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you guys ready to accelerate your learning is ready now I know the fact

that you guys are even here means you already do your homework i'm going to assume and you already study some of you already have things that work for you maybe you like to hang upside down in bed and read your book upside down it is works you can't explain why but it is does so I recognize that so whatever you do that special to you that that's awesome what we're going to talk about tonight is these are methods that are proven

through research tons and tons of research into the human brain and how the brain works and how it learns ok so what is accelerated learning it's really the study of the mind when you know how the brain works you're going to be more effective and how you acquire information and how you keep that information and then be able to recall that information when it comes

on a quiz or test because i know you guys know the feeling that you studied then you get that test and you just know it but you just can't bring it to the front of your mind ok so why is that that's what we're going to talk about so let's go deeper into the human brain and we got these little things called dendrites ok and this is an image of really a point of information

let's just say little purple . in the center is somebody's name so you just met somebody new and you just learn their name maybe it's george that little bubble in the middle that represents the name George now if you looked at George you looked at his face you just made a new connection so one of these little cables a little nerve

endings going into the center that's you seeing George's face so your brain just made one connection now if you say his name hey George it's nice to meet you you just made more neural connections because you just use your mouth your voice you heard your own voice so your

ears heard his name so you use your eyes your ears your mouth all your senses you just made at least three connections let me shake his hand now you made physical contact he said hi George how are you you know it's good to meet you George so all of those things are making tons of connections now if you get to know George you get to hang out

with them for a while and maybe you talk to him every day you're making so many connections to that name it's almost impossible at that point to forget that you know weeks later if somebody were to test your quiz you and say who is that person you were hanging out with ok oh you mean George it's nothing right this came to your mind

so everyone's mind and heroines brain and in here is perfect your memories are perfect what it is is how do you acquire information in a way the bills very strong connections ok so i'll do a quick little demonstration I have a little beach ball down there you guys can do that what I need somebody somebody to do go ahead and

throw the ball anywhere random in the crowd yeah it's a good alright so this random preferably someone who's got you know who's taking notes that would really be good ok so do you have a piece of paper and a pencil there okay perfect so you're going to be the note-taker just for a few minutes

not the whole time just can you do that for like five minutes okay you're going to take notes for about five minutes ok now go ahead and just throw the ball to somebody random okay yeah okay good now so you got the ball so this is what I need you to do what you're gonna do is you're gonna send me to the grocery store and just for the sake of time

just give me a simple one word item that I need to go to the store and get ok eggs got it ok so go ahead and throw it to somebody else and the note-taker whoever's taking notes go ahead and write down that number one is eggs okay go and write that for me thank you go ahead give me another item i need to get at the store

tomatoes k tomatoes got it ok yeah you're good cookies ok so number three is cookies okay just give me an item paper clips okay okay go ahead paper clips so you keeping track you get you keeping track right there okay go ahead give me something I should get at the store some chocolate

ok chocolate cake chocolate alright sounds good good apples ok so apples all right some gatorade ok ok some gatorade granola bars ok then all the bars give me said will like like oil like oil olive oil

ok go give me one more thing so no all right so let's stop right there alright so now there's a bunch of just random things right and hopefully the note taker has everything I have so give me some mercy i have not had an opportunity to study any of this but I'll do my best

so you have the notes right there ok so tell me from wrong so number one is eggs number two is Tomatoes three is cookies force paper clips 5 is chocolate six is Apple sevens gatorade eight is granola bars nine is valve oil and 10 is milk is that correct ok ok she said they're all correct ok so all right look now how long how long did

it take me to study that I didn't even study right now all of you can do this and if you stick around you stay awake at the end i'll teach you how to do this it's not a trick it's not magic trick it's science ok so if i'm going to go backwards man try that try that list backwards right ok so 10 is milk nine valve oil aight granola bars sevens gatorade six is Apple's fives chocolate force paper clips three cookies tomatoes 1 is eggs

is that correct okay good alright so now I dinner frontwards and backwards so let's throw the ball again don't just throw it somewhere and what I want you to do now is just give me a number between one and ten I'll tell you the item go ahead give me number seven let me think you got calculated my mind that's gatorade all right

seven is Gator ate ok good for someone else give me another number 2 1 and 10 for let me see what force paper clips all right someone else now give me the item i'll tell you the number tomatoes number two good one more person three that would be cookies am i right ok so i think about proving a point yeah it's so you can hold the baller

