English Subtitles for BECOMING A MONSTER | Undertale Genocide #1

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did you notice my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to undertale now I know

what he said at the end of the past us run that I wasn't going to play the game again and I really really wasn't i wasn't going to come back to the game at all not for videos anyway I was thinking about doing the genocide route in my spare time and I did started I did start to genocide in my spare time before the last video it off before the

ending of the actual password sending went up so i would like a lot of stuff was going on inside my mind was just going to do the generator on my own I got this fire is killing tutorial and the start and then I realized when the other end up that so many people wanted to see generous a true like almost every comment was people ask me to do to genocide route or disappointed that I wasn't going to do it because not only does he wanted to

see my reaction to some of the characters trying but they also wanted to see if you wanted me to like experience some of the story which I want to see for myself as well as apparently a big chunk of the story still missin and there was some stuff that i missed at the end of the last one I could've went all the way back to the ruins and talk to as real who talks about the story as well that I didn't do that it no I could do so there's still a

whole lot left in the game have to discover and I know it seems a bit annoying to some people first off who don't like the game that in coming back to what I'm sorry I know you'd rather see me move on to something else but this is something that's happening i love this game so much and I don't want it to end yet I don't want this whole like community and feeling and the fan base and everything to go

away from this game and I feel like there's still more to explore out of it i'm also i heard the genocide ND orogenesis a route is shorter I might put it down a bit more because a lot of the stuff is going to be the same so i might chop out some bits and just do that more pertinent parts so it doesn't go on for 10 more episodes it's not going to want for 10 more episodes transmit a while if something at the end doesn't get anywhere hey

but there's just do the whole lot left to do in the game and I want to go back and do it all so i dunno what that the main enemy of the game the main protagonist name from the last time is chera so I call it that again that's there's risk and there's chera thats Sarah was the one that you named Sam in the last one so yeah I do know some stuff about the genocide room just from like popular

culture and facebook and talk about everything wrong my face so I didn't know that the character will call charges terra and frisk so Tara was the one that fell into the underworld first and they're the one who died I'm the one you're doing you play as was frisked who is a different character who

just managed to look like Cara so we're going to reset chera and we're going to start the genocide route from the start so from my understanding the genocide rule is that you have to skill every creature in an area so there's a certain amount of enemies in each area that you have to kill when you kill them all it will tell you how many are left in an area except the ruins and then the music starts to play differently or when you get into battles and say but nobody came

so there's a lot left to do some of it I kind of know and some of it i don't so i'm i'm curious to find out more of the story and i just love this game so much and I wanted to play more of it and so hopefully you're all ready to go on this little bit of a journey again we don't you have anything better to do so he's acting differently now because I've already started the genocide route but then went back and reset it

so he's really reacts differently because he remembers what you've done because Chloe is the one or azrael is the one who is able to get like remember the timelines he's able to remember the different saves that you're going through this is like don't you have anything better to do he's like let's just fight you know what's going on at this point see that had that is all yes yes yes

so I wonder what happens now if I actually dodge can I dodgy little white friends pellets Khloe and we got it your new slang we got it actually you're not really a douche bag hey buddy miss them let's try again okay not a joke or a dead run into pilots

now I don't feel like you did oh you know what's going on here tell you you just wanted to see me suffer uh-oh he's picking for here torial famous yay i like the little sound he makes him the flame hit some of the things so cute what a terrible creature talking such a poor innocent youth

I do not be afraid my child I'm tutorial caretaker of the rules so I don't know if we should be skipping all the dialogues most of it is the same or if people want to hear me like we talked the dialogue I don't know I'd say I cuz they don't annoy people in her come I will guide you through the catacombs so this way so it should be like blasters like I know what I'm doing the

same do the shadow of the ruins looms of all filling it with the termination HP fully restored sweetness thank you door looks like a face welcome to your new home innocent one let me to educate you and puzzles tutorialby the puzzle master was the first time i played the game I didn't realize that her name is a play on the term tutorial

