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them was a few years ago when I made the leap into entrepreneurship I wasn't exactly unhappy I was working at a job I enjoyed doing suffer development but the work itself wasn't that fulfilling I felt like I was doing a lot of it I'd saved up enough money to support myself

for a while and I had a couple interesting business ideas I wanted to try so I quit my job and I got started working on something that could be mine and that I could be passionate about striking out on your own is an American dream we all want the flexibility to do work we enjoy

in a way that we want you but the way we're working really allowing us to do that which is why there's a trend amorphous becoming entrepreneurs in fact according to the freelancers Union 30 percent Americans were independent workers in 2010

and by 2020 that number supposed to go up to 40 percent forty-percent is a lot people before moving into working in a way where we can take better care of ourselves get more out of life that we enjoy forty percent of us are all doing that that could be a game-changer at the societal level

but you're already an entrepreneur me you felt a little bit if the other way could go stress 24/7 can't remember the last meal you cooked for yourself much less your last vacation has paid time off is a thing of the past I've been in this dark place to and I can imagine what it would be like if forty percent of us are on the same boat less happy

less healthy things would be falling apart and we wouldn't even have the time to get together commiserate about it we can't let this happen and today I want to share my views on how we can avoid it you so I quit my job and I got started working on my different business ideas but was actually one on my side project

ended up taking off before you even have a name we got accepted into the Portland you better experiment which is one of those started to tell readers that support early-stage companies with a little bit a funding and a lot government worship fun being Indian you better what's exciting but also

really scary I knew it would be at on of work but I also knew that it would be a really good chance for my new company which was a nonprofit since this is Portland of course would give it a really good chance of succeeding so you had one of those moments in life where you can feel that your life is changing

it was like Matt so I went for it being in the incubator with awesome I met so many cool people they were really excited about what I was doing super supportive I learned a ton about business I didn't really realize how much I didn't know until I learned it um they last about three months long but it felt like a week

I blinked and miss an entire Portland summer which is tragic in itself but I also felt like I saw my friend lesson last barely saw my husband I never did yoga and really started to take a toll on my body by the time it was over didn't really recognize my life but on the other hand I was super excited

about my new company we end up calling it cope scouts and it was really starting to come together when we were in business for about a year we head we started getting people signing up in droves really wanting to be members we got featured in some in the local papers we get written up in Fast Company

magazine and people were emailing us from all over the world asking when we will be opening a chapter near them you on paper it was a huge success but I was secretly miserable you depressed burnt-out physically sick

and riddled with guilt what entrepreneur is miserable when they get featured in Fast Company I felt ridiculous FL crazy so I ignored how I was actually feeling and I kept going about six months later is when the other shoe dropped I went into my eye doctor to get my annual you know I'll check in new glasses prescription

and she was very concerned she did some extra testing and she was like your eyes hurt said now hope I don't think so like are you sure and I but but very strange question I'm I don't think so and she said well you have developed a and I disease it's a progressive disease and you will eventually go blind if it's

not treated I was like wow home what do you think would cause back and she said hello spin from computer every day and I was like 10 really at least 12 hours and she was speechless actually and she come sighed and looked at me and she said I am you really need to think about finding a new career you

I was devastated this was probably my lowest point at least in a long time comment freaking out there was about to go blind course I took the treatment protocol really seriously so the first week if that was essentially total I rest so I went home laid on my couch

I got one of those I'm asking all the gel ones you keep in the fridge on my face lay there cry made arm and simply couldn't look at anything release I wasn't supposed to I had a lot of time to think so I laid there and I tried to figure out how did my perfect opportunity land me here you

it was a really hard week but it was exactly what I needed and I realize three things about entrepreneurship that would completely change the way I think about it you so I quit my job right and I started a business but I didn't quit to start a business acquit to find more fulfilment in my life

the same thing we all won but I got soul rap up in starting a business because I thought well work is what you do quit don't travel the world for a year that would be a dumb idea right start a business um so I started a business and i got soul wrapped up in now I forgot whole reason

I had quit at all forgot my trouble so I realized this and I knew I had gotten off track somewhere but I couldn't quite put my finger on it so that I was at dinner with a couple my friends and they were telling me about their new business which isn't online designer scarf booty called lines abound and my first thought was like

while what way they're sold passionate about scarves but affix planes me the stars works for the tangential issue the reason they were starting this business in particular is because they cared about two things: traveling and being creative and online business would allow them to work from anywhere and designing stars was pretty creative me

who doesn't love stars really so it finally dawned on me they had figured out what they wanted in life and then designed to work that would fit into that I would get them where they wanted as we move forward into into becoming a nation entrepreneurs if we don't you

really think about what we each individually value and prioritize getting not into our day-to-day lives we're gonna be headed on the wrong path so they told me they were starting a scarf business and I thought wow a hundred or so passionate about scarves who's heard that wisdom that in order to find true happiness in life

