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Nectar of immortality obtained the wrong way...

...turned to poison for Rahu. In the same way... ...something done by deception... ...may give one success at first... ...but, finally, it ends in harm. Wait, Goddess Mohini!

Chandradev is right here. That's Rahu! I have got it! That which I had a right to have! The one who is undeserving can't have the nectar. No!

Narayan, thank you for stopping Rahu. Nectar wasn't earned by Rahu's deeds. You've helped me in doing my duty. You've cheated me, Shani! Your deeds cheated you, Rahu. Deception, conspiracies, are the weapons...

...that can return to attack someone who uses them. I warned you about this, before. The head which is proud and deceitful... ...can't be borne by the body... ...for too long. Nectar wasn't the consequence of your deeds.

But, you tried to get it, through deceitful means. That's why, it turned to poison in your life. I kept telling you. Get back on track. You didn't listen to me. You walked on the path of wrong deeds...

...and achieved your goal. What's all this? Where is Rahu? Where is Mohini? The nectar! Where is the pitcher of nectar? We have been cheated!

Where is it? Where is the nectar? Where is Mohini? - Forget about Mohini! There was no Mohini, you fool! It was an illusion! It was a deception, you fools!

We have been deceived! I know... ...who did this to us. That trickster Vishnu did this! Shani! All the gods have partaken of the nectar. It's your turn.

I won't partake of the nectar, Narayan. I have already taken an oath... ...that, anything obtained from the churning... ...won't belong to me. That's not something I have worked for. But, Shani, you're a god, too.

As a god... ...you are entitled to the nectar. Forgive me, my Lord. But, I can't go back on my word. Shani, you must consume the nectar. That's best for the welfare of the universe.

My ideals matter to me most, Narayan. I haven't participated in the churning of the ocean. I haven't contributed to it. How can I accept... ...the immortality that comes from it? I won't consume the nectar. You would let me down by doing that, Shani.

Where did I go wrong, Mahadev? Why are you upset with me? You've chosen your words unwisely, Shani. You just said... ...that you didn't participate in the churning of the ocean. But, in my opinion...

...your contribution was as important... ...as Indradev's. Or, Suryadev's. Or, even if I may say so... ...it was more than their contribution. The churning of the ocean...

...leading to introspection... ...was something that you came upon, right? What needs to be done to gain the nectar? You figured that out, too. First, you made up the plan. Then, you brought the gods and demons.. ...together to help in the cause.

You chose the path of hard work. You faced all the problems and crises in the churning of the sea. Whether it was... ...the instability of Mount Mandrachal... ...or finding a solution to Halahal... ...you faced them all.

That's when, you got to the nectar. You say, you haven't contributed, at all! No, Lord of the Deeds! You have contributed... ...and that's why... ...you deserve to partake of the nectar...

...and entitled to it, too. But... ...I have relinquished my rights, Mahadev. Shani. If you've given up your rights... ...don't consider the nectar as a by product of the churning.

Consider it my blessing and accept it. Mahadev's creation... ...can't turn down your blessing, my Lord! Shani, that's amazing. Accept my congratulations, lord of the deeds. Finally, you have become a god, too.

I trusted you! While you... ...let me down! But, Shukra... - To make the gods immortal, you... ...cheated the demons. Rahu? What have you done to him?

Is this what Mahadev created? Is this how the gods behave? Watch yourself, Shukracharya. - No! You aren't merely addressing the gods... ...you are addressing the immortal gods! Now, the demons' lives...

...will be at our mercy. Indradev, you've suffered for your arrogance, once. Don't make the same mistake, twice. Shani! Now, I don't need... ...your sermons. I have gained, what I wished for.

Wealth, power and immortality! Now, why are we standing in the stench of the underworld? We have to go to Devlok! Wait a moment, Indradev. We are still here, because... ...there is one person...

...who still hasn't had nectar. You're mistaken, Shani! All the gods have drunk the nectar. You should take another look, Indradev. Shukracharya hasn't drunk the nectar, yet. It seems...

...after staying in the netherworld... ...you've become afflicted... ...by Shukracharya's malady! Shukracharya is the teacher of the gods. He has no share in the nectar. But, still, he is a god.

The holy basil plant may grow in the courtyard... ...or in the forest. It's worthy of worship. Shukracharya may be in favor of the demons. But, he is the son of a god... ...and thus, he is entitled to the nectar. No!

That's impossible! That's injustice! That is just, Indradev. Shani is right. Shukracharya is... ...as good as Brihaspati in intellect, wit and capability.

Even as a god... ...he should get the nectar. I agree with Shani. You think, I'm wrong. I know that. But, what happened... ...was best for creation.

Now, please partake of the nectar. The gods played an amazingly devious game. The demons were deprived of the nectar. But, you're offering their teacher, the nectar? So that, there is a rift between the demons! Give up your right to the nectar, in that case.

No! Immortal king of the gods, Indra! I will certainly partake of the nectar. So that, there is someone to fight you for the rights of the demons! I've done so much just to get to the nectar! Now, I can't stake my claim to it. The teacher of the demons has drunk the nectar, Shani.

But, the demons don't have any protection, now. Their lives are in my control.

Video Description

Raahu tricks Mohini into giving him the Amrit as he disguises himself as Chandradev and consumes it. However, Mohini, who is actually Narayan's avatar, states that the one who does not deserve the Amrit will never get it and then decapitates Raahu's head with the Sudharshan Chakra. Shani thanks Narayan for helping him take care of Raahu, who accuses Shani of tricking him. Shani, however, states that Raahu tried taking the Amrit through deceit and that is why his deeds tricked him back. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

"Amongst the millions of deities worshiped in India, there is one who is most feared. One who strikes a merciless balance between good and evil and makes us realise the cycle of Karma. This is the story of the most revered planet of the zodiac and the Lord of Justice, Shani. What gives Shani his powers and makes his vengeance so potent? Find out with this mythological TV series that's sure to be an audience favourite.

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