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both my friend shopping shopping this dot com I just finished the workout you're going to do right now Sean makes spark 300 workout 300 wraps someone does something wicked exciting fat burning total body transforming exercise you can imagine following with me it's in real time take 10 20 mass-market my breath back that's how powerful allies

to always use control modify as needed and let's fight in the shade tin all right let's go 40 pushups handles you can do without the little wat Sol hotbed of rest morning times good form here we go 7 eat

9 Chan 30 more lawyer alright halfway there 20 Mar keep the good form and 10 more times feeling good primacy true or not well waldheim generally where you

much often do you watch up watch out for everything classic burmese great for up with down left feels good after the questions choose three 4 5

coming get damn 6 7 on us on 8 two more times nine antenna alright there are precious in real time so they may be real bombing 30 chops wats all by twenty crunchy frog

and that finishes the first phase what are three I jump squats don't mind the strings here his alright 32 of and really pressed back for like this ha X 1024 50 more

people don't be afraid to modify it a prank tell more time sorry sex a two more tenho que cool feeling spartan on news appeared some chains

English accent are back in three hundred okay I said 20 crunchy frog let's get off the feat down the piece of grass hes trying times we go out wheel and one ha 4 I sit 7 each

9 1010 work best for member always good for 30 50 sixty ha eighty 19 20 what would happen if she can happen 20 the stand harsher I'm sorry 30 I wrong moving that's a three hundred 30 these babies

you may get all this with everyone you go you up in apush three always good for pot 7 me my bull burn away belittled

11 well 30-member this is real time or with all its flaws 15 halfway there 17 me

home 19 good billy ray again wrong 21 22 23 24th a strong my friend 25 buy more time

27 on me body sausage one I met twice each 30 top check it out drink tell of shake it our slot share 20 over 20 Hindu pushups

was a bit of a hassle but I wrote this out actually I was high of the statues even better squad checked and I say twenty or away we're on our way protectionism either workouts you down wage up outside and the back like so okay

twenty times extolling here we go what fun sex 10 more whole body work 30 more times and 20 him to push ups twenty times check it out

I'm as research to get nasty don't get nasty brother 20 time versus think about that open legs bring 3 and down and back one to three 4

5 six get the rhythm 7 8 a little sloppy okay when down was back at work here little shake catch your breath we go

company 11 12 all we're gonna sleep well tonight 14 shakin 15 only five more that he and possible sixty I'm still regularly at seventy time out there will be back in 18th

19 one more time and then back down press back okay shaken or turtle suspended starters twenty times their way almost done with the second hundred let me tell you about the Spanish turn off it's pretty intense

twenty times fixed junk I'm going on average one suspended to 3 4 use those s5 6 in hell down exhale up GT then yes not 10 10 more times to 3 squeeze the ex

4 15 five more 16 17 18 119 and 20 180 burpees ten times help bring us true the last 100 so shake it up 1 $80 byr send more

ten times practice it watch it almost over into it enough space here jump home and of just feels good to mission makes Johnson 3 4 5

sex seventh always fun 8 914 and Ted shake Drake so for real time fish a camera so on hi there

hi everybody well over 10 hrs final 100 haha their jerseys total body shaping body sculpting body screwing okay

30 form plank walkouts naught allies to form plaque walkout out in in that's one keep switching to to 3 here fly six

7 eight nine 10 12 13 14 on 15 halfway

sixty 17 18 19 20 high last 10 making strong million to three here 5 6 7 H

oh yeah 19 last launch n 10:30 of thirteen of 30 walk out for like you get the idea 20v ups and equity venture Sean P from florida K or condition you are just slide right in x1 any quite a little breather here

now I think I'm ready 20 be ups after that spider-man pushups Helsby up you come down inhale exhale up one on the s3 for hot 6 7 is it ever been a better workout than this I don't know

10 10 more times haha traveling one lunch 12 30 40 15 quick breather Park back by more one choose 3 fish for and haha

much cost or close stay focused stay hungry stage rar Butler like or Michael Fassbender if you approve government lawyers passers get shot but from 300 20 spider-man pushups my friends front of people love these days hate these

but they always invite them over for dinner cuz our son of actor see how would you bring on again one shoot that's ten 10 more times do again muncie bull entity thing

bottom 18 two more and to him K modeled we had two more excited like chumps and Tahoe berms 518 e double herpes actually no just over okay lunch jumps 20

times with 30 reps left and the whole workout you're outside what Obama get over there or they're doing behind the camera back in the woods all sources said that picked up many times to I have no fear fainting here all right here we go 21 shots

what to there's last 10 do faster we go 30 sixty eighty night 20 okay 10 double purpose retro ninety 29 together put put his main apparent it suburban is double ten times our last exercise %uh this lecture really tough

go to 300 exercises repeated is 912 ok 10 jumps to jump back to push ups that's it jump jump back that's what to Chou joke of three

4 Welch the areas spot John child set 7

two more of heart heart I say with class more haha world do I'm long do

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