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"Eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional infrastructure in Druva"

A virtual environment protection by the conventional method As the use of the business to expand, Has become a complex and expensive. Normally, software, appliance, But it consists of a tape system, You must be managed separately.

In today's organization, As a highly viable alternative cost-effective, Cloud has been studied. However, in the cloud Rather than building an efficient system, Built-in conventional products,

When treated as tape drives, Its value will be lost. For example, cloud backup of connector A very low speed, Without deduplication, Data control or insufficient,

The storage gateway You or suffer from performance bottlenecks. Usually, of multiple vendors Processing of multiple procedures is required. Druva is, it takes a completely different approach in Phoenix. Phoenix is ​​a high-performance cloud directly connected solutions,

You do not need to add something to the existing system. Built on AWS, As a native solution of public cloud Phoenix is, backup, disaster recovery, Of workload mobility, Archive, the analysis function

Highly optimized And provided by a single data set. VMware users By deploying the backup proxy on the vCenter You can use the Phoenix. The deployed VM to automatically detect,

It performs a data protection to high speed, You can set the DR configuration. In addition, in Phoenix, WAN optimized data transfer and By using a global deduplication of Druva, Organization can obtain the effective throughput of up to 1Gbps,

Reduce the amount of communication backup and Speed ​​will be possible. The introduction of permanent incremental backup, As compared with the conventional method Reduce the "30 to 100 times" storage. Phoenix is ​​a RTO reduced cash of on-site

It supports cloud-based recovery. For disaster recovery, Configured VM is Immediately it is converted to AMI (Amazon Machine Image), It has become a state that can be launched on the customer VPC. This makes it possible to address the challenges of security,

DR can significantly reduce the cost. Phoenix is ​​in order to reduce the long-term storage costs, Without having to replicate the data, Automatically a hierarchy of storage between S3 and Glacier. As a result, storage costs due to long-term storage is reduced, Compliance with the long-term preservation policy will be easy.

Furthermore Phoenix is ​​charged only by the amount of storage used. This is the amount of after reduction by the permanent incremental and de-duplication. The other in the price is not applied, also it will not be charged during the restore. It is a simple and predictable billing system. It has been designed to achieve "infinite scalability" and "world-scale deployment of" Phoenix can leverage the cloud economy to seamless,

A "data recovery" and "workload mobility" On a global scale, Than that of the conventional system offers a consistent quality and cost. Preparation of business improvement is now ready. Immediately, please try the free evaluation of Phoenix. jp.druva.com/try-druva Japan for free evaluation application URL: jp.druva.com/try-druva

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The traditional approach for protecting virtual environments has become increasingly more complicated and costly, as business usage has expanded. Druva takes a completely different approach with Phoenix.

See for yourself how Druva Phoenix can remove the burden of legacy infrastructure and significantly lower TCO. http://bit.ly/2fMvD19