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Tian Long Ba Bu

episode 36 Mail delegation, mail delegation, mail delegation Dasher Group Watch out for medical soot was a deep love Soot on the inside how parents parent understands but why kill parents care?

This person is my great confrontation y said soot did not hear will conscientiously exhaustion prevented us take princess Xixia or what? Missing on Mount Interior Health has made us no longer face of course we can not dispense medicine Missing Son story in just the right tricks

Parents also know his martial sometimes not flexible at Only vaguely say then for the past or what? Later we commuting Gypsy everyone is pointing behind asked how can we do this people?

Popular songs, stories temporary successes and failures Parents must remember every galaxy every lap? You care about him so Why not take him to complete sarcophagus? Also follow me do? Popular songs, for parents a bond soot foot care How many years did parents probably did not know?

Thy foot against a bond we mind it? So that day in the mill on the banks of Taihu Lake thy death and their sub-delegation Underpass in the straw to do that? Eyes that have seen Perhaps not even fake or what?

Grain mill on the banks of Taihu? So that name Xixia boxers ...- No Wrong The main reason was disguised as Dien Tong No wonder ... - Now you know where nor late Popular singer Or for the mill to avoid rain

after we come you still fill equivocal emerge What have you done it yourself you know Black does not have to do anything - their name Doan hands touching your face, so you can not avoid? Comfort innocence soot Huynh

Comfort innocence soot Huynh Popular songs, soot wished parent satisfaction Xixia derive princess, then Emperor Dai Yen "The mission for us a plate element the si but we never keep an eye on This time he left for me but death

I really sorry for y Anyway we did not want to live anymore by dying with medical expenses to repay the intimate relationship that he is for us " Dasher Regiment, died with his business card here How's it going?

Mai Truc Nhi Earn went looking and They're back - Hurry How? - Employers, found everywhere nor see mail delegation Dasher eventually go? United lady, she was the singer pushed down here?

Great lady, she wakes up to go, Wang lady Dasher Group Dasher Group, two have died already? Two of us? It was not two dead we are still alive False, camouflage military death

You are the ones that dare defame Dec us what? Obviously you have urgent self-seeking United lady but hypocritically I counsel you should shut up Murong Prince, commands respect and fellowship we have many years the two sides respect each other

What to say then we are considered as thy elders say you eat not extravagant feast? Disrespectful and, questioned by the forward master sin Yes, if you were claiming to be questioned by then we respect the religious orders

not calculate with thee But I tell you Tibetan Empire Prince we want to do pro code we must help him and the others do not have dreamed again Ma Tri Aries, you rape people excessively Respect the religious orders and we each had sex

of course we will not take your network but I counsel you to quickly leave Xixia If we do not go, why? If you do not go ie they do not drink alcohol invited, to drink himself Dasher Group, we again thought parents died

but did not expect ... Garments that heaven has eyes actually I also love him but in my heart can not have both now good enough let them go perform his imperial dream away

It was finally freed Ghost possessed you then Dasher union, just he did not hate not hate postcards previously accidentally indifferent to him Throughout his business card inside prayer life never depart from him anymore

Her expression shifts so what? She always Popular singer has always loved her that? But before this he did not ever pay attention to business cards to new business cards now understand who loves me truly

Who is considered the life postcards even more important than his life She was talking to me? - Yes Popular lifelong ca only dream of emperor Dai Yen not interested in anything else

let alone business cards So if a day Popular singer suddenly she did not want to do anymore emperor re good to her, she would ...? Guy postcards see what kind of person? Business cards have the same guy today assessed three students

if the change of heart Business Cards then how good his sincerity? Are harmful because your father do Yi Jin Jing Popular singer, parents want to do? now soot was the death of the delegation then

if parents want to kill him they just kill the soot away No, you want to kill, every kill me Murong dude, you just go prince consort Xixia go I will no longer hinder Ngu Yen now was mine

Where you do not win again Union halls, whatever is dead or alive Business cards are to follow him Popular soot, soot grab and electronic delegation then we will become one home Dasher Group will become my wife soot

