English Subtitles for Gag Concert | 개그콘서트 [ENG / 2016.05.14]

Subtitles / Closed Captions - English

(Welcome Back Show)

Welcome to the Welcome Back Show. This is a show that tests the limits of man. Today's challenge is a strong man challenge. Let's welcome today's challenger. Richard Kim! Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, Richard. Yes. If you succeed in today's challenge, you win $1 million. Surprise. Richard Kim, strong man...

Are you confident? My arms are stronger than steel. But weak for pretty girls. Surprise. We'll begin round 1. For round 1,

you have to lift heavy weights. Richard Kim. Come on. What's up. These weights can't be lifted by ordinary people. Richard Kim.

They are extremely heavy. Richard Kim. You just have to move that from there to here. Richard Kim, start your challenge! Can Richard do it? He's getting ready.

Richard Kim... Richard Kim... Richard Kim... Richard Kim... Richard, what are you doing? I moved it.

You're supposed to carry it over here. Then you should've told me. Please put it back in place. How can I lift this? Then what about me? Richard fails!

We'll be back in a minute. Now it's time for our Q&A. We'll take a look at the question. Is it possible to break glass with just your voice? We'll find out through an experiment. The A.I. robots, the Dummy Brothers.

Start the experiment. You scared me! Wow, it does break. That was the Dummy Brothers. Welcome back. It's time for round 2 of Richard Kim's challenge.

- Richard Kim. / - Yes? - You have really big muscles. / - Yes. Please hurry it up. For round 2... You have to move this fridge with your teeth. Are you confident?

Viewers, don't try this at home. It can be dangerous. Okay. Richard Kim... Please get ready. Moving this fridge with his teeth. Richard Kim.

Start your challenge. Richard Kim... You're amazing... Richard... Richard... Stop, stop, stop.

Stop it now. Richard, something's not right. Wait a minute, Richard. What's going on... You fail! The challenge continues next week.

Welcome back! (Real Soap Opera) Hello. Our Korean Wave star Kim Daesung. And our commercial fairy Kim Nahee. Thanks to you two...

"The Best Singer in the World." The first episode of our new drama was a big hit. Let's begin the script reading for episode 2 now. Wait, wait, wait. Director, I don't think I can make the shoot tomorrow. Why's that?

You all know. I'm the prince of Asia Kim Daesung. Jin Daqing. I have to go to China tomorrow. And do this... - A concert? / - No.

Eat lamb skewers. Lamb skewers and beer. So, cancel my shoot for tomorrow. I won't tell you twice. Just do it. - Wait... / - Just make it happen. Just do it.

Just make it happen. I told you three times! Okay. Hey, cancel Daesung's shoot schedule for tomorrow. What will the staff do if Daesung's not there? What else would they do?

Just wait till Daesung has his lamb skewers! The entire staff of 150! That's good with you, right? Jin Da... Qing... Please pronounce it properly.

I'm sorry. Excuse me, Director. I looked at the script... There's a scene where I fall on my butt. Can we change that up by any chance? - Oh, yes. For your image? / - No.

The fat from my buttocks is inside here. It might hurt. Okay, we'll use a double. So you get your butt injections in here? Director! Hello, writer.

Director, I just watched the first episode and it's a complete mess. I told you to pay attention to the drama props. Yes, we did pay attention. When the lead warms up his voice with a raw egg. Who told you to give him an unfertilized egg?

You should've given him a fertile egg! Is it possible to distinguish between the two? There was no life in the egg. Because of that unfertilized egg, we've lost the life in our drama. I told you to organize the props properly.

I told you, right? I emphasized it, right? Geez! - Writer, you're so... / - We'll start the reading! Yes, let's continue the reading. This time... The child actor for Daesung's character.

Where's the child actor? Did you cast him? Yes, he's almost here. Where is he? Hello, sorry for being late. Wait a minute! Who is this old man?

I'm the child actor for Daesung's character. Why are you so old then? Plus you have a beard! This is before I get paid. Once I get paid, I become young. - Hey. / - They just made the transaction.

Really? Then I'll become young right away. I look young now, right? Goo goo ga ga. Get out. Guess that didn't work. Geez.

- Cast someone else. / - Got it. I'm sorry. Let's start again. Nahee is practicing her pansori and Daesung is admiring her. Ready. Cue.

I'll play the tune, you do the singing. Okay. I'll warm up my voice. You'll never warm up your voice like that. This is what you need for that. This massager.

- Warm up with this massager... / - Excuse me. Kim Daesung, why is there a massager in this scene? I told you earlier. I'm the prince of Asia Jin Daqing. I'm the PR model for this massager in China. So I have to use this massager in this scene.

- So please add this scene. / - Thing is... - I won't tell you twice. / - How can we... - Just do it. / - But we can't... Just do it! I've told you three times! Let's move on. The master pansori singer...

Wait, where is he? Where is he? He should be here. I'm sorry for being late. I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry.

- Sorry for being late. / - Wait a minute. Why are you dressed like that? You're a pansori expert. I was just shooting the drama "Black Snake" for SBS. I play a heavy metal rocker. That drama is on the same time as ours. Here you play the greatest Joseon singer.

Over there you're a heavy metal rocker. Does this make sense? It's because times are tough. I don't have a single $1 note. All I have is $50 notes. What are you on about?

Times are tough. I've perfectly analyzed the character and I've memorized the script. Please help me out. Okay, let's just get on with it. Let's begin.

The master demonstrates his voice to his apprentices. Ready. Cue. I will show you real pansori. Watch carefully and repeat after me. - Yes. / - Yes. What are you doing?

