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good morning quadcopter what I want to hear what I got me today as I ever you a

neat new quad copter this is the walk here at - 10 now if you look at the 210 it is a carbon fiber racer but it's also slightly smaller than the 250 class 2 12 10 meaning the distance between propellers diagonally is to earn 10 millimeters but there's also something different in this in the design in that the if you look at this as compared to a - lets get a 250 class quite doctor here

they've got the propellers in the water equivalent amount of control it should have equivalent amount of control both in pitch and roll another thing about this class or this particular quadcopter is I'm it is as compared to the runner this one appears to be nearly all carbon fiber there are some plastic components on it but you know you're looking at this you can tell this one is built very tough

it should be able to withstand a relatively hard impacts to ground not concrete but dirt and grass in fact there are some I've noticed that work here at did crash test videos with this for that particular purpose and to demonstrate the strength of this quick after so this one should be withstand a relatively strong impacts as compared to say the runner lucky runner another thing about this quadcopter has it this is the first i've seen actually

it has this but there might be more after just because i haven't seen it doesn't mean there's not others but this one in addition to have an HD camera that is tilted able it also in this camera also automatically adjust for low light conditions and also has an infrared emitter on the front of it so that you can actually fly this at night

this thing season a dark in effect we watch any of a nice that goes to shows ghost adventures were walking through in the dark this one has that same type of camera on it is infrared camera that can pick up the the infrared emitter from the front of this particular quadcopter now i am not going to be flying at night

I don't think that's particularly safe to do but for those of you add to the one to go flying at night this one supposedly can do it huh additional figs is on-screen display of course it's an fpv quadcopter reins on this predicted range and then this does come with a devo at least the one I got is I came with a devo seven controller so predicting range on this thing is

that the about a thousand meters for control range i don't know if the fpv ranges is that good we'll find out here today but again it came with a diva seven controller and actually I left my do seven controller came with us in the box because i already have a deal or seven controller king with my walkera runner and i'm going to demonstrate that you can fly this with the walk your runner

are with anybody look so actually let's just say with a diva seven that comes from walk Yura there are a couple of things i forgot to mention now before we go into the flight I mean this comes with a 4s battery this little thing it's a it's a big thick white battery that has room for longer battery this one's i believe that two thousand million per hour but it has room for a

little bit longer at Flores batteries you can put out the batteries in there make sure it's for us another thing this quadcopter does not come with a platform for your cameras what I had to do was is I put a velcro tab on top of the protection shield for the HD camera the fpv camera and attached my little 80 a keychain camera I don't know if you know this is my first flight with that I want to keep it

light future flights i might put on my HD runtime on here also but for this particular fight i'm going to keep it light so i don't know what the effect of the weight of this camera is if you look at this particular quadcopter it appears to be somewhat top-heavy I mean the battery is very high on this thing so I don't know what the effect of adding more top every way to it will do to the

clock up that's why I want to keep it light with an 808 ok and also this camera does not have a slot to record there is no DVR in this camera you have to if you really want to record your video you have to attach an external camera and this is the way i have attached mine ok let's go for flight i'm gonna put this hat on the top of my wife's head and i'm going to switch to my cowboy hat and we're going to go into FB fine hope

you enjoy this flight and we're good to go fpv receiver have a video i do that video here we go hope you try to light it again and so what you're def beanie well actually before I switch them around tell you what it looks like my wife was recording i'm flying out line of sight right now it's actually

like the flight or fight look like a toy quadcopter actually very stable the presently stable ok Stephanie what are you doing get some throw for some pitch so we can do oh not only the state was also fast yeah

yeah yeah it's a good flower folks let's try some banking just got terms and some back in front try that again is very fast 14 . novel it's already i'm going to i come down over

ok i must slow it down a bit because there's always seems to be dropping quite a bit now this is the first time for this folks just write to him use a little more pitch or roll control this is configurable yeah

there are is configuration software for this I forgot the name of it working out but i'll include links to it in the video description section below I don't know if the weight of this camera is creating now but it's not backing very well i'm giving a heart bank i'm trying to get it all back but doesn't do that

okay i'm getting lower and voltage here i'm going to be bringing in here shortly let me land for a second actually for the remaining voltage here the remaining voltage i'm going to be doing and a visual right now yeah okay i'm going to take the back from my wife how much water jug up and I'm gonna do some remaining flights here just a little bit here to do some line it's

like flying close in to show you this thing flying around but initial thoughts keep in mind i was fine flying to stabilize mode but and stabilize mode it seems to like I guess I could try could have tried to go into horizon it has stabilized horizon and a crow mode button stabilized voted it really tries to keep stable keep level like this is what I'm saying you know I'm going in hard turns going

to do hard turns with banking turns doesn't want to do that and stabilize boat it's very stable as the word might hurt stabilize word might infer really try to stay level but overall this has a lot of potential I'm going to tie horizon mode next to see if that improves the turns going into the heart turns with this thing but overall you know if you're looking to transition into FP and you're brand new