I know why I do that I just like doing it only the fearless may proceed brave ones fresh ones both walk not the middle rope ok do dude just probably gonna be stuff that i miss in this to like some secrets here and there that i'm gonna make it so I'm sorry about that I'm breaking out the next to me do you

splendid and proud of you thanks mom - best mom except i can have to kill you soon that's going to be sad i'm going to attack the doorman I don't think the dummy actually counts is like part of the genocide route so genocide just means killing everything all characters all creatures all bosses everything everything has to die and that's one of the reasons we wanted me

to play it because you have to kill some of these characters that you become so attached to and that's going to be very hard to do ya got me Mom audi r8 means you're going the dummies are not for fighting they're there for talking we do not want to hurt anybody do we now

there's another puzzle in this room wonder if you can solving of course I can't don't worry about mom comment ok so now i have to fight people yes and i don't know if i have to fight them before a certain time if I have to fight them before I think it's you have to kill every creature in the area before you go on to the boss

so Tory will be the boss in this area when I have to solve this puzzle on my own you're the one who dragged me through it oh I'm who cares but yeah this is something that I was contemplating a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of whatever i was going to do this or not and I kept saying to people who ask me on my twitter and tumblr that I wasn't

going to do it because I don't know I felt like you know a lot of it was rehashing the same stuff and I know a lot of people see it that way but there's a lot different in this and it's completely different than the way you normally paid I love this music thank you I just love the game too much to let it go so quickly the series ended and I was so sad and I just don't want it to be over so soon

I wanted to keep going I wanted to do the genocide look to see what it had to offer and I felt like I could actually blast with it but I let a lot quicker in like five or less episodes how much have you ever get through the genocide because I because a lot of stuff as well i'm going to keep a lot of it in for this episode just so everybody gets me a climate is wait you're behind but I know you're

there got mom reads my child do not worry i did not leave you it was merely behind this pillar of the whole time thank you for trusting me however there was an important reason for this exercise to test your independence yeah okay keep talking that's all the same so you have to reapply advertise me

with this I probably need this episode on edited and then after that the Frog is in here maybe because I killed him but after that that I probably end up cooking now bigger chunks from just walking around and just showing certain fights because I feel like there's no point going through it all the story yes I was supposed to leave i know i'm going to take all the monster

candy take another piece of candy you talk more candy how disgusting take a candy he took another piece gives me like this , new york take another piece Kenny ah you talk too much too fast the candy spills onto the floor and oh that's right my people come on here we go haha whims of approach speak leak

I could already spare him we also wanted to play the genocide one because now I get to use all the items that I was good to get to use all the armor properly and I get to use all the weapons property which is the bigger do you want to get to get more than 20 fuckin health resources just keep going around here another winsome help ok see I'm very confused at the genocide run that's what I'm supposed to be doing

properly again I know I'm source be killing everything but i'm not sure if there's a certain way to do it I'm sitting in a butterscotch is it cinnamon yeah let's go and sit with this type I had a feeling when humans fall down here strangely I I often feel like I already know them

Twista Lee when I first saw you well I was seeing an old friend for the first time strange is it not well thank you for your selection you have seen me before hello this is tori oh you do not dislike butterscotch to you I know what your preferences but you would you turn up your nose against the

same she got like okay see I'm i don't have to certain enemies in certain areas more enzymes and she was a perfect attack nice i'm doing a whole 30 damage hello you don't have any allergies you but why am I asking no reason no reason at all huh I don't remember either disposal

we are doing to fire for the fuck are you always doing his puzzles no i don't never mind sorry ok and i always said i want to go to edit out any parts but there's a lot of like just moving around and killing enemies I'm i like a do that - I've done the puzzle in here on it but there's a lot of just killing enemies to satisfy your quota and then when the same messages just say determined prior than saying that you're filled with the termination

and stuff like that then you know that you can move on so you have to kill all the enemies in an area before you fight the final boss in the area and then your that's when the Genesee route is fulfilled so the level grinding and this what I do I'm get five exp and for gold and i'm at level three and i have twenty-eight help i am not used to having so much health and money and I don't