I got confused. I'm sorry, director. Wait a minute, director. I told you to cast the actors properly! What is this? He looks weird and he's terrible at singing. We'll get someone else for his role.

How will we find someone on such short notice? Come here. Hello. Who is this? This is my niece. I see...

But isn't the master supposed to be played by a man? She looks like a man to me. Show them your singing. Bravo! We'll go with her. This is such a mess.

(Pick Me Up) Mister, where's the honey potato chips? - Right there. Look closely. / - Okay. Don't move! - Turn off the security cameras. / - Lower the shutter. And put money in this bag!

- Who are you? / - Who are you? I'm a robber. I'm a robber too. What's going on? Aren't you a team? I've never seen you before. Who are you?

I've never seen you either. Hey, I was here first. So you get out. What are you saying? I was here first. You get out. How many stars do you have? Stars? - 4. / - 4?

I have 5. How dare you disrespect your senior. You only have seniority in prison. How old are you? I'm 31. I'm 40!

Why's a kid like you doing this? Aren't you ashamed? If you're 40, you must have kids. Aren't you ashamed? Don't insult my kid. He's got it bad because of me. What on earth are you two doing?

Hands up. Who came in first? You saw, right? I really didn't see. I don't know. - Hey, you. / - Yes? Who came in first? You saw, right? I don't know.

- I came in first. / - Wait... You have a security camera here, right? Yes. Video replay? Agreed. Why do you get to agree?

- Come here and take a look. / - Okay... - Rewind to 1 minute ago? / - 1 minute ago. Here we go. - It's me, I was in first. / - I was in first. You came in at the same time. What are you on about?

My chest came in first? In track and field, if your chest comes in first, you win. What are you on about? According to short track standards, I won. My foot came in first. Geez...

Don't you know track and field? The chest comes first in track and field! My chest came in first! My foot was in first! This kid just hit me. Call the police! Call the police.

Whatever, call the police. Just call the police. Hey... Should I really call the police? - What did you say? / - What police? I thought you were robbers.

You're no robber. You're scammers. You feign injury to scam money from people. What do you mean scammers? I'm a skilled thief. Take a look inside my bag. You gave me an empty bag for cash.

What could be inside? - No way. / - What is it? He stole our sandwiches. I grabbed them with my hand as I said, "Don't move." There's a toothbrush and toothpaste too. To brush my teeth after the sandwiches.

- When did he steal this? / - That's how good I am. Check what's in that old guy's bag. In this guy's bag... It's instant noodles. Geez. While I stole all this, all you got was instant noodles?

Hand it here. He poured water into it? It's still hot. The water heater is over here. I should get to rob you, right? Shut it!

Tell us properly. Who is it? You tell them. I can't. Just pick the one you like. I really can't choose.

Just pretend you're on a deserted island and there are only two men left. Just choose one. How can I choose when they're staring like this? Come on! How can she choose if you're staring at her.

Come over here. Geez. Stand here. You hug the one you prefer. Why am I getting nervous? You have to put into consideration that I'm married. You're not allowed to hold a grudge.

Don't sulk either. 1. 2. 3. Yeah! It's me! - It was me! / - What the?

- What on earth? / - Someone always does that. I always get fooled for this. You all laughed, didn't you? You're such a prankster! I've never laughed so much with robbers. Who came first?

- I did. / - I was here first. Hey! I was here first! I've been in the fridge since yesterday to rob this place. Acknowledged! It's all yours.

What are you saying? Where's the toilet? Over there. Let's talk after I go to the toilet. (Real Sound) Hello! We will change the onomatopoeia you use in

everyday life to be more detailed and precise. We are Real Sound or RS. This is today's sentence. I was so angry that I kept "huffing." The sound of being angry is "huffing." Doesn't this sound strange?

Okay, people. Who gets angry and starts saying, "huff, huff." What kind of sound is that? Who goes "huff, huff?" That's right. It all depends on the situation. First, this is the sound of getting angry while driving.

Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound! I'll sneak in about now... Hey, stop honking already. Geez. Honk!

Don't you dare try to cut me off. Next, this is the sound of getting angry when you knock into someone in the street. Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound! Hey, earlier...

Excuse me. Excuse me! Let's just go. Dragon tattoo... This is the sound of an angry wife. Let's hear the precise pronunciation.

Real sound! What time is it? I asked what time it is. Get out. I said get out. You won't?

Then I'll leave. I'll just... Let go! Why must I live like this? Doesn't that sound realistic? Let's move on to chapter 2. I met my friends and went "puhaha" and laughed.

Meeting friend and laughing is "puhaha." Isn't this strange? So who on earth meets their friends and goes... Puhaha... Bye. Who does this with their friends?

It depends on the person and what they do with friends. First, this is the sound of guys. Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound! You're here. Hey, let's stop playing games

and go to the LAN center. Next. This is the sound of middle-aged women. Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound! It's great to get together like this after so long.

Shall we begin? 10 cents per point. Next. This is the sound of girls. Let's hear the precise pronunciation. Real sound!

Wow, it's the ocean! Let's take photos. Seagull. Stand there. Me too. Selfie stick.

Jump. You uploaded it on SNS? She only uploaded the ones she looks good in. Let's review what we learned today. First, girls having fun. Wow, it's the ocean.

Let's take... You didn't bring your phone? I didn't either. Then let's just play cards and gamble. When the wife is angry. Get out.

I said get out. If you won't, I will. Get out! You actually left? Come on out. Come out here.

