'm going to try to put myself into kind of a

dominant tonality as i do it I'm a nail little pussy to the wall i'm going to fuck your brains out get down on your knees and suck my cock so you notice how different the tone of these are compared to the stuff that i was saying with intimate talk right very different

basically here you're being authoritative you're being a bit dickish like an asshole you're basically giving her command many times hey get down and suck my cock write the words you choose can also play some importance for example you say something like cock that can be a very dominant sounding word when you say the right way

also when you use they're going to fuck her brains out the word fuck is a dominant kind of word so you know choose your words but also save them with authority say them like you're the boss and you should feel like the boss right put yourself in a frame of mind when you're the boss she's your little sex slave and you've got your going to talk down right there's so many different

variations you can sit down and just spend whole day brainstorming variations and then trying to mount the girl now be careful here I'm not telling you here to actually be dominating your woman in in everyday life that's not what I'm saying I'm not saying here that women should be dominated and that somehow you're above them and that she's literally your slave or whatever right

no in fact what I advocate is a no control attitude towards the woman in your relationship so you actually do not try to control her at all if she wants to leave she leaves if if she wants her way she can get her way ah but in the bedroom right you're kind of playing the role so these things you tell her you're not taking them too seriously I hope - right this is not this is not licensed to be a like an abusive boyfriend

that's not what I'm telling you to be so don't make that mistake ok the next point is rough physical touch so we talked about gentle intimate physical touch now let's talk about some rough stuff right so one thing you can do is you can grip her you can grip her arms you can rip her hands you can bind her hands you can group her thighs you can

grip her waist you can grip her neck so there's a lot of different ways you can grab her of course do it in a way where you're not injuring her or freaking her out which actually brings me to an important point that i should have talked about earlier is that you want to make her feel safe and all this right it's like you two are choosing to play these roles but there's never a sense of

like danger for her she never feels like you're really going to like beat the shit out of her or whatever she feels safe with you she's getting dominated but she feels completely safe and she trusts you so you have to build that trust and you have to honor that trust i can't be a fake trust that means you know if she's afraid or something's weird or whatever

then you back off you're not like forcing yourself on her you're not raping her any of this kind of stuff right not for real you can play up some rape fantasy but you're not actually raping her there if important point on ok so let's get back to other physical kind of rough touch

so the other thing you can do is jerky motions right maybe what you want to do is you want to grab you by the hips and then kind of jerked her hips over to your hips are ready what you want to do is you want to like grab her by the neck and pull her over I grabbed her head and pull it down towards you and then make out with her kind of a rough manner or maybe you want to take her hands and you don't throw

them above her head or something like that and restrain her um he's kind of like a quick jerky motions those can be good just make sure that you don't like hit her head on the coffee table or on a bed post or something like that you know watch out for safety because you are leading very very awesome dominant physical touch is the restraining of the hands like for example if you are

standing with her next to a wall and what you can do is you can take her hands put them above her head like this and restrain them and then put your hand in between like this as you hold both of them like this and then maybe you're making out with her or your fingering her or whatever you're doing with her right and you press her hands like this above her head right up against the wall so that's a good way to restrain the

hands or maybe you restrain her hands behind her back back behind her butt and you hold them there for a while as you're having sex with her as you're doing something else so those are all really good things haha the next really cool trick for dominance is ripping off the panties you try this you got a girl

and what you do is you rip through her panties this is super dominant i really encourage you to try this is really hot the only thing is that you don't want to rip through like a super expensive pair of victoria secret panties so maybe you can coordinate with this her with her somehow or maybe you can just kind of keep an eye out for when she's wearing panties

that aren't too fancy and what you do is you just rip through those suckers and what that produces that produces the following that that ripping sound that ripping sound this this whole thing of ripping her panties off this is almost like playing into the rape fantasy and actually a lot of women have rape fantasies and they want to be dominated now don't get this confused with actual literal rape