whenever I was doing it before I was 120 half that no money yay knowing that the mouse will get one day get the cheese fills you with determination it's up to the table but poor little mouse one day you'll get the cheese don't worry little buddy I know they keep my mom is crying now this year's

actually makes sense oh god it's not what you're like me and are Christ that's the book can rope would you suppose she goes again just looking alone really not feeling up to it right now sorry

that's the book is wishing they weren't here me too nasty yeah I don't write a blog I'm sorry I didn't mean to kill you connex right ok the ghosts I can't kill him um you do know you can't kill goes right we're sorta incorporeal Oh No I was just lowering my HB because I didn't want to be rude

haha sorry i just made this more awkward pretend you beat me I lost an experience . that's the block me about Rome wait what's down here for a bake sale yes I definitely want to do this isn't actually do it because now I'm gonna fight I have to fight for this time instead of sparing

her so does that affect that I have no idea about encountering any more enemies either normally strange just save anyone one of the projects are here no i just realized that has been a while since I've cleaned up I was not expecting to have company so soon they're running a lot of things like about here and there you can pick them up but do not carry more than you

need some day you might see something you really like you would want to leave room in your pockets for that used to be frogs in here I saw a fly away did you see him yeah i also wonder if i go back wen we see him again so that was one of the things in the second episode that when I was going through you were able to see flowery here and there but all I didn't know the

scenarios in which he showed up so that keeps an eye on you sweet and spicy . in this area and there's a ribbon down here i think IM you find the pain of ribbon we'd have faded ribbon trim her friends for street if you're cuter monsters won't hit you was hurt I'm a cutie who let me take off the bandage

I don't you wait that's what we venture twins in this area I kill them all I know okay we flip the switch anyway just in case well the whole design it was definitely eventually down here please

God is going to kill people and now i remember this puzzle now yay i doing it was it was the red one right now it was this one time I talking click not yet you click the switch yeah you're here clickety-clack that's right now hmm look at me go and then you press the red one clickety clack and then you press the one on the left

I clickety-clack I'm a genius whoa ok I think genocide is in full effect now it just says determination on the music changes that's awesome now you get encounters with it just says but nobody care oh I like this not as scary as a baby look at me now look at the chair ago

yeah yeah yeah I get it that's kind of annoying the whole know you keep saying that I'm getting encounters but nobody can he just say no encountered I'm am ok now i can do this puzzle where you see where do you see the second thing we can get there is such a dirt that music is really creepy though Jesus start that game you are freaking me i really really really scary sounds

man nice and here again okay so take me to my room all this stuff is going to be same aah over my head novel we're gonna have to kill you soon that sucks i'm going to eat and we saw in there pat the true path of ascending that she came into the room and I put it on the

floor and left again today actually got to see the way it happened wait the mirror actually change anything now that yellow flower now wait I've seen these things before you seen this I 45 before we do not know its name yeah I've seen them a lot everywhere drinking water full it's me Chara

then it's saying it's it's you before hurts me wait what there's the other flower tifr a group of wetland flowery plants with brown or blond see part I water sausages that we know the name of them the cactus to read the most scenario of plants actually on our plans that work all right well let's say it now if i go to their sausage

oh it is a water sources are the cool little am i cool little a detail also I think something happens when I go into the kitchen so yeah I know that some stuff that goes on in the genocide or because again i frequent ombre a lot and I see a lot of gifts a lot of pictures a lot of talk about these things so i can do it yeah where the not eves Cara's a bad ass when I get to know the first human to

fell down its freaking charity those are the names that I thought that tumblr had given them a one point but it turns out that the name of the characters canonically in the game but the person that you named in the game is actually the first human who fell in I'm not the person you're playing as you're naming the first fall in human not the character you're playing as well as you're playing is frisked all the

time unless you do the genocide route which changes some things I've already I see yes we have a lot of books do you want to learn about snails oh yeah she talked about wanted to be a teacher and they should become the teacher and the ending did you want something when can I go home this is your home now

