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hello and welcome again to this video of the fourth and final past looking at

stories from the quran's eighteenth chapter suicidal calf aka the chatter of the cave this video will look at the origins of some of these stories in particular over the adventures of a man called the man with two horns which in Arabic is though her name in the past couple of videos i looked at the home mains bizarre adventures in the Quran where he sees the Sun setting into a muddy spring and

later builds a huge barrier to keep out two huge and troublesome tribes hold gog and magog the Quran never named this man with two horns and most seems have argued ever since who this person with the two holes is some have concluded it is Alexander the Great some say it's Persian Emperor cyrus the great while others prefer not to

speculate all together I deliberately avoided referring to this in the past two videos as I felt it was important to try and focus on the absurdities of the stories themselves and not get sidetracked into something less important but digging deeper into the character of the domain is very interesting in itself as it once again shows us how stories almost universally considered today's legends with barely

any historical truth to them made their way into the Quran and other Islamic texts having read the different versions of what remains of the Alexander romance Legends some of which had been lost over time I am in no doubt that the character of the her name mentioned in the Quran was based on the legendary Alexander stories made up by those who idolized him

not the historical Alexander or any other character so who was an example the great well in brief he was a skilled macedonian leader / general who managed to conquer much of the known world at the time his Empire eventually stretching from Egypt and Macedonia in the West to modern-day pakistan and Tajikistan in the east born in 356 BC Alexander was born into a life of privilege and even had Aristotle

as its tutor he revered Cyrus the Great to such an extent that's upon conquering pleasure he began to embrace many cultural aspects of personal life as well as claiming divinity and ordering his subjects to bow down to him in ancient Persian fashion called prosthesis cross Kinesis was a Persian method of worship let me ask the Muslims watching this

does this look familiar except for the last stage of Persian prosthesis with the entire body lying face-down it's pretty much exactly one Muslim prayers eventually became as well remember that next time you're in a mosque you're simply seeing an ancient Persian ritual of worship not something new and unique to Islam

anyway I digress so before setting out to conquer Asia Alexander brought along the well-known historian of his era palestine s of Olympus he wanted callestina to record his exploits and the march of the Macedonian army East but that exam this attitude and growing arrogance we're not always well received by the Macedonians around him callisthenics was

one of those who came to despise much of Alexander's behavior in particular his demand for others to worship Him Palestine s was in prison until his death in 327 bc its historical works were all but destroyed four years later Alexander died at the age of 32 in Babylon having won every single battle during his life crushing a once giant persian empire and creating the largest empire the world

had ever seen at that stage in history Alexander inevitably became a legend stories were created to portray him in an ever more flattering light almost immediately after his death with tales of his adventures growing more and more spectacular as time progressed but which came first to the Alexander romance stories predates Islam or was it slam first and revealing these stories

historians have effectively reached a consensus that the Alexander romance stories are effectively nothing more than fables falsely attributed to Calais teenis they began circulating all released soon after Alexander's death hundreds of years later these fables were written down in greece and egypt around 200 AD Ernest Wallace budge a british egyptologist and curator writes

the following in the history of Alexander the Great the first book of the history of Alexander according to sudo Palestine s is certainly an Egyptian origin and its birthplace was Alexandria Colonel you'll places the composition of the work as far back as 8200 but there is no doubt that the legends which are contained in it our current some hundreds of years before

indeed some of them must have been known within a few years of Alexander's death the stories from these versions and the oral traditions led to more versions arriving but given the geography and incredibly strong trade links in the region if these myths were written down in Greece and Egypt by 200 AD and the oral tradition would have almost certainly been very strong in arabia by that time

for a few hundred years later long before his son was born some muslims may claim certain versions of the Alexander Romans were physically written down around the same time or a little later than when the quranic verses were revealed that simply ignores the fact that there were many versions and ignores the fact that the legends most likely began as folklore and well

known to people through word of mouth before they were eventually written down even within Islam itself the hadith and the Sierra only written down a couple of hundred years after the stories and sayings allegedly occurred we also saw in an earlier video how the Quran appears to borrow the idea of the Sun setting into a muddy spring from a pre Islamic poem by took bar as evidenced in early Islamic sources we tried to give the versatility

this shows that the legends from this man with the two horns were in Arabic poems long before Islam was even found it so it's clear that the myths regarding the man with the two holes were prevalent in society sometime prior to the birth of Islam even the Quran itself lends credibility to the idea that these stories were around before the Quran as we saw in the first video analyzing chapter 18