maybe it will keep you company that's fine alright so this is what accelerated learning is all about see a lot of you guys without knowing these techniques you're getting the job done many students you know know how to open up a book and start reading but it's kinda like make breaking big rocks into Little Rock's with a sledgehammer you can do it it'll take time but yeah the job gets done

you don't always look forward to it may be the first couple whacks right after then it's like okay I've had enough of this alright so accelerated learning is like this what if we can design a tool that's very precise it can get into the rocks and just very quickly break them apart using science math technology we get the same job done but with a lot less time now it's not

about being lazy or finding a loophole or finding some way around it you're still going to have to read you're still going to have to learn but if you know how to come at it with the right places it's a lot better than breaking rocks that makes sense ok so what we're going to do then we're going to go around my desk you know i have if you look at my desk got some snacks we're going to talk

about that first you know we're going to talk about learning you know preparing to learn and then once you've learned things how do you keep it how do you retain that and then I'm going to teach you at the very end how to memorize and how to make something called mind maps so let's get

into it then let's start off with our snacks so this there's a theory developed by dr. howard gardner called multiple intelligence theory and basically it says that there's not just one kind of intelligence in fact there are seven different kinds a lot of the research was done here at UCR on this and there's so many factors that go into determining what these intelligences are

i'm going to save you the big long story and all the books and volumes it takes I will say one thing but one criteria is if somebody has an injury or brain trauma or a birth defect one of these intelligences is noticeably gone so somebody just for some reason can't hear music they're just tone deaf or something ok so there's each of these intelligences

has a specific place in the brain where they live ok so just trust me on that you want to look more into the research that's dr. howard gardner multiple intelligence theory so I'm going to go into each of these two talk about a little bit and then I'll show you what that means as far as what that means to you the first one is body intelligence

okay so some people are just very physical their greatest sports I'm going to look at an extreme example you guys remember Bo Jackson ok this guy can play almost any sport but not just play them but play them out of professional level now I don't know how well he can read or how good he is at playing the piano but you give him a ball

telling the rules he can play so in that respect he's he's a genius his brilliant when it comes to physical intelligence this goes for anything physical even dancers ok so that would be physical there's a social intelligence peoplesmart interpersonal it all means

the same thing i like to say social intelligence some of you are very social but there's an intelligence that goes with that I want you to think about a president whether you like the President or not doesn't matter the fact is they're certainly socially intelligent they understand that who they're talking to has a different perspective on life and they can adjust

their tone their words or language to make them feel at ease that takes a social intelligence ok it's not just hanging out with friends but really knowing and understanding people you know politicians I'd say even ministers have to be pretty bright when it comes to social intelligence knowing people ok the next one linguistic or verbal intelligence and this is the ones you

see in school schools always testing you on this one how well you know do you read and write now Shakespeare you know he's we always recognized him as this incredible in a writer but he's brilliant and his use of language see that's where it's at whether you like the stories or not it's the way he uses words you can take a word and apply three different meanings to it and and

you know in the same conversation so that's linguistic or word verbal intelligence another one logic here's the other major one that schools like to test you on your math and science okay of course the extreme example as Einstein you know I don't know how well he could play the piano maybe you can do that - I

don't know if you if you threw a football Adam if you would catch it don't know but when it comes to science and logic and mathematics is brilliant ok then there's this sort of intrapersonal or self intelligence and you know it's hard to recognize this because schools don't really test you in this one but it is an intelligence

there are people who know themselves very well they know what gets the mad they know why they're mad you know why they're happy what makes them happy when they're upset they detect it right away they're almost sort of self repairing they know where the problem is another feeling this your new they know they're being to it too aggressive they recognize it without anyone saying they tell and then they know what to do

to fix that they know what they're feeling at any given time so a lot of this type of intelligence is expressed through art years where your artists live your musicians live all the people who write song lyrics they're very in tune with their own feelings and then there's other people who can connect with those feelings ok so van Gogh yeah he was an artist but he was also very good at looking at

himself where he can have different portraits and depending on the texture and colors can tell you what he was feeling at that moment in time the other intelligence is visual lot of people are very visual visual intelligence you know aesthetics how things look you have a good eye for color and design I think of something like Cirque de Soleil the whoever designed the sets and the costumes are probably brilliant with visual intelligence they just know what