This has been Real Sound. Thank you. (Through the Ranks) Hello, boss! I'm Hairtail. - Hairtail? / - Yes, boss. - Are you new? / - Yes, boss. I'm new. You look like a hairtail.

- Thank you, boss. / - Good. Open the door. Hello, boss! I'm Briquette. Hey. We have a new member. - We do, boss. / - Good. Hello, boss! I'm Dumpling.

We have a new youngest member. - Yes, boss. He's fresh. / - Good. Okay... We have a new member... I should take some photos as a hobby. What's the best way to take photos?

Dumpling, are you good at taking photos? - I'll check. / - Okay. Briquette, are you good at taking photos? I'll check. Hairtail. Are you good at taking photos?

Splitting legs? I can do it. - Hairtail says he's good. / - Hairtail says he's good. Open the door. - Hairtail, come in here. / - Yes, boss. Show me.

Open the door. This type of leg splitting cannot be true photo taking. - Right! / - Right! In order to take true photos... Dumpling, we'll make you look good in this photo.

Let's see. You can't tell who looks good in this photo. That's a true photo. Get it right! - Yes, boss. / - Get going. Close the door.

Dumpling. Yes, boss. Since we have a new member, just give him this designer golf club. Take it to him. - Yes, boss. / - Good.

- Briquette. / - Yes, boss. This is a designer golf club. Big boss says it's for Hairtail. Yes, boss. Hairtail. Yes, boss.

This is a designer golf club. Big boss says it's for you. Hold it. You look like Tiger Woods. - It's been delivered. / - It's been delivered. Open the door.

- Get in here, Hairtail. / - Yes, boss. Do you like it? I do. Good. That's a designer club. It sounds good when you hit the ball. It looks like it'll play great sounds.

Good. Here, show me your swing. This is the traffic report. Things are running smoothly on the expressway... What's this? This is what they gave me. Open the door!

This radio cannot be a true golf club. Right! A true golf club can be used for acrobatics. Right? Right! You can also imitate a giraffe...

Only then does it become a true golf club. Get it right. - Yes, boss. / - Sorry, boss. Look here. You boys don't even understand what I say, how can I leave my life in your hands?

Boss. In case of an emergency, I've hidden a gun behind that painting. Really? Okay. Close the door.

Why's it so noisy? What is it? Boss, the Brown Bear Gang are here! You dare invade our region? Boss, the Brown Bear Gang! - Beat him! / - Wait!

Please stick closer to the wall. I think I can shoot you then. Please stick to the wall... Dumpling! No! Dumpling! (1 vs. 1)

Quiz show 1 vs. 1. We have many contestants on the show today. Let's meet the first contestant. - Hello, Il Hoseon. / - Hello. Mr. MC, please take good care of me today. I brought some food to give you.

- Really? What is this? / - Have some. What is this rotten smell? It's rotten food so it's supposed to smell rotten. Get rid of it. Don't steal my food. Just answer the question.

This is the first question. What furniture is made for people to lie and sleep on? This is the answer. - Oh, that soft and cosy thing? / - That's right. Answer. Bubble wrap.

This is really cosy. Not this. It's made of wood. You should've told me properly. Answer. Park bench. - It's comfortable. / - Why would that be the answer?

I got it wrong again. What's with your back? I fell asleep on a bench with wet paint. - Now it's a striped shirt. / - What are you on about? My style. Enough of that.

This is the second question. This is a speed quiz. Please fill in the blanks. Let's begin. Even though you run... I'm hungry.

When whales fight... I feel like shrimp. Around a cat's neck... Cherry tomatoes for dessert. If you step on a worm's back... I don't eat that!

I only eat it if it hasn't been stepped on. Geez! That's so dirty. I've lost my appetite. Then I'll eat for you. I never lose my appetite. Okay, okay. That's enough. Call me.

Let's meet the next contestant. This contestant has memorized every wrong answer just to be on our show. This is Jeong Yunho. Nice to meet you. I've memorized all of these difficult answers.

I think I can take the prize money today. Very nice. Let me give you a test. What is it called when companies give part of their work to a third-party in order to more efficiently carry out their work? Outsourcing.

Very good. I hope you win. We'll start with the easy questions. Here's the first one. It's about cars. When you get in a car, what must you put on? I don't know!

That wasn't in here. No one gets these questions wrong. It's the thing that protects our lives in a car. Non-participatory car insurance! No, not that... Give me some time to look at it again.

Forget it. You have the second question. This is about the cartoon "Tom and Jerry." "Tom and Jerry." "Tom and Jerry" is an American animation created in 1940. It's won 7 Academy Awards...

Very good. Here's the question. In "Tom and Jerry," what type of animal is Jerry? That's not in here! Why don't you know the answer? I'll give you a hint. It's one word. The plural is mice.

Mouth! Not mouth! Why don't you know this? What makes this sound? - Bully! / - Yeah... Geez. The answer is mouse.

- How did you know? / - Of course I know. He's my roommate. Okay... - We live together. / - Stop it, that's enough. Let's meet the next contestant. Politics was easier than quiz shows.

Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun. 0! Put those down. Stop that. Stop it. Just answer the questions.

Here's your first question. This is a skin condition that occurs during puberty. In severe cases, they fester within. What is this called? This is the answer. Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun.

In severe cases, they fester within. Factional division. No, the answer is acne. - The answer is factional division. / - What? Before the election, politicians fight between opposing parties.

Then once they're elected, they fight between themselves within a party... Going on about who did well and who didn't. Why do you keep talking about politics? So send Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun to the National Assembly.

