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tonight we died in as well

get my complete downloads Sean peak fitness stuff com slash store for sure coming kit damn French on beach only finished dot com Spartan workout today all bodyweight exercises intense get results put muscles %uh talk like this %uh but I use control modify as needed

let's make a difference let's transport first exercise 10 side to side herpes you come down jump up to the side evil fact push-up forward up okay ten times do with me here we go one to 3

of for 5 6 7 that's right 8 ninth and Ted are right allottees plank into reverse forearm playing here we go here's form plank

his party's point drop down squeezy arms and nice and tight abs are tight knows to sums now rollover reverse form point forms down of point defeat and in fact life link down squeeze tight traverse foreign lift

lift your butt two more beach of and role of our man if squeeze the arms one more beach my friends Spartans versions coming at them more tanks hi oh man that's good all right back

book book book of I number three excise classic Pohlad ease move called the backstroke on your back table top position lift up bring arms and legs around back in ten times there's one to Lee squeeze 3 I 4

K 5 swing around squeeze re tere six that's right 73 more she's a to be precise best control possible wins the game one more time take it slow unanimous word truman who use of

and then in backs trophy each and that my friends leads us into the suspended turn off lie down make an axe with your arms and legs they could do it from here with the arms legs down but suspended arms legs of Matt reach across 20 time to reach across to 3

4 5 users ep6 and seven a lower back is down 9 of 10 10 more time levitt fun to do shoes of 14 15 16 that a boy

that a girl of two more times 19 and 20 suspended turtle I new figures in Lakeway I is last exercise here what could be better than a burpee a burpee that you double called the double RP show you at once

graduate ed I don't deserve it done before leaving office legal in Florida where I currently am so double burpees two jumps to jump back to push just double its jump up jump up back likes of the two jobs one to scheck's one of america fuck its to

thats 30 fixer sorry 4 5 oh man sheesh 6 losing it 7 I

eat of huh nice one more time come and tech haha behof girl or my friends alright that's the sequence you can call today right there or

but he didn't use control modify as needed listen to your body be smart be a smart Spartans a spark Martin and sunny finished TACOM CXL my friends subscribe like share and always god bless thank you chez vous

this way

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