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let's talk about a medical condition

called bronchiectasis today it may sound complicated it may sound fanciful but it's actually a very very common condition probably a name is not given to it very often all it means is that somebody is

coughing up a lot of phlegm a lot of time of the day it most people ignore the symptoms and don't worry with it as they don't really feel and well with it some people will only go to the dr they've got a fever or the Fleming's

change color but actually there is a way to look after it why does this happen and what and what is the root cause there's lots of causes for it sometimes it's inherited sometimes it can be due to medication

sometimes it can be due to having had an infection either in childhood like whooping call for an ammonia adult or what then happens is that the long tubes are completely destroyed and secretions from the London to pull in these tubes

and infection then sets in what it usually manifest says is a cost that's their through the day patients often ignored it's usually the family members or friends or something around them to tell them that they're

coughing all the time have they had a check-up they don't necessarily feel unwell with it some people have deafness with it and in some patients they have the right of the heart on the wrong side of the chest which is an inherited

condition it's very easy to look after Ron cases so it's very important that you get a diagnosis to prevent any further deterioration of symptoms mostly people who've had tuberculosis will suffer with this condition but people

who haven't had it also will have this condition it is very important to seek help and to get the appropriate treatment for it it can be investigated very easily with very simple blood test with the chest x-ray and possibly even a

CT scan but the most important test for it is the sputum sample that needs to be cultured because above that sits in this mutant is very very specific to that patient there are different types of bugs and different patients have

different bugs it's very important because they you can get the correct treatment and not just be treated with antibiotics like everybody else and also chest physiotherapy I think it's very very

important needs them in emptying the lungs of these secretions is the backbone of this medical condition often antibiotics don't work at all just keeping the chest clear of all the phlegm in a very easy man and there are

two or three things which can be done one is called a partial drainage in which patients lie in a particular position and phlegm is brought out another is just chest physiotherapy so somebody taps the patient on the back

and slim comes out also cough maneuvers in which patients are made to cough helps the flame come out in fact antibiotics will not be needed at all what happens if you don't look after the medical condition the to become larger

and larger to extend that sometimes the the lungs need to be operated upon to take away that bit of the destroyed lungs if the infection is kept in control then none of this will be required

it's a very easy to look after medical condition as long as the patient has had the proper treatment and physiotherapy it is also important that as a prophylaxis or as preventive that patients have vaccines for this we have

plenty of vaccines these days we have pneumonia vaccine we have influenza vaccines all these will prevent patients getting infection in the chest I think it's very important to know that these patients are not infections

because they're constantly come coughing up patients you know people around will often think that their infectious to the others they're not they're only suffering themselves it's a very easy to look after condition and

it's very very important that it's diagnosed at the right time

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Are you coughing up a lot of Phlegm? There are lots of reasons for this. And there is treatment.

Check out this video by Dr Supriya Sundaram, Consultant Pulmonologist talking about the symptoms, causes & treatment for Bronchiectasis.

Dr. Supriya Sundaram, MD(UK), CCT (UK), FRCP (Lond & Edin)
Consultant Pulmonologist
Kauvery Hospital, Chennai