I've never fought even once in my life. The only person I've ever fought with is my friend who introduced me to my wife. I want to return to my bachelor days! Okay, okay, okay. That's enough.

Stop that. That was wrong. Here's your second question. It was created to eradicate harmful insects in crops, and it's really dangerous for humans. What is this called? This is the answer.

Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun. Dangerous for humans. Humidifier sterilizers. No, we're talking about pesticide. Pesticide. Humidifier sterilizers is right.

They're really harmful for humans. But the company that produces these... Hid the truth while people were dying. And only once a formal investigation was carried out, they apologized to the public. It took them 5 years.

Plus it wasn't even sincere. It was through one email. Apology over! Why do you keep talking about this stuff? So send Candidate 0 Lee Sanghun to the National Assembly.

I've never hidden anything in my life. The only thing I've hidden is my friend, Diana. Say hello, Diana. What's with the toy? Diana is no toy!

What was that? Diana wants to say something. What? - Okay, okay. / - Good job. - That's enough. / - Well done. - That's enough. / - Good job. Stop that.

Let's meet the next contestant. Nice to meet you. I go to the hospital these days, I'm Lee Byeongwon. Lee Byeongwon. What will you do if you win the prize money? I'll go to Mojito for a glass of Maldives.

You've got the words mixed up. I should start preparing for marriage. Yoo Minsang, you're 40 now, right? That means you're in your porties soon. You mean forties. Porties.

Forties! Kidding me are you? Are you kidding me. - Kidding me are you? / - What are you doing? You need to relax your shoulders. - Just answer the question. / - Okay.

This is your first question. It's a park located in Daehak-ro. You can see various exhibitions and performances. What is this park called? Hint. I've had dates there so I know.

Answer. Ronniermarr Park. What kind of park is that? You've got the letters mixed up. Nimarrerron Park? It's Marronnier Park!

Kidding me are you? - Are you kidding me. / - Kidding me are you? Blow your nose. Stop that. What are you doing? This is the second question. It's an incantation believed to have healing powers.

It's a popular song by Brown Eyed Girls. What is it called? Hint. I'm a Brown Eyed Girls fan so I know. Answer. Brabraacada.

What kind of incantation is that? Try it again. Cabradaabra. It's abracadabra! Did I get it wrong again? - You got it wrong. / - I'm feeling depressed now.

I'd better sing an exciting song. Kim Swallowtail's "Heungguk." You mean Kim Heungguk's "Swallowtail." Kidding me are you? Stop it already. Stop...

Am I your toy? Diana isn't a toy! Okay, okay. Okay... Stop it. Stop it, that's enough. Let's meet the final contestant.

I will answer every question. 1st place is mine. Jung Haecheol, let's go, go, go! I'll answer everything right. You can look forward to this contestant. He has never missed out on 1st place on a quiz show. Jung Haecheol.

Yes, that's not the question. I'll give you the question. Listen to the end first. This is a history question. Jang Youngsil... Song Ilkook. No, listen to the end first.

What he created... Triplets. Listen to the end of the question first. The thing he created first... Daehan. Why are you so fast?

Usain Bolt? No, you talk too fast. Outsider. Wait a minute. Haecheol, I can't breathe. Yellow dust.

Where are you from? China. China... I have no time to fool around with you. I'm a VIP when I go to places. Barbecue restaurant.

It's filled up to here... Rice bowl. Rice... I just can't handle you. Your belly. - Why you... / - Answer!

Flick on the forehead! Yeah, take this, you fool. This has been quiz show 1 vs. 1 with... - Yoo Minsang! / - Yeah! (Like a Family) This is the place.

Aunt Soyoung said she'd be at "Music Bank" today. How dare she play hooky to watch celebrities? Just wait till I get my hands on her... Oh, hello, Psy! You must have a new album out. This is a great concept.

You shouldn't be like that! How do I look I Psy? How can Psy be as skinny as me? This isn't time for that. We have to find Soyoung. Mother, father, I've found Soyoung.

BTS! BTS! I found her. Why do you always cause trouble? BTS are making their comeback today. I have to go and see them. The entire family is troubled here because of you.

I'm busy tomorrow. I have to finish my work today. You shouldn't be like that. Your in-law business doesn't count as work? It's not like you have something that important on. I was planning on going to a concert with you. What's so good about a concert?

It's a dinner concert with steak. You shouldn't be like that! If you have time to chase after celebrities, you should study and become like your sister-in-law. Eating steak?

Excuse me, mother. Stop making so much noise. Please take your daughter home. You shouldn't be like that. My daughter is single. How can you call her a mother? You must have a daughter too.

Sir, I'm not married yet. - Really? / - Yes. It's settled then. Marry each other. - Dad! / - Get married. They can't marry each other. Marriage is one of the most important events in life.

How can you marry off our precious daughter to a stranger? And you call yourself a father? Do you? Why you rotten woman! Has the good weather made you more talkative?

That reminds me. I saw you chatting up a granny on our picnic yesterday. Who was that granny? Just a granny that came to look at flowers. I'm off. Where are you going?

I'm going to pull out her hair. I'm going to pull the sideburns of all grannies out to look at flowers and show her around Seoul. Then as an added packaged, I'll show her the Underworld too. Geez.

Everyone, stop and just go home. Sir, who else will be here today besides BTS? - TWICE and... / - TWICE? Dad. Give me $5 so I can watch "Music Bank."

I heard it's free if you have a viewer ticket. I have to buy the neon lights. I have to do something with my hands. Give me money. Don't pretend you didn't hear me! Geez, be quiet, brother! Why are you so noisy?

