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eliminating one girl and you can understand why I would be attracted to self-defense you told me 20 years ago that I would make my life about having people have the basics of self-protection not only as a personal right is a global human right I would have said because i'm taking a self-defense class but it was on the a long long long list of the very bottom somewhere you organize my sock

drawer or get a brazilian hot wax so at 47 want to take offense class however that shifted from dramatically and it would write to the top because of an abandoned changed my life my husband and I my husband then hey home and a nice to a restore crafts house 3 lakhs

the hard part now for those of you who know Los Angeles the cards are 80 years 20 years ago rather was a drug dealers came in and the place where a lot of the imported criminal and safe from Cuba amount so my husband knows we have breaking and he said I'm gonna stay in the car so he has been raised to be protected and I had been raised to be protected but that was he going to do once he got in the

house all the training he had a kind of martial art where high school risk not wrestling anybody that was criminally and saying that happened to bring into our house so i should place all of my reverie and I want to just send my beloved husband into a dark house look Arthur bar when I so I went into the house as I crossed the threshold a

man in a ski mask came one of the basement stairs and hella night it was ready to plunge it gives me at a time stopped the street light lens it off the blade and I was into a little voice in my head said do something do it now and I screamed so loudly the man drop tonight grabs there's and ran like house now I had quite the only self-protection that I've never seen a woman use that

language was a screen now that's a little thing you know you're amazing rock concert is a hundred and fifteen your seven working start taking off as a hundred forty my screen is a hundred thirty i told the cops came I said if you go to the emergency room and look for a man with leading years you have a suspect

now my happened was fine her story however he didn't know what I was going to come down to find me dead or alive now fortunately i was very much alive but it started my session with wondering why was I so clueless about violence when we also handle this if we have any kind of personal safety training at all neither one of us are going to that house we would have gotten into the car

back up and gone to a police station but we weren't thinking of what we did is we went into a default mode of rigid gender roles where he would take me and I would you say right so i also started this obsession with understanding my favorites here at which a person and well yeah well well I have a lot of really good bar exam I come from a loving family I have nothing but really loving partners but

not one to one person ever say to me here's what you should do in case you are confronted with somebody was violent I thought that was really weird I thought about it before so I said about researching how to books there were quite a few of those but there weren't any wide ones or how come how if I also very key to the violence against women not really thinking about stopping it is right for ordering it does i left out of

that equation so i have followed Toni Morrison's advice which is that there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet then you must write so I think the man tonight because of him i wrote a bite Beast which explores science religion all the different lenses you can look at with itself through and then I brought my commitment to universal self ends because i believe it's everybody's right to know how to protect himself

i also found impact personal safety which delivers a full force full impact self-defense class and there are different self-defense is I'm not putting that down but I started to wonder if I had opposed to drowning what would I want to do before i get into that though I before i took this class with impact i have read the testimonials that sounded like with religious conversions

they said i wish i had as a kid I want every month everyone would like to do this my mind or white this earlier my life change and yes I didn't know that so I got ok so let's say I have ground up composed of railing I wouldn't find a book learn how to swim I wouldn't mind a pool and I find people who know how to swim

to teach me so with that I'd like to welcome my colleague who is possibly in the back of the room yes serious this is Freddie oh come on forward the afternoon and i'm going to form of conversation teacher gratis there you go don't come any closer are you ready to lose it

I'm sorry yeah too bad so before I take any classes I would've been so Rose which by the way is people's spirit the fries were you thinking what happens now we / train our students to plan for the worst but because of their verbal skills being so high because they know pushed to show they are all we are training them so that they know what it's like to actually get a bye boy the one thing you find out man our flesh and blood just like everybody on

this ok so let's say he's been going on to something else after our verbal exchange but what would you want to measure cool so read by the way is actually a rocket scientist and includes a lot of business and a lot of rocket rocket scientist because they are rusted to not only be

picked on his kids usually but because they go to the one of the answers now be although since he's so my tech dream today is also low tech defending your body is the lowest there is with this tech that is so much so we teach you in five private schools now southern california because a lot of educators and a lot of parents know that they're kids need to go about what to do with potentially

violent situation when they get out in the world hopefully this will be available from grade school on what we see that people want any more classes one way and walk out another one of my fondest wishes is to have neuroscience do tests on people's brains for our class and after class we see a fundamental shift and how the people carry themselves any brain researchers here

so why do people wait until something scares them so much they finally decided to take a self-defense class why do we have on tragedy the I like afraid of this conversation in a literacy form and people are cray and they're basically physically illiterate the common usages comments or knowledge in a specified area mostly having to do with reading it right but i want to know

in this is how many of you can read right reasons oh and now we want but if I ask an audience the size and a hundred years ago I would have said that people raise their hands my own grandfather could read writing our region but he couldn't read write in English so you can see that literacy is on a continuum and shift with the commitment of society for the community

generally now I'm where I want to see a show of hands how many of you know what to do if you're confronted with the vile person raised again that's pretty good free that exact about five percent of the audience so I'm about shipping that so you have the very basics and what to do if something happens including not going in to endure house

