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Hello! - Hello, dad!

Tanya! You still haven't gone to sleep? Naughty girl! Dad, you're done with your date, right? Yes, I'm done with both my date and dinner. Dad, I'm missing you a lot. Please come home quickly. Even I'm missing you a lot. I had asked you to accompany me but you didn't come.

I don't know where your mother has gone. I'm getting very bored. I'm just waiting for her. Dad, search for her quickly and come home, okay? Okay. See you. - Bye! Bye. I don't know where Netra goes every time.

Abhishek has called up finally. Yes, Abhishek. - It's me, Netra. Netra, you? You called me up? Is everything fine? Tanuja, you're being betrayed. Betrayed?

What kind of betrayal? Tanuja, some other girl is a part of Abhishek's life. I think he's having an extra-marital affair. He's present here at Orchid Restaurant. No, no! Perhaps you're mistaken. She must be his office colleague. Abhishek can't do this at all.

No, Tanuja. Nothing of that sort. He's kissing her at the moment. Why did Abhishek need to go to the same restaurant? Really? Abhishek betrayed me like this? I can't imagine about this even in my wildest dreams!

I won't spare that girl. I'll kill her. Tanuja, relax. Please calm down. You do this. You come here, okay? Whom are you talking to? Rishi! Oh no!

I don't know what Rishi will think if he sees Abhishek with that girl. Hello! - I'll talk to you later. Take care. This means, Rishi hasn't seen Abhishek with that girl yet. He would've called me up if he had seen him with her. 'Oh no! I hope Rishi doesn't see Abhishek with that girl.' 'Or else, Tanuja is sure to get divorced.'

Rishi, I was... - Whom were you talking to? I wasn't talking to anyone. - I'm looking for you since a long time. Tanya is all alone at home. - Okay, let's go home then. How can you be so irresponsible, Netra? - Let's go. 'Abhishek looks so decent.' 'But such a big betrayal behind the back?!'

'My luck is surely in my favour.' 'It doesn't matter if there's love for me in Rishi's heart or not... ...but at least there's no deception.' Hello! - Tanuja, please come here quickly. Oh God! She's behind my back! Help me. I'm trapped badly.

I know. I was about to come there anyway. Okay. Bye! Yeah! You are very nice. I am sorry. I didn't understand. You won't understand. 'Poor Tanuja doesn't know...

...that her husband is betraying her.' Baby, I have been looking for you over there but you're here. 'Oh God! She came here as well!' 'Isn't she getting too clingy today?' What are you thinking? About you.

How sweet! - How sweet. But you are not! - Why? What happened? You have changed so much. I have not changed. I think, you have changed. Earlier you were kissing me. Now you seem angry.

Before it was limited to kiss. You were not ready to get married. Now why are you after me then? You proposed me for marriage. You know that I am scared of getting married. Marriage is not my cup of tea. Oh no! I forgot the purse at the hotel.

Rishi, stop the car. - Why? I forgot my purse at the hotel. You... How could you be so forgetful? Come, I'll drop you... - Rishi, I am not a kid. I'll go and I'll get it.

Tanya is calling you. So, I think, she needs you. Netra, I'll drop you there. Come on. Rishi, please! I'll go on my own. You go home. I'll be back. Okay. Okay. You call me. Tell then, I'll go to Tanya. Okay. - Okay.

Thank you! - Bye! You are scared of your horrible wife and not the wedding. She has messed up your life. Leave her and marry me. I promise, I'll keep you very happy. Again marry me! I've made it clear...

...that I am married and I can't break my marriage. Flirting, dating, mating is okay. Marriage has nothing to do with that. 'He is not what he seems.' So you won't marry me! Without a doubt.

Please don't cry. I don't like it when some beautiful girl cries. Rishi's call! Don't cry, I love you! I love you, darling. I can't live without you. Who is this girl?

Tanuja. She is my dentist. Are my teeth okay? I asked, who is she? She... Well...

How could you betray me? Today you have not just broken my trust... ...but my heart also. Sorry. - Sorry is not enough. Till date I've never asked you... ...your whereabouts.

But you are doing all this behind my back! I'm embarrassed to say it but you felt nothing while doing this. Eww! Now what is going to happen with me. My life is ruined. What about Natasha?

You have betrayed us. I hate you, Abhishek! You are a cheater. You are a cheater. It hurts. Why are you hitting me? Hit her.

She is the one who was instigating me against you. She went on asking me to leave you... ...and marry her. She is so shameless. She is still sticking to me. Do you love him? I asked, do you love him?

How does that matter? I am your husband. How does it matter whether she loves me or no? I know you love me, okay. Okay. If you love him... ...then marry him.

And you! After you marry her I will take all your property and... ...I will leave nothing for you. Then your... ...lover Abhishek will not take you to a 7 star hotel. He will ask you to start a family in a tiny house.

Then you will have to do the cooking. You have little, and serve a big portion to him. You will have to do all the household chores. You'll sweep, mop and wash vessels with love. If you don't have money, you will have to survive on love. Will you do all that?

Of course, you will. You love him a lot after all. Right? Hello, I don't love him so much... ...to sacrifice to this extent. Why didn't you say all this earlier? You wasted my time. Get lost!

'Oh, God.' 'Now, both of them will have a huge argument.' 'Abhishek has hurt her a lot.' Thank you. You saved me today. This girl would've married me... ...in the hotel itself.

Thank you, sweetheart. I didn't feel bad breaking her heart today. Because she's not heartbroken. She was not in love with you. Her imagination has shattered. Materialistic lovers. - Yes.

'Why is Tanuja behaving like this?' 'She should be angry with Abhishek.' 'But she's laughing.' Anyway, thank God you saved me once again. For everyone, a girl and a boy can't be friends. And if they stay together without getting married, they gossip.

