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CCNA cisco certified network associate the CCNA is a career certification

available to professional network engineers it validates the holders general ability to install configure secure operate and troubleshoot various aspects of up to and including medium-sized enterprise networks it's aimed at network specialist network administrators and network support engineers with one two three years of experience

if you have less than one year of experience you can still gain a recognized entry level certification the ccent take one training class icnd1 and pass one exam the ccent in cisco certified entry networking technician there are many tracks within the CCNA program which one you select will depend on your interest or job role the various tracks include data center routing and

switching security service provider service provider operations video voice wireless and ccda for design specialization recently cisco has announced to change in the format the CCNA program and in the exams required for some certifications the general certification term CCNA no longer exists instead it has been renamed the old CCNA is now

CCNA routing and switching all disciplines within the CCNA program and now specified by their track to become a CCNA in your chosen track you must pass one of these exam combinations listed here below the CCNA exams are prompted multi choice exams encompassing the knowledge gained from the training classes and accompanying materials the CCNA exam duration is generally 75 to 90 minutes and the exams are normally composed between forty and

eighty five questions with the average being around 60 there are great reasons for becoming a CCNA from an employer's point of view there is a return on investment employees develop skills to utilize more product features productivity normally increases customer satisfaction improves and generally there are lower cost you to reduce errors and do overs and down time is reduced for the employee there is the knowledge that's gained and the

career advancement that can follow also the opportunity to demand a higher salary and improve job security within the IT industry CCNA demands good salary as you can see from this chart below so what are the first steps towards CCNA take a training class when looking for a training provider make sure they are cisco authorized to ensure quality of instruction

look for qualified instructors they need to know what they're talking about and trainers with real-world experience is essential another consideration is the selection of classes offered by that provider it is often beneficial to be able to stay with the same provider and work through the various strikes and other certifications offered and in-person classes rather than video or self study has proven to be a big benefit simple

advice don't always choose the cheapest class because as with everything in this world you get what you pay for let's set expert is such a training provider they are a cisco partner with a great reputation for quality tuition and trusted service they only use professional qualified instructors they have multiple ccie is

on staff some have been instructing for over 15 years and many of the instructors regularly speak a professional events such as the cisco user groups and all the instructors are experienced in the real world often consulting on real-world projects let's set expert also offer a large class selection

they offer CCNA ccnp and ccie level classes as well as offering additional cisco technology training classes we offer in-person classes so you don't have to struggle alone you can ask questions and receive immediate answers and create relationships and study groups with other students mentoring programs are also available and offer personal assistance from qualified instructors so

start your journey to CCNA today just contact the experts it's an expert email us at sales at netzer expert . com or visit us online at www.hsn.com or call us at nine to five 5 58 27 35

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CCNA, or Cisco Certified Network Associate, is a highly sought-after Information Technology certification that was developed by Cisco to recognize basic competency in the installation and support of small- to medium-sized networks.

To obtain the core CCNA certification, the candidate must pass either two individual exams or a single combination exam.

Alternative 1: take ICND1 and ICND2 exams. Passing both of these exams will lead to CCNA certification. ICND1 exam is 90 minutes long whereas the ICND2 is only 75 minutes in duration. Both exams are comprised of between 40 -- 50 questions.
Alternative 2: take combination CCNA (CCNAX) exam. This is one 90-minute, proctored, multi-choice exam, of between 45 and 55 questions, which covers a wide range of topics pertinent to a basic understanding of network administration.

Before we look at the topics that are covered let's first consider who might be interested in obtaining CCNA certification.

What is CCNA Certification and is it Right for Me?
If you are interested in computer networks and looking to enter the workplace as an IT Engineer then the answer is a resounding 'YES'.

This certification can assist you in landing your first networking position. Without the CCNA certification, not only will you not be taken seriously by companies when looking for a networking position, you also will not be able to specialize in areas such as security, voice, or wireless networks. Cisco also provides separate exam-based certifications CCNA Security, CCNA Voice and CCNA Wireless along with a number of other tracks that recognize those respective areas of networking.

For those already in IT, the CCNA certification can be instrumental in further career progression.

The types of positions open to IT engineers that hold the CCNA certification include Network Administrator, Network Technician, Network Engineer or Systems Engineer, Information Systems Manager, Network Programmer, Network Analyst, to name just a few.

IT engineers for such positions are sought after and demand good salaries.

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