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when it comes to business travel and expense integration means everything

with concur your business travel and expenses are integrated providing you with a better user experience more accurate data and richer reporting to help you make better decisions increase policy control while saving time and money the concur travel solution works with any travel management company corporate credit card provider or GDS

our travel booking tool provides in policy global travel content that is easily accessible and always available from anywhere in the world travelers have a broad selection of travel choices based on corporate policy and individual traveler preferences travelers can quickly book local and international flights and make reservations for rental cars

hotels and rain once the trip is booked travelers can manage trip details like flight delays cancellations gate changes and baggage claim locations with the magic of tripit pro concur automatically synchronizes with tripit to create one easy-to-access itinerary flight hotel rail and rental car information even dining reservations are

all in a single place it's like giving your employees their own personal travel assistance we concur expense solution automatically imports credit card charges and matches them to receipts and itinerary data he receipts are generated from suppliers and fed directly into the expense report be receipts contain the entire record of the transaction from the supplier so the

information is accurate and precise the concur mobile solution even helps travelers manage their trips and expenses from a smartphone or tablet instead of manually entering expenses travelers can simply take a picture of their receipts and add them to their expense report concur business intelligence provides solid reporting and analytics giving you the information you need to negotiate with vendors

create budgets and better manage travel compliance spend less time filling out expense reports and more time enjoying a less complicated life integrated travel and expense management solutions from concur simply a better experience for you your employees and your company

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With Concur's travel booking tool and expense management solution, integration is everything. You'll have better visibility and compliance, plus help with controlling costs. Spend less time filling out expense reports and more time doing the other things you need to do for your business. Read more here https://www.concur.com/en-us/travel-expense.