English Subtitles for 《恶魔少爷别吻我》23(主演:李宏毅,邢菲,张炯敏,符龙飞)丨霸道总裁宠虐神剧【第二季明天3月8日上线】

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move move

an chuxia good luck im really looking forward to seeing you in the finals thank you i won't disappoint you this is a beauty contest

its not a kungfu contest i want to see how you're not going to disappoint me its not a kungfu contest? i always thought my competitor was TaiShen stubborn i'll see you in the finals

Mo Xin Wei An ChuXia thanks chuxia what to do i think i have really fallen for Jiang ChenChuan

this time its true love when did ever not have true love? it's not the same this time its real love real real love i got it

if i have time, i'll help you chuxia over here look what is all this you got all of this from your fans

look theres fresh flowers too look and snacks chuxia you're becoming more and more popular as i was one of your first fans

i feel very reassured look at this its like a poem chuxia look what are you doing?

chuxia what are you doing? don't give it to me you..you.. what do you want me to do with them? welcome everyone back to our yearly school beauty contest

please applaud as good luck for all our competitors for our finals, we will first invite them up to speak about why they are competing and then students, teachers, judges will vote i won't say more

i announce the finals have officially begun hi everyone i'm Mo XinWei i'm not good at making speeches a lot of people say im beautiful i believe that one's appearance changes with time and age

what truly remains beautiful is the inside i will work harder to be a better person i hope everyone can support me thank you XinWei that was great

are you prepared? of course leave it up to me an chuxia i will let everyone see who you really are im an chuxia

i originally didn't belong here even now, i don't feel like i belong here i feel like im in a dream because everything here feels unrealistic i used to live in a place called cat ear alley

whats going on? whats going on? i dont know what is this? how did this happen? is it a girl or boy?

what is she doing? i told you leave it up to me what is going on? who did this? stop looking at it turn it off

its as you've seen the person in the recording is me i used to live in a place called cat ear alley i lived with my mom we lived in a very small room my dad left us when i was young

i only had my mom i used to be bullied by kids when i was younger but i knew mom would be worried everytime they finished, i would cover my face to go home because i got hurt i didn't want my mom to see

once they had enough i would get up and then brush off my clothes, and go home but later i saw my mom getting bullied but she came home smiling

and said chuxia, you have to live happily be strong and don't fret because happy people have a strong heart don't care about other's perceptions so from then on

i became stronger i learned taekwondo so i could protect myself and my mom i dressed myself like this to show that i was strong i don't care about other's viewpoints

because since i changed no one dared to bully my mom this is my story i want to tell everyone don't care about others perceptions about you you should try to be a strong, independent individual

and live the life you want to live and remember, to be happy chuxia are you ready? its almost your turn where is my dress?

did you see it? no where did you leave it? i put it on the chair just now how did it disappear? chuxia

is it this one? an chuxia prepare to go on stage what are we going to do chuxia? an chuxia good luck

don't forget what i said before whats going on still not going backstage? whats going on do you have a sewing machine? over there in the storage room

whats going on its broken! oh god it cant be what are we going to do wheres chuxia?

something happened to her clothes shes trying to fix it in the storage room young master Qi Lu, what are we going to do? mom, look after me lets go let's go buy another one

there should be time there is no time! Han Yu, can you help me? delay some time for me enough i got it

there's another performance happening but with the dress now, are you trying to make it look like monk clothes? can you do me a favor? do you still have that projection from last time? QiLu do it like last time, can you?

what? its not enough if its just like that do you still remember you singing twinkle twinkle little star last time? QiLu even though you sounded terrible... but if we add in some effects, it shouldn't be too bad

but its fine hurry up and prepare you can do it what? don't cry!

this isnt the time for that oh right Chuxia twinkle twinkle little star is actually the same melody as ABC song QiLu thank you

young master ling master wants you my chuxia whats going to happen? its okay, you have 2 people protecting you what about me

wheres may Jiang prince? Jiang ChenChuan let me tell you I LIKE YOU if anyone wants to bully you, just say my name no no

thats too rough Jiang prince i want to be together with you no, this isn't good either meng xiaonan why are you so cliche?

Chuxia i like you chuxia i like you chuxia i like you

chuxia i like you i've liked you for a long time i hope you can... hello is this an chuxia?

it is are you looking for information on your father? i am let's talk where are you? im outside the performance hall

don't hang up, i'll be waiting let's invite our last competitor on to the stage its so beautiful thanks an chuxia actually I...

i have always wanted to say some things to you but i never had the chance i saw your performance today and your story it let me know a different side of you so

i want to on this important day tell you the things i wanted to tell you everyone please pay attention everyone please pay attention what is he doing? chuxia

this isnt what i wanted to say actually what i want to say is... Xiang ManKui it cant be Xiang ManKui she's back

who is this? where are you? im already outside can you tell me where my dad is now? don't rush im near you

walk to your left do you see us? where are you? we're almost there wait for us

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