I'm not telling you to rape anyone I'm just telling you to play that role with your girl if you think she's going to be comfortable with it and most girls will love it right uh one point to keep in mind that when you're ripping off the panties make sure you do it in a way where you're not actually like ripping the

panties on her body when you rip the panties use your own strengths and your own two hands to rip them off don't like just pull her panties to one side and just kind of tug on one side of the panties because it's going to do is just got the pants are going to cut into her thigh or inter but or even into her pussy or something like that you don't

want to do that so make sure that when you rip it you're not going to be hurting her but that could be really cool move other stuff that you can do is you can tie her up I recommend that you have some way to tie her up that's handy the bedroom you can buy some soft kind of rope or some sort of

like a bandage or ribbon type of thing that you can tire up with a really good trick here is to buy some cheap neckties you can go to walmart or wherever buy some neck ties for five dollars and just keep like three or four them on your bedside in your bedside drawer that's actually what i have and you can use those neck ties in a lot of cool ways if you've got the right type of bed you could tie her to the bed post or to

your bed in some manner you can tie her hands you can tie your feet you can you know experiment went around with that the other thing you can do is you can tie a necktie around her hands like this and then you can tie a knot on the other end of the necktie just a single not and what you can do is you can walk up to a door open the door throw the tie knot over the door and then close the door so the knot is stuck

on the other end of the door jamb and then what happens is that she stuck pinned to the door with her hands above her head like this and that's a super intimate dominant and very clever way to tie up a girl which only really requires one tie and a door which every bedroom has so go ahead and not experiment with that one there that can be really hot other dominant stuff you can do is you can do the door slam or the wall slam

and what this means is that basically you slam her body either her hips and her ass or the back of her shoulders or even her full body into the wall or into the door now you've got to be careful when you do this you don't hurt her maybe what you want to do is you want to put your hand behind your head as you're doing it so that her skull doesn't crash into anything and using the door is more preferable because the door has a bit more softness to it than a wall wall is

very very solid so this is best done with a door also the door is going to kind of juggle and the door is going to produce a sound that's going to be just hot and dominant sounding it's gonna really sound like a slam it can't really slam her into the wall so much because the walls just so solid you can do a real force lamp with the

door you get more leeway as far as that goes and basically what you do there is you slammer and then you make out with her and then you picked her up and you basically fuck her up against the wall you can fuck her from the front-runner from the back you can finger her you can make out with her there's a lot of different variations that can happen there other cool stuff you should experiment with is biting spanking and

choking I won't go too much into this but if you're having sex and doggystyle make sure you spank her most girls love that most girls you can spank pretty hard so you can just kind of experiment soft speaking at first and then try to go harder and harder and harder just see how much she can take I also biting you can not only by her neck but you can invite other parts of your body

hand her arms what else I the sides of her hips the thighs you know you can find stuff to buy it just to be a little careful in the sensitive areas especially on the inner thighs and stuff like that choking you can do some choking especially for example if you pick her up against the wall which you can do is you can take your hand put it across her

throat and just kind of press her didn't press her gently and firmly to the wall to the door and choked her a little bit maybe as you're making out with her as your fingering her something like that again this one is one of those we have to be why don't you know a little careful make sure that you are kind of communicating with her eye to eye she feel safe and that you're not actually choking her for real or

suffocating her any that kinda stuff I think you get the idea their experiment also with dominant sex positions what are some dominant sex positions well of course doggy style is really hot dominant one so you should be doing that one that was really great because you can spank her as you're doing that you can also be grabbing her hips and you

can be slamming her hips and her ass into you as you're having sex so that was really really good I you can also do a lot of dirty talk while you're having sex with her in doggy style other dominant positions uh having sex standing up is really dominant i find and again picking her up against something like a wall or a bookshelf or

a door or whatever else you got around the house like a pillar or post you know structural columns or whatever your house I that can be really really good and you can have sex with her from the front or from behind either of those is really nice and dominant another one that I really like that's really dominant is if you take her and you throw her on to some furniture so for example a great one is a a coffee table or dinner table

ideally what you've got is you've got some sort of large flat surface like a dining table which is about waist height for you actually a little bit lower is ideal because she's going to be lying on top of it you're going to be standing you're going to have her legs kind of spread open like this you're going to be having sex with her that can be a super super dominant and hot position especially when you do it

