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hey guys and welcome back to dayz video is an arm workout I was always scared of

lifting heavy on my arms I was like oh no I'm not look like a man it's really strong heart and let me tell you something i learned to really quickly lifting heavy actually helped me tone up my arms I'm very much more comfortable with my arms then I was a year ago or just a few months ago I promise you if you curl heavy and you lift heavy weight and you work your biceps really hard your arms are not going to rip out of your sleeves in fact they're gonna look

better and you're sure to get tone arms are the perfect accessory for like a cute summer dress or workout top or when you go out for a night on the town which I don't do because I don't do that I hang out my dog and I go to the gym shaped biceps and triceps are very important for a balanced physique you can't just have huge butt and legs and then not have any shape arms

women love to lift lower half and I'm not their upper half but let me tell you something girl that's not okay let's do some arms together if you like this video please be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so you never miss a workout with wet again if you're trying to get a leaf it tips and maybe a little bit tips from my dog and make sure you follow me on instagram where i post daily stuff I got videos of me lifted i got pics of me taking

selfies I got it all and so follow me there if you want to see more of me I don't know you could be sick of me you could have already clicked up video which is for it so if you are ready to really target your bicep and tricep get super fit and toned arms and blast some arm fat you've come to the right place let's get into the workout ok so starting this workout off with barbell

curls in the form of 21 you are going to curl the lower half of a curl up two parallel seven times once you finish seven you're going to hold a parallel and you're going to curl the upper half seven times after you curl the lower half hold up parallel curl the upper half only two parallel then you're going to do a full curl seven times now this is a superset we're doing two exercises

back-to-back this right here is the first exercise yeah to continue the superset we are doing a tape the press at an incline i'm assuming that some dude named taking this up and it was named after him so I want you to pay close attention to my dumbbell and notice where my hands are facing your palms are going to be faced away from you the entire time

keep your elbows still and press the dumbbell all the way up keeping your palms out moving on to our second superset we are using the cables here for parallel rope bicep curls move the machine up 2i height and you're going to keep your arms perfectly parallel and use your biceps to pull the cable straight across your face don't hit yourself

I've done that before three sets of 15 yeah second exercise in this super set our cable tricep kickback so put to be cable on the floor this time and just use the cable itself you don't need to have a handle on it keep your elbow pinch to your side and really use your tricep to pick your hand all the way back squeeze at the top and do 15 reps on each side

after completing both of these exercises back-to-back with no rest take a one to two minute rest and then repeat this two more times for a total of three times now that we are done with our two supersets we are moving onto our to burnout exercises the point of this is to really exhaust the bicep and tricep muscles this is cable rope overhead tricep extension we're doing 50 reps at a light

ish wait i started off at 15 pounds and I actually had to move down to five pounds without struggling so much if you need to rest take a rest but don't take too long of a rest get back up and really burn out the triceps arrested two times maybe see up i'm really tired and now i'm lowering my weight so do the best you can try to get all of the reps keep it going burnout your triceps and do the best you can hear

yeah this exercise it is important to have a slight bend forward so you can push the rope all the way over your head keep your elbows in the exact same spot and use the rope and pull straight through your tricep now we are going to burn out our biceps on the Smith Machine place the bar about

tips upper thigh level and put yourself in a plank position with bent legs flip your hands around so that your palms are facing you and we are going to do our best to get 30 reps once again if you have to take a break that's ok take it a little snoozer I'm taking this user I'm chit-chatting about that like how much I can't do it which is just pathetic over here and I get back up and I finish strong

30 reps guys I hope you enjoyed this workout i will write in the description box below be sure to like this video if you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys next time bye guys

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Welcome back, babes! Don't fear lifting heavy on arm day, this is what helped me finally start seeing some definition in my baby bi and tri's. Hope you enjoy!! Xo


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Superset 1:
Barbell Curl 21s - 3 x 21s
Tate Press at incline - 3 x 15

Superset 2:
Parallel Rope Bicep Curl - 3 x 15
Cable Tricep Kickback - 3 x 15

Burnout 1:
Cable Rope Overhead Tricep Extension - 1 x 50

Burnout 2:
Plank Chin-up (on smith machine) - 1 x 30


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