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how's it going

yes in January have the year 1776 a man named Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called common sense in it he challenge for the first time the idea that living under the the Tierney a corrupt foreign ruler was the only way to live he begins a pamphlet by saying

along habit have not thinking at thing wrong is that the superficial appearance of being right and raises the first formidable outcry in defense of custom kinda confusing my basically saying that ever group for people are living in a way that's on just a wrong and they just kinda

go along with it without question that gives the superficial appearance that its right to keep living in that way and when that we're living is put into question the immediate response is just a just to defend it as being custom just just dismiss it as you know that's just the way things are

so I'm I'm 17 years old I've been a climate change activists for almost five years now traveling around speaking to my peers converging to to take personal actions to reduce our carbon footprint of our homes and schools and communities a but I'm now in a place in my life from realizing that if we actually want to

get out of this mess the ring to it you know the shift is much bigger than just climate change really it's about the way that we think about how we as a society value nature no we value money and convenience more the nature and future generations and you know we've been living like this for for for a very long time almost a must

know that you know most are close are manufactured by children in sweatshops your paper comes from old growth trees in burning gasoline is destructive to our planet we still continue to live in this way why wide know what just that is because the way things are that's just how it is

that's how the world works other lotta ways to just dismiss it just blow it off but the reality is continuing to live in this way threatens not only our well-being but our very survival on this planet or even messing up the perfect plan to balance the planet itself

leading to two lists and lists have consequences everything from extreme natural disasters to disease to I smell sea level rise to food and water shortages two species extinction basically imagine we're all sitting on a boat floating down a river it all seems fine and carefree everyone's enjoying themselves in a look at the scenery

getting another cup of Colombian coffee now pouring more and more gasoline into the engine to keep us moving forward what a lot of people don't realize is the just up ahead just a few miles down the river is a waterfall a waterfall that'll surely be the demise afar fancy bow and everyone on it there are few people have have seen what's

coming up ahead are trying to warn people out the intent impending disaster someone are are running around trying to you're telling people to use reusable mug for their coffee or use biodiesel cent gasoline to power the engine somewhere up pounding on the door the captain trying to get into turned the boat around before it's too late even though the the waters begun to

pick up speed your summer jabbing sticks and paddles into the water trying to turn the whole boat around on their own and and some have just given up completely and decided you know to enjoy themselves I still have the chance all the while we still keep pushing forward getting closer

and closer and closer to the gigantic fog drenched waterfall I think that if we actually want to save ourselves we only have two options either we can figure out a way to shift the course this river entirely begin to head in a new direction you know diverted away from the waterfall completely and continue on our merry way or if that doesn't work

we need to jump off and swim to shore and and and watch our beloved bow drift off the edges cliff and into the abyss this is the situation we're in right now and your wallet is great to to use reusable coffee mugs and then switch to using biodiesel I believe that the only way will be able to get out of this mess is if we shift our way of thinking

entirely we need to we as a society we need to learn to value nature and future generations just as much as money and convenient way to remember what it means to be human alive what it feels like to be connected in part of the earth we need to lift this bay love fog hiding the reality that we are in the process up destroying ourselves and we need to either change the course this river and

begin to head in a new direction or jump ship and start anew this is a a preposterous the gigantic shift but I think that's what it's going to take. it will take something preposterous the gigantic if we want to save ourselves and I believe

its our generation the youth we can be the ones to lead the way its our generation will have to deal with the decisions that are made today if if we is a society don't change we were living we're the ones we're gonna have to figure out how to survive once work reading of the edge in this waterfall

its our lives are at stake and I found that that we as young people were somehow born with this inherent sense the we are called the change the world were born with the ability to see through this thick fog ahead of us we have the power to envision a new way of living and we are not getting trenched in that the way things are party happening on the boat

in January of 1776 afford a page pamphlet question the way things were and invest in six months a new nation was born free from the laws informed earlier about himself over the well-being of his people well I believe with all my heart that we can be the ones to question the way things are now

and shift where into our entire society fixed to prevent us from destroying ourselves after this happened after the coarseness rivers altered after our mindsets are shifted then will only be common sense to change the way that we live British the common sense to use reusable coffee mugs and and passed laws the value nature and future generations

the time has now come for those of us who inherit this planet stand-up and challenge the way things are former Sen flying off that waterfall the time has come to rise up above the boundaries of her age shift the way our entire society lives and thinks and feels the time has come to remember what it truly means to be human and a by

show the world that there are more important things than money and power and convenience and the time has come to make it known the Wii are indeed the change we've been waiting for and that we are waiting no longer for our time has come our time has come

our time has come our time has come thank you

Video Description

In 1776, Thomas Paine, in a 48-page pamphlet titled Common Sense, challenged the way people thought about the world. 17-year old climate change activist Alec Loorz emphasizes that this is just the kind of shift in thinking that is required today. Alec's impassioned talk implores his audience to question, "the way things are" and build a mass movement of youth, standing up to change the status quo and transition to a sustainable and just society.

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