all you have to do is follow your passion take the cheese the big tree each I have internalized this as well on and that's why I was so sure that going down this road in following codes outs was such a great idea but what I realized was that following your passion can really be a trap

land you somewhere you did not expect the project became hotels it wasn't a business was never intended to be a business that wasn't a side project all it was was a couple weekend workshops where I helped someone in my community learn the basics of computer programming and it was fun there's a theme in my life where

when I see a problem I saw that with the party so practicing for this included several parties on but when this fun side project became my work when it became my full-time job it didn't energize me the way it used to it felt like a weight on my shoulders I wasn't planning a party anymore I was trying to make a paycheck you now I'm not saying by any means that you should start a business you paid

nobody would wanna spend the time and energy you need to build a business doing something you hate but what I have learned is that it only takes teaspoon of passion put into some work that you like to really make you feel fulfilling any more than that and you end up caring so much

you can't be objective and I'd say even a little bit selfish about how you spend your energy and if you can't do that there's no way you can craft and maintain for yourself a balanced life you some laying on the couch crying my eye mask on my face since I can't look at anything

I do a lot of thinking and I'm pondering his existential questions life in entrepreneurship but it did not take very long before I started freaking out about all the stuff that wasn't getting done who's gonna do this if I'm not doing it I had been giving my company probably a hundred hours a week maybe

from because I had you really believed that it's the same thing live on turner's wait maybe there somebody that feel this to that you have to eat drink sleep brief your business and that is the only way you're gonna get to the end and the what the end looks like some big payoff you're really now

you get to some big payoff where things are easier and then maybe finally you get that flexibility you wanted when you started the business in the first place so then i'm leon the couch thinking I wonder how much longer how much more do I need to do before that big payoff is gonna happen and if I can even figure that out

like you know I'm laying on the couch like well who's gonna do that great I realized the path wasn't coming and that was really hard thing is that big payoff to ever come your business has to keep running and if you get sick a burnout or through self off a bridge

before that happens I know that sounds terrible Asian joke about that but it can it can really get to feel like that and if you get to that place where that's how you feel all that energy is lost wasted so then what I realized with something a little bit may be controversial

I should've started out by giving my business less like you know I should work part time I start up like 40 hours/week it would have grown more slowly for sure but it would have learned to become more efficient given less it would have evolved to be suitable and the other thing is that it would have been

more sustainable for sure because maybe I would have actually made it to the big payoff ultimately though that the payoff may never happen at all what I realized is that the true payoff the only path you can ever count on is the payoff love what you bring into your day-to-day life

that creates a more fulfilling life for yourself you thinking through my experience in organizing my pot help me to make sense love last 18 months and I realized that entrepreneurship is not the magic wand I thought it would be

it's just the way I've organizing your work at it working for yourself doesn't bring you happiness it doesn't bring you rich is it doesn't bring you free time none of that is automatic entrepreneurship is just a tool you also provides the opportunity for you

to build whatever you want into your life how you choose to do it is completely up to you and today what I've shared are just three guidelines for helping us use this tool better first remember that what you're really building it's not a business your life your work whatever it may be

is just a means for you to get what you want out of life second be super mindful about what you decide to make your full-time job really really difficult to take a passion and make it into a business and finally don't sacrifice too much of your health and happiness today for some big payoff

tomorrow because its sustainability along the way its gonna get you there blast few years for me I've been a little bit rocky arm but despite all that I really like organizing my work as an entrepreneur and whether

you want to use this tool and work for yourself or you'd rather work for someone else it doesn't really matter what matters is building a relationship with work that suits your lifestyle we're in the midst of cultural shift straighten out word entrepreneurship but actually it's not shift toward entrepreneurship at all

what we're looking for is a say no way of working and a more sustainable way of living there's so much for us to gain and regardless of what tools we want to use let's build healthier happier lives that the way will make a healthier happy our society you thank you

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Michelle is a self-taught software developer who seeks a deeper understanding of the world and the chance to change it for the better. She aspires to empower women to excel in their lives through technology, which she believes anyone can learn in a welcoming community with strong peer mentorship. With that vision, she founded and is the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Code Scouts.

As a 2012 graduate of the Portland Incubator Experiment (Pie PDX), Michelle is now a mentor lending support to exciting Portland startups. A member of the Python Software Foundation and organizer of the Portland Python User Group, she also speaks and writes about the importance of diversity in tech and tech literacy for everyone. Her essay, "Hack the Planet!" on why tech literacy is critical, was published in American Dreamers, an inspiring anthology of future-thinking works by contemporary visionaries. In 2013 she was listed among Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business, and Entrepreneur Magazine named her one of the 7 Most Powerful Women to Watch in 2014.

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