Muhammad was challenged to recall a number of stories to prove his prophethood he requested one day to get back to them took two weeks blamed it on gold getting grumpy because Muhammad didn't say inshallah and then told them their answers in the vegas way possible but it's not just a hadith providing context to this verse that shows this was the case the velcro main story in the Quran actually begins with the verse

eighteen eighty-three and they ask you about the domain say i will recite to you an account of him so it's clear he was asked about the story known to them at the time and that would have been the prevalent local version of the Alexander romance so let's see what was said in these fables and where there are similarities to the Quran and hadith or exigencies for starters the origins of the name of

211 which is exactly how the Quran refers to him make several appearances in these legends it appears to have originated from the Egyptian version which like other versions try to claim Alexander as their own claiming he was part of their family of God's this hieroglyphic message apparently reads king of Upper and Lower Egypt the chosen one of raw the beloved of Armand son of the song

Alexander son of Armand now the author here says being the son of the god are men who was frequently are presented on the sculptures by around it was only natural that the two horns of this animal should be made attributes of Alexander the Great and that he should be called to harmed in the Ethiopian version we are given another reason his title two-horned occurs for the first time in this manuscript in this address

ethiopia crisis explained this title by saying that he was so called because he ruled in the two horns of the Sun the east and the West in the Christian version we have yet another version to explain the origin of the name and the King arose and knelt down and did reference to the Lord and the Lord said to him behold I have magnified the above all kingdoms and I have made horns of iron to grow in my head that thou may'st thrust down the kingdoms of the earth

with them so we can already see the evidence is pointing very strongly that the so-called two horned man was referring to Alexander across the region when Islam was born he was known by this name in Egypt Ethiopia and among Christians if the Commandant someone else then it would be deliberately misleading so what else do we see in these mythical legends here we have Alexander's father

King Philip predict this when Philip saw an example guiding the horse with his hand and standing upon his feet he said my son Alexander the whole oracle refers to the I believe that after my death I will train and that thou will rule the world so I'll examine his father says he will rule the world in the second Quranic verse on the domain we hear the following verily we established his

power on earth and we gave him the ways and means to all ends we can see by reading the well-respected exegesis of mimic a theater that this is given to me and he controlled the world so he had dominion over the east and the West all countries and their kings submitted to him and all the nations arabs and non-arabs served him in his exegesis of another verse he states generation which confirms dr. Mann was one of four people who manage to rule the world

the Kings who ruled the eastern and western parts of the world of 42 believers and two disbelievers ask for the to believing Kings it was today man bender wood and the party named ask for the two disbelieving Kings they were named rude and neighborhood NASA apparently nobody told these people about the yet undiscovered America's for half of Eurasia

it just goes to show how local the Abrahamic religions were some of these so called Kings didn't even rule ten percent of the inhabited world at the time let alone all of it let's see what else was said in these legends that the Quran picks up we have an exam they're speaking to those around him here of things he would like to see for himself

I am wondering what is the extent of the earth and how high the heavens are and how many other countries of my fellow kings and upon water the heavens are fixed whether purchase the clouds and winds support them or whether pillars of fire rise up from the interior of the earth and bear there have been certainly moving off or anything or whether they depend on the back of God and for lot he

speaks about wanting to see the extent of the earth in the legends and the Quran tells us in chapter 18 that velcro main travels our roots to the west and the east Alexander in the legend also says he wants to understand how the sky above earth doesn't fall down onto it he ponders whether it is kept up by pillars or whether God keeps them held

up magically above us the Quran attempts to answer these primitive questions and not surprisingly its author appears to have a similar mindset here that is not different from the mythical legends allies he who raised the heavens without any pillars that you see we also see this verse do you not see that Allah has made subservient to you whatsoever is in the

earth and the ship's running in the sea by his command and he withholds the hammer from falling on the earth except with his permission so as we can see from these quranic verses the sky is being held up above our heads it would fall down on to us if it weren't for God keeping it up now we also see that Alexander went to see the Sun rising on the edges of the