works they know by combining certain colors and shapes it creates a mood in a feeling okay and of course there's music musical smarts think they know how to play instruments may be one instrument really well or they could just pick up any

instrument and just start learning it you know genius could be someone like mozart who has a child could hear a song and just play it and these are songs that it would just take up forever even with the musical notation in front of you just to even have the ability to play it

ok so he would be musically smart can he catch a football I don't know but he can play music ok so these are the seven that dr. howard gardner came up with but he's still continuing the research and more intelligences are discovered every day see God already knows all of them yeah where it's good we're just working just trying to figure it all out

and so some of the recent ones and again throughout a little see little questions he was paying attention which one of these intelligences have I not talked about all right good you guys are paying attention so nature nature intelligence this is one of those that schools really don't test you on I don't even know if they provide any education in this area but nature

intelligence is something people needed way before we had all these buildings ok so for example has anyone seen animal in that picture you see it how about now you guys see the giraffe ok ok

right so how we doing with natural intelligence okay so here's the thing if this was if this was a dangerous animal and you didn't see it here or even here you're probably again that you're probably going to be dinner ok so now does it just because we don't really use it doesn't mean it's just

gone will know how can people still have this think about people who work in a factory and they can see thousands of items going by and they can spot the defect right they can see someone in a crowd of people from there I can spot them they could find Waldo right very quickly ok so there's a little bit of natural intelligence that's going on right there

it's really about seeing and making out differences and similarities and complex patterns that's more of the academic answer for that there's another intelligence let's go forward here there's another one they're still kind of digging these up check out this they have just noticed there is such a thing as a spiritual

intelligence ok yes there's a spiritual intelligence okay now this is something you maybe not tested in schools you don't see this on an sa80 you know but there are people that are very spiritual would you agree they can sense it

you know you can walk in the room and they know you had a bad day or they know something's going on with you you're just not in the right place and you're like how I didn't even say anything they feel it they feel the spirit okay so they're very in tune with in this all sounds very mystical but there is research to support it

okay so I like to bring up the scripture in Genesis 1:27 so God created mankind in his own image in the image of God he created them male and female he created them God saw all that he had made and it was very good and there was evening and there was morning the sixth day so God made you he made your brains he made your minds to do incredible things

so which intelligence are you well here's here's why this is important because it's not a matter of which one are you you're actually all of them but you might be higher in some and lower and others ok now you can go and take a test just google it you know multiple intelligence

test there's an online test you just click click click and find out you get a chart something like this that shows you different levels this is a random when I pulled off of google images now why is this important why is it so revolutionary because it's not fixed

you gotta understand that this revolutionary because this whole time people grow up and they believe that there are smart people and not so smart people you're either one of those two categories I'm not part of the smart crowd that's them no no wait a minute let's back up maybe you're not as good as mat math but i bet you you can

outplay them right so intelligence is not fixed why is that important because you can change it you can increase in any of these levels if you're low and this this person looks like they're not very logical okay but that's not fixed you know they can work on that an increase in their

logical intelligence now i really encourage you guys to go ahead and figure out which ones you're the strongest in because when we go into talking about studying your textbook you're going to start applying some of this in your study techniques ok so that's a little preview of what's ahead there was that you said we could find you know just type in multiple intelligence test

yeah come up it's pretty it's out there it's definitely out there ok so we are we having a good time so far don't you guys feel so smart already alright so what we're going to do now we're going to go into the actual study plan and on your handout should be a list there's a mind map but then there's a list right there it's like numbers 1

through 11 ok so it's sort of a I tried to make it really easy it's it's a step by step when i was here at UCR I had these those steps right there I had them on a laminated card I kept with me anytime I studied I just pulled out that card and saw Kate what do I do and you know i love about that it's it makes it easy

so when you don't want to study pull out the card and go baby steps step ok I could do the first thing ok I could do the next thing sometimes that's what we need to motivate ourselves right alright so the first part you got to do is really prepare your minds now remember i talked about you know breaking those rocks of the sledgehammer

tell me if this sounds familiar a lot of students is what they do they attend lectures to take notes that's good they find out what they're supposed to read let's say it's chapter 3 of your biology but they get their biology book the opening chapter 3 and start read they read maybe take some notes then it's time for the test maybe you look at

