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hey guys in this video<font color="#E5E5E5"> I'll be showing</font>

you<font color="#CCCCCC"> how to do this unique</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> horse strand</font> braid you can have it as a peekaboo braid a carousel braid a headband or you can just leave<font color="#E5E5E5"> it hanging on the side so</font> let us begin first off brush your hair gather to one side and tie it with an

elastic bands grab a small<font color="#E5E5E5"> chunk of hair</font> from the ponytail and divide it into three equal<font color="#E5E5E5"> sections with these sections</font> just do a regular<font color="#E5E5E5"> three strand braid all</font> the way down grab an elastic band and tie<font color="#CCCCCC"> off the</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> braid now move the</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> braid</font>

aside and divide the rest of<font color="#E5E5E5"> your hair</font> into three equal sections now that you have three equal sections bring the braid back<font color="#E5E5E5"> and position it as the second</font> strand and make sure<font color="#E5E5E5"> it's the second</font> strand because the position of<font color="#CCCCCC"> the braid</font>

is important for this<font color="#E5E5E5"> leg so now you</font> should have a total of four strands including the<font color="#E5E5E5"> braid and I'm not going to</font> <font color="#E5E5E5">label them by numbers because it can get</font> confusing instead I'm going<font color="#E5E5E5"> to label the</font> leftmost strand outer and the rightmost

strand inner so you must<font color="#E5E5E5"> start</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> with the</font> inner strand you want to take<font color="#CCCCCC"> it place</font> it underneath the Strand next to it and then place it over the braided strand if you follow<font color="#E5E5E5"> me correctly your third</font> strand should now be the braids

now take the<font color="#CCCCCC"> outer strands place it over</font> the Strand next to it and underneath the <font color="#E5E5E5">braid so now the braid should be moved</font> back to its original<font color="#E5E5E5"> position which is</font> second in place and from<font color="#CCCCCC"> here you</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> just</font> <font color="#E5E5E5">want to repeat the exact same steps take</font>

the inner strand place it underneath and then<font color="#E5E5E5"> over now go back to the outer</font> strand place<font color="#E5E5E5"> this over and under okay</font> one more<font color="#CCCCCC"> time under and over over and</font> under so it's the complete opposite on one side you're doing under and over and

the other side you're doing over and <font color="#E5E5E5">under if you're</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> having a bit of trouble</font> with this braid it really helps if you look in the<font color="#E5E5E5"> mirror while you're</font> following me and all you<font color="#E5E5E5"> have to do is</font> repeat yourself under and over over and

under under and over over and under yes it<font color="#E5E5E5"> is a bit repetitive that it's not as</font> bad<font color="#CCCCCC"> as the fishtail braid that</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> can get</font> <font color="#CCCCCC">really repetitive when you reach the</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> end</font> grab an elastic band and tie<font color="#CCCCCC"> off the</font> braid<font color="#CCCCCC"> in to add volume simply tug on</font>

your braid and it will also<font color="#E5E5E5"> create this</font> little swirl effect so here's a close-up of the<font color="#E5E5E5"> braid I</font> think it's<font color="#E5E5E5"> really unique because of the</font> <font color="#CCCCCC">braids in the middle and</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> you</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> can</font> <font color="#E5E5E5">accessorize with a flower clip here i'm</font>

using one from<font color="#E5E5E5"> tennessee and here's the</font> completed<font color="#CCCCCC"> link as a side</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> braid a second</font> way you can wear this braid is by braiding half your hair only<font color="#E5E5E5"> and because</font> it's half a braid is going to be smaller <font color="#CCCCCC">so don't forget to tug on your hair for</font>

some volume gather the<font color="#E5E5E5"> rest of your hair</font> forward and now you have<font color="#E5E5E5"> a freaky blue</font> braid and this is my favorite<font color="#E5E5E5"> way to</font> wear it the third way is nice if you like the carousel effect all you have to do is wrap your braid around your hair

and tie it off with an elastic<font color="#CCCCCC"> band it</font> will unravel a bit but<font color="#E5E5E5"> the braid will</font> still have a pretty carousel effect and last but not least you can wear this as a headband by simply placing it across your head and pinning it with bobby pins

on the other side and that's a wrap let me know which look was your favorite in the comments down below hope you guys give<font color="#CCCCCC"> this a try and thanks so</font><font color="#E5E5E5"> much</font><font color="#CCCCCC"> for</font> watching bye<font color="#E5E5E5"> subscribe to be notified of</font> new videos and don't forget<font color="#E5E5E5"> to check off</font>

<font color="#CCCCCC">the other four strand braid tutorial</font>

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Hey guys, this tutorial will show you how to do a unique 4 strand braid hairstyle. Well, it's actually a regular 4-strand braid but I added a mini braid in there to give it a cuter look. ^_^ You can wear this hairstyle as a side braid, a peek-a-boo braid, a carousel braid, or a braided headband. Let me know which one is your favorite! Enjoy and good luck!

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