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A drama that starts on 8th of July,

GTO's BIG RIOT PRANK! 'Heart-Racing Dokkiri's ' Imato-san and Higashino-san, How are you? I'm 2nd Year's Level Head, Kazami Shingo. I'm Class 2-A's homeroom teacher, Higa Manami. We are here with those taught by Onizuka-sensei, the students of class 2-A!

Today, we want to pull a prank on 'Great Teacher Onizuka!' Everyone, are you ready? OOOOOOO! Highly popular drama 'GTO' starts on 8th of July We will pull a prank on Exile's AKIRA, who plays Onizuka-sensei! The Setting: During a filming of a promotional CM, the students will pretend to have a big riot!

The main people are these two male students! Because of an NG scene, they will get into a heated fight and start a riot in the class! Being the 'trigger' for the prank, you guys have a difficult role to play! Because we are usually very close. It's true. Even during filming, you guys get along well. Everyone. Will it be okay?

I think it will be okay. The producer told me that for this prank, he purposely told AKIRA that you two have a bad relationship. GTO Producer: "Ryusei-kun and Arai-kun have a really bad atmosphere around them lately..." Anyway, at the end, there will be a big riot. Kikuchi-kun, perhaps you want to start it over at your side. After seeing that, Fuuma-kun will come over here and then confront me. And then I will grab his shirt front...

Omg, I'm really scared! This guy may get worked up for real! And then comes the climax. As the fighting escalates between the male students, a classmate will end up bashing the head of another! There is a scene where Ryusei's head got hit by a vase Will it be okay to seriously hit him? This is okay to use. Fuji TV made this prop specially. (Vase: Made of Candy Glass)

(But it's scary) Just asking, after getting hit by this, what is the scale of the pain? Collapse on the floor ❤ Collapse? I got it. Sensei. When the guys are fighting, what kind of reaction should the girls have? Why don't they cry like girls usually do?

I am a girl but I want to join the fighting. You want to join?! I want to join. Actually, in this classroom, there's another specially made prop. At the back there is a broom that can be used. (Dokkiri Item) Ah, then I can use this to hit someone?

Ehhh?! It's okay to be aggressive. So the drama filming continues, But in order to be ready deceive Onizuka (AKIRA), the students practice secretly. Just purely and innocently, working towards the goal to prank Onizuka-sensei. (Only one thought in mind)

We want to prank Onizuka-sensei ❤ As the filming goes by, finally the time has come. They were told that they have a promotional CM filming they were given a fake script in which the NGs will lead to the big riot among the students! And then, the target AKIRA who knows nothing, arrives. Ah, he's here! He's here!

Please take care of me. Since we are using GTO's classroom setting We are going to film it like a drama There are a few lines before that, Then at the end, the cue will be Ryusei-kun Ok.

"What did you say, bastard?" After he says that line, you look towards camera #1. "Tuesday, return home at 10PM and watch GTO. Yoroshiku." Then we'll start. Ok, actual take. Ok.

Oi! What day is today? Eh, it's Tuesday, what are you talking about? Whoa, it's Tuesday? What should I do when I get home? I've already decided what to do. What are you going to do? Ah, sorry.

Cut! Director: One more time please. "Redecorating my room" right? [Frustrated Sigh] Tch. (Ararara- That's bad!)

(That's too fast!) Oi! You guys! What day is today? Eh, it's Tuesday. What are you talking about? Already Tuesday? What should I do when I get home? I already decided what to do. What are you gonna do?

Redecorating my room. You're not a girl man, that's disgusting. Eh? Cut! You re-ally can't do anything huh. Hah?

(...Scary!) Director: After the line about the girl, it's "Better than idiots who doesn't have anything to do." [Students are getting nervous...] (Everyone's really good!) (There's a bad atmosphere!) (AKIRA gambatte!)

It's okay. (The riot) It's almost time! I'm getting nervous. Oi, you guys! What day is today? Eh, it's Tuesday, what are you talking about? Already Tuesday? What shall I do when I get back?

I already decided what I want to do. What are you gonna do? Redecorating my room. You're not a girl, that's disgusting! Better than being a good-for-nothing idiot. Ah? What did you say you bastard?

Shut up. (Acting?)

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[ GTO 大乱闘ドッキリ‼︎ ]
[ GTO Great Melee Riot Prank ]

English subbed by me.

Pardon if there are any mistakes or missing subs! Because this dokkiri (prank) is so crazily executed, I had to translate some of what is happening inside so more people (and my friend) can watch it!

Drama: Great Teacher Onizuka

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