world the Sun is the servant of the lord and neither by night nor by date as he seized from his traveling the place of his rising is over the sea and the people who dwell there when he is about to rise flee away and hide themselves in the sea that they'd be not burned by his rays quran chapter 18 verse 9 t reads until when he reached the Land of the Rising Sun he found it rising on the

people to whom we had given no shelter from it as we can see the Quran agrees with the Alexander myths that the Sun rises over people who have no protection from its rays on the same page we also read and when the sun enters the window of heaven he straightaway boughs down it makes the pieces before God his creator this idea of the Sun and other celestial objects being conscious and worshipping Allah seen several times in the quran and hadith has now not seen that one too

a lot pay the adoration whosoever is in the heavens and whosoever is in the earth and the Sun and the moon and the stars and the hills and the trees and the beasts and many of mankind we now arrive at the story of Gog and Magog address the Islamic charity that this myth in the last video the Quran basically tells us this man with two horns now claim goes to find

the people who are annoyed with these troublesome drives and ask him for help to keep these troublemakers truck behind two mountains so they won't cause them any more problems let's briefly read those verses again then he followed another course until when he reached the place between the two mountains he found on that side of them are people who could hardly understand a word they said

although , and surely gog and magog make mischief in the land shall we then pay you attribute on condition that you should raise a barrier between us and them he said that in which my lord has established me is better therefore you only helped me with workers i will make a 45 barrier between you and them bring me blocks of iron

until when he has filled up the space between the two mountain-sized he said blow until when he had made its fire he said bring me molten brass which i'm a poor over it so they were not able to scale it nor could they make a hole in it so that's the Quranic version but we read here in the Alexander myths that he reaches the people near a large mountain who are having problems with what they call the Hunts Alexander said who are the nation's within this mountain upon

which we are looking the natives and Al and said they are the hunt he said to them who are the kings the old man said gog and magog and then they go on to list more names who are behind mountains now that is very similar to the story in the Quran is it just a pure coincidence i mean so far both the alexander mizz and the Quran say a man known as the man with two horns traveled all over the world

both say he saw the Sun rising above people who have no shelter from its both say he went to mountains to see a people who are complaining about gog and magog now the Quran says he used iron and brass to build the barrier to keep going out so let's see what materials were used in the myth to keep gog and magog at bay Alexander commanded and fetch 3000 Smith's workers in iron and three

thousand men workers in brass and they put down brass and iron and needed it as a man needs when he worked close then they brought it and made a gate now in the Quran we also hear that gog and magog will break free from their incarceration towards the end of time and cause havoc on earth an idea supported in the authentic hadith the verse says until the gog and magog people are let through their barrier and they swiftly swarm from

every Hill now the Alexander myth also tells us , global we release towards the end of time and also take over the world when the world shall come to an end by the command of God the ruler of creation created things chilanga Gordon essential increase and wrath shall reign and the sins of mankind shall mount up and she'll cover the heavens and the Lord I'll stir up in his anger the kingdom's that lie within this gate for when the

Lord seeks to slay man he sends men against men and they destroy one another and the Lord will gather together the kings and their hosts which are within this mountain and they shall be assembled at his back and she'll come with their spears and swords and she'll stand behind the gates and shall look up to the heavens and shall call upon the name of the Lord saying O Lord open to us this gate and the Lord shall send His sign from heaven and voice your call on

this gate and it shall be destroyed and fall at the back of the Lord what we just read also in calculates this idea in an authentic hadith which tells us the barrier will be breached after they asked nicely to Allah until when their time has come and Allah wants to send them against the people they will dig until they can almost see the Rays of the Sun then the one who is in charge of them will say go

back and we will dig it tomorrow if Allah wills so they will say if Allah wills then they will come back to it and it will be as they left it so they will dig and will come out to the people there are many more instances of similarities but I don't want to go on for ever as the point has been made these other similarities include a mention of people who had the heads of dogs

the an exam it's also say Jesus will return before the end of the world and set up base in jerusalem where god will not go the myth speak about the Antichrist and how he will be killed by Jesus i will put the references for everything including these last ones in the description box for those who wish to read further and see the similarities for themselves

so as we've seen the similarities between the made-up mythical accounts of Alexander the Great and the character of the domain in the Quran are obvious we also saw similar answers to the primitive questions that had obviously baffled as well as at the time like how does the sky stay up and not come crashing down it's all a coincidence

