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nature is to say the least fascinating

although mostly beautiful it does have its green moments one of the darkest and most dangerous aspects of the natural world is the existence of toxins although we use to worse poison and toxin very often in everyday speech we seldom stop to think what the words actually mean a scientific terms a toxin is a poisonous substance which exist in

nature more specifically it's created within living cells and organisms they are small molecules peptides or proteins which cost an onset of serious disease when absorbed by body tissues to toxins interacted macromolecules any cost organisms which absorb them to get to rebuild with a/c switch very

often result in death depending on the severity of the toxin there are numerous examples of toxins roaming about nature but none quite this deadly as the botulinum toxin or more specifically its new was discovered type the notorious type age type each module a minister deadly substance known to man inhaling only thirteen billionth of a gram

is lethal to adults an injection of only two billion is deadly mind you that the billionth of a gram is at home fan-friendly small amount impossible to see with the bear I coming in contact with his talks in leads to death by pair Alice is this substance is deemed so dangerous that scientists refuse to make the gene sequence available to the public

which is the first when it comes to scientific discoveries the great caution scientist approach to distribution of this information with stems from the fact that the tiniest amount of the toxin kills very quickly nears a great fear love what would happen if the toxin got into the wrong hands so what is this toxin really the botulinum toxin is a new era toxin

produced by Clostridium botulinum oh you got to love these names new toxins are toxins which damaged a nerve tissues this means that they can cause intellectual disabilities such as memory loss and dementia muddy can also cause epilepsy or in some extreme cases

even damn the more chilling in talks in has seven deadly tides given alphabetical names from a2g which cost the creature to constant contact with the toxin to develop botulism botulism is a serious paralytic illness which can be fatal when the bacteria grow in food and humans accidentally ingested

the toxin prevents the muscles from working by blocking the release of us it'll Colin a chemical see greeted by nervous the person affected becomes paralyzed and more often than not eventually dice locally scientists have developed and I toxins for all with the types that is for all of the types except

type each type age has been done an immediate and unusual serious risk to society is to DNA sequencing were to be disclosed type age could become the most lethal weapon in the hands of terrorists giving bioterrorism a whole new dimension to illustrates dropping only a few grams of the substance in a milk truck

could prove fatal for not millionth month billions a spoonful of the substance put in a city's water supply would be lethal for that city's entire population adding only a pinch of the substance to a person's meal lead a person's the media damn these on the reasons behind importance placed on keeping the gene sequence

top-secret the gene sequence will be approved for publishing within scientific papers but only after an effective and a toxin has been discovered unfortunately the scientists claim that this only means that they are probably numerous other types of botulinum toxins out there only waiting to be discovered I beat was discovered completely unexpectedly

upon the analysis of the sample belonging to a child suffering from botulism the on No

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"Inhaling only 13-billionths of a gram will kill you."

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The Deadliest Thing On Earth

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