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Hey It's me Destin and welcome back to SmarterEveryDay So I am in Rhode Island, and It's Snowing out here But you'll notice, that the roads are working Because they know how to deal with snow Unfortunately, in the south, we don't know how to deal with snow so If this happens, we all get stuck inside

So I'm trying to fly home but, I have a really cool announcement today on SmarterEveryDay on like twitter, and facebook we're going to start distributing these infographics We're gonna come up with these really cool graphics thats, like trying to make SmarterEveryDay, truly every day So, If you don't mind go to SmarterEveryDay on Twitter, Facebook. The info graphics look like this! It's really cool, today's is how to make snow Now, It'll work today because it's so cold, if you're frozen over in the south but you don't have snow, just go get this info graphic put it on Pinterest, or whatever. Give it to all your friends. So if you're stuck at home, you can make snow, and the kids can go sledding or you can have fun or make a snowball fight or something like that

Anyway, I really appreciate it! I'll Leave a link below: Twitter, Facebook, you can put it on Pinterest, whatever! I would really Appreciate your help distributing it 'cause I think it has an opportunity to make alot of people happy by teaching them cool stuff on the internet. You know, using the internet for cool stuff. Anyway, I'm Destin. You're getting Smarter Every Day, i'll leave links below you can find the graphic and you can give it to whoever you want. Anyway, get Smarter Every Day, Have a good one! It's cold! So cold

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Get the Graphic from FB: http://bit.ly/SED_FB
Twitter: http://bit.ly/SEDTwitter Imgur: http://imgur.com/52KlvEL
Feel free to share via Reddit/Twitter/Tumblr/FB, etc! More to come!

Here's the video of us making snow for the kids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioxDb5p6cv8
Tweet ideas to me @SmarterEveryDay

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