Maybe we went public health harm you? Murong Easter, your father has hurt us Group of sweet, sweet union you drop out let him go, let him go Popular soot Dasher Group

international lawyers Clean die both before My house electronic position identical to King Family only love beauty, do not love Jiangshan How certain are death had followed United lady then So could not until now that has not returned

Delay is a big deal there anymore Royal Highness has instructed emir in to get to be Princess Xixia this time without success indeed, we no longer face that met in another realm Female profile can say a question? - Please

The King of delegations ca He married Princess wants parents Xixia as just for the body, Dali and Xixia into national marriage expenses Nothing compares to each other, right? Yes

As for the beautiful princess or bad Area husband delegation announced in the other realm inherently not care, right? It is a precious princess although not bass fishermen have lost face swallows the beauty can not be so bad

Women have a deliberate profile even if we do not find cases of delegation then do not miss college also locally Ca delegations and excursions United lady Gypsy Block mode over one year and six months and then returned to Dali until then the prevention flowers to Princess

Where there is also late But the emirate in is not here how do I get to be Princess of Dali? What plans have wonderful lady would say to listen People look Moc trillion Carpentry trillion disguise as a man

Delegation is fairer than ca Thanks billion deal goes oats tomorrow whether table with hundreds of thousands of teenagers handsome also where one handsome targets that are wrong than billion You do not say nobody thought leader Chung's intention that great lady

have not revealed once exposed then Jupiter would be dangerous lady besides, this time the hero heaven are present I fear martial of Jupiter lady ... It is OK

Carpentry is black soot trillions of delegations ca black soot wedding cruise ship travel instead of Cocoa is a must too and even established giants for the nation father made please That is not something most celebrated quartet triangle or star amenities?

Have nice things like that? Ca ca do we have such a right? Angry and à I say that there is nothing wrong why? She then angry - angry lady Carpentry not in the words of three first born

but by lap she also has another story Union halls, union halls, union halls, union hall He deep meaning for the heavy business card but his servant had barely postcards day next life ... afterlife postcards will certainly repay him Why he died at the hands of evil rising name with this?

United lady can not say so Although aging is loaded evil increased but not by mail delegation have killed Which is probably what ... probably poisoned by the defense to shift it? copies thereof to such cruelty? expenditures by us also dies

to avoid having this heartache Union halls, he's not dead Why we can die easily like that? Dasher Group The old top loader has trained 72 technical error Shaolin that possessed ma

if not thanks dude sucked our internal resources the old loader certainly under royal jet Certain elders to worship quintal loaded the lifesaving gift of Dasher University Professor Ha all be humble like that? What's down there in the field

that save lives masters? Lao Buddhist loaded although in subjects but piety wins several times stronger everyday people Ending today Painting is based sowed

30 years ago Certain dead will go to hell As we do bear but, 30 years ... 30 years of martial arts and has lost all University professors, did he say that?

University professor now not have health now? Today martial arts but lost know where Buddha told us improve the new leaf to be freed the Buddha

Buddha was sure we improved the new leaf to be freed Dasher Murong where? Yeah, where's the shift? Cards forgotten Lao loaded previously sinned more

please forgive my two University professors, if not caught in the lower master brought Zhongyuan then how in the lower acquainted United lady Lower should thank the new masters have Dasher with United lady are predestined Where relevant to aging loaded

Lao loaded today farewell Sure we will no longer met Dasher Group, bothered Dasher replace aging rolling yijin jing loaded pay this about the Shaolin okay? The Group will transfer certain - So many thanks dude

Great teachers want to go? Loaded up the old place to come But the prince your country also wanted to propose to the princess that Xixia Was masters do not go? Dasher Group, he was an outsider's loaded the then

things that do not concern profane anymore Lao loaded from now no fixed place, depending on which arranged to meet alone Institution in that peace is peace itself is also Happy white man first two breaks Report from Let's go

Now we would not want to leave this place Okay, if he did not want to go is also here with his business card So we here always no one will bother us anymore But, we do not want to let her

not want to stay in this dirty place Let's go Three practitioners and United lady may have gone So we go! later one prince consort also irrelevant to us

Three first born, he was married yet Ca delegation did not want to do pro code then he can do that until then that derive first born princess is great Xixia General lady said it was a joke unfortunately she is lovely too general appearance, unlike men

if not can replace ca ca she marries Princess Xixia My Cocoa? The emir said that replacing the death of this great finish Carpentry lady Persian No, let's go - Being Carpentry trillion consent before - She shifting agrees to go already?

