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hey guys and said today is a very surreal and like really weird day to me

because after a year of working on it i am here to reveal my collaboration with Too Too Faced and I have worked on this a limited edition the power of makeup collection buy me naked tutorials and here it is guys here is the box I've waited for a good year to tell you about this and to be actually showing you this and being here my studio and actually being able to show it on camera

here is so surreal so here it is the power of makeup by need to torial is in collaboration with two-phased and we have created a limited-edition collection so it's not just one product it's not just two products we have a bunch of products this collection the power of makeup collection comes with an eyeshadow palette a full-sized sketch marker eyeliner in black a deluxe shadow insurance eyeshadow primer a highly

exclusive purple better than sex mascara and of course my collection wasn't complete without some glitter and this is a beautiful deluxe glamour dust glitter and literally let's start with what I'm most excited for my palate oh my god let me let me let me just you just to look at it just just look at it just for a second just take it all in

take a look so this right here is my power of makeup palette and it comes with nine eyeshadows two blushes a bronzer and of course ago so let me walk you through each and every shade and the meaning behind it and how we chose the shade and let's go so the first shade right here is called ivy and if you follow me on snapchat you know I have a very cute fur baby because Ivy she's my little dog and she is my

life I love her so much she's a crazy nut ball and as you know i always said my crease to brow bone area using a lighter matte shade but I never found the perfect shade for me because I'm so fair and i feel like with certain textures of I shows it just didn't really make the I should i put over top pop now with ivy this is one of those colors that i would put in my Christopher Robin

area to hell blending and to make everything pop a little bit more it works great as the primer it works great as like to even out your skin tone if you're my skin tone it's just one of those perfect eraser colors it's matt its creamy its buttery it's just everything I wished for in a nice light highlighter shade next up as sugar coated and sugar-coated I chose because I just love the pink

shades I mean look at my background I just love the color pink but i also love my touch of glam so I wanted a light baby pink that had such an luxurious and shiny feel to it and it's infused with these high shine ii pink sparks it's just a dream of the eyeshadow plus if you're my skin tone it's also beautiful as a highlighter to blind every makeup hater out there and it's one of my favorites of the entire pallet next to that I have frosted young

so a little thing about this palette is that I wanted it to be super versatile so you have your neutrals you have your glam shiny shades you have your colorful shades smokey shades in this palette is just so versus how to take on the go with you or when you're on holiday you just want one pallet to take with you and be done and I really feel like this will do that for you so when I chose the frosted yum i

went for silver and gold as i said i love my glam i love my silver i love my gold so I went for both silver and gold so frosting yum is my silver which is a very and wearing it on my lids today prostate young and it's just such a beautiful steel for it that is like actual silver and so as I said we also created a gold this is irresistible

because to me gold is Ruth irresistible is just a beautiful rich gold perfect for on the lid if you're a deeper skin tone perfect to highlight with on the inner corners brow bone is just a perfect goal now this is where it gets fun painkiller you know in almost every look I do i need my perfect like mid brown transition color to blend a smoky eye like a pro and there are so many medium Browns out there to use as a transition

shade but I almost felt like a lot of them out there are kind of Saachi and they don't really blend they just make your blending life harder so I came up with painkiller and that's why I called the painkiller you just swipe it in that crease without even thinking about it and why like you have just an amazing transitioned eyeshadow i right next to it is makeup and chill and it's sort of

the same as painkiller as with pain killer you just work it in that I and you don't even have to think about it just does all the work for you and stainless for makeup and chill i love you know me you know me by now I love my warm dark brown eye shadows and makeup and chill is you just put it in there and you tell you make up and chill you don't have to think about it it just does everything for you

painkiller and makeup and chill are in my crease it it's just when we were creating the shades and we were like picking all the colors and trying to come up with new stuff Rick goes you need a kind of bluish greenish one and the entire team goes what do you say so we go damn he's right we do need a like d blue almost teal ish greenish color so we

created it and out came a mystic our probably my favorite chain of the entire public because it's so unique and we all over to this one so in the comments let's just say I bow down to you break for mystic our mystic our is like this deep mysterious teal blue green shade I don't know any i shoulda like it is super buttery super intense super mysterious and sexy and to be honest it's my favorite shade out of the entire palette because it's just so unique it

is so easy to work with and stuck just stop the color next to that wham bam is a very special purple to me purple is my favorite color I love everything purple and when we were creating these shades Jared was drinking coffee out of a coffee bean mug with a a very blinding purple coffee bean straw and we were creating the shadows and the first thing i said was that straw

