English Subtitles for 《恶魔少爷别吻我》21(主演:李宏毅,邢菲,张炯敏,符龙飞)丨霸道总裁宠虐神剧【第一季明天3月7日大结局,第二季后天3月8日上线】

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are you okay chuxia?

you have many white knights mo xinwei, i dont feel that im worse than you in anything then i recommend that you go to the eye doctor i know an american doctor thats really good i'll introduce him to you beauty is in the eye of the beholder

lets meet at the school beauty contest then we'll see who is a beauty and who's a joke chuxia thank you for agreeing it has nothing to do with you i just don't like her

fine i look forward to it chuxia, lets go chuxia chuxia big news

chuxia officially decided to enter the school beauty contest to challenge Mo XinWei great chuxia lets beat Mo XinWei dont worry i will get all your fans to protect and support you

to wish you luck fans? yeah your fans wait wait but i dont really know what we are competing in for this contest

oh yea what are they competing in its okay if we don't know i believe that if we work together, chuxia will win right? right!

we can definitely win that title we believe in chuxia where did xiaonan go? dont know right i already checked for you

yes, i also analyzed it ok, lets stop here i have something here i'll talk to you later whats up chuxia? teacher

i have a question for you whats wrong chuxia do you have some difficulties in life again? you need my advice? not life difficulties more psychological

psychological? you finally have fallen for that guy? no i decided to enter the school beauty contest oh... thats great

i believe you will definitely succeed i support you you really think i can succeed? actually it's not that hard at least you entered your name

this is the first step to success you agree? but teacher i don't understand school beauty contests i also don't know how to do well in this competition

its not that hard just express your most beautiful side and it will be good which beautiful side? which side..? its kinda hard...

teacher liu that was a hard blow to me! don't call me teacher liu give me some more time i believe i will definitely find it you really think i can be saved?

of course chuxia your heart is the most beautiful (most beautiful on the inside) teacher from now on, im yours teacher

no need let me tell you when you're doing make up... you have to remember chuxia, come here all these are prepared for the contest

how about it? any you like? i cant accept such an expensive gift from you of course you cant accept the expensive ones these are all really cheap so don't refuse but i don't think they match or fit with me well

then do you want me to go to the mall with you over the weekend? ok you understand fashion more than i do but im paying ok

i'll listen to you lets go chuxia, eat slowly no one's going to take it away from you don't choke i have plans to shop around today

i need to go im going to the mall in the afternoon i'll take you no need i've made plans with HanYu slow down

sister yuan, im leaving wait, i'll give ou money no need i have money bye im leaving

HanYu... HanYu? you still have time to think about that? your wife's about to get taken by someone else you're not chasing after her? hey

come to the mall with me in the afternoon he finally gets it Mo Xin Wei i don't like others touching me QiLu can you be more focused if you're accompanying me?

you're accompanying me QiLu let's go in here QiLU does this one look good? what about this one?

does it look good? this one? what about this one? its good why are you like this? QiLu, can you be more focused

lets go over here lets shop and eat ok lets shop sorry

once they knew i was coming to the mall they wanted to come to and look you dont mind do you no its more fun with more people i have so many things i want to eat

im going to eat them all chuxia, you're so popular you're so high up, why are you concerned about me don't you get tired? QiLu how come you have time today to shop around?

i was bored so i came young master han i remember someone said they were really busy whats it to you? since we met, lets shop together ok

its more fun with more people QiLu, let's go together fine lets go wait for me over here

xiaonan, is this one good its good i like it, give it to me ChuanChuan you look better with this one hold it

i like this style too so funny this one looks good, try it on QiLu it doesn't look that good If I say it looks good, then it looks good

i think its better if you changed shoes oh yea ChuanChuan i finished changing how does it look? it looks good

i knew you'd like it what about this one? is this one good? it looks good you'd look better if you'd change your face too annoying

then i'll put it on for you go go go an chuxia this one really fits you buy it theres a lot of clothes that fit me

i will find one that fits me you're trying to find something that fits you in this store? i'll advise you to go shop online that place fits you is MouYun (online site) your father

you're helping him get customers you're working hard but you do kind of look like him if it wasn't because of QiLu, i would kill you i can do it myself QiLu

can you help zip me up QiLu, what are you doing i'll get really shy hurry up and zip me up really? she was so embarrassed then

i want to do this it looks like it will be fun it does look fun i really want to see how a certain somehow looks like when they get scared i haven't gone to this haunted house before QiLu, what do you think?

boring so you're scared of ghosts? an american physicist in his book the physics of spirits explained everything about the possible spirits of ghosts stop talking nonsense

are you going to go everyone we have different rooms every room has our staff who are dressed as different monsters and ghosts to get out of the room, a key is hidden somewhere in the corner

as long as you find the key, you can unlock the door the rules are simple everyone remember everything? stop pulling me stop pulling me okay? ChuanChuan, im scared

how about you go out first no i want to stay with you you're scaring me slowly didn't you say you weren't scared?

who says im scared QiLu QiLu ChuanChuan where are you? QiLu

wheres QiLu? ChuanChuan where's ChuXia? why did you stop walking? didn't you say you weren't scared? of course im not scared

it's so cute put it down without QiLu, how are we supposed to leave hurry up is ChuXia with him? forget it

i don't want to do this anymore XinWei, slow down hurry up xiaonan hurry up

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