At their lower Doan named Project is the death of Tran Nam Wang Dali Do you speak a bit more careful to keep Appearance of postcards now, it is shy dying She liked how we were both He said that great

She go change clothes clean Then we come to the palace Xixia Murong Prince - Table ca Soot and the soot is said that Lady Star Murong Prince wants to Xixia star palace? Dasher delegation also wanted to go back? - Yes

You ... you've got the soot not slumber already? Dasher then misunderstood This life we ​​simply dormant and not think of anyone else We want to palace because there also means parents and her friends

Dasher union and soot Parents are keen to get the princess early days Xixia Dasher true union not compete with our pro Xixia code too? At lower not compete with pro-Western Xia code where Dasher Dasher also was not won by the lower yen Language

The most macho language made up, quarter-nan access code Of course, then we have to hurry up do not let the black soot of thee replace you ran for code pro Xixia My sister? She has disguise as a man

rather you go and then ran for pro code Electricity lower fine? Parents know they? Also not know all but seeing the look of low voltage also know almost

Delegation low voltage, it is made difficult for him then Parents are very good not say what the United lady leaves Twenty people have to replace Excellent soot and death, it says very long It was one thrown down a well dry

come close to it, then bury in Parents okay? Soot countenance see parents not good United lady Us to sit there - Being Princess low voltage have edict

the remote client to your period Thanh Phung The shame is no good food fragrant tea entertained really guilty asks them to any arbitrary Xixia ye truth frumpy Princess new blood come out

Wait for the tea and breakfast're finished low voltage princess has edict Very good, the Princess had ordered then we should follow, we eat I obeyed done eating now you invite Princess gone - Well

All quickly go eat, eat heavily Let's eat Yet, shallow Now down? Princess invite you phase low voltage customers internal office mail room to a painting prize

Calligraphers nothing to see where? Where can female beauty in beautiful paintings with real people touch not see, smell not, are all fake out "That's very good Princess wants to us to a room interior related bonus is painting a fake, while testing new writing talent is real

rude thing as Apostolic Prince Subscriptions dech know what the exam varies from ca " Princess low voltage have edict lady invited the female disguise as a man and the first born over 40 years old stay here for tea break

while even the guests remaining period, new to a room African Safaris - African Wildlife Please ask your high priority is born here with what? High is not there but there is a little pier I guess she would definitely ask:

Please ask your dike is first born here have nothing? Seeing her like that shy shy rather only to say so Many thanks, first born We distant thousands of miles to meet Princess on the way to experiencing many hardships

have relatives who burial place great sand desert have perished in the mouth of the tiger jaw Professor some even being henchmen Tibetan Empire princes go close here. To be Linh Chau only a ten part two We look forward to seeing nothing but the princess once

one thought that because parents born early years a new try at lower than 40 All efforts were in vain and bar Soon know this, we have launched several years later Really know kidding first born, people born sooner or later how can I decide for myself?

What you frumpy? Princess has only such example we just follow orders is completed, cackle so much to do? Low voltage prince, my word saying instead that low voltage Highness was 41 years old though not very old

but also contrary to the edict unable to meet the princess The day before we were then calculated age for low voltage 41 thou then indeed Birthday person only the people themselves which is best memory

40 too, please stay here less than 40, then please go to a room Do not listen to he said, have not 40, not to me? It is less than 100 years old but did not sign age but personality is impossible not hide

just hidden more or less alone Mau to go in certain guy and then have to make the shift Want in a room they must go through this Simplified U Lan invite you

Under it certainly must be something like, of iron otherwise it is impossible that the steering impassable Okay, we go ahead Careful I just want to show off a little, okay So like turtles

Here is a princess room low voltage invites you to enjoy a painting arbitrary Torch Ca mau recent binary watch, daughter of paintings Language identical Yen What is this ?