I get so stretched out because of you. Aunt! You're so ignorant. It's stressed not stretched! I get stressed because of you. I should eat when I'm stressed. Dad, buy me raw octopus.

Did you hear that, dad? $5 for neon lights. And $100 for raw octopus please. What kind of raw octopus costs $100? We have to take the train to eat it at Mokpo! Let me get a change of scene!

Give me the money. Don't just sit there blinking! Why you impudent boy! Bring me my cane! Dad, I'm half a century old. I'm 50 years old.

I'm stronger than you now. You shouldn't be like that, brother! More food falls out of his mouth than goes into it. How can you act like that to him? - I do that? / - You stay out of it, dad. You're being impudent too.

You bring me my cane. Dad, I'm stronger than you too... See, I'm strong! Goodness. She's a woman but so tough. A woman should be delicate.

So you like delicate women. I'm off. Where are you going, mom? I'm going to beat up all delicate grannies. So that delicate grannies have good circulation, I'll put on studded gloves and give them a

full body massage. - Goodness. / - Don't, mom. I'm here. You're here? Soyoung, I heard you played hooky. Dad, you've gone too far.

When Soyoung plays hooky, you all come to school. Why didn't you come looking for me when I played hooky at work. When did you play hooky at work? Today! That's why I'm here, because I skipped work.

What if you get fired? Don't worry, dad. I already handed in my resignation in case I got fired. How will you live if you quit your job? Don't worry. I'll use the money I saved up.

What money have you saved up? The money you've saved up! Hurry up and give it to me. He hasn't even given me money for octopus! Stop it, everyone and go home. I have to see BTS today!

Stop it already! What's so good about a celebrity? It's TWICE! So pretty. Can I have your autograph? - Autograph please! Autograph! / - Autograph!

What are you doing? Get rid of that paper! Sign your autograph on this. Dad... (Honest Home Shopping) Hello, we are Honest Home Shopping. We don't lie even 1%.

We only sell the truth. I'm with the lovely Huh Min. Hello, I'm Huh Min. Good to see you. Huh Min, you're always so beautiful. Minsang, you're as ugly and fat as ever.

Let's start our honest show. What product are we selling today? Today's product is this tote bag. The first thing that you see is the design. Look how luxurious it is. You can tell right away, right?

It's the famous L brand from Europe. We've copied it. If you copy it exactly alike, it's illegal. So we've really messed it up. That's right, you can easily tell it's an imitation. However, the one thing we can guarantee...

You can't tell it's fake if you don't look closely. I'll try it on. If you move your arm quickly like this... You can't tell, right? I can't tell! It looks like the original, right?

This bag even has an exercise function included. Incredible. The second thing you're curious about. The material. What is this bag made of? Cow hide? Nope.

Lamb skin? Nope. We don't use those common materials. What is this? Urethane, plastic and vinyl! We melt these things down to make this. Think of this as a lump of industrial waste.

Isn't that shocking? So we melt this stuff down... To make this. This is incredible technology. That's right and that's not all. If you've touched our bag, you'll know.

If you touch it... The luxuriousness of the bag... Rubs off. You can see it, right? In order to sell this to you for such a cheap price, we've minimized the production process.

So if you look here... We haven't sewn anything, it's all stuck on with super glue. You can have this amazing bag today for just $19.90! That's actually $20.

But we remove 10 cents to make it seem more like $10. That's why we took it out. That's not all. We have a free gift for you just for today. Hello.

I'm the CEO of the company that made this bag. I'm Gwak Beom. I'm here in person to tell you about the free gift for everyone who orders our bag today. As we mentioned already, this is a lump of industrial waste.

I've been holding this bag for 5 minutes now. If you look at my arm here... I have a rash. So I'll give you cream for the rash as a free gift. You can only hold this bag for 5 minutes at a time. But with this cream, you can hold it for 20 minutes!

It takes 7 days for the rash to go down. But with our cream, you can wear the bag twice in a week. Please call. Pretty idol singer Kim Nahee wears our bag too. Hello, I'm idol singer Kim Nahee.

Nice to meet you, Kim Nahee. I've used this bag too. And it's great. There's no storage space at all in here. So when you empty your bag of cigarette ash, you can do it really easily!

I've used it too. And the menthol capsule cigarettes leave more ash. That's right. And this thing smells like an industrial factory. And the smell sticks to your entire body. So no one can tell that you smoke!

This is so good. - I'll be off now. / - Wait, Kim Nahee. You're contracted to speak for a minute. Geez, I was trying to get away with it. Then I'll just sing a song. That's my first time singing live.

My time's up so I'll be off now. That was the honest Kim Nahee. How did someone like her become a singer? You'll see a number for repairs and refunds at the bottom of your screen. You just have to call that number.

No one will pick up anyway. As you mention that, it's time to end our show. We prepared 1,000 bags today and didn't sell one. It's okay. We get paid anyway. We just want our pay. See you next time.

If we have anything to sell that is. (Veteran) When's the sound director getting here? Senior! - The sound director just got here. / - Yeah? But we haven't rehearsed with him yet.

We're all veterans. We should be fine. Okay, let's just do it then. The show's about to begin. The weather's perfect for our performance. Yeah. Let's get ready before the people gather.

So many pigeons here. Go away. Hwekyung's quit. When will we find a replacement drummer? Don't worry. I'm looking into it. - Guys, let's set up our instruments. / - Okay.

Should we tune them? The tuning's done. Should I play a song? Okay. What was that? How's my tuning car? I've composed a new song.

- Check it out. / - Okay. I'll play it... Geez... Why are you playing just one note? This song is called "One Note." Wow, that's really lame.