would you like to hear this book i'm reading okay so is that i don't know if i have to be a dick and all the time so I'm just going to keep asking haha she says she says about the snails anyway how to make that the ruins we have to do something stay here nope nope nope i'm going to each other room she's got anybody so we can speed up all these encounters now and all the almost of the dialogue is all the same anywhere until you start killing people see this

is all the same anyway so no one will ever be able to leave again now be a good child and go upstairs no musics back Oh every human the falls down here meets the same fate I've seen it again and again they come they leave they die you naive child you leave the ruins as core will kill you when you say they the other bosses as well

oh man oh so I've <operand> sixteen </operand> already because i wanted to do to generate my own and then i realized i was paying it wrong do you know something that i do not all god i was given the right okay and all the dialogue is the same she knows that I have killed her before no that is impossible sorry got long story of blocks away

whoa you really hate me that much the killer wanted it Jesus Christ okay so I'm gonna do you want to do the genocide ruin my own i said i was going to videos on earth but then as I said there was a sheer overwhelming response of people saying please do the Genesis a route so i decided that i like this channel is all about like experiences and me and you guys are together so i

thought why not just do it again and keep the experience of undertale going so I went in a kilt Oriole before that already before 18 what the response of the other video was and it did she did not die in one hit that's that was completely different it took ages to killer but now it she died in one hit because i realized i wasn't doing the genocide properly anyway I had to kill all the monsters I was just killing everything I ran into one

you going along normally so now I know what I'm doing now I see who I was protecting keeping you here not you but them oh uh huh oh so sure she thought that she was protecting me by keeping me at all I thought I could move towards her hurt yeah

oh god what's flower you going to say now now the music is gone oh god this is tense genocide is different there's a whole like different atmosphere about it because I you have to really like in body the whole life I'm going to kill everybody because that's what it's supposed to be about that your character has suddenly

become like I don't know if they're aware of what's going on from before or if they just feel like they want to kill everything I notice first quarter and do that a cherry wood or Cara maybe it's car i don't know i'm going to say chera sorry you're not really human are you know you are empty inside

just like me in fact you are a chair aright we're still inseparable after all these years see he knows what's going on he knows that i'm the first human that alone because that was the person in the tapes then it was chera who had they made as core sick and then they got sick and then they died and as real brought in for the surface where the flower brought into the

surface and then he got attacked i can't i can't remember the specifics of it listen I have a little plan to become all-powerful even more powerful than you and your stolen soul destroy everything in this wretched world everyone oh god that was dust Orioles face everything and he's worthless memories let's start of all dad us

yeah you said that's a wonderful life here and now it's not like hey I'm here to stop you now it's kinda like let's do this together I hated pretty clear like it we're gonna make this whole mentality look maybe it's because I'm crazy really hey I'm curiously by toby fox we got it we've seen all this before curious to see how hats and react sell getting google also now this makes sense

there's a camera hidden in the bushes because outfit is looking at you this isn't the music that was here before is it I don't know but the branches to break which is really cool yeah and then we get to talk another reason i want to do with this as well as because now we got to talk about sense because this is where sands comes into play concern has always been like a

little bit of a mischievous character and have kind of know a lot about him for a while again because of the Internet what are he's just easy he's the coolest character in the game and they're they're true passes through it doesn't show you that it doesn't show you why he's the coolest it kind of doors and if but you really find out in this human

all I already turned around ok so that's the same as or maybe like turn around and greet me yeah the old whoopee cushion in the hand ring it's always funny that's a your cue to laugh or are too remote and all gee lady really know how to pick up heart we talked about tutorial just know she's dead

okay that's fine everyone's got their own sense of humor so this is on you it's at San skeleton actually supposed to be on the watch for you was right now what are you know I don't really care about capturing anybody now my brother papyrus is a human one fanatic I actually that's him over there I have an idea let's go through the same thing yeah right through my brought me the pastor white to stop on your way behind

a conveniently shaped lamp I didn't go behind it on ok I guess you don't have to sands have you found in human yet yeah really wow we all knew guess that's settled what that worked out huh oh my lord are you just gonna stare at me or just going to need to shape lamb

