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yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah in 1948 an american mathematician named Claude Shannon wrote an article you

published in the bell electrical journal the article titled a mathematical theory of communication proposed an explanation of communication later on Shannon partnered with an electronic engineer named where and Weaver to better apply history to communication the to put their skills together to create what became known as the Shannon Weaver theory of communication at that time communication was understood in its simplest mode

there was a transmitter whose role was to send a message and a receiver of whose role was to decode the message Shannon and Weaver's objective was to explain that concept a little bit more in depth Shannon Weaver presented the following model to explain the steps of communication

according to their model there are eight variables that play on communication there is the source the encoder the message the channel the decoder the receiver noise and feedback in order to understand this model thoroughly we need to find each key element this model begins with the source of communication

this is where the original of the communication stands the source can be an individual or a group that has a reason to communicate something in other words the communication process begins when an individual or a group want to give a message to another individual or group the encoders role comes in after the source of communication has been decided the encoder will transform a concept that the source wants to send into a

format that will reach the audience who needs to interpret it the message is the information that is being communicated from the transmitter to the receiver whether or not this message has a substance does not really matter what matters is that a message is transmitted the channel is it means to transmit the message from the transmitter to the receiver for a message to be transmitted it is essential that a proper means of

transmission be selected it is a routes that the message takes to reach the receiver this route can be verbal written electronic audio video etc as the message travels in the channel noise comes into play this noise is an interference or distortion that can modify the message being sent by the transmitter or the center in such a way that it is

misconstrued noise can be physical semantics pragmatics or rhetoric before the message reaches this receiver it has to be decoded informed that the receiver understands this is the other side of the sequence as when the transmitter encodes the concept he or she wants to transmit the receiver is the recipient of the message that was sent out by the transmitter or the sender feedback is when the receiver

tells the transmitter that he or she received the message and interpreted it accurately Shannon we were put the emphasis on this section of the model because it is the only way for the transmitter of the center to know if the communication process was effective this is where the model becomes cyclical yeah

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