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He sounded so rude.

I should have made him pay for my sausage. I think he's hot. He's famous as a handsome swimmer. No way. He looks completely ordinary. He doesn't look any special. Nan Hee, what were you saying about Messi?

Do you like Messi, by any chance? It's a good tip. Guys are attracted to girls who share the same interests as they. Guys love sports, especially soccer. If a girl likes Messi,

guys want to have a drink with her. That makes sense. Isn't that convincing? You say such meaningless words in such a serious way. Don't react. That's all meaningless. Gosh, what? Do you like Messi?

What a terrible day! Wait. Did he drop it? He has such a weird taste. Is he a pervert? Were you nervous about the competition?

Your thighs are so stiff. That's not it. I was startled at a sausage. A sausage? It's nothing. You're enjoying it, aren't you?

Hey. I'm sorry, but I don't feel anything. That can't be true. Don't thighs like this make your heart flutter? I wish someone could make my heart flutter.

It's done. Be careful today. Massage them before you go to bed. Okay. Thank you. Wait. Are you looking for something?

It's nothing. Who else would know? We gave you back all the laundry. I ordered them from Canada. Could it be... those lumps?

- What do you mean? - Those weightlifters. Theirs break so easily, so they often use ours. Our laundry once ended up in theirs. - It might be... - Hey, weightlifters. Yes? Come here.

You're freshmen, right? - Yes. - Yes. Have you seen my tights? Didn't it get mixed into your laundry? No. How can I trust you?

Hey, what are you doing to them? - Bok Joo! - Bok Joo! - What's going on? - Her tights went missing, and she's assuming that we took it. We really don't use their washing machine... because they've lashed out at us about it.

Did you actually accuse them? - Yes, I did. - Do you have proof? It's not like I made it up. Do you have evidence to prove that these girls took it? I don't have evidence, but they have history. How many times did you girls sneak in and use our washing machine?

That's not enough to put anyone behind bars. You need evidence. This is precisely why our society never improves. Everything prevents ex-convicts from starting afresh with confidence. Don't you dare bother my girls. Got it? Let's go.

- Bok Joo, you're the best! - Bok Joo, I admire you. You girls didn't even sync. - Cheers! - Cheers! Hey, the fried chicken is here. - Sweet. - I'm so excited. - Hey. - Yes?

How can they accuse our girls of stealing their laundry? Look at this. They were glaring at us like this. What is wrong with those skinny girls? They give us so much trouble. Our unfavorable memories with them go back a long time, you know. You girls did an amazing work. Keep up the great work.

- Okay! - Okay! Good job. The space the gymnastics department is using as their practice room... used to be a weightlifting room. Was it during the Asian Games? They got a gold medal and took over our space. Our seniors were so mad.

- We love you! - Thank you. Is that a dog or a bear on your uniform? It looks like it was drawn. What's more? At every track meet, guys compare us to them and humiliate us. Do you girls remember last year?

That's nothing compared to Day of Goo Seul. Right, Day of Goo Seul! My goodness. Joo Sang. Joo Sang, can you hear me? I can quit weightlifting and say goodbye to resin if you want. I can wear makeup, too. What is the problem, Joo Sang?

Is this what you don't like about me? Or is this the problem? - Goo Seul, stop it. - Why are you being like this? Why are you... There she is. It's you, isn't it? This girl is the one. - Goo Seul, please! - You witch. You wagged your tail like a vixen and seduced him!

Lifting you up and down is a piece of cake. - You witch! - That's enough. Goo Seul spent an entire year... on coaxing that guy from track and field to go out with her, and that girl in gymnastics snatched him from her. Goo Seul ended up getting kicked out of the residence after that.

Ever since that happened, her performance has been bad, too. I know. Everyone had high hopes for her before that incident. Anyhow, those girls irk me so much. - Bok Joo, we ate all the chicken. - What? Oh, okay. - Gosh, you're the best! - Nice! - Ouch, it's hot. - This is the fourth chicken.

- It's the 3rd one! - It's the 3rd one! I'm sorry. I sincerely apologize. Go ahead and stuff your faces with it, you fools. - Why did you hit us on the head? - That was mean! - Then pay for it at least! - You'll kill our brain cells! Are you collecting chicken bones or what?

Hey, we only have 10 minutes left. Eat quickly! - Hurry up. - Oh, my goodness. - Hey, why are you girls here? - Hello. - Good night. - Okay. You, too. Make him do the deliveries, Dad. I'll go to the hospital... What is that? You found it on the street, didn't you?

Well... Someone threw out this rice cooker, but it looks totally fine. It's clean inside, too. It probably doesn't work. What are you going to use it for? I can certainly find uses for this. I can put chicken in here when I do deliveries to keep it warm. Also, what is that thing called? That...

