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and we're old into the dirt packed village square after ourselves don't be rutted roads I stepped out other new Toyota four wheel drive and noticed that about 50 Peruvian women in traditional haps in skirts

gathered were huddled together the far wall in the square their faces were expected were apprehensive or both let's see what do I do now I saw one woman who sort of look like a leader cell I walked up attempted in my halting Spanish to say hello nope that was not going to work and his capture was speaking village

on a whim a grab my wallet I opened it up I found a picture by two daughters and I showed the picture to this one she smiled she pointed to my daughters she pointed to me in my eyes she smiled again all the sudden I was surrounded by

50 catch a lemon all under five feet tall never felt dollar in my life olive home wanted to see the picture my daughter's in a few short minutes we had shared something that matter despite the vast differences our worldview and our life experiences I work in international aid and development for over 25 years

identify Alden multi-month million dollar special initiatives and global collaborations I become less than last juror other the value and impact a big aid projects over the years and I've become more and more confident that lasting solutions com

from walking alongside local people as they identify their needs and pursue their aspirations my contention is that we need to think differently about how we think about other people about how we can help change the world change your attitude I have three suggestions on how to proceed

first don't be naive we all come into the question of how can we help with assumptions they may be as simple as if I go over and and and share my time and energy the village will achieve X&Y or there might be a little more nuanced like if we build a school and train the teachers

provide curriculum material education will be improved we need to challenge our assumptions we need to learn what others have learned who have gone before us we need to understand how good intentions do not always result in positive outcomes second

snippet I stead of projecting our ideas on on what they might benefit from we need to listen and learn but to my Peruvian ladies dream up terms in the future their family their children that community what is their worldview

how do I understand that little effect about me how they think about me Iran Oslin was a community volunteer with Mennonite Central Committee for three years in bolivia afterwards he wrote an essay called staying for T which he articulates principles he feels

are crucial for the successful to be successful as a community service worker he suggests for example that results are more important values and the process matters more and outcomes andy says stay for T and her homely except respectfully

the hospitality the stranger now becoming our friend listen learn not just for a day or week but my lifetime and if you're traveling in Mongolia and visiting the rural Mongolia family all you have to do is you don't have to drink the whole bowl iraq you just have to sit I rag is fermented

mare's milk we've got worse goat in Campbell story today it's a bit tart third embraced the guinea pig apologies to any view forum eating a guinea pig may seem a little offensive but in the Highlands in the Andean Mountain Highlands most small villages most villagers raise

guinea pigs for the most special celebrations in there village here on another trip I'm in another village mind visiting water project that care help the community build we were welcomed like kings and queens we come down the last lane into the village in children were standing along both sides the lane holding flowers

in in in welcome we met the elders and we got a meter by meter to our the new gravity fed water system by the proud community water committee we stayed overnight at a bonfire that night and towards the end the evening one %uh village leaders motioned for to one of my colleagues to come over and the leader truck

his beautiful wall Highland Andy and pancho of any put it on to my colleague my colleague was a little startled you know what to do and sort of made to take it off in the village leader said no no to get thank you for coming to our village

I thought about that later but that that would be the equivalent you are I giving a car our car to a visitor an appreciation for their visit to our home knowing you may never see that this is her again generosity beyond comprehension hospitality the highest order respect for elders

intergenerational can activity this village may have been pour in the Terry alaskans but they were very rich in other assets and perhaps we might say things that matter by the way we did have guinea pig or dinner that night not too many meet on those bonds and it's a little greasy

so you may be asking why me why should I think about a Peruvian village I should change my attitude but it starts with values you agree with our friends at the Gates Foundation that all lives have equal value if so I'll what's that mean for your commitment to justice globally second when we learn and experience

others and other ways of doing things it often brings new ideas new perspectives and maybe better solutions and third it works small projects can make a difference and they can aggregate into larger success in northern Peru line at the mothers have trujillo

this is a group for ladies who had gotten a small grant started a soup kitchen from that modest beginning they leverage that into a daycare I'll sewing workshop getting the physician to come into the neighborhood a couple times a week and they had a lot of other plans percolating as well

I was humbled and inspired by these men by their drive in fact that they had identified what they wanted they had built their programs it was from their vision and their hard work they were making a difference in their community it was an honor to meet them not hard to get did you read about brace

the grandmothers for class and raise equity a group of eight grandmothers here in Seattle were working together to support public health in the Ivory Coast it's a big tent there's plenty of room in the tent for all of us find a way to start to build a partnership over to you

challenger assumptions change your attitude listen and learn embraced the guinea pig be a giver your partner not a giver join the movement change the world thank you

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Peter Blomquist shares his insights from many years working in philanthropy.

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