Looks like the end of martial arts monks Ly Thu Thuy the same format with diagrams Agar Supply flange in Vulture The fact is royal concubine Li Xixia she kept these museums there's nothing strange Professor Li my end but died before

Three practitioners not look Why? - These are extremely profound martial arts if not properly trained shall possessed ghost Martial profound learning what? Elementary to fool people and monks These diagrams are not viewable

low voltage princess once said, if meticulously insufficient consider it harmful useless So if sophisticated enough, why? it would be useful harmless, right? Elaborately redundant to us, have already How first born

There graph Mau to see, where I also have diagrams People do not see the graph again now we are in a dangerous place reconvened negotiations quickly see stars Mau run only, see some diagrams that evil will win

The position stay in place, do not flounder Sit down Sit down quickly Mau open people drop out My first born fist hurts Elementary first female student told Sacks

This figure things can not be viewed if not meticulous enough only harmful in vain, so he insisted on watching If she told me I will not watch watch she told us not see, then we decided to look by being "This right is female Thi advised people not to see

the graph on the wall, unlike the mean undermining but Princess Xixia invited us to come to this place is ultimately intended to do? " Princess special discount Electronic Princess low voltage with example that on the walls of a room carved emblem of martial arts

others are not comfortable watching so new graphics using the letters to hide no doubt there are people who saw Princess said low voltage You do not ask the lights burning nor used stone ignition, otherwise danger

If the do not want to stay here then please come out Thanh Phung The tea to rest along the way will have a guide, not afraid astray The remote location here low voltage princess feel extremely honored

Letters in a room painting is the painting very favorite princess each location will receive one when the picture pls feel free to remove down Princess low voltage, this place is not lamplighter or we have to place is an area that This dark spot om

I do not see the princess, the princess did not see me Princess invite you to power down Xixia inherently want to be present during guest reviews but now the princess have three questions we respectfully request that the honest answer Area students who advance to meet ever before?

Me before, to me up front People do not need to scramble respondent was sometimes a disadvantage All paintings up, I fell behind now people fear loss So we will do the body good artist before so heady

How Conflicts have wives have children at home just want to watch the space princess and there's no other How true is the first born to pride but that princess low voltage three questions want to ask first born The first question

Where pleasure spend most knife How is the first born in my life where? Stay in a porcelain shop when I was young apprentice in the porcelain shop boss was beaten daily abuse a modern day frantic us map

immediately bring all the porcelain bowl vase of flowers, human statue smashed to pieces all the The most favorite thing in our life systems is that it Female office lady, I answered that there was no

Get it or not is due to low voltage princess decided The second sentence How students who first loved most in the world What is your name? Soot heard that, admired even harsher crush Soot byway of parents Air Charter macho women and the crying baby

Soot is deluded followers of parents Parents are also graves of soot On the voluntary discretion born parents Parents give shelter to soot, soot reimburse parents blessing Parents are heroes perfect droughts

pursue ambitions Parents also happy soot debt What taken to offset Perhaps love is harder yet tolerant than hate Heard Love is the root of hate Ho, the Chinese do not share the road

Loser, people suffering Pray for parents confused because hatred that poisoned eros Party fulfillment, the devastating Parents give shelter to soot, soot reimburse parents blessing

Parents are heroes perfect droughts pursue ambitions Parents also happy soot debt What taken to offset Perhaps love is harder yet tolerant than hate Parents give shelter to soot,

soot reimburse parents blessing Parents are heroes perfect droughts pursue ambitions Parents also happy soot debt What taken to offset Perhaps love is harder yet tolerant than hate

Love is harder than hatred tolerance

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