in a way that kind of surprises her like maybe you're just like walking by the kitchen and you just grab her like River panties off and then you just throw her on the on the table and you can tell you're going to fuck her brains out and then you just proceed to do it that can be a super super dominant and the the other point that I want to make here is that you should be approaching your sex with the commanding and leading

mentality right so one way to play AB dominance is just to lead and to command in the bedroom this means that you should be the leader and you should be the one that's initiating stuff in the bedroom what does this mean this means that you command and tell her what to do if you wanted to take your panties off you tell her

take your panties off in a kind of a dominating authoritative tone right you're not so much asking a question you're giving her command also you're leaving her around so for example if you want to have sex with her on the couch you take her into the couch if you wanna have sex with her on the bed you take your leader to the bed maybe even carry her to the bed by picking her up like

this and carrying her over right I also be in charge of changing up sexual positions so when you're having sex you're the guy who is responsible for saying when to switch positions so if you're having sex missionary for a few minutes then switch to doggie after you've had sex doggy 45 minutes switch to something else then go slam

against the wall then go have sex with her on the floor then go have sex with her on the kitchen counter and you know whatever so just kind of do that and then if you want to tie her up pull out your tie and tie her up so you're the one who's leading all this stuff don't wait for her to tell you what to do

most girls will not do anything in the bedroom they'll just follow your lead so make sure you're leading and commanding right be sure of yourself when you're doing this stuff one thing that I personally found my own journey to get good at this because I you know I was very experienced with sex not until that long ago and so and so one of the things that I struggled with

that you know I was hesitant like I wasn't sure well what if the girl rejects me like what if I go in and kiss her and ask her for sex but then she doesn't want to have sex or what if i tried to finger her but then she doesn't want to get fingered or what if I of having doggystyle sex with her and I want to go into missionary but I'm like oh well maybe she doesn't want to go into missionary you know what you got to cut all that shit out you just got to

take a lot kind of a leadership role and just assume that it's going to work and ninety-nine percent of the time it will work and she'll just go with you and in fact she'll love the confidence with which you execute right so as soon as the thought of your smile your mind like all i want to fuck you doggy style

just go and do it don't second-guess yourself don't ask you something she's gonna like it don't ask yourself how you're going to love look whether it's going to be comfortable or even one of the position is gonna work or not that's when I got tripped up on a lot is that I would tell myself well what if

this position is uncomfortable or what if you know like she's too short for doggy style with me or maybe she's too tall or whatever just to try it right women will forgive you if you try something with confidence and it doesn't work then you can just say oh well it didn't work and you just move on to the next thing and it's fine

what they won't forgive you for is when you're weak and meek and you're hesitating and you're stuck in your head and you're worrying and you're asking her if she's gonna like this or she's gonna like that don't do that stuff just do it assuming she's going to like it and in most cases she will and everything is gonna come out great actually

while i'm on this . this really reminds me of a really core kind of a philosophy that I want you to bring to the bedroom in the bedroom you're the man and what you are doing is that you're ravishing your girl that's how I want you to be thinking about this you're going to ravish her so whatever comes to your mind you know within reason whatever comes to your mind you just do it right because this is an authentic

expression of you your this penetrating force your penetrating out with your dick of course you are with your dick but even more so with your mind and your intellect and your wheel that's what you're really penetrating her with right you're fucking her with your eyes you're fucking her with your commanding ah will you're the boss

so be the boss so however you want to fuck her just fuck her that way let yourself go and just trusted it's going to work out now if you're if you're really prover so far out there person you want to really kinky shit with her that you might want to be a little bit more hesitant with i'm talking about just basic kind of stuff that's very normal in the bedroom right

normal sex positions and all the stuff i talked about here most girls love love love this stuff so you don't have to second-guess on this stuff now if you want to like have her have sex with a donkey that one hit you will have to go a little bit slower honestly if she's gonna like that or whatever so you know the basic stuff is a is all free for you to try without hesitation