Jonghyeok, I think we've got a crowd now. - Let's start our performance. / - Okay. Hello, everyone. We'll sing the first song for you. 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4. Fly!

Why are you guys flying? - Geez. / - Bye! We'll end part 1 there. Encore! Encore! We'll sing the encore in part 2. - Good work. / - Good work.

Yes, CEO. The new song will be out in a week so just get my money ready. Bye. What the? Yes, CEO.

I said it'll be a week. Bye. What's going on? CEO, stop calling me now. Stop it already. Stop... Geez...

What do you want me to do? - Guys, I've really changed, haven't I? / - Yes. How dare you come here? Have you been well? Does it look like we've been well? You stole the song we made and sold it off.

- Why are you here? / - Hey. I'm sorry about that. I want to perform with you guys again. Where's the money from our song? Where is it? Here.

The money left over from selling your song. Take it. You've spent most of it. I don't have much left... Jonghyeok, we need a drummer anyway. - Let's just forgive him. / - Hey, Kim Seunghye!

Wake up! We've been fine without a drummer. So Kim Hwekyung. Don't disturb us and get lost. - What are you doing? Get ready for part 2. / - Okay. Why am I doing this? Hey...

Have you been learning the drums? Yeah, I'll play them for part 2. What's this? Why are the drums making a weird noise? Wait... This is a drum washing machine.

I play the drums, do the laundry, play guitar... I do everything on this team. Did you think if you come back... - We'd take you back? / - Hey. How long are you going to just do street performances? Practice with me and go for an audition.

Audition? Does that mean we can debut? But we need a new song for the audition. Have any of you composed anything new? I composed this myself. Take a look. Oh, yeah?

Hey, Seunghye! What are you doing? You're going to sell our song again, aren't you? I was fooled once but I won't be fooled twice. It's not like that. Show me the song. Let go of me, you jerk! Don't ever show your face around here...

Encore! Encore! Oh, I guess you really liked that part. - Hey, they want an encore. / - Why... Don't ever show your face around here... Geez, you won't come easy... What did you say?

Hwekyung, this isn't you! Say something! My money... You've taken so much... I'll give you all this, just sell me your song.

I'll think about it after shaking you a bit more. Stop... (Manly Men) Hey! Stop calling me out already. Heard you were down in the dumps after being dumped. You're seriously down in the dumps.

- Look at your face... / - What are you on about? Hey, you got dumped too! - You were going well. Why happened? / - Listen. I was drinking with my girlfriend and I got a little drunk. And she goes... "You're a man. Why are you so bad at drinking?"

A man? A man! I guess all your other men were great drinkers. What did you do after drinking with those guys? - What the? / - Then she goes... "Honey, what's wrong?"

"I thought at least you wouldn't be like that." At least me? At least me! How many guys have to met to compare them to me? I'm sorry for not meeting your expectations. Then she goes, "I'm so disappointed in you."

"I thought you'd be my last boyfriend." Geez! See, I told you I wasn't your first. I'm not your first! How many guys has she met that she's ready to make me her last?

She's met way too many guys. - So that's why you got dumped. / - Yes. Should I ask to meet her one last time? Just let it go. I checked my fortune earlier and it says we're destined to meet again.

Do you believe in that stuff? Why would you believe in superstition? She hates you anyway. - I'm off. / - Just look here. Check this out. It's not superstition...

Are you a Chinese zombie? Why do you have so many talismans? This is for things to work out well for her. This one's for her health. This is for her parents. Nothing about you two getting back together. Oh, I forgot to stick that one on!

No wonder... How annoying. Hey, Myunghoon. You're here. I'm going to break up with my girlfriend. Why?

She said she wanted to eat spicy pork soup. So we paid $10 each and ate it. I should break up, right? Why? There are 5 bones with meat in the soup. She ate 3 and I ate 2.

Then shouldn't she pay me $4? If she's human? If she's ever learned mental arithmetic. The way she ate the bone... She was like a hyena in the Serengeti. What's wrong with you?

I was eating the cabbage leaves because there was no more bone. She goes, "You must like cabbage leaf." And tried to have it her way. - I became so sad after hearing that. / - Rapper... Nice rhyme.

The woman I loved was a hyena that lurks around spicy pork soup. What are you saying? I'd better go. Where are you going? To get my $4 from that hyena.

Hey... Good luck. You losers... Whining over your ex-girlfriends. Haven't you ever done that, mister? It's over once it's over for me.

I don't even remember my ex-girlfriend's name. I'll introduce you to a girl. - Really? / - She likes tall guys. Really? Then I have the advantage. Yuri! Why did we break up like glass?

I hung on to you so badly. Why couldn't we communicate? Are you bullet proof glass? Mister... Goodness. He has a serious problem.

Hey, how'd it go? I explained everything to my girlfriend. And she wanted to break up. Is this because you didn't get your $4? Hey! You think I'd be like this over $4? True. Your girlfriend is more important.

It's my birthday next week. I should've gotten my birthday present first. This is what they call a big loss after a small gain. You are the true manly man! (She Was Pretty) Will I look good with long hair?

I should ask the girls. Let's see how I look in long hair. They're here. Hey, Min. What do you think of my bracelets? They look strange.

Really? Is this one strange or this one? This is strange. What? You're such a sly fox. How annoying. - Hello, Pretty. / - Hello, Ilgwon.

Goodness. Have you grown your hair? It suits you. You look like a music cafe DJ. For some reason today... Ilgwon.