to it and you want something that you don't that is relatively stable to start with this is it folks this is weird to be a very and it's a very gentle flyer here in tom stabilized rate again keep in mind have a gun and a crow or haven't gone to Horizon mode yet I don't hide all go into a car with us I have concerns about actor with this and

the reason being on the top heaviness of this cod gotta go look at that thing the weight is very high and in akron oh this will be very hard to it i would imagine this would be very hard to fly but and stabilize great as you can see very simple to fly twice just like a toy quadcopter to tell your truth you know - great quadcopter except it's fast a fast for a great cutter you get pitch this thing moves

okay i'm gonna land ok that was the first light of my life - 10 again initial thoughts are extremely stable fire for a racer yeah especially the stabilized boat I did not go into horizon mode or a crow it but in stabilize mode when you would try to give it banking turns it it tries to stay level through those terms even given a hard

bag you know it it just as a bag very much in those in those turns on especially for going high speed I I imagine you are you will need to do and I'm going to do this in my next video go to a crow or not a crow but the horizon mode to give it some more

banking in the turns macro mode probably will turn on a dime but I this one I'm let's go enough to fly this in accra mode or most other quadcopters of a cravat and still still learning fpv folks overall though I i do like this again this would be a good quadcopter for those of you out there who are wishing day that already have flight skills but are wishing to enter into fpv flying because of the stability of this

particular quadcopter so that's my first thoughts on the walkie or f10 hope you enjoyed this flight this quadcopter 11 signing at yeah

Video Description

This fast little racer quadcopter is very suitable for new FPV fliers. Yet, give it some pitch and watch it scream! You can even fly FPV in the dark with its IR camera. Find it here http://www.banggood.com/Walkera-F210-5_8G-FPV-HD-Camera-SP-Racing-F3-Flight-Controller-Racing-Drone-with-DEVO7-p-1030720.html?p=RB0922217402201307U3

- It's a stable flier, yet also very fast.
- Seriously Pro Racing FC3 flight controller http://seriouslypro.com/files/SPRacingF3-Manual-latest.pdf Flight control board is configurable. But it is a good stable flier out of the box for new FPV fliers (not beginner fliers). PID's tweaking is not really required.
- 14.8V 1300mAh 40C 4S LiPo battery gives this quadcopter plenty of punch.
- HD camera with low light level and IR capability. Quadcopter includes IR emitters on front for night FPV flying.
- Includes Stabilized, Horizon (stabilized but without bank or pitch angle restrictions), and Full Acro modes (no stabilization, no angle restrictions). Stabilized mode is very gentle for beginner FPV fliers, yet allows very steep pitch for fast flying if desired.
- Very good control and FPV video range (hundreds of meters).
- Requires FAA registration as it is over 250 grams (It weighs 557 grams).
- Body appears to be mostly carbon fiber construction, and should be resistant to crashes.

- Somewhat pricey.
- Camera does not include recording capability. There is no mount/platform provided for optional recording camera.
- Appears to be very top heavy. Unsure of how this will handle in Acro mode?
- Very flat sliding turns in stabilized mode. Applying roll to induce banking for tightened turns seems to have little to no effect.

And here is its flight demonstration.

Brand Name: Walkera
Item Name: F210 Racing Drone
Model: F210
Version: Devo7 Right Hand Throttle, Devo7 Left Hand Throttle and BNF Version

Main Rotor Dia: 128mm
Overall Dimension: 182x182x103mm
Weight: 370g(Battery included) (but I weighed it, and it was closer to 557 grams with battery)
Remote Controller: DEVO 7
Receiver: DEVO-RX713
Main Controller: FCS-F210(F3)
Transmitter: TX5825(FCC)/TX5824(CE)
Brushless Motor: WK-WS-28-014A(CW/CCW)KV2500
Brushless ESC: F210(CW/CCW)
Battery: 14.8V 1300mAh 40C 4S Li-PO
Flight Time: 8~9mins
Working environment: -10℃ ~ +40℃

Horizontal Resolution: 700TVL
System Commitee: PAL/NTSC
Video Out: 1.0Vp-p/75Ω
Power Input: DC 12V

TX5825(FCC)/TX5824(CE) Transmitter:
5.8G wireless:Image transmission
TX5825(FCC) Bind B section:4 channels
TX5824(CE) Bind B section:4 channels
TX5825(FCC) output power:≤200mW
TX5824(CE) output power:≤25mW

-Night Sight HD Camera
-Centralized Control System Design
-SP Racing F3 Flight Control
-Metallic Case Design
-Powerful Motor Design

Package Included:
Devo7 Right Hand Throttle Version:
1x Walkera F210 Racing Drone
1x 700TVL Camera
1x OSD
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x DEVO 7 ( Right Hand Throttle)
1x Battery
1x Power Adapter

Devo7 Left Hand Throttle Version:
1x Walkera F210 Racing Drone
1x 700TVL Camera
1x OSD
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x DEVO 7 ( Left Hand Throttle)
1x Battery
1x Power Adapter

BNF Version:
1x Walkera F210 Racing Drone
1x 700TVL Camera
1x OSD
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x Battery
1x Power Adapter

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