English Subtitles for Jump and The Net Will Appear: Charlie Wollborg at TEDxDetroit 2009

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Video Description

"Jump and The Net Will Appear"

Charlie is a purveyor of attention. He helps growing brands stand out from the clutter.

He opened the doors at Curve Detroit Marketing Strategy & Creative Design after being thrown out of several well respected ad agencies. As a marketing strategist and creative director, he has delivered blue sky ideas and bottom line results for blue chip national clients and budding challenger brands.

Charlie's an unabashed lover of Detroit where he's actively involved in the social media and entrepreneur communities. When he's not building brands, you'll find Charlie inspiring, educating and entertaining business audiences with his lively keynote presentations on marketing, innovation and motivation. Last year, he was named the second best PowerPoint Karaoke presenter in the world. This year, he hopes to win something that people have actually heard of.


The area's leading creators, catalysts, entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, designers, scientists, thinkers and doers gathered on Wednesday, October 21st to share what they are most passionate about — positive ideas for the world from Detroit.


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