why would the Quran use so much of the mythical stories of Alexander nothing more than made up stories very little resemblance to actual history by believing these stories Mohammed or whoever also for the Quran cause huge problems for the religion now must have to come up with lengthy nonsensical excuses to explain the verses about the Sun setting arising their people here on earth

they also have to tell us why we can't see the Great Wall of iron and brass these stories and many others have made Islam simply indistinguishable from any other mythology early Muslims in general had no real problem in identifying the domain as Alexander the great but as time progressed and it became more evident that the historical examiner was a polytheist and even wanted people to bow down to him

most things have started to switch the identity of our main from what we clearly see is that the mythical Alexander to Cyrus the Great or just referring to say he's a man who ruled the world but we don't know who he is as if suggesting historians and archaeologists would miss such an empire completely so why are today's Muslims often so quick to tell us . Quatermain is not

Alexander well simply because they presuppose that Islam is right and base their conclusions on that presupposition they don't bother looking objectively the evidence and seeing where it leads no instead they'll say , alexander because he wasn't righteous and the Quran states the economy was a believer

also there is this Islamic legend that is very popular that though , name is somehow Alexander the Great and the fact of the matter is that there is not a shred of Islamic or historical evidence that links alexander the great with the car remain in fact quite the contrary there's a number of things that do not fit at all with Alexander the greater part remain the most important of them a lot describes dhul-qarnayn as being a pious Muslim a good man has a ritual

slaughter has been a bad set and we know historically beyond a shadow of a doubt that Alexander the Great was a pagan idolatry he was an idol worshiper his teacher was none other than Aristotle Aristotle was the tutor of Alexander the Great to this literally historically had Alexander the Great was tutored by alexander by Aristotle and these people were not believers in a lawsuit panel which are they believed in a pagan religion so

Alexander the Great has nothing to do with the story of the coordinate who was he then Allah who Adam people if you look at the books of tough series they give all of these stories and it really in the end of the day these are simply Islamic legends there's no shred of evidence in the quran and sunnah and the more details we go into that are unnecessary the more trouble we put ourselves into let's stick with the Quranic story and

don't go too much into the details that a lot did not care to tell us about because they're not really see that he realizes too many questions over the story of the Quran lead to problems but why should it if it were true why shouldn't lead to problems that the Quran is indeed a perfect book surely analyzing a so-called perfect book and believe is trying to understand

the stories contained within this scripture shouldn't lead anyone to face problems this apologist basically begins with his conclusion to the Quran is perfect and tries his best to make everything fit so it can remain consistent with his conclusion this is not the way any academic assessing the quran's claims objectively

would look at the issue instead one would look at the data and the evidence and in this case it's pretty strong and conclude that the story appears to be taken from a mythical legends circulating at the time but obviously a Muslim just cannot admit that he just has to shrug his shoulders and say God knows and then advises others not to dig too deep into it and just sweep it under the carpet

some Muslims today claim it Cyrus the Great who is the hot name they'll tell us this based purely on this one picture of a sculpture showing Cyrus with horns and also with wings but with Cyrus ever known by the name they'll remain as Alexander clearly was did Cyrus traveled to the edges of the earth and witness the Sun rising on the people who had no protection for its did Cyrus in prison guard behind a barrier made of iron and brass

it really is a no brainer to see what the origin of these stories that made it into the Quran is even when looking at the Quran we can see that Muhammad wasn't really fooling many people around him with the stories and when it is said to them believe as the people believe they shall say shall we believe as the Falls believe this appears to show that the first people who entered Islam was seen as falls by the rest for being gullible and in another verse we read

this and they say the stories of the Ancients he has got them written so these are read out to him morning and evening this shows Muhammad was accused at his time of plagiarizing ancient tales and myths if you're a Muslim and you've made it this far in without stopping the video leaving an angry comment disliking and leaving then I urge you to think hard

I know facing a bit hard truth is not easy I know it's far easier to let your bias dismiss any country evidence to your belief is that I'm asking the tough questions does it make sense then all-knowing God would leave his one true religion to be open to so many up our flaws with a true religion and a perfect scripture really require a horde of apologists to make endless and

nonsensical excuses to try and twist the narrative into something more believable surely a perfect religion can speak for herself and would require any apologists surely it's time to rethink whether you were one of the few lucky ones who were born into the right religion and into the right sex with in that religion thank you very much for watching share this video where you can and until next time goodbye

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