the notes from the book maybe the lecture notes and then you go into the test right that's that's that pattern sound familiar ok and I'm gonna I'm gonna propose to you that that is fine it gets the job done but it's really breaking big rocks with a sledgehammer there's another way to do that the first thing is you've got to prepare your mind

you see if you understand how the brain works when we walk from point A to point B the brain blocks out all the extra information it doesn't need the brain is very good at focusing on what is important because we honestly couldn't function if your brain focused on every single thing that's around you ok so if you don't prepare your mind then you haven't told your brain that

what you're about to do is important it's going to block a lot of it it you're going to read how many of you guys have read a page and then you forgot what you just read okay right so you you know that's comes natural it's not because you're not intelligent it's because your brain is built that way it's supposed to focus on only

certain things so you literally need to tell your brain stop I need you to focus on what i'm about to do so there's a few steps in preparation ok first one get into a resourceful state of mind and I have all these notes on the little mind map I'm you're free to take your own notes as well so one of the first little

practicals and getting a resourceful state is you count to ten ten seconds it doesn't take long the first thing you do is you kind of close your eyes and count to ten and you tell your brain that what you're about to do is very important that you care about what you're about to read even if you don't your brain doesn't know the difference okay 10 seconds 10 seconds

do not skip this step it's almost a little of its kind of a centering a little bit of a meditation right there ok once you've told yourself that your brain is important go ahead and put music in their research has shown music definitely helps with studies but not all music they recommend music without words and there's a reason for that

the right side of your brain is responsible for creativity and emotions the left side is logic most of the stuff you do at this university or any schooling involves your left side most of it involves reading analyzing identifying remembering right but you're right side is thinking about what you're going to have for lunch so you have to keep your right side

busy and so how you do that music works really well see the right side of your brain is going to be listening to the music so your left side can get the job done ok so i highly recommend it baroque music the way it's written the way it's designed it's very mathematical it's good at study type of music

okay um or trance or any kind of electronic music you know stuff without words oh yeah let me tell you when I had to study for the the state exam for mathematics and I had to read view all the math I had ever done like 10 years I had trans blasting through my headphones

that's the only way I survived it my right side is so strong i have to really keep it busy ok the the problem is when you introduce words into the music and automatically activates your left side because now your left side is trying to interpret the words which is language and starting to put meaning on them and now your whole brains busy listening to music and that defeats the whole point

so okay that makes sense all right the second thing you need to do is get the big picture see when you open up a textbook and you just start reading chapter 3 this this is what's happening to your brain you're taking in information but it doesn't know where to put it and

remember it is very biological so you're just creating creating random bits of information and they're just spread all around your brain like stars in the sky just randomly now I know you're used to reading like story books and things like that but chapter 3 of your biology but that's not how you do it although it comes natural to you in fact i think it's going to be hard for some

of you to break the habit but the first thing you have to do is get the big picture and because what this is going to do is set up a file system in your brain so when you start reading chapter 3 you you will eventually you have to read it but when you do the information is being placed in very specific areas of your brain

you need that because when test time comes you need to be able to pull that file out when you need it that makes sense so how do you create a file system here's a few little practicals just look at the table of contents you know it helps look at the table of contents what does chapter 3 have to do with this entire book

where does it fit in you figuring these things out in your brain is causing it to create a little bit of a structure for information read the intro to the chapter that's fine a lot of textbooks will give you a little introduction that's good you know in this case spark notes and other services like it are aren't a bad thing if you're reading some literature

go ahead you know this isn't when you're reading literature for school it isn't for entertainment it's not about well I don't want any spoilers la la la la ok no you want all the spoilers you can get okay you want to know that book or that story frontwards and back so to do that go ahead and go to sparknotes read find out

what happens at the end it's okay if you want to read for pleasure that's a whole different activity we're talking about school and getting that for . out right so watch a movie go ahead watch a movie the movie we know every movie is different in the book but

what it does it starts building a little bit of a knowledge center for your brain so then when you start reading the book it knows where to put all this new information ok youtube a lot of YouTube's amazing resource for just about any subject matter and math included I like to watch at least three videos because i haven't found like that