Now you look like a beggar. How dare you turn me into a beggar... Ilgwon... - I'm curious about something. / - What is it? Do I look like a cat or a puppy? You're half like a puppy and half like a cat...

You're a cuppy. - Geez. / - It's because you're cute. Ilgwon, what about me? You scared me! Geez. You shocked me. Why get all shocked for?

You should be used to my face by now. As if I'm used to it... How could I get used to your face? What? You thrill me every time I see you. You're such a rascal.

You're a rascal. Ilgwon... Then do I look different every day? You do. Sometimes you look like a catfish. Other times you're like a bullhead!

Goodness. Why is my throat sore all of a sudden? It's because of all the fine dust. Here, drink some water. Thank you. - That's so refreshing. / - Is that better?

Ilgwon, give me some too. Hey... Geez, what a waste! I was trying to drink some. You got my clothes all wet! I'm sorry. - I'll wipe it for you. / - Get lost.

- I'll do it. / - Forget it! Why are you getting angry? - I'll wipe it. / - Stop touching me. I don't want your hands to get wet. You're such a rascal. You're a rascal.

Such a rascal. Ilgwon... When I get married, will you never let me do the dishes? Ask your husband that! Why are you asking me, Ugly? - Goodness! / - Why?

What is this? I bought that. It's a blouse for you, Pretty. - It's so pretty. Thank you. / - There. Ilgwon, what about mine? Yours? Yeah, I bought something.

What's going on? You wear this. What's this? - Looks pretty. / - Gosh. What's this? Ugly?

What is this? How annoying! You complain even after I bought you one. You always buy Pretty nice things. And you only buy me cheap stuff. That's not a cheap shirt. It's a couple shirt.

You're such a rascal. You're such a rascal. You're a rascal. Ilgwon... Ugly is mine? What does it mean?

Just as it writes here. You're ugly and this shirt is mine. What? Ilgwon, don't call me Ugly anymore! Hey, Ugly. Stop it.

- Ugly. / - I said stop it. - Hey, Ugly... / - Stop... Ilgwon, what is it? I saw a bullhead. What? Bullhead!

Hey! Did you just hit me? Yeah, I did. What will you do about it? I let you off since you're a girl... Think I can't hit you? So you're going to hit a girl? Go ahead. Hit me then! Go!

Goodness! I hit you with my lips! You're such a rascal. You're a rascal. (The Demon) This is it.

I can sense a great evil presence here. It's a strong presence. Stay calm. - Excuse me. / - Yes? What's the most popular item on the menu? From here...

♪ I am the best ♪ What the? It's a demon! It's a middle aged man demon! Come out of him! Come out! What?

The demon has revealed himself. Show us your true form. That's better. It's a middle aged man demon. Look at his hair all stuck together. That's itchy.

That's so dirty. Hey, demon. Why are you at a fast food restaurant? What? Can't middle aged men come here? We enjoy foods like this too. Hey, there's potato here.

I got a potato. Stop it with your ridiculous jokes. Geez. Hey, stop being a drumstick? You drumstick. Stop it!

Listen up. Which chicken are married men most scared of? What? A wife chicken. Wife chicken. I'm scared, wife. It's not funny now, right?

Listen up. When you're eating pork belly later... You'll crack up when you grill the garlic. Why are you laughing so much? Did you eat garlic bread on the way here? That's funny.

What happened. That's a relief. The demon is out. - I'll check. / - Be careful. - Hey, are you alright? / - Yes. I'll take you home.

Come in my car. No, I'll just... Ride my part. The demon is back. Come out of him! I'm so full.

Let's see here. I'm so full. That's better. What are you looking at? This is character. That's just a pot belly!

Jealous because I'm the only one that's full? Fine, I'll give you some chicken. Chicken... Chicken... My name is Demon Cop. - He caught me off guard. / - Get with it! Hey, demon. Why are you doing this?

Don't you know? Don't look down on us middle aged men. You youngsters do candle surprises and note surprises and all sorts of other surprises for your significant others. But we, middle aged men, do lots of surprises too.

What are you on about? Let's see here... Honey, were you asleep? I'm coming home with my coworkers. Get the drinks ready. Why are you so shocked?

Surprise! Surprised, right? I was really surprised. And you young guys... You wear shorts with leggings because this is the trend these days.

But we invented this look. What? Wait, look here. How's that? The same, right? These are true middle aged men leggings. Why aren't you laughing?

Laugh! Don't mess with me! (Her) Many people have asked me this. "What type of girls do you like?" I've met lots of girls but none were my type. What type of girls have I met?

She was a girl that only had eyes for me. - Honey! / - Sora, you're here? You're looking pretty. What should we do today? I'm sorry, Sora. But I'm not feeling well today. I should see a doctor.

I've made an appointment so I'll be back soon. Make your choice. Is it the appointment or me? The head doctor is going to take a look at me today. I won't take long. What? Is it the head doctor or me?

What's wrong with you? You're annoying me. What? Is it annoying or me? What the... I'm sorry. Please understand since you're so pretty. Is it pretty or me? You're pretty! My girlfriend.

- Is it girlfriend or me? / - What the... What's wrong with you? You're taking it too far. Is it too far or me? What the? This doesn't make sense. You are so selfish. Let's break up!

Are you selfish? Or am I selfish? After I broke up, I thought my ideal type didn't exist in Korea. But then she turned up. She had white skin and blonde hair. She was my ideal type.

Honey! She was good at Korean too. I'm Natasha. I came all the way from Russia by plane and by boat just to see you. Good work.

Natasha, you remember we're having dinner with my mom today. I remember. That's why I prepared this. - What's that? / - To cover up. Huh?

