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everyone its Laura linemen are you

ready to kick you lower body okay I'm gonna tell you what you mean first need a shadow lightweights or heavy weights depending a jump rope I'm at has are going down on the ground an Italian so gonna be jumping over it okay today we're going to be working till lower body we're going to be alternating on

strength training moos which cardio blast 0 you have a gym last time you can use that night will be used to make year the beat okay always trying to warm up hearst for five minutes just stretching maybe a little jumping rope warm-up and now we're going to get started okay we're going to get started with squats with the

front kit so what we're gonna be doing synonymy sliding down kicking forward sliding down and kicking forward we've been reached lining for twenty are you ready here we go slot and kick thank you at one manchu and 3l

warmed up already for by you got it 6 out only go as low as can't sad 8 I'm feeling in my legs are ready night 10 Lavigne hair 12 13 cameraman tell me it looked bad chlordane cannot

15 okay five more 16 we can do it 7 him a slow it down there sometimes I go too fast 18 19 0 and lani good job alright gone fast too fast for you there just know it down alright now we're gonna grab my jumper of gonna jump rope

for 30 seconds if you don't have a child my water bottle over there you can just stimulate exercised the rich and you're jumping okay gonna jam 32nd and burn the fat here we go get my time ago they reached

to do anything 30sec shunted lift you feat lol I'm outside here skating rink to gorgeous day think rest of the world burning hot and Florida it's colder than the rest of the world topic

right if you want to really step it up we need week finished of alright we're gonna go into our second strength training get into alternating lunges with way so going to be doing stepping forward coming back and alt

okay let's go grab our way alright to get are you ready we're gonna alternate 20 here we go working those legs 1 show really push-up tellows heart data network does lacks work in those lot at last count sometimes I make

do more Thailand and 8 tactic you could do it 9 you want disputes that salute 10 my empaneled their buffet well 13 you to come on fourteen-hour slowing down again

15 16 pp 17 games me what you have looked and lick 19 and 20 okay probably more than 20

but that's okay alright yeah when tall here exercise your right sexy can't happen and go back and talk radio good water okay use here mckinney jumping over Italian you can jump really

ok or you can just give a nice little hot whatever works for you we're going to nap third yes ready hearings just pic kept now I need whiskey and push push push I scheme on not drink too cold and

cool to be care got up where weekend slow town down picket pick it up never call these exercises what we've got it just your level and build up

okay now gonna go grab that way we're going to move into another lower body exercise would you be doing up so early 80s plot a plea a spot 28 stand with your feet that children with heart tolls are collected out one-way and hold between our hands and women

for tennis match in you line here one you looking for stop chest and shoulders back down up camp Anna okay we're going to do went magic number just money

here we go one world still suffering 30 alert really feeling your way keeping your tight I that's it we the body on the way out 7 give a nice there

a few added 9 10 hope your eating well today no are 13 14 good chapter not 15 500 one should 3

you feel working there I can for and hot actually okay go back if that jump rope should note jumped from fifth Third right care already well can't get in the way today here we go jump gonna start here alternating you working on summer break

jump rope looks we have to chill for a bit but today I'm just concentrating annette lower-body firm in the fact work in the muscles its even old okay cannot turn every 30 sec get home it up getting her thank you yeah alright

you know here to keep moving to keep moving catch your breath for men did Filippo second pathway I know I disappear on the video screen and all we can do now week hamstring shake that here we're going to do it Petri close together hit with higher

go home awaits your hands forward we're gonna ahead we're bringing these planes post feeling in a stretch she squeezed pulling it back up really feel the squeeze on the way alright gonna do twenty here we go it's burned out against

one good whose meet at 3d the Pew actor exercises should contain anywhere you're on vacation Hill including your hotel room you can do anywhere any 8

9 good Henderson to decide 11 well 13 working know that 50 I do that 15 yeah

feel it 17 squeezed 18 ninety 28 pallets 25 that's okay alright well we're going to do now down to the floor so grab your Mac because with up to right

now showed humored old for about a minute %uh gonna come down to plane wicked shoulders are in line with our lol okay and if you're a beginner only to just hold peopled here year dancing published 20

yeah bringing the alright like every minute windy 20 okay here we go one cue 30 full

by it old that me d T life

I yet and alright range yeah I am here gonna wear love

right me yes world right ready you one shitty 3d for by just over my head it and here in 10

8 in the field 9 and 11 right 13 14 come on 15 couple more 15 17 18 you got it 19 and okay it a little

unit pain here just give yourself yourself a hole okay yeah this little managed there's lying down position now where oblique thing to do skyway and hitting tight-lipped okay to put your hands behind your head

we're just gonna bring you need not to be lol alternate for twenty just fix my choice here yes okay ready and here we go fun to really squeeze new p poor six said

8 good now I'm 10 levin well even 13 14 50 yeah 16 you wanna workbook 17 18 19 and 20

okay gold here call football shuffle alright just crouching down low capcure pappy feed your body weight eligibility its okay sheet alright its great card so for thirty seconds ok here we go

just happened compiled cake ok up called go a guard you I almost

down alright haha me too great job at home team one-time I should go back into it tonight if you're really preview really wanna way Ambernath doing 3 time i right it didn't mean anything just you working hard feeling good about yourself

I'm proud of you you should be proud of you keep it going he again another day up by

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