YouTube that just says it all there really isn't usually about three of them and then your brain could figure out the similarities and then you see where they might be a little difference that's good for your brain your brain starts to put together this the pieces to the puzzle so there's a little practicals for getting the big idea you're building the

framework of a house that's what this is about ok otherwise it's all just gooey much in your brain all right next thing you want to do sketch out what you know it's important brain activity for you to figure out what you already know ok you can write it in your notes or just jot it down or just depends on which intelligence you are if you're hot high and self intelligence you can just

sit there close your eyes reflect what do I know ok got it and move on doesn't take long but it's an important step another good trick is to go ahead and look at the chapter summaries brainstorm ideas just trying to figure out what do you know about chapter 3 your biology textbook ok because when your brain starts figuring out what it doesn't know it's

going to work harder to fill in the gaps now the next thing number four points of interest your brain this is where your right side of your brain can take a little bit of of the driver's seat now go through chapter 3 in your text but don't read anything just go through it see what your mind is interested in because you know the the best learning comes when you're really interested that goes all the way back to when you were a

baby you know that's just natural so go through chapter 3 and just look at the pictures look at the little graphs and the tables try to understand them without reading anything that's ok if you don't understand it it's a good exercise ok even when literature like when I looked up dante alighieri when I do I did some google image search on them and i found

out well he's a he's a video game guy - his name is Dante in fact most of the characters from Dante's Inferno the book are also video game characters well that's not going to help me on the test but you know what it did help me is my brain was making connections ok so then when i start reading the book it's going to know

Oh Dante course I've seen three or four different pictures of this guy that makes sense next you want to go ahead and start forming questions the brain is inquisitive the more questions you have the more it's going to look to seek to answer those questions you could write down some questions you might have if you're doing a textbook

they make it so easy just look at the chapter questions try to answer them you haven't read anything it's okay your brain is going to be prepared when you finally do start reading ok so that's preparation everyone ok so far ok once you've prepared your mind you're now ready to do the reading and is it

seems like you've done a lot of work but really didn't take that much time um and it seems like a lot of extra steps hey the person who just started reading chapter 3 maybe they're way ahead of you you haven't even started reading yet well that's true but ask him tomorrow what they remember you see what I'm saying

ok so when you go to actually take in information uses many senses as possible sometimes you can only do one which is read which is visual right well fine then make it visual bring out those highlighters your brain likes colors your brain likes them it doesn't matter of you like them your brain likes colors use different colors to mean different things

ok whatever that meaning is will be different with everybody but bring out those colorful highlighters its visual you need to stimulate your eyes ok anything you can do that involves the ears listening to the book having someone read to you you how about reading out loud now reading all of chapter three out loud could be tiring I understand that but you know even sections or import

important sections because why i remember i showed you that image of the dendrites if you only read it you're only making that one sort of super highway which is the visual through the eyes hearing it you have two pathways why is that important because when the test comes you might only know one of those two roads he may not remember reading it but

you do remember hearing it or vice versa just depends kind of random that respect ok so audio the next thing is do something physical with your hands make make a powerpoint based on chapter 3 from the be-all biology book if you're good at that sort of thing you know whatever tool you find easy for you do something with that information as you're reading make a slide for every

time you get to a section in chapter 3 you're not going to present to anybody but its physical you're clicking you're typing you're doing things with your hands you're making neural connections yeah taking notes is good even they even research says even scribbling and during

a lecture is ok because you're activating those connections if if you're as long as you're listening obviously right this is it at this point is where you would want to create a mind map ok this is the mind map stage and I'll talk about that at the end ok so now i'm going to talk about retaining and then we'll take a break

ok so now that you've learned at all I have spongebob because this is the point where it's got to be fun this is the point where you gotta soak it in like a sponge most people stopped at this point they went to the lecture they read the book they take the test right that's not studying I'm sorry that's learning taking in information but

you're going to see studying is the next step did you study ok what are some practical here well this is where multiple intelligences come in what you want to do is fill as many of these as you can now there are some classes you might take you just want to get through it I understand

so you might only use your strengths maybe three of them there's some courses that are vital like to your career or you're trying to get a certification you have to know it it's not about a test it's about your life and what you're going to do with it those of you starting to be like an EMT

it's not about the test you're going to be faced with real-world situations everyone's looking at you you should know this stuff so in that case you might use as many of those intelligences as you can so how do you do that well I got some ideas I just jot it down on my notepad make music or a jingle see it's what you do with the information from chapter 3 in your

