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Minimums are powers that, when certain conditions are met, will allow people to surpass human limitations.

Those who can use them are called Minimum holders. For example. When I take off my glasses- Would you be quiet! And who wrote this weird stuff on the board!? It’s no use Murasaki! If you go any further, your shack will...your shack will!

Exactly what kind of dream are you having?? Birthday, wake him up! Mr. Murasaki you cant! If you keep doing all those shirtless sit ups I feel like a whole new door will open for me Are you two awake now?

That hurt damn you! What was that for, Murasaki!? that Mr Murasaki to you! You need to fix your attitude! Eh? But Murasaki is a teacher doesn’t flow as well Don’t split it into components!

That just won’t do, Nice. You must properly apologize to Mr Murasaki. Oh? As serious as always, Art kyun. As you’d expect from our class president Our teacher is giving his all to teach us. We have to take his feelings into consideration.

I love your lessons Mr Murasaki If thats the case then put that book away Damn,I got caught in their pace again We’re going to try and regroup and continue the lesson Sir! What is it, Birthday?

My head is feeling seriously heavy You too? I was just thinking the same thing Quit talking nonsense Man, this doesn't feel right at all. This has to be some kind of sickness It’s not a sickness, don’t worry.

Your head feels heavy because this is an anime special You’re already breaking all sorts of rules in your first appearance! Mr ratio, you’re interrupting our lessons so cut that out. Sorry Mr. Ratio is weird as always So you’ll give him the proper honrifics, huh

Anyway! Class is class! Nice, put those headphones away! Art, put that weird book away! I love you lessons That's enough of that! And Birthday, take those sungl-

wait, Birthday? Whats wrong, Birthday?!? it seems he has heat stroke The sun's rays are too strong That's the real reason he wears sunglasses?! I’m coming, Birthday!

Mr Ratio! Where did you come from?? He really is a weirdo Seconds... Man that was a close one It's a good thing Mr. Ratio is just down the hall Though he did make quite the strange entrance

isn’t that right, Murasaki? Would you quit sulking. Class already ended shut it, we couldn't do today's lesson Oh calm down, it’s not gonna kill us Just how far behind is this class? I even made a worksheet for us

Worksheet? Oh you mean all these lame questions? (fuck my ass) Whatever, I'm sure no one listened to my lesson anyway Here Mr. Murasaki This is...

The worksheet was pretty easy to understand. Nice... I’ll pay more attention next time so cheer up, okay? You... See ya later, Murasaki Don't you mean Mr. Murasaki!

If only he could be this serious all the time What the hell is this?

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