You know that you're not making much sense now, right? Shut it. Just go back to your residence already. Stop eating so much chicken. I don't want to talk to you, so just go. And don't come back tomorrow. What are you talking about? I'll see you at the hospital tomorrow. Bye! - Come on! - Hurry up!

Hey, be careful! You might trip! Goodness! My cute daughter. - Don't run. Just go like this. - Just hurry up already. - Oh, boy. - Let's do our laundry. It's time to do our laundry. Gosh, it reeks of sweat. - What's the matter? - What?

Well, I feel like I just saw something. What are you talking about? I don't see anything. Was I mistaken? Let's go. We'll start the evening roll call. - All student leaders to the office. - Have you seen my handkerchief?

What are you talking about randomly? Just organize your stuff. Tidy up, please. Ki Seok will be here soon. Gosh, where did it go? Did I leave it at home? Hey, hurry up. He's in the room right next to ours. You guys are in charge of the stairs, right? Did you mop the stairs?

We did, of course. You left in the middle of the match. I wasn't feeling well. Being disqualified is nothing to be proud of. - I let our coach know. - Right. You don't care about things like comradeship and teamwork.

You only care about yourself. I guess I'm at fault. You guess? You prick... Ki Seok, what are you doing? Are you going to keep us up all night? I'm coming!

Good night. Can't he close the door? Is he a sociopath or what? Why is he always out to get you? People either really like me or hate me, you know. Would you like someone who is as cheeky as me if you were my senior?

You even understand your anti-fan. You're really something. Aren't I too perfect? Even my personality is perfect, right? Gosh, you're so very perfect. Is that why you got disqualified again? You're worse than me who came in fifth place. Just give up already.

Hearing you swearing at me is actually making me feel better. - You jerk. I'll teach you a lesson. - Ouch, stop it. Hey, get up. Let's go out. We need to lift up our spirits. The roll call is done. We can't go out now, you fool. Hurry up. Oh, my. Look at this!

Min Young, it's been such a long time. Hey, you look gorgeous today. Girls, I'm here! Hey, let's drink. Cheers! You're a professional swimmer, right? You have such broad shoulders.

I saw your photo on Hye Jin's social media page. Well, can I have your number? My mom took my phone. My performance hasn't been good lately. She thinks it's all because of girls. Have a good time.

Hey, where are you going? Hey! Gosh. Joon Hyung. You're going to eat breakfast, right? - I'm fixing you breakfast. - I don't want too much food, Mom. Where did it go? - Good morning. - You're up early.

- Get in. I'll give you a ride. - It's okay. I'll run and get some exercise, too. Just get in. You must be exhausted from the match yesterday. You're just bringing it up now? Mom and Dad probably wanted to talk about it but didn't say a word.

Everyone in our family loves to act cool. We all know how upset you must be. Bringing it up is pointless. Sure thing. I was so upset that I went out and partied all night. I'll get going since I'm so uncool. Let's see if your clunker can be as fast as me. What are you doing? Follow me with your car.

Gosh, it looks like we've been too lax with you guys. Seon Ok. What are you thinking? You've put on 2kg. It's because I ate fried chicken last night. Gosh, seriously. - Don't laugh. - If you guys pig out like this, you'll regret it so much before the tournament. I told you.

For the Atlanta Olympics, I had to lose 3kg because I had to change my weight class unexpectedly. I starved myself and got rid of every drop of water in my body... in order to shed the 3kg. Even someone who is so disciplined like me had to... - You guys! - My goodness.

Try to manage your weight on a daily basis. And eat less meat, please. - Okay! - Okay! Professor Yoon! - Hello. - Hello. - Hello, Sir. - Hello, everyone.

Hello. What brings you here? Someone ordered chicken, and suddenly cancelled the order. I thought the kids can use a snack. Gosh, you didn't have to do that. I'm sorry. What are you talking about? You're making me feel bad.

You're the one who made Bok Joo who she is today. She was thinking about quitting... because she's tall, and she has long arms and legs. You encouraged her... and told her that all she needs is affection towards weightlifting. - I'm so grateful to you that... - Everyone, applaud!

- Thank you. - Thank you. - Thank you. - Thank you for the food. - Thank you. - Thank you. - Thank you. - Go on and eat. Why did you come? I was going to go to the hospital later. We have to do this once in a while, you brat.

They always make things comfortable for you. Professor Yoon. Go on and eat. I cooked very young chickens. - They were not even fully grown. - Thank you. Bok Joo. Since your dad is here, why don't you go to the hospital with him?

Evening training is an individual training anyway. Go on. Thank you, Sir. (NEPHROLOGY DEPARTMENT) Chang Geol. I'm sorry, but I have to go out.

Jong Ki's father died. He's my friend from the army. You know him, right? - Of course I do. - Okay. By the way, his father would be thrilled... to see you in this glitter jacket.

Are you playing a nightclub singer this time? I'll go and change. How silly. If he wants to be an actor, he should play better roles. He's always an extra who doesn't even have a line.

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