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mister you can an hour mister chickens camera hello to the cheek in a chicken are a couple years ago I made a video card she can hit track all today we're going to make a video to show that chickens can be used to stabilize a camera

is lockable talked about it and nobody we carry different happy me so what to expect you anywhere think in world talkers do so we're going to show then we move this she can around may be right now it tries to keep his head point in the same

spot as so right now and moving it is it I've been on that site design and open on this his eyes not open so he didn't do it when his undershirt is ACK & movies here am you can see what it looks like and camera even that is geyser close but camera ship

purchase a portion which isn't that interesting would you like to hold the chicken what you would air Nikkei me Hall to keep her near that's why we wear safety glasses me are

here you go and hign Paul thank you very much so that that's what we want to show everybody p for K p KTK are we we even have to keep his

me Jim Balsillie riverbed Barnsley let against Christian the okay it here only so

to is this a pitcher describing what happens to check into okay it makes perfect sense you howie to me to get click you know that's made at the same catching we're just testing right

Video Description

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Someone suggested I put a camera on my head and filmed some comparison footage.
Tweet this video: http://bit.ly/hp7GI3

I had already filmed this video, and my daughter is cuter. Isn't she a good sport? We had another rooster in a cage on the floor behind her, hence her 2 chicken comment. My favorite part is when she lets me put the chicken on her head and acts as if everything is perfectly normal. I'm trying to teach her the concept of "performing a test". She's getting is pretty well. We're starting to test matchbox cars to see which is the fastest and things like that.

if you are interested in helping us via a microscholarship (very micro) contact me for more info.

Also, after seeing my "design" another user, Jeremiahjw was inspired to create his own chicken steadicam. His video can be seen here:

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