now what I suggest here those are all the tips i had for how to be dominated right so now what you've got is you're left with all the tips for intimacy and all the tips for dominance what I suggest now is that you create what I call the sweet and sour combo the sweetness our combo is when you say something really intimate or you do something really intimate and you follow it up with something really dominant

so what's an example of this well you might say something like this intimacy hey baby i love you you know that right and you look a deep in the eyes and then right after you followed up with dominant and you say something like I'm going to fuck your brains out like you're my dirty little whore see you mix them together sweet kind of sour it's sweet and dominant or bitter or whatever you want

to call it and then you just keep that dynamic going and you kind of alternate it throughout your sex with her and that will turn out really really good now the last element that really makes sex amazing is a variety variety surprise an adventure so don't be having sex with her the same way all the time what I recommend is that you start with my basic formula and I've given your

lots of different ideas for how to spice up my basic formula my basic formula is presented in part 1 of this video series part here we talked about a lot of ways that you can customize stuff right you can spend the next year practicing all this stuff and not master at all there's so much stuff to try here you can try all this in one session you're gonna need to spread it all out try different stuff you don't need to

without everything in one session right make sure you understand that and basically what you do is you sprinkle it around you change it around you customize it and you create variety so that means that maybe one night is a really deep intimate night and you have some like slow steamy intimate sex another night is more of a dominant animalistic you have sex with her in the you know not in the bar bathroom kind of sex and that can be you know really nice

way to spice stuff up it can be a little surprising adventurous then the next night you just might be a little bit more kind of a mix between the two which is kind of what I'm telling you hear the standard formula and you know you keep varying stuff up and you change stuff up don't be having this the same sex in the same positions all the time don't be telling her the exact same things every single time you have sex

don't be having sex in the exact same place all the time because sex can get old and stale pretty quickly so you need to be getting creative and clever and need to be flexible and also you know you just sprinkle in a variety deliberately this has not happened accidentally have to put some thought into we have to sometimes plan this stuff out you have to be thinking about where you're going to be when you're having sex and do you have all the stuff

you need there and where can you take her to a new place and this kind of stuff right so you're the man you're kind of responsible for leading it setting the pace and make sure that everything's in place that needs to be in place for stuff to happen so wow you know that's a lot of stuff there's so much stuff here and there's a lot of more stuff that I could talk about but this video is already running

pretty long so i think this gives you a lot of very tangible things right I went out of my way here to give you very concrete tangible things you can go out and practice right now and what I hope here is I hope that you get the the fundamental principles behind the little techniques the principles are very simply intimacy dominance and then lastly variety those are really the three principles that were working with here so now you

can use these principles and you can find your own specific techniques that you can add into the mix that I gave you right you can find your own ways to be intimate you can find your own clever ways to be dominant and you can find your own clever ways to add variety of adventure into your sex so go ahead and start practicing this stuff

if you don't know how to start well you need to start with a girlfriend or someone have sex with it's hard to practice this stuff on one night stands because it's just such an awkward situation you can usually are pressed for time the best way to practices get a girlfriend one that's kind of sexually

curious and adventurous and then just start having lots of sex with her and at night time you have sex but add at daytime what you do is you sit down and you actually plan what kind of sex you want to have not with her but just with yourself you can do with her - but just with yourself you know tellers of all today I want to go have sex with her in the park and tomorrow I wanna have some really intimate sex with her and then the next day on the weekend

I want to tie her up and maybe do some squirting or whatever just start playing around with it and you'll find that you know after six to 12 months of this kind of practice you're going to become just a connoisseur a master in the bedroom it doesn't take that much practice to get really good right the most important thing is that you're just curious you're open

you want to have a great experience you want to create a great experience for yourself and for the girl and that you actually like pleasing the girl i think that the problem that most guys have is that they don't just don't care about pleasing the girl in the bedroom right that's a big no-no with me for me the whole point of this amazing sex is that I get to create this amazing experience for her and I get to see the smile on

her face and then she wants to please me and it's just like a win-win situation and it just turned out amazing for the both of those so i hope that this spark some ideas and you go ahead and try this out and I'm gonna be signing off this is Leo I'm done here go ahead post your comments down below click the like button please share this video with a friend or maybe with your girlfriend or

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