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- [Woman] Have you ever wondered if you watched the snow long enough, what stories it might tell? There is someone who has done it. His name is Billy Barr. - [Billy] I spell it, - [Woman] Some people call him the Snow Guardian.

He lives in a cabin out in the woods. - Picture this, it's a snowy day, it's dark and cold, and you make a fire and you're sitting by the fire and you're reading with a cup of tea, and it goes on for nine months. - [Woman] Billy lives alone in his house he helped build.

Here he grows his garden. Has an impressive hat collection. Loves cricket, and dreams of Bollywood. Every couple of weeks, he skis back into the nearest town for supplies.

He's been doing this for more than 40 winters. But Billy does a little more than just read and drink tea. For those 40 winters, Billy has kept a meticulous record of snow in his little part of the world. - Okay, the market's at... February 26th, 1978: 10.5 inches of snow that day;

January 20th, minus 11.5; April 28th, 1980, I was 41 during that snow storm. 1997, one-half inch new snow, a weasel was roaming around inside the shack. Damn, the birds were back. I lived in an 8x10 foot, old shack that had no electricity,

no water, and I had nothing and I was just there all day. The main thing I interacted with was the weather and the animals. So I started recording things just 'cause it was something to do. I had nothing to prove, no goals, no anything.

So, actually a researcher at a lab wanted to look at it, and then once he started looking at it scientifically, then all of a sudden these decades worth of data were being used for more than my own curiosity. - [Woman] Billy has done this everyday, twice a day, all winter long.

- I'd keep going until the snow was gone. If it snowed, I'd record that no matter when. The trend I see is that we're getting a permanent snow pack later and we get to bare ground sooner. With how the years were, there was a lot of snow on the ground and then we lost snow sooner than years

that had a lot less snow just because it's a lot warmer now. - [Woman] In a normal winter, you'd expect to have four to five record high temperatures. Last year, Billy recorded 36. - Not only is it a lot warmer, we're getting a lot of dust blowing in.

As soon as you get dust on the snow, it melts like that. You're talking about the snow pack, the water supply for most of the southwest. I'm not real hopeful just because... I don't know how you reverse something like that. - [Woman] As we leave Colorado behind,

Billy imparts once last bit of advice. - It's like anything else, I learned to ski to get around, I learned how to ski better so I wouldn't fall down all the time. Over a period of time I kinda learned how to survive in this environment.

Actually, learning to fall is probably the most important thing. If you're gonna fall, sit. A lot easier falling on your butt than on your face. (somber music) (musical chime)

Video Description

Billy Barr lives a simple life. He enjoys tea, sitting by the fire and reading. He lives alone in a house he helped build in a remote Rocky Mountain location. But what really gets him going is the weather, and more specifically, the snowfall in his neck of the woods. So he started taking notes about it: every winter, twice a day for 40 years. These detailed snowfall notes have become a treasure trove for scientists studying climate change.

A film by Day's Edge Productions.

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