biology book make a little song about the DNA or something I don't know uh summarize it in your own words those are all you artists out there after you read a section close your eyes stop say it back to yourself in your own words okay um what about listing the points just list them out like a like a a you know Roman numeral one too little a little bee would intelligence is that

activated if you just do it like that exactly some people are logical so do it use your logic some people what about discussing right talking about it teaching people study group the facebook group for biology what's that exactly social right you're using your social intelligence you have it use it

what about acting it out getting up and his chapter 3 non the DNA man it's coming down like this and what intelligence is that that's physical right so some of you got to get up and move while you're doing it you just can't sit down and read a book ok act out the concepts use your head it's an arms and everything you know some I've heard some people right

jumping on a trampoline while they're trying to memorize something hey help some go for a walk you know there's some stuff I got to say is really hard to take in kind of boring I knew if I started reading and put me to sleep so I found the audio book and I went to and I went for a walk because i'm walking i'm not going to pass out on the sidewalk

ok maybe maybe I can ask the wife what do you need from the store I'll go walk to the store I come back man I just covered that really boring thing i know it i basically explored the entire thing and on my hero because i went to the store I'm saying so activate as many of those intelligences you can there are many more ideas I don't have time to list

well what just go to your strength on that ok the next thing now it's time to memorize so if you have to memorize it's at this point that you do so in a couple ways to memorize is we all know new monix you know like grandma used to teach me about the knuckle thing I still don't get it but i'd ask her what - she did to go out that I don't know I'm like what ok

right and that's the days of the month right 30 31 32 31 ok so make your own make your own another one is my maps there it is again i'm going to talk about this at the end after the break all right next now it's time to test yourself okay you've memorized you took it in you activate the intelligences see how you

do it is you know see how you did do the chapter questions now remember you saw them before do them again now you should be able to master those and maybe the one you didn't get go back and find the answer see your brain knew what was important in that moment map flash so remember that mind map we saw

let's go back a couple remember that mind map ok so mind map is where you take a concept so i would take chapter 3 of my biology book and just start making a map I'm going to map out chapter 3 once i have that map I could try to memorize it for a test it's way easier to memorize that even

though it looks crazy then you know Roman numeral one Roman numeral - that's not memorable how are you going to distinguish between chapter three chapter 4 what about your test that covers chapters one through eight those Roman numeral ones and a's and b's his loss is like alphabet soup you make a map for each chapter

you can go back and try to look at it this one doesn't make sense because you didn't make it the one that you made will make perfect sense to you all the little pictures you drew those in their software that can also make them very quickly as well so i'll teach you how to make one at the end but what I'm saying is when it's time to test yourself you do something called a map

flash you take a blank piece of paper and you redo the map from memory now you probably won't get all of the little branches but you know what when you go to check your original map your brains going to know what it doesn't know does that make sense while i missed the entire line right there I better go back and do something so i can remember it

so when you hit that test your solid your hundred percent on that chapter ok so let me just fast forward here Matt flash and then flash cards or flash card programs are some incredible apps on the iPad your phones there's a highly recommend teach two thousand its hundred percent free just go on the computer and download it you make your own flashcards it's time consuming but don't you get it making the flashcards is studying i'm

using my senses i'm using my and i'm using my mind so that's okay and then once you've created the flash cards it will test you on all the ones and ones you get right inputs to the side and only test you on the ones you get wrong automatically you can play a little space invaders in their little video

games you can play so that's all good for the brain ok so test yourself and lastly you want to reflect so after you've done chapter 3 i'm just use that example you got to reflect on that how did it go how did the mind mapping go how was the highlighting was the too many colors

maybe you like maybe need more colors was your map too small you need to make more space for yourself did you run out of room maybe you need more paper reflect on the process of learning and then make those adjustments and then you just get better and after a few you know a few times doing as a few cycles you'll have your own rhythm and you'll know how to study more efficiently

ok now if there's something you want to remember forever this is the key you review that same item one hour after you've studied it now you still need to know it past that then the next day go back and review chapter 3 from biology then go back next week go back to chapter 3 of biology again ok and then you usually don't need it past

that but for anything a month one year if you follow that you'll never forget that thing that's really important to you ok so at this time let's go ahead and take a break everyone doing all right great job all right guys and have everything on up so as i was talking about this famous chapter 3 and biology

