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hello and welcome to build box in this quick video we're going to take a look

at object components object components can add important features to your objects like health damage wake up and more before we continue it's important to understand that there are two different states of objects first you have the object asset which is over here in the left hand side so this triangle this enemy we have in our game is the object asset now in the scene editor we have multiple units of this object asset which are copies of the asset and we

just call them units we can add components to both the asset level and the unit level first let's take a look at the asset level so if I select the asset over here on the left and then head to the options over here on the right-hand side you'll see we have many different options including animation sound and then at the bottom this add component button if i click this button you'll see a couple extra options you can add to the object assets including

advanced move which lets you control an object through a button on your UI screen damage which lets you choose how much damage this asset will give if its unit is chosen to be an enemy rotation mapper this is a very advanced object asset component that allows you to assign an animation sequence to the rotation of an object this is typically used to create realistic 3d effects in your game for example if you have an animation sequence showing a 3d cube

rotating left and right with lighting you could assign it to the rotation mapper then when the object rotates build box will display the animation as it's moving and finally we have the health option which is already added to this particular asset this is how much health it will have if you attempt to damage a unit chosen as an enemy now let's check out components on an object unit level so i'll select one of the unit's here in the scene and if i click

Add component again we currently have two options but we do have plans to add more wake up allows you to make the object wake up and start moving after you reach a certain distance or collide with it and the spotter component will spawn this unit over and over at a speed of your choice let's choose the wake up component to examine it closer as you can see when we choose a component it's highlighted in yellow

with its options below we can always collapse and hide this component if we like by clicking these three dots and choosing collapse and we can also delete the component by choosing delete the collapse option can be very useful if you have multiple components open with wake up there are a couple important options first off we can see that this component is defaulted to disabled let's choose distance-based instead from the drop-down now any changes we make this

object like adding speed to its linear and angular velocity will only take effect when we get within 0 pixels of this object center we could also enable this sleep function to make this object freeze again after it moves a specific number of pixels so that's object components and these are fairly advanced features and build box but once you understand them they can open up a whole new world in your game

thanks for watching

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In this Buildbox 2 Tutorial you'll lean how to use object components to add interesting features to the objects within your game.

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