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when I was making the transition from scrub and for all practical reasons

scrub is a person is just basically asked out due to poor decisions that was my case poor decisions as the wrong mindset and when i started to transition to improve my mindset to have a better perspective on how the real world works there was this big big beast in my life there's a big big step to doing this and many people try to leapfrog over it but unless you handle it it could cripple your success that beast was fear i was making moves but there

was some backsliding because I would do something right make better decisions and the results would be great and that scared me it was I know it sounds crazy I know it sounds crazy but it literally scared me to actually progress because i was changing I was changing from what I was which was a bum a scrub a person that was following far from my potential and that fear is real unless you address it in

deal with it it will pull you back and you'll make like set you make gains you'll do the right thing things will go well then you would mentally trip yourself up and I did that several times then one day I had a conversation with myself and I'm gonna give you the process on how to deal with fear i sat down and asked myself what is going to be the worst thing to happen

because when you make these changes and things improve the fear this in your head and it's talking the fear is I mouthy motherfucker the fierce like it's gonna last for people like you I mean it's just constantly block yeah mouthal malli tongue everlasting it's just going on the sphere talks to you when you sleep and talk to you when your dreams

it talks to you consistently so you've got a deal with because it's not gonna go anywhere you have to pretty much grab fear by the throat and choke the shit out of it so one of the ways to do that is to ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen in your process to transition from not being as successful as you want to be to actually being as successful if you want to be

sit down and ask yourself blood what is the worst thing that can happen if i start on this room make no mistake about it is a wrote it is not a closed-loop are one-way street once you start activating success mechanisms in your life is going to keep happening you going to have new friends you're gonna potentially have a new job new

house and business wife husband even though i'm saying this is some of the things that happens because you here in our world today that when people become successful they forget the people that got them there and there should be this loyalty but sometimes and you know i can speak is a divorce person I got left when I was broke so there was not it is well you know I helped you now know that I had to do

this pretty much on my own with the help of mentors customers a partner and so on and so forth but there was no romantic partner that was there to help me and one of the things i learned this day you can be often more successful by not having someone in your life because you don't have that support but you don't have the negativity item in the negativity can be damning so as you get on this road of transition in almost metamorphoses it's a scary thing because

so many things in your life will change because of the success and if the people in your circle for not supporting you and you're not bullshitting yourself and you're not bullshitting them you're being really you're putting forth the effort you put in for time and those people are not supporting you when you're doing the right thing know the people that don't need to be in your circle because if you are added right and you make the decision the courageous

decision to no longer so come to your proclivity of being an addict because i understand it addicts are always addicts just don't act on that impulse that's a courageous thing to do because you always have an impulse but you don't act on it so there's this battle if you're with people who are not supporting that decision they can being a circle get many people out of misplaced loyalty

will try to keep these people in their circle in order to keep it real in order to be down in order to not be so hottie Tottie well let me ask you this what is the purpose of keeping people in your life that are putting daggers and shooting you in the ankle with nine millimeters in your effort to succeed really why are you being a loyal people were in that loyal to your success they don't give a fuck about your success all in one of those get high all they want

to do is bullshit only want to do is just play around you want to be loyal to people who don't even treat themselves right look at the sense that me so that's part of the fear so ask yourself and name out everything if you marry put the hey if i do this i might look I mean that's a very real fear then as you pull those fears out of your head and put them on paper or your iPad or somewhere and you really look at them come up with solutions come up with solutions say if

you do this and say you have been a yard bird total fuck-up and your wife is at the breaking point and if you do one more thing wrong no matter how good the intense this there's intent and then there's the practical results and she's got are you gonna do that you gotta ask yourself you know is it worth doing what you're going to do to encounter that type of potential result she may not leave make but you have to prepare a contingency plan in your mind because

one of the things that I have learned is most of our fears will never be realized when I wrote my first book and I put it out there I mean that may have actually been thing to start the process where I ended up in the hospital with the floor bleeding ulcers are freaking stress myself out some of the things happen ninety percent of the bad things that I thought would happen didn't happen so I

place ninety percent of my stress and worry on things that were not materialized I don't think I'm alone in that aspect so as you go to this exercise of naming your fears being trained to it just say hey you know this is a fear fear of I may lose money figure I may be laughed at me isolate these fears name them call them out

and you'll see that some of those fears we're living in your mind that were you know 80 feet tall when you pull them out you really look at him imagine it's tricky and then they got a lip you know it's like oh not so big and bad it's kinda like highschool reunions some of those people that you thought were does shit we're going to do all these wonderful things you went back you're like really I was intimidated by you for real yeah it's the same thing so