I've gone through that chapter many times probably five or six times where if you just sit down and try to muscle your way through it that person went through it once and you know maybe falling asleep three or four times to get there right but you go went through start over look at the picture start over

make your mind map start over you get what I'm saying ok so i'm going to show you how to memorize things remember everyone's memory in here is perfect it's about how to take in the information so to do that there's two things you're going to need what's called mental pegs I want you to think of that is like a hook and you that you hang your hat or

your your coat on so you need to have those already in place it doesn't do any good to go in the house and hang your jacket on a hook that isn't there that's just going to fall down right so you need to prepare ahead of time what the mental hooks are and we're going to make some right now and then i'll talk

about the action and nonsensical in just a minute so everyone has to get up for this is very physical you have to use your whole body and your mouth your hears everything ok so what we're going to do we're going to create a 10-item list in our brains going to call that the body list and it's never going to change

where we're building hooks onto the wall that we can use at any time for the rest of your life ok so what you're going to do you're going to physically you have to say the word you have to hear it so say it repeat after me you can reach down and try to get as close to your toes as you can they say number one toes

all right that feel good okay number two needs okay number three muscle ok number four bottom be gentle five stomach in six shoulders seven neck

aight face a nine top-10 ceiling and okay we're gonna go through that little faster number one toes to need three muscle 34 bottom floor five stomach I six shoulders six show 7x7 h-8 face 89 top nine ten ceiling ok one more time but faster 12 to meet three muscle

more bottom four five stomach in six shoulders seven neck take this nine top-10 now quietly because this is now for your personal intelligence do the whole thing but silently in your head go ahead okay good now we're going to do a one time backwards 10 top I mean ten ten . nine top eight face 7x6 shoulder five stomach for bottom three

possible to need line toes alright going to take a seat you need you guys got that list all right so who thinks they know it and you don't have to get up you can just tell me one through ten go ahead right here yet just say one through ten excellent

so do you guys feel pretty good about this list you know why cause you walk around with it when you sit down for a test you have ok so what you've done is you've now created a 10-item memorization list never forget your body list you'll use it the rest of your life never change it don't add to it don't start adding elbows and other stuff

just ten things that's it it's only good for ten things now we can go beyond that and I'll show you that in a minute now that you have your 10 pegs now the things that you want to remember we are going to hang them up we're going to attach them to our list and how we do that we use lots of action and it has to make no sense

see one common mistake people do when they memorized as they try to do things that make sense to them but remember the brain doesn't remember that if you think about a class you go to all the time and if I said what happened back on a certain date it's really almost impossible to remember because it's always the same for the most part but if there was one day your professor came running through wearing a chicken suit

you and remember that maybe for the rest of your life you might be traumatized right why because when things don't make sense your brain remembers those things yeah because they can't figure him out you might have even have a bad dream about it so we go back to that little shopping list that we did

now I did it with simple items for demonstration but you can use any ten things you know maybe it's certain things from the Constitution maybe it's the process of the meiosis mitosis cycle whatever things you need use your body list for the first 10 ok so the number the first thing on that list was eggs so a lot what's number one on my body list toes

so you might think well my toes are eggs ok but the problem with that there's no action it's it's too forgettable so what's something you can do with those eggs in your toes where it's crazy lots of action just okay yeah cannes guys in what you got ok drop Monty maybe you know squish them around made some scrambled eggs with the

shells in there it can't make sense it's got to be ridiculous k 2 is tomatoes are squishing with your knees maybe it's a big bottle of ketchup for tomatoes and squishin I was thinking about a scab i have now a six and i was is all red juice coming out you know I'm never gonna forget number two is Tomatoes

I'm solid on that see what I'm saying okay three was cookies so take them to start eating them ok what else something in my action right action I picture someone with a bat there's a break in my legs and all these chocolate chip cookies is prior that's violent but i will remember number three is cookies and I'm the guy i won't even budge on that I know it ok

for we won't go into too much but for was paper clips so there you go oops well what was at a paper clip okay stomach and number five was chocolate I get it oh well I know I just eat chocolate it's in my stomach no no it's got to be crazy ok right I imagine just like lik like liquid chocolate is being liquid

chocolate i watch too many movies but it works and I get good grades okay so six uh was apples so how do you connect the apples ok now what if you said all my shoulders are apples right now it's going to be action right tell people like to shoot arrows into apples man people are shooting arrows

all through my shoulder right here because they were apples right there right what a seven was gay Gatorade so how you gonna do that I just twisted my head off man it was there is a bottle of Gatorade and I just had to twist my head

just open it aight aight was granola bars how you gonna do that face mask okay make it really crazy use your imagination ok yeah maybe someone trying to make you eat granola bar big one or something okay 99 was valve oil so how we gonna do that