I was really well I'll be straightforward with you my brother really like to see a human so you know really help me out if you cant pretend to be one he knows if you keep pretending to be a human not really also remember house lansley goes one way but it always ends up in the other direction

it was like let's go to grow because he went to the right but ended up with the left anyway that's one of the reasons why he's so cool because the sentence is not normal he's not like a usual character he was one who had all the science books and I don't like I don't really feel like much of the stuff that i'm talking about anymore is spoiling things soon as the game is already over

but it's implied that sounds can teleport because of that 16 left whoa oh no it doesn't even say you're filled with determination I was just like you're 16 enemies have to kill in this area killed him snow drink oh ok it's so weird to come back and play all these months now

after you bought something like Omega maui and see how easy all these guys are let's say 15 left now yes I feel like I have to just keep growing the music is different as well the music is slower than the guys fishing raj me and i like call me here's my number he put out a line ok so i think i just have to kill them all before a fight the virus sands

when is this human showing up I want to look my Sunday best or at least might choose a pretty good don't you only have one outfit yeah and I get styled my hair you don't have their m.o right great why don't you look over there baby we're gonna start turning the other way as well though the sands oh my god I'm busy what am I looking at

behold it's all different oh my god why are you telling me to looking around what's that in front of the rock oh my god i have no idea what that is well it's not a rock that arrived are now by process of elimination that means it's a human if it's not a rock that means it's a human right you men prepare yourself

haha Fighting's for lodgings dangerous puzzles capers capers being captured and other sorts of fun activities refreshments will be provided if you dare yeah and you don't even bat an eye huh Oh sands knows that's why science is one of the coolest characters because he knows what's going on but I don't know if he can stop it or not who knows some

narration on discover box you have to have the well-crafted centralization who could have built this you find out I bet it was that very famous royal Guardsmen not yet a very famous writer guys - it was a virus all about ok let's get all the enemies in here then I i

scrapped a look at your ice cap no more what's the right dog oh no did something move wasn't my imagination I can only see moving things but hey because I'm shivering all of a sudden it was there that makes more sense now because last time I was like white right to say sailor how do i dodge his attacks because it was the blue attack I wasn't used to it back then

doing these guys super easily you want your 30 XP and three gold Oh Barry doesn't show up okay i'm going to defeat all the enemies in this area and I then I come back oh god you keep taking snowman pieces stop please

you got the Snowman piece going to use this useless pile of snow are guarded i obliterated the store man what's up it was dawn last time i was like i have the Snowman peace and all the way back to him and talk to him and then I forgot to take it out of my box and actually finish the game so stupid really now that human right know that person

do you not know who you know yes I know who I know I wanted to know if you know I know I know as much as I know I know the way now you know specific ok give me their thing how the human arrives in order to stop you my brother and I have created some modules may think you will find this one

quite shocking for you see this is a invisible you must be having culture shock that Curt he just walked forward on their own I didn't do that you see where I come from it's a living tradition to summer so hard about puzzles for no reason so I walked back there and it's fucking scary yeah

I can we get a human that likes puzzles sands you know would make my brother happy if you played along no i am playing along I'm afraid of no ghost that's it ghostbusters thank you okay so some things are different sizes normally up there is any and i'm not doing there is snow ball in the hole was a thing now is to fight people need to

fight them ok so i might do all the dialogue right before i get the sounds forget the papyrus because when you when you fight for Pryor said it's too late to kill everybody you men I hope you're ready for our hands as a possible right there on the ground

trust me there's no way they'll skip this one now i'm moving Sang's that nothing whoops I knew I should have put down your jungle and said quiet junior jumper finally something we can agree on guess you don't like word searches on me neither I'm all the funny pages not a guy hey what was back up to the top right

forget we're gonna search because i can't miss anything which kind of sucks because i have to be our I have to be on point oh yes it was dog aggressive dog Amy right so now if it was killed him to some of these people are gonna be happy to kill because they just piss me off and if I like that stupid dummy guy actually no he kill himself so I don't know this is all like super fast know