Mother will spray water on me. Then I'll do this. What are you on about? All future mothers-in-law do that in dramas. That's only in dramas. What?

I've been tricked, I've been tricked. I've been tricked by Korean dramas. Natasha, my mom's not like that. I'm sure she'll like you. - Really? / - Yes. But just in case, I've called an ambulance.

Why did you call an ambulance? Just in case mother goes... "How dare you go after my son..." What's going on? She's going to faint like that. We'll have to take her to hospital then.

I did well, right? That only happens in dramas. What? I've been tricked, I've been tricked. I've been tricked by Korean dramas. - Natasha, listen to me. / - Forget it.

We can't be together anyway. Why not? Your mom will lock me up in a mental hospital! Please stop watching dramas! I'll just go back to Russia by plane and by boat!

The last girl I met understood me better than anyone. Hun. Hun! You're here. - My baby. There you are. / - Goodness.

- You're here, Miss Suji. / - Oh, how indecent. Don't call me Miss Suji. Just call me sister. Okay... Sister. That's nice. Oh, yeah. Sister.

- Look at this. / - Okay. Where did I put it? - Ta-da. / - What is it? How's this? Don't I look like someone? Goodness, that famous person. - That's right. Captain Yoo... / - Douglas MacArthur.

Smoke a pipe, General. Wow... I think I saw this in a history book. Sister, would you like this? That's indecent. That's dangerous. As if it'd kill me.

It will. Palbok's sister, Palsun, watered the pretty flowers in the yard... And got the plague. Palsun loved flowers and she was buried with them. That's how you'll leave me too.

I can't give you my heart. Sister, I will always stay by your side. I won't fall for your sweet scarlet sage words. Fine, then I'll just leave. Goodness, what? There's no point being good to you...

You sailfin sandfish of a man. Sailfin what? Sister, I have something to show you. - What is it? / - Ta-da. - What's that? / - Can you see? What is it?

- Do you see? / - What did you bring? What this is... They're free passes to the theme park. Oh, forget going to the theme park. Wait here. I'll show you something much more fun.

Really? - What could it be. / - Ta-da... - What is that. / - Here we go. - ♪ Flow on, time ♪ / - Where are you going? - ♪ Flow on, time ♪ / - Wow, Sister... Can I roll that?

That's indecent! And dangerous. It's not like it could kill me. It can. Palbok was taking an exam at school and had a question he couldn't answer.

He tried to look around to cheat and got the plague. That's how he ended up in heaven while trying to get better grades. That's how you'll leave me too, Hun. I can't give you my heart.

- Good-bye, Hun. / - Sister... - ♪ Flow on, time ♪ / - Sister, wait for me! (Serious Kingdom) According to the Serious Records of Joseon... During the rule of King Serious, it was said that laughter made the nation silly

and so the serious era began... Despite laughter being banned in this nation, you dare make the people laugh? I'm going to find the criminal and punish him. - We're innocent, Sire! / - Be quiet! The mastermind is among you for sure.

Who is it? Sire, it is said that he made people laugh with a Korean poem. - A Korean poem? / - Yes. Fine. Recite a Korean poem.

However, make it unfunny and serious. Your topic will be words related to the Olympics. How can you be unfunny with a poem? Say it in a way I can understand. - What does unfunny mean? / - I don't know. What on earth is that? How can one be unfunny?

You guys are all good at it. Enough. You go first. Okay. I'll show you the past life experience version. - Past life experience? / - Yes.

- What's your word. / - Gymnastics. - Gymnastics? / - Yes. Fine. Gymnastics. I think everyone is addicted to my charm. They say it's too boring without me. That's right, I am...

Gymnastics. MSG. Monosodium glutamate. - Don't eat low salt foods. / - Strike him! I'll do one more. - Another one? / - Yes. I've gained confidence.

- Give me kayak. / - Kayak? Okay. Ka. I think I'm really amazing. People are lining up to meet me since morning. That's right I am... - Yak. / - A mineral spring.

Don't steal the bowl. I'd better tie it with rope. Strike him! Your shoulders are really puffed up. - He's arrogant. / - I'll do one last one. - Last one? / - Yes, give me rugby.

- Rugby? / - Yes. Okay. Rug. You want to live a luxurious life? Then join me. In order to have a refreshing day. That's right I am...

- By. / - Your bidet. You want warm water? Keep striking him! They laughed a lot. Go ahead. It's your turn this time.

Yes, I'll do the teacher version. - Teacher version? / - Yes. Give me golf. Golf? Okay. Golf. You naughty kids...

You've all gone astray because of your teacher. So strike me. Now! Golf. You hit the bone... - I'll do one last one. / - Wait a minute. What are you on about?

We have a winner! He was the unfunny one. He tried to end it on his own. Let's carry on this good mood... Finally it's your turn. Give me doping.

Are you doing a particular version? I'll do the king in a historical drama version. King in a historical drama? - Doping. / - Okay. Do. Why can't I become the king? Out of all the princes,

give me the title of crown prince, father. I'll say one last thing. Ping. ♪ Pick me, pick me, pick me up ♪ ♪ We are crown princes full of dreams ♪ Strike him!

I'll do the real final one. Your collarbone is up to here. - I'll do the last one. / - With what? - Swimming. / - Swimming? - Is it the same version? / - Yes, the king version. Okay.

Swim. Out of all the ministers here, not one can communicate with the Western envoy? I'll say one thing. Ming. ♪ If you can't speak English, Junho school dot com ♪

Strike him! - Good work. / - Good work.

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