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it she exploded on the burlesque scene in New York with Lady Starlight to became whose style inspiration really it was during those years when the Gaga on look was developed and that's why when Gaga exploded she actually had something that was quite unique she taking it from the

burlesque Singh in New York which was obviously very much the same which pushed boundaries good Catholic girl like Lady gaga also went to a common school absolutely shocked doubt he will impress one little bit that shooting has blessed me not talking tasteful burlesque like the two counties way

we're talking to me a little bit more interesting show i sec i think is the sort of thing that any father could potentially miss understand because actually he probably would have thought what's the difference between being a strip bar all been a burlesque dance up despite the chaos surrounding her at the time Gaga was still desperate to make

the big time and for sorry continued working behind the scenes for her with his help she managed to land a deal with Interscope Records and while there started writing songs for artists like the Pussycat Dolls Britney Spears and New Kids on the Block it must've been it

a somewhat discouraging time for Gaga right around 1920 because she had been dropped by her own record label and then taken on but as a writer not as a performer and she was writing hits for other people like you know in saying Britney Spears I'm the Pussycat Dolls but she wasn't getting too kinda enjoyed her own music herself

just when it seemed Gaga might be relegated to helping other stars make their music state trooper a lifeline contused introduced three young producer called me dear kayaked KK read what but red wine to them continued the next thing you know he calls me and told me you know I was in a min this artist

old like okay if she is with his girl this car is I was like this she signed it like notions and good job on the Camino plenary are relieved that's it I told you I don't want quality you know what okay just meet her make a decision after just me know if you like it I think she's been star

superstar just me know if you don't think so you have to work in there so as in you know what I like I'll kill me her so I met early I'm want to know to the CD in the Miller to load said yes real with classes in hear all that like it leader do anything to do with this is that I feel like okay you know it is going to get in the studio

again and the the rest is history once when it works it hurt they sign tacked because starting to go back to the music scene that Gaga was a force to be reckoned with she was poised for superstardom and being a performer rider and producer

she knew exactly who she wanted to work with and that involves some the biggest names in the business your phone caller there so a young artist games Lady Gaga who was about to release a record and she was suffering on want to write with me hand at that time no one had heard over

I said pre-summit summer music and I could tell really excited about this it's possible collaboration go back to my hotel room personally on mp3s and on the first one was just dance cycle was poker face and I just I thought she was amazing and I I also knew that she wrote

and was involved in production on shock so I i sat down I love to ride with one and I said tonight that I was on vacation at the time torture or can we do it maybe a week or so not she's going to Germany sure Australia she doing here she flying

there and ice it's reassuring to know it's tonight or not at all yes truck drove to Los and by and met her and shoes on truth stall walking school someone who look like take a walk on stage

at that moment Lady Gaga and Michael Bolton later went on to collaborate on album one-world one love created the hit single murder my heart hard in 2008 got joined forces with the Pussycat Doll as

confessional opening act for the tall domination world tour domination word we're so excited it's the biggest to remember John and its amazing working really hard on it and we hope you like it of amazing people opening a freshly bad guys just kill an all-around around

are such big fans a handsome just feel like we're in the best company hustlers been really good they're helping us to dawned on me that share bob dole was a huge deal but he's not going around the world suddenly her popularity was going on lawsuits remiss in the papers about pussy cat dolls being green

i angry because suddenly she was huge in she's bigger than them but she's very gracious and one of the best things about Coggeshall never ever say a bad word about another artist that same year Lady Gaga relocated to Los Angeles to finalize her debut album the fame upon its release

the theme song to the international chart-topping smash hit just damn and poker face in one week with him just as poker-faced love getting the ball like just magically with just clicking and she's very inspiring its fine so board were pulled the album fame

was number one hi in so many countries never did get number one it was guaranteed to be in the top five got out really did have a meteoric rise she went from obscurity to overnight international at number one fame with her album The Fame ironically perhaps titled the infusion

top with glamoc influences such a big difference sounded it would bring pop back to the masses in a way that haven't been done for a long long while but it really did output on the map and she ended up winning grammys sheep one pass out money year and she became really in overnight household name

was a phenomenal album everybody knew to Lady Gaga awards the music was amazing on their Sony bring in singles came off album just dogs every time I hear now you just being while one absolutely brilliant you managed by

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