10 ok let's kill them all here we go hello doggies would you like to die for me what's that smell where's that smell if you're a smell identify your spoon little if they have to do the new let's do this you want to make your first i've talked over top glove now as well oh shit I forgot you're a tax one of those all blue

no let it turn it over to talk about it so i can like attack a bunch of times you want me to proceed I hate this attack they always suck the dodging it last time come on wash good god I'm every killing so quick mirlande software got that super bass that that how take your axe kick the

shit out of you except maybe not that much sorry sorry sorry ok not just about that time god i am just destroying people dead already whoa all these poses are completed requires isn't even here to like tell me how to do this one

looky okay you're here for this run this marathon in the background remember i said at the start very soon when I met him was like working with the puzzle Hank it's the human you're gonna love this puzzle I'm not moving him it was made when the great are you serious sans they keep walking through my puzzles

there's a first to let me explain them then threatened and baffle them with my dangerous grapes well maybe they don't like japes everyone likes grapes what about and dying doesn't she hate puzzles she paid muzzles but she loves states that makes it no matter what do you think

puzzles are japes ok this is normally now where you either agree or disagree and depending on your answer we say something great in response here why don't you do this puzzle yourself ok we're going to have to do have these poses a what does the note say it's illegible chicken scratch ok this might be fun if you tried them

no I more of their like killing everything whoa six left there's no statues here these which ones that you like with the long lesser dog face a greater dog raise your dog I think that's a shitty mess it up okay no no that damn it the pit I was supposed to do that you're supposed to fix it by doing like this

remember it is positive it gave me some problems before so now we don't know how long to like make these episodes I did it wrong again wait did you keep going this was the stuff when you hit my ex so normally happens we did you see going maybe I press the bottom no now you're working there you go

no you're doing it yay ya go keep on the slide yeah and then you come up with snow yet I don't think the thing is going to be open this time either mysterious door I think that's what the credits were about if you dodge no sense what's up I think whoa see what I mean sands and teleport

that's awesome a say are you following me no this was the fight a great board here very soon good grip truck missing leave me alone no you leave yourself alone everything else your head looks like the day termination extraction machine want to get into the

true laughter was a big giant machine that looks like a goat head that expects determination that looks like your face you get back so people are decorated the grip trying for the dude that's one decorate him but I'd rather kill you dead who did it get there music sounded louder thought of something inside my house you'll excuse

me I really doubt that this is going to be open now it's a door come on a greater dog me and you got some tussling to do yeah I know you're cute but it's time to die actually might begin to introduce us feel sad right by killing all these creatures who live with the load the music yeah sure

ah that change raised before I got to the fuck are these guys actually a great dog don't you tis I the man I love increased to a level of voice that's my levels little late already Jesus Christ you count is one of the six left not sure I'm more concerned with like getting now I'm more concerned with getting the score of killing them all out rather

than like worrying about who i'm killing that will change though because it's the boss characters I'm gonna be sad about killing not just a wait how many is that that comedian talk about sands oh he's like a sense kinda knows the top so my character is kind of starting to realize that comedian he knows what's going on didn't tell me how many enemies i left though that would have been helpful that

gauntlet you man this is your final and most dangerous challenge me Harold that God made him deadly tell our knowledge doggy when I say the way I never fully activate this is all the same only the tiniest chance of agree will remain are you ready because i am about to do it

well what's the holdup that's what her lap and i'm about to activate it now then been doing come on wheres jet that on doesn't look very activated well they're probably going to walk through it and I'm going to be fun at all this human thing was a boss talk

well I mean I'm excited to capture them so and become a famous women but all the time I put into these puzzles kind of like throwing a birthday party without traps and files exactly it's pointless maybe you were right to be lazy about puzzles me write about something really yeah

what am I saying you're still completely wrong I just have the wrong body and think about how much fun and pain would have here flames violence it's right up honey so I won't waste this puzzle I knew I just have to appreciate the friend i already have a place here oh my no valuable life lesson

why now i want to see your flow we are still here if I was going to show up yeah oh nice how many times that actually happens in the game then they just haven't been realizing Snowden doesn't sound as sherry anymore now with this music going on anyway where the people different not even here take