I want that color to be an eyeshadow my palate so we created around five purples and all of them just didn't quite do it to me and they just weren't as vibrant and intense as that coffee beans straw so in came the six color and it was perfection realized this is such a unique purple because it's bright and out there but it has the sheen to it that makes it even brighter and almost glowing like just like that coffee bean

straw to wham bam has a very funny story to it and after six Purple's we finally managed to get the perfect purple and it's just ok the last I should have color i have for you is wanted I wanted a deep dark black because it's just a necessity in every palate I feel like every palate needs a transition shade or warm brown a black a highlighter and colors to play around with and I feel like that's exactly what

we did here and wanted is just a very deep like in your face black shadow that's easy to work with its buttery is everything you want from a black eye shadow and it's just concludes the row of my dreams alright so those are all the eyeshadows the eyeshadows route worked on very hard and very long then underneath we have I will always love you blush this one right here and justify my love flesh and what I did was I picked my two favorite to face flushes

to take on the goal and I love my peach blush I love my pink plush often I just mix them in between so they had to be my palate all the way to the bottom we have takla totally bronzer because i love a good bronze and this run is really nice because it actually fits a lot of skin tones so not just my pill PSC ask because I'm wearing it as a contour today and might I say it looks very good

so I just wanted a bronzer that's versatile for so many skin tones but still like good enough for us he'll pasties out there and to conclude my palette of course I mean can you just well ever since the first chocolate bar came up I to face i was obsessed with this eyeshadow because i use it as a highlighter all the time so when they

asked me if i wanted to highlight of my palate first of all I said are you even asking me this the course and then I said you know what champagne truffle from the chocolate bar palette I want that all over my face and a bigger pen on the go and that concludes the power of makeup palette

I honestly think that it's an amazing palette that is versatile for on-the-go you have your basics but also your colors to play around with you can literally just have your face in one pallet so within the box also comes this little package right here and in this package you will find the eyeliner the shadow insurance the purple better than sex mascara and my clearance so I've always been a huge

fan of the better than sex mascara I use it all the time but of course is purple is my favorite color we actually made a very exclusive and very limited edition purple better than sex and what I love this for is for on the lower lashes if you put wham bam on your lower lash line and then put this mascara on your lower lashes it's like a glowing purple haze of amazingness

the shadow insurance of course they keep your look on all day long without stress and plus a little fun trick if you put this on your nose or your t-zone it will keep your foundation on longer also we also included a full-size catch marker in black because I love my eyeliner I feel like a lot of looks the water looks out there aren't finished until that flick a fearlessness I think these sketch markers are super payment i mean like look like one stripe

super black super super intense and the tip of it is super fine it reminds me a lot a lot of make a funny tattoo liner in trooper full-size like it's full size and I saved the best for last Mike litter so when you've been following me for a long time you know that i am dutch i am not from America I i am dutch

so a couple of years back I would pronounce glittery as literally because I just my tongue would enroll like that and it just didn't work out so whenever I wanted to say glittery I said literally so we called my glitter literally literally is so amazing because it's just it's such a transformer it is a silver-tone glitter with orange burned orange gold green purple reflex

it's such a transformer i put it over frosted yum on the inner parts of my lids today and it just makes it look so much more interesting over top of mystic our this just creates this most but dazzling I of my life is just literally is a glitter my heart beats faster for and then concludes my power of makeup in collaboration with the two-phase limited-edition collection

we've worked so hard on this I've worked so hard on this Rick's worked hard on this the entire to face team worked so hard on this and to be able to share this with you right now is under there wherever I don't know what to say now as for your burning questions when does this launch when this is going to happen when are we going to be able to snatch this collection is the late the

power of makeup collection will launch august 15 in sephora so for a canada ulta and to face , it will launch in debenhams UK on August twenty-eighth so for Europe sep tember first possible launch in so many more countries and i will put all the info down below if you want to know when to get this and where to get this is on the description box below and I've gotten a lot of questions by my Dutch followers on whether they're going to be able to get it in holland

and you are cuz sephora.com actually ships to the Netherlands so you are able to get your hands on this collection if you order it from sephora.com i will put all the links down below on where you can get this when you can get this and of course another question is for how much this in tire set retails for fifty-six dollars for this $56 you get nine eyeshadows two

blushes a bronzer a highlighter eyeliner full-sized later purple mascara and a shadow insurance plus also i created these little mini guys on to create your favorite looks it's got even this like vampy look it's got all these like little mini tutorials for you so for fifty-six dollars you are power of makeup

this collection also is very very limited edition so if you want to get your hands on that you better be quick on august 15 and that's it guys that concludes my power of makeup collection in collaboration with two phase and I cannot wait for you to see this collection in real life to touch this collection to play with it to transform your face and just you love makeup because that is what I'm all about I just want you to love your

makeup and don't feel any guilt for it and any makeup chambers out there just blind them with your glow so I want to thank you so much for watching for this amazing opportunity for always supporting me I mean we just hit like four million subscribers to my channel has become something so huge and something I've never expected it to be and I have

people that love me and support me and wore my heart on a daily basis and i am so thankful for you in my life because you truly are my everything and I love you and thank so much for all this always for all the support and I really hope you liked this collection because we worked so hard on and it's available it's very surreal so if you enjoyed this video then please forget to give it a thumbs up and

subscribe to my channel i will put all the info down below in the description box and i hope you fall in love with this collection just like i did so i want to thank you so much for watching i love you and hopefully Alice you guys on the next one hey guys so today I thought it was time for a fun new full face using only chance

lunge and after I did my face using only highlighters and liquid lipsticks challenge videos a lot of people wanted to see a full face using only kids makeup challenge and when I'm talking kids make up I'm like literally talking kids make up like the shebang I'm

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