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Happy Diep award-winning Crystal Traditional Asian Media

After the brilliant glamor of the stage An earth-secret Still stick to my forever. Twenty years have passed It's a day I will not let go ... Traditional NGUYỆT adjective (APRIL starry) - Vietsub by LingKong - Please DO NOT Reup

Do not turn back. Some people are secretly taking. Our relationship is not known to journalists. Because fear will affect my job So he did not dare tell his brother's girlfriend. But now he wants to talk to you

I hope to be married to his vow reviews Such precious ring Why not wear that again brought take-away! Traditional Fine, I told you how many times I do not get married Also not discussed affair

I say go I have many times made to his mother before So now you not only want to get married But also want to publicly marry Do you not care about the death of his sister lived not again. Mother! I do not have!

I tell you If you really have this liver Before you return to that child marriage See how we handle child! Our little daughter is lost then That's not the fault of the Traditional Fine

Where necessary she challenged her Happiness, joy of a lifetime Traditional Fine She is the mother, looking also feel that In this house No one will be as fun at all! Perhaps not all his house

Doing so permanently sad life back ?! I tell him Every time I see Traditional Fine Achieved something Especially when it's fun My heart is very sore back

Do you see it or not Our daughter is so beautiful, so smart All these things should not belong to his sister. If such a secret Hidden inside 20 years Life spent so happy?

Finally she also wanted this much longer hidden Hey Sister! Hey Sister! Then lost sister The other two children. Henceforth

Traditional named Diep Son Tinh. Whether matter what happens I Traditional main Diep Tinh. In this crucial moment I also want to share with everyone

One other important news I and MC of the show "Traditional crystal appointment" Traditional Lady Diep Tinh General targets! We thank the General Standard For the last good news for me inform everyone

The good news is this: Ocean Optics Group and Show Time Link will create 1 new program Hopefully people can care about and support. Ultimately there is nothing between emotional problems and shortcomings of work, but can not solve If you really feel

Announced now irrelevant He will respect my decision. ~! Ye ... Ye all marketing promotion * Home: Home (MC) of a show, broadcast live repertoire I was a fan of her. See you make me happy too! So New Kids ...

She is also the à orphans. I want to make one of the program period Concerning orphans after mature go find his mother I was going to get her story as the main theme Invited her mother and her mother as a guest. Do not I know in my heart is thinking of anything?

Children tell me. Do you have to envy it, huh! I said go! Take me out to play! If not I'll tell her, she bullied me. To beat her mother. My daughter.

Mom finally found the then. I can promise you one thing no? Do not look for another home. She was really scared to see you continue to disappoint so. If I see her as my sister Then I heard she had been advised not.

All things in this house Belong to you. Mother. His son wants same direction South together. Traditional Crystal's son. South course direction will with me then.

I was not told in advance with him then? Stories of children do not arbitrarily tell others. Lamb. Lamb. You see. Baby sister ... Just Nhat Dung Asian Man

He recognized her She is the cousin of Quarterly that. She actually has two options: She has the right to choose half after live better lives Can also choose Bring the most beautiful time of his

Were put in prison Her childhood Spoke through me as her best friend. He eventually was. Now in an orphanage She has played a teddy bear

Do you remember? Have passed so many years already Why is he still clung to me not tolerate you? Because she stole the life inherently belongs to me. Diep Do you know what kind of person Traditional Tinh not? He thought she was really quite so simple.

He has been thinking through She also flipped over so I can do this menace? Because she did something very lewd. Quarterly fact her sister does not? So he is now is my only true sin. She answered me.

Quarterly Eventually her sister does not? Not. Traditional Diep Tinh I think inherently Her appearance is false Interior least sincere. But now watch out

She was with another false name celebrities There was no difference whatsoever. And they're different. I was scrambling all things belong to me. She really did not need to take anymore. What she has, but what it is like.

She is practically a greedy person. Do you know! The most ridiculous is that I I like a jerk Always protect her. Nobody begged him to protect both.

He can take that. I'm gone, she can not just throw see me anymore. This day ago I still do not know what this involves how she grew She has to see me an idiot and not She really thought I could play this way?

Mammy, I did not mean it. Starless? She now see my appearance go Feel very happy, huh ?! She obviously knows Man Nhat Dung fake sister. Right.

I know Rongrong's sister Quarterly. But when you know this, Mom got it already. Time living in his home Rongrong Children see mom happy and so happy Do you know the years are never like this ever.