part of dealing with your fear is facing it before it can grow into this cancer because understand in your mental environment was ever going on in your mental environment that being your active mind your your subconscious mind your conscious mind in there Israel it's like the holodeck on Star Trek that is very very real and if it's in your mind your mantra is this real is going to give you the same benefits or by-products negative byproducts of that

thought sequence you're going to get the same thing whether it's real or not that's why you know if you get to be a good book for you to get it is the power of your subconscious mind by dr. Josephine mirror Marie you can get on Amazon is you will not have negative thoughts and that's one of my journeys right now i am working very very hard to stay away from negativity not to dwell on it not to think about it not to touch it not to really deal with people that

live in their room because it can contaminate your success so do that exercise just the worst thing and come up with solutions they don't have to be effective solutions it's a contingency plan dad in your mind when you go through the process and you start building you look back it's like I've got a plan for that it gives you confidence because understand some of the things that you fear may happen i'm

not going to bullshit you and I oh no never he may happen it may happen the first day but instead of living in a life of Tara self-induced era come up with a plan because i will give you one of my fears that actually came true during the negotiations in the talks for the reality show you don't know if this thing at when forward I will have the first storage on reality show one of my fears were i was look like an idiot and it really helped me

back because I you know i'll just be honest with you if i play ball and if I was pretty much like what we will do whatever we need to do to make this show happen if I kind of got it probably went through probably went through and I was like just some in me just kept saying don't do it was a big big fear that and whether the exercise that's okay it happens you know what if I become a laughingstock what if I become a total idiot

what if i become one of those people and one of those people is you go on a reality show and then you just lose your freaking mind you know you start doing all this stuff because an opportunity to get a little Fame make some money but it was more based on circumstance than really talent because that's what the thing that kills most reality stars is what's that show goes off there's still clinging to that because you know they got there by virtue of being I've seen

over-the-top being married to someone they didn't really get there based on talent some people did develop talent and managed to able managed to push their careers further than i thought but nine times out of ten was that shows over it's a wrap and they have to go back to a normal life so I wait out the consequences

I stuck to my guns and the fear was as i looked at the other people who did get shows up their lives in my opinion became fucked yes they made a lot of money in a very short period of time but that's now thinking what about next year and the year after and the year after at this juncture I think dave Hester probably wishes he had never gotten part of this because you can't go back once you cross a certain bridge

you just can't go back so our ever want to exercise and I decided that the price if that fear was realized it was and later on this mother negotiations about a different thing dad I will just lost my self-respect so sometimes dealing with fear head-on and really looking at coming up with a plan will liberate you and save you now with the book I had all these from me

tell affairs you know all this stuff is going to happen and some of the things happen but I think hands down is in the top 10 best decisions I've ever made in my life is up in the top five right in that first book so even though some of the fears did happen were realized the benefits kicked the byproducts the negative byproducts and ass and I'm quite sure if you go forward and you have copious activity because that's another thing when you started some you

just can't go in there week you can't go in there with the chin down and your shoulders down you've got to go in like you're going to win you have to mentally give yourself a chance to win going in with negative your land . processes is a sure way to lose so as you go to this deal and you ask yourself these things and you look at what can happen what can happen start to think about on the positive

consequences because you did something very smart you actually looked at the downside from me honest perspective which is something entrepreneurs don't do you know they just go forward it's gonna work out some people have perpetual enthusiasm and no matter how bad it gets they can pick themselves up it's not most people many people one big disappointment

it's a wrap we're going to do it again don't be that person understand sometimes being successful means getting your ass kicked a few times and dealing with it in dealing with learning that when you get your ass kid that's not the end of the world that's not the end of your existence it's not the end of your dream is just a leg in the journey once again this is a journey

this is not a one-way street or in and just just a one-and-done it's a journey and it's a long one now if you want to be successful face your fears go through that exercise of asking himself what's the worst thing can happen develop a contingency plan talk to yourself and go to it and understand when you pull those fears out that you're thinking that you know eight

stories tall and some wannabe midgets now some be a little taller than you thought but going to an actual process of dealing with that stuff will give you the strength to persevere to move forward to actually own and realize your dreams because most people sell themselves short so trying to create a living without a job is a very fear Latin enterprise but in my opinion is a

worthy in the process since I live my life and if you go ahead and put forth that effort really really work hard even if you fail the benefits that you get from that failure going to be greater than sitting at home on your ass ordering if only i had tried that's a sad sad way to live your life right ok

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