I can take things co you took 758 g from behind the counter there's a note here please don't hurt my family oh my yard that is awesome

characters aren't even here okay you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put all the monster candy in here spider don't know blah blah blah and a bicycle i'm just going to steal everything or take I'm gonna take a while I guess it's the same thing so good about this terrible okay i need to equip the man even dying because that's a better defense and they

kind of do have any more room in my box no okay Oh determination so I'm going to drop the faded ribbon I don't think I need them the in shall be here oh you're here it's merely a decoy little serious I can't even go upstairs all my god this is creepy let me none of the characters are here

wonder if I knock on the door hey what's your kids you're here yeah everyone ran away and hid somewhere man battles can be so dumb sometimes haha don't they know we've gotten dying to protect us whoa go over to hear you gotta go through the fire exit because you're not made of

fire but this group is made a fire or this is so and settling the walks are even got no answer remember before it was like oh what a nice knock I had the river person isn't there any way like what a nice knock owner fight wait come here to get the dye guys throwing those ice cubes isn't even there

man did you play the genocide route as your first route well I mean the first time you played it probably end up just killing a few of them I'm not going back and making sure they're all dead but if you played like the proper genocide route the true Genesis a route on your first try you missed so much he come here wonder why the whole place is empty

i'm assuming fire system here it's a mailbox over i went on reddit junk mail also there's a secret it's locked there's a secret door behind there it's locked oh yeah that was always locked anyway and it's locked from the inside who's in there ok

our man this is gonna be sad oh he does show up I thought he was gonna show up there for a second hi pyar is huh oh you men with moving when I'm talking to you I the great pires as something that's the same fast you're a freaking we're now not only do you not like puzzles but the way you sharpen about from place to place the way your hands are always covered in

dusty powder that's like monster souls and turned into like ghosts it feels like your life is going down a dangerous path however i applied is see great potential within you everyone can be a great person if they try and me I hardly have to try about yeah yeah yeah again I'm not doing this the characters just move another on

hey quit moving this is exactly what i'm talking about human I think you are in need of guidance someone needs to keep you under straight and neither don't worry not I my place will you let me be your friend and shooter I will turn your life right around only role I see you are approaching are you offering a hug about acceptance

acceptance Oh wowee my lessons are already working I virus welcome you with open arms where is a sparing you I can just spare him instantly there's no music

ha ha ha ha do the all die in one hit well that's not what I expected you fucking head came off huh but sticks do I believe in you you can do a little better

even if you don't think sir I I promise dude this is stop it's so it's really cool as one of our man that was sad it's really cool as well because so much is different like almost every single screen is different in the genocide route which is in some insane attention to detail

most games are like while you wait this way you can play it that way but most of the game is almost the exact same liking lots of this has been different so far science isn't even here no no no sneaking out to see her - awesome she's the coolest right I want to be just like her when I grow up hey don't tell my parents i'm here huh it's strangely silent even the echo flowers aren't saying anything

18 left oh man ok we're going to leave this first episode of the genocide route here got a full of birth this is awesome this is completely different I thought I thought I the first time I didn't know like out almost all the dialogue was gonna be different but I thought it was just like whenever you

encounter you killed but like you have to like actively seek out lots of enemies and kill them all and I didn't know it was going to tell you like 18 left and stuff like that or determination but this is super super uncomfortable and creepy but I kind of like it at the same time I'm curious to see how the rest of the place out how the characters interact differently but for now thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it

but it's not like with a face like a bars and my Road fish thank you actually was there's that is not the book ok we're going to check all the music in this game is awesome that's the block attacks had to mention this monster doesn't seem to have a sense of humor

oh I so again for this first episode and probably going to leave in a lot of stuff and then I like later episodes i'll only leave in some very very important parts a little with the series score for ever again but our I'm excited

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Undertale is back but this time we're killing EVERYONE in the Genocide Run! Prepare for feels

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