I know. Basically I know what she is thinking. She raised me there. I do not know why she was thinking. Since childhood, she had wanted it to go Later grownup

She wanted to snatch everything off of it. Now I watch as I see. Just having her here My life Are not an attempt to find her daughter. Even now my daughter in front of me

Just her here I also do not have the opportunity to recognize her. Traditional Diep Tinh I wanted her to be responsible for all the work done today. Today, when we talk in the downstairs He may have said to one document

Where's the photo that? Why do people want this picture? And who wants to photograph again? Traditional Diep Tinh On a day of 20 years ago I stayed at the amusement park just caught two people

That day she took her to the amusement park Not a thing unwanted. You are a mother's biological son. Mother to treat me like that? I do not have a daughter like her. She makes her long-suffering this

We will also gradually make her feel ... Feeling distressed when losing it all. Just How many years still live well? A smart person like you At the amusement park I lost

Why can not know how. There loudspeaker I do not have Can the police. But she did not do anything. Quarterly, I hear you say

The work is not like you think. Now she is living happily, huh! Because my mother did not miss out. However, I also do not want to know I have a daughter of this house or not. Conversely sister

Why then do that? Not so where Quarterly I heard she said calmly. I misunderstood you then. She was afraid and stars. A Traditional Diep Tinh always high at the upper high

Still have time to become frightened. You know why I always want to go forward not? Because only became popular when more I was becoming increasingly influential. Quarterly.

The lives of celebrities Not aura as you imagine it. Only when becoming increasingly popular My speech Are more and more people believe. A child said ...?

What I want to say ?! I mean What I guess not! Right. Forgot to tell you. And his sister's wedding Direction South

Just the beginning of this game. She shut me. Traditional Diep Tinh I really wanted out of two people has anyone been hurt. The more I did not expect her hatred Which become so cruel.

When Diep Traditional Fine again and again deceive me Why did not she feel cruel. Deputy House Since he decided to stand by her We no longer be friends anymore. If I met earlier Traditional Fine

I will not lose his vote. Just a pity our life without assuming. If he is not good with Traditional Fine I definitely do not forgive him. He Direction South Hopefully the afterlife

I can still see him. For people who really love you say My love will not be a burden. I will not give you anywhere. Despite how late I will always wait for you.

Do you know? I had to wait twenty years now Hoping to lower the mother's blessing This conduct marriage ceremonies. I finally waited okay. But was he canceled away.

Are canceled gone! Do not you touch me. Whom you want Who will hold your hand away Regardless big mistakes you like. That person is not me.

Traditional Fine! Nor is his forever. Give me just one more chance to go. Want to know why her daughter lost Actually very simple Just give me enough money that she is.

Do you know on children there are not any scars? Days before, there is no But then on the back stick to fireworks Do you know not. This lifelong mother struggled to find the truth.

Mother. Mother finally submit and adoption. I miss you mom. Mother. The main gate is still open There must be someone to your home? Quarterly Man is the girl that I want to look right?

She has long been known. She's my daughter. In fact, she knew from that time? Mother Mom is talking about? She has now come.

Very shortly will know the truth the truth. Mother, you do not remember why? That day, I came home lead Quarterly The mother said she wanted to drive away. The mother did not believe her. That's because I do not know what she was doing before.

Her self look away. This is a day lost sister. The next day's newspapers She's not telling me. All day so she does not leave the house? This photo is what ?!

dreaming if she did not expect was photographed. Why did she have to lead it out and then lost it? Mother Where not the mother. Really not human. Quarterly to remember what happened that day

She can not remember why you? She said as she led him out. - Lead it to the theme park. - Not me. Why did she take him out, lost it, even up to 20 years of silence? Where not, Mom. That was fake. All it really is fake.

Until now still lying. She has yet to admit right? Mom, the truth is not as I expected it. She ultimately why certain to do so? Mother talked over. I do not believe Quarterly.

She did not believe her. Who do not believe she is. She said go Why do this? Hurt me 20 years. Quarterly that time was still a child.

Mother. Traditional Diep Tinh, who she does or not, huh? I most regret this life She was adopted. She could do such cruel things Torch.

I want I will definitely announce galaxy her bad things. I'll let the whole world know how she is. Now I bring her to the police department. I want her to be disgraced. Mother.

Mother... Mother. Mommy. Before, I did not know how to love. Like a man standing on a snow mountain Always desperate to embrace them all.

Even more desire. Then, I realized that Letting go of the whole external artificial What you want is Only a warm arms, hugged me comfortable. Large wind too then.

Let's go home. Do not want. I want you with me where I wanted to go to. Go somewhere else? There. Come on.

Traditional NGUYỆT adjective (APRIL starry) - Vietsub by LingKong - Please DO NOT Reup

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