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- Hey, guys, welcome to Travel Feels.

Today we're gonna talk about which lens is best for your story. (upbeat music) Everybody's always asking about which lens is the best lens, but I think that's actually

the wrong question to be asking. I think we should be asking what's the best lens for my story. So whatever it is that your story is, what's the best lens for that? There's no one lens that's the best lens

for every situation, every person, every story. There's so many different lenses, different focal lengths, different kinds of lenses in each focal length, each lens has a different aperture, there's the cheaper lenses,

then there's really expensive lenses like the cine lenses that they use in Hollywood. And each lens has a different look to it. Depending on which focal length you're using, the relationship between

the subject and the background changes. So, you can take the exact same photo, the same framing, and just change the focal length and change your distance from the subject, and you'll have a different look. Specifically, the wider the lens is,

the smaller the background will be in comparison to the subject, and the more zoomed-in the lens is, the bigger the background will be with relationship to the subject. Really wide lenses can also be

really unflattering to the subject, whereas really zoomed-in lenses are super flattering for the subject. You guys probably remember these photos from Peter's video. If you guys don't know who Peter is,

you should check out his channel, link in the description. He does amazing tutorials. You should definitely be watching him. But more than that, let's look at what story each lens is telling.

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there's a link in the description. Go and sign up for your free two month trial. There's literally nothing stopping you from learning, so go for it. So, back to the lenses. The really interesting thing about lenses and focal lengths

is that you can actually feel or subconsciously see how far away the subject is from the camera. Even if it's the same framing, like this for example. The first shot was a wide angle lens, and the second was a more zoomed-in focal length.

And on the wide shot, it literally feels like I'm right there in your face, whereas on the zoomed-in shot, it kind of looks like you're looking at me from farther away, even though it's the exact same framing.

So, the wider the lens is, the more it feels like it's from the point of view of the camera, like you're right in the action, you're right in the thick of it, you're right there with the subject. So if you want the audience to feel like

they're right there, right with the subject, choose a wider lens. Or, for example, if you wanted to a shot where someone is spying on another character, and you want it to be from the perspective of the spy, then choose a wider angle lens.

But if you want the audience to just be observing the subject instead of being right there with the subject, then use a more zoomed-in lens like an 85MM or a 200MM. It's a more objective look at the subject,

where you're no longer right there with them. This can make it feel like the character is being watched, but now we're kind of in the perspective of the person actually being watched, instead of being in the spy's perspective. And I find this super interesting for storytelling.

For example, in my travel films, I want the viewer to feel like they're right there with us, whether it's on that ledge, or doing that hike, or on that mountain. I want the audience to feel like

they're experiencing what we felt, so I gravitate towards wider lenses, somewhere in between 24MM and 35MM, usually. If I wanted a more distant look that we're just kind of observing these people traveling, then I would use a more

zoomed-in focal length, like an 85MM. But for my films, I want the audience to feel like they were right there with us, like they're experiencing the same things we experienced. I want the audience to know what it feels like to be right there,

especially 'cause a lot of the people will never get to see those places in person. So next time you're trying to choose what lens to film with, think about what story you're telling, what are you trying to communicate to the audience,

and then choose your lens. Don't just choose whatever lens you think is cool, or what lens somebody else said was really good. Choose the lens that makes sense for your story. And like I said, there's no right answer, there's no one lens that's perfect for every situation.

There's a whole bunch of different choices. Make the right choice for your story. That's it for me today, guys. Enjoy the filmmaking process and go get some of those travel feels. (upbeat music)

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