ok so we are we are physically literate in lots of different ways we press the two seat belts that was always a given I remember my dad brought us in the car and we would be sliding around on the bench state like a little piece in a very odd we are literally about food preparation we know we need to wash our hands we need to use in a material stuff because food he killed cars can kill we get

water safety classes so we go around it's reasonable to say that swimming class is self-defense against water right so why is partially because well-meaning adults tell the gentlest ominous the girls and the geeks we're fully or we have to confront a violent child a playground - we could we get three pieces of advice ignore him and we get a second piece of

advice which is ignoring her and then we get a third piece of advice which is ignore him or her three yours equals ignorance another way of saying literacy now that is always know that they are really flexible your very flesh and blood and the FBI says that in 2010 and estimated 1 million to one 4648 violent crimes occurred nationwide

now they also know that or percent it's already been reported so people are out there dealing with other violent people whether it's because you're in the health care profession and not yet or street crime and we're surrounded by violence how many of you have been impacted by miles whether it's personally or plugins that is pretty big

so we really don't prepare for violence really kind of doesn't make any sense lesson lesson are the me for they shall inherit the earth now the meat are trying to inherit anything if we continue to allow bullies to run everything and if we don't learn the basics in saying go and enforcing a no if we have to we are going to have the forceful people running everything is a globally act locally

is there anything more local and your body I can't think of anything you that's you i would like to have you consider this six artists models which is Latin word from little kids lunches the underpinning of vaccination we give people a tiny tiny amount of the virus in order for them to build their immune system

I'm here to say that to give the make and the gig some of those classes the form of vaccination if we don't have more gentle people in the decision making in a potato look at the table is local or global and peacemaking negotiations all the world we're going to have the allowance and the meanest running things now one of the things that and the violence initiatives often leave out is what to

do right before or during the incident and that is tragic because some people they knew the simplest things like take during the raw and the perpetrators eyes that just might be a little opening that he or she needs to escape this assault predators depend on their site and there's a very simple thing that you can take away even the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the third article says everyone

has a right to life liberty and security of person now let's talk about the basic themes of food shelter and security we hardly ever talk about security now i have people say but where there's so much smaller they can possibly take on a larger meter man well I don't think I and i'm going to suggest that the ability and drive to the bed oneself is not gendered its just notch and i'm going to pose a

hypothetical if you're walking down the street and you saw a small rabbit dog you will ask yourself questions can i get away from the stock can I outrun this dog or you might even say is that God rather is that with bream on straight but I'll guarantee you you would not say is this a male or a female if it's a female I'm not afraid of it I think so I don't think so

now consider this hypothetical let's say that mom dogs are trained somehow to segregate male puppies from female puppies oh you over here have fun roll around test your limits I in each other see how far you can go and you can see what your limits are oh girl you go over here

look pretty don't get your dirty and don't make me go unless you're cheering for the boys you can really see how their generation we have had nutty got moms and maybe raising naughty dog puppies right so the Chinese have a saying that the temple of enlightenment is guarded by two lines the line of confusion and the lion paradox one of the greatest paradox of teaching self best of people is that we

teach you to defend yourself so you won't have to your verbal skills will go way up and most the time you can handle things verbally I'm going to end with the experience I had an osaka japan coming back from the united nations conference on women engaging my roommate and I were the only North Americans in the train station

a man in his seventies or eighties was very drunk and very mad at me for being American and became really tore me is obviously very drunk and he's screaming at me and I go stop back up well that's just stopped in its tracks you want to do so he found some other people for schoolgirls he real over to them and they just look down at the ground and giggle

you already got all the way over to him I said which brought him back to me at which point i would know yeah he was really confused he went back to school girls and they usin when ya all the women in the train station apply now what I learned from that is that ideas are contagious and transcend language custom the desire to be left alone by people is universal and a little bit of

battery setting goes a long way i hope i have changed your view of self-defense please get yourself literal physical self defense thank you

Video Description

Ellen Snortland
Think Globally, Act Locally: there is nothing more local than your own body. Ellen Snortland explores the idea of having physical self-defense education as common as traffic or food safety training but with unexpected cultural benefits.
Ms. Snortland has her J.D. from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles and her B.A. in theater and film from UCI. She is a human rights activist, author, broadcast journalist, actor and writing/media coach for writers and authors.

A regular columnist for the Pasadena Weekly, she blogs for Ms. and Huffington Post. Ellen has been a journalist and NGO delegate to two major United Nations World Conferences: the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 and the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, in 2001.

She's currently on the boards of IMPACT Personal Safety of Los Angeles, 50-50 Leadership, and Consumer Watchdog.

Snortland is the author of "Beauty Bites Beast," featured on Dateline NBC, and the up-coming book, "The Safety Godmother," co-authored with Lisa Gaeta. Snortland wrote and performs a solo show "Now That She's Gone" nominated for a Pulitzer for Drama..

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