Annoying anointing yeah black oil running all down ours nasty stuff ok 10 was milk do that yeah okay just milk and maybe there's a cow and you're trying to get the milk so anyway do you guys get this concept all right so you can attach any now the shopping list is relatively easy can be

harder if you're doing that you know meiosis mitosis cycle you might have to be extra creative but it is possible maybe there's a list of people in history you have to remember it doesn't matter the order but if you put them on your body list you can at least memorize who they are does that make sense so it's not always about order it says things now use

action making nonsensical ok how do you add more things that would be real brief on this let's say you want to do another 10 is what you do you have to do this thing and sets of 10 oh don't break that rule sets of 10 so 11 through 20

what you can do wait what you do is you find a room in your house that if the lights were off you would know your way around probably start with your own room ok what you have to do is like a video camera you start in one direction and go around hey don't jump around it's got to be very smooth and find 10 pegs on that

list okay i can use this room right number one is chalkboard number two is speaker number three you get how I'm doing that yeah ok so pick a room in your house now you got 20 things summer on your body list somewhere in your room somewhere in the kitchen ok another list you can use the interior of your car especially those of you who

live in your car half the time you know that car k use that as a list one time of buddy nine we had nothing to do we're in line for like three hours absolutely nothing to do so we memorize 100 movie titles and it was an exercise and list I had to come up with tons of eggs ahead of time but I knew exactly

oh yeah that movie that's in the kitchen that's a dishwasher that's number 37 come on you see what I'm saying ok so that's how to do that the two cardinal rules do not add or remove items once you have the 10 pegs because you don't want to get confused with your pegs there's lots of action last thing I'm talking about tonight is the mind map that you have in front of

you you know what it looks like i recommend you start making them even if you've never made them before make them for everything they're easy to review their fun to make here's an example of a very simple one but here's a really crazy complicated one but i want to say this map right here is a great example

this is what your Maps should look like it looks crazy but you know what i bet you guys can figure out a ton of test questions just looking at that map without reading a single thing from any textbook you get what I'm saying now if you created the map you're going to know it that much more right so you can learn all about global warming is looking at that map

i highly recommend it the last thing I'm going to say on that there's this their software that creates maps you can do it by hand that's the cheap way mine genius cost a lot of money it's probably cost as much as one of your text books but that is probably the best program I've ever seen in like 10 years and I've seen a lot of programs mine genius does something no other program does i'll show you all i will

show a demonstration I'll just give an example see this map right here well what mine genius does is if i clicked you guys see that little house it says home if i click on home mine genius will create a brand-new mind map with home in the center and all the branches coming off it create new branches so it basically creates my maps just by clicking on the different items

so when you guys are studying really complicated material a program that can redraw mind maps just by clicking can be incredibly useful because you might need to just focus on one area but then you also have to keep in mind how it works with the bigger equation especially when you're starting the sciences or an atom human anatomy or something like that so a software can help you create those Maps very quickly

alright so that's mine genius all right but you know there's special that's first of course I'm just saying it's a textbook price so hopefully you guys learned about a little bit about learning some accelerate learning you guys good with that all right thank you thank you the body legs that we came up with everybody

memorize anything you always need that it's in the middle of school you know you got to memorize stuff in every class and why we do this it makes effective and productive in our knowledge of God were effective we're growing and our ability to be excellent experience with our career I think it has been there all right servant I broad picture using these tools i think i can reach all start with

0 notes from these tools 53 I was just thinking I created my whole sermon online app and I wrote it out we no no I'm gonna try that next month I'm gonna write complex service lots of verses and lots of examples and 0 notes and then i'll be able to do it that's a great tool I've actually seen a couple minutes of use and enjoy was but now I and so that's really cool right in front of you know 340 lat our

old material and it's all right here in the way our brains so i hope you enjoyed this other stuff you just that I know we can bring back in another semester and I really really appreciate you coming today so

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