But the thing is, I am a guy... ...you are a girl... ...and we are not married. We are husband and wife for the rest of the world. We look great as husband and wife. Just awesome.

This was made possible because you are acting well nowadays. People won't get a clue that you are my caretaker... ...and not my wife. Shall we go now? - Of course. You are my sweetheart. Enough of the acting now.

'Tanuja and Abhishek are not married.' 'She is his caretaker.' 'Then, Natasha...' 'Whose daughter is Natasha?' Come let's sleep. Come on. In your bed. Come on.

I'll sleep. - The monster will come. I'll sleep. Mom will come. Go to sleep. Good night. - Good night. Love you. Love you.

Good girl. I don't understand, why does every girl do this to you. I also don't understand... ...why do you do this to every girl? I have decided that I will not support you in this. If you come to think of it...

...at the end of the day, it is me who has to break hearts. I have to rescue you and break a girl's heart. I have to lie that I'm your wife. I don't like doing this. Wait a second. Tell me...

...till date all the girls that... ...I have met... ...they spend time with me... ...they care about me and then eventually they fall in love. But you... ...spend every day with me and you stay with me...

...you are my caretaker and I am assuming... ...that you also care for me. Why didn't you fall in love with me? Only a blind woman can fall in love with you. Hey. Leave my hand.

What do you mean? - Leave my hand. God, you're saying as if you'll fall in love after holding my hand. I don't have time for this nonsense. It is too late and I am sleepy, good night. Good night. 'AK, you are so handsome and charming...

...every girl dies to be with you.' 'But why has... ...Tanuja not fallen in love with you?' 'I think she hates every guy.' 'Otherwise, why wouldn't she love me?' Come.

Let's go in. I have to go home, my mom might be tensed. We will go to my house first and then your house. What about mom? You are very lucky that I have tied a friendship band to you. I never make anyone my friend.

I tied a band to you though. I have also tied a friendship band back to you. What does that make us? Best friends. Quiet. - What is it? We will surprise my dad. - Yes.

Lets go. - Come on. Abhishek, why has Natasha not come back from school? She should have been back by now. I will call Sohail and check. Mom and dad. - There she is. Mom and dad, look who I have with me.

Who is it? - Come. Hello. - Hello, uncle and aunty. Hello Tanya. - What are you doing here? Actually mom got late so... ...Natasha brought me here. Mom, hide and seek.

Her mom will come and look for her... ...it will be fun. Natasha, it is not right to trouble anybody. It's not good. It is not a good thing. I will tell Mr.Arrogant that...

...his daughter, the princess is here. I will take you to Natasha's room. I will get you both changed. Yay. - Natasha's clothes will fit you. Mom, I want a lemon paratha. - Okay, come. Hello. - Hello, Mr.Arrogant.

I think my daughter has finally made your daughter her friend. What are you saying? Congratulations, that's great news. Did you call to say this? Look, I am busy, we'll talk later. Okay? Hello, I was calling to tell you... ...that Tanya came here with Natasha.

Your house? - Before your wife, I mean Netra... ...starts panicking, tell her the kids are fine. They are with Tanuja. You can pick them up, whenever you want. Thanks. Miss Jaya, thank you. Actually... Have you seen Tanya anywhere?

I can't find her anywhere. I was finding her. Yeah, I saw her a while back with Natasha. With Natasha? I'll inform Netra that Tanya is at Tanuja's house. But I... 'Tanya has gone to Natasha's place with her.'

'Don't panic if you don't find her in school.' I'm so sorry. Actually she went to Natasha's place with her. These kids. She should have informed and left. Sorry. Sorry ma'am. - Look and walk.

These are the admission record files. Where are you taking them? Ma'am, Sana's mother's name was misprinted. So I was going to keep these records in the room. Okay. Excuse me. - Yeah. There is one file.

- Thank you. - Take it carefully. 'Natasha's admission file may contain all her details.' If I get that admission file... ...then I will find out... ...whose daughter she is. Kids are playing.

Yes, kids are playing. Let them play. Let them play. 'Tanya is playing with Natasha... ...and I am... ...getting bored with AK.'

'I might get late in coming back home.' I... He... 'If I ask Tanuja directly... ...that who is Natasha's father, then... No. She'll not tell me.

Why will she tell me? Rishi will take a while to come. During Tanya's admission... ...they asked for her birth certificate. They might have asked it from Natasha as well. If I get Natasha's records from some place...

...then I'll know who is Natasha's father. Dad see, I wore Natasha's dress. - It's nice. Let's go back. Hey, you said that you want to eat food. Come on, let's eat food. Yes, I am very hungry. I'll eat. Even I am hungry, we'll go home and eat. Let's go.

Mr. Handsome, why don't you eat with us today? Mom, dad go to a very nice restaurant. We even get ice cream there. You get amazing food there. Tanya, you also speak up. Please. Please. - Please, dad.

Okay, okay. Okay fine, let's go. Yay. You are the best in the world. I love you, Mr. Handsome. I love you too. - Love you! Okay, yay! I forgot to take my Mr. Handsome teddy.

Yeah, let's get it. - Okay, go get it. Only both of us are left alone. It's nothing like that. Abhishek is coming.

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Tanuja and Abhishek’s conversation is overheard by Netra. She learns that Tanuja is not married to Abhishek but is only his caretaker. What will be Netra’s next move after learning of Tanuja’s big secret? Stay tuned to find out.

Kasam is a story of star crossed lovers Rishi and Tanu who are destined to be together since birth. Their love has stood the test of time, cheating even death. This story of reincarnation will even make non believers believe in love.

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