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You are SO blessed and you have been given so much. I'm not saying life has always been easy because that is far from it. I'm not saying you haven't gone through your fair share of trials and challenges. What I am saying

is that the simple fact that you have an internet connection, and the time and the privilege to be watching a video on the internet, along with everything else in your life that you have been given ... that ninety-nine percent of the world's

population don't enjoy, means that you are utterly and completely blessed. You are phenomenally resourced beyond the vast majority of human beings and it's not an accident. There is a reason you have been so

enriched and supported, and that reason is that you incarnated because: When you are truly fulfilling your soul's highest destiny, and your divinely ordained purpose, you are ANSWER to PRAYER: There are people on this planet that have

been asking for and praying for and looking for and beseeching the universe to provide the gifts that you incarnated to bring. My name is Christina Sophia Stellarum, and I am the founder of OMEGA U. Which is a university dedicated to

helping leaders become LUMINARIES so that we can fulfill our highest destiny and leave a legacy of light and love and life divine for Humanity. I am in Bali Indonesia right here right now and in this video I'm going to share with you

how I got here. But most importantly I'm going to share with you the three top reasons you are not yet fulfilling the fullness of your highest DESTINY: The three big reasons you are slowing down on your soul's greatest

purpose, and the three biggest things you want to address so that when you check out from this lifetime it's with a high five to all your angels and guides saying "YES! We did it! We completed the mission!" ... And not "okay well

not so much, here we go again." Nobody wants that, especially because people & planet have prayed for you. No matter what you think of yourself, whether you think you've achieved so much, or you've achieved so little,

that is completely irrelevant. We're not talking about status in this video. We are not talking about climbing some ladder of achievement: corporate, governmental, or otherwise. We are talking about the DEEPEST REASON you incarnated.

SO... here are the three things you need to address if you really want to fulfill your purpose. Number ONE: You don't have the map! What do I mean by that? OK, so the vast majority of people who are spiritual,

or who have a spiritual calling, are doing what one of my beloved clients said: They are following an invisible path that only they can see, and hoping it works out! Right, and so when we begin to have our spiritual awakening, and when we

begin to listen, or to feel the call which, by the way, ALWAYS wins. (It's really whether you want to go along with it or be dragged, right). But when you begin to hear that call nobody else can hear it. It's coming from INSIDE you, and so what

happens is we either don't have the COURAGE to follow it, or we TRY to follow it. But we don't get a lot of support. And the reason for this is: We don't have the MAP. We're following an invisible voice: Coming from somewhere, going to somewhere...

We're not really sure where... We hope ...maybe it'll work out in the end... and maybe we're not crazy and losing our minds (like some of the people around us might think we are), especially if you are in a position of authority

and power and are responsible for teams, and employees, and others who rely on your guidance. SO. Very very briefly, there is a MAP. There is actually a MAP to the entire spiritual journey. You know Joseph Campbell came up with the Hero's

Journey. And what i'm about to share with you is the distilled version of what is called the OMEGA CODE which is an 18 step MAP to your soul's awakening, and embodiment, and ultimate fulfillment.

So that's a really BIG map. But I just want to share with you the FOUR basic PHASES: The FIRST phase is AWAKENING. This is when you wake up to something GREATER than what you already have. "There MUST be MORE to LIFE than THIS!"

And I guarantee it, THERE IS. So this is when we open to the voice, to the calling, to what we're here for, and we begin to become available for it The SECOND phase is what I call

TRANSFIGURATION. This is where you decide that you're going to pursue this calling but you're not really fit for it yet. You're carrying a tremendous amount of invisible baggage and heaviness and energetic gunk from your history from

your life, from your ancestors, and in your DNA... it goes on... and you have a lot of healing to do because you've gone through a lot in this life. And you need to kind of reclaim those parts of your soul and bring them all back to Center so that

you can be whole. So in Transfiguration we are being reshaped and remade back into our true essence, right. And at the peak of that we access what we're here for, right? We really get the big download. The THIRD

phase is EMBODIMENT. It's when we start to bring this expansion that we have been given that we have cognized or embraced in our beings and we begin to bring it into our bodies, right. This is not the era of the disembodied

enlightened being sitting on the cushion not able to function in the world. We have to bring the light all the way through our bodies and that is a really powerful purification process it's not one that many people understand

and there's only a few places on earth where there is really the support to dive back into the body, to ground that frequency and expansion that you have opened to. The FOURTH phase is ACTUALIZATION. This is where you have so

fully BECOME your message. You have so fully embodied the essence of your gift that you simply ARE IT. And when that happens it can flourish in the physical. You start to find people supporting you and resources showing up

and the clients and the collaborators and the exquisite places in which to host the work. So you start to actualize and physicalize your journey. There's a lot more to it than that. There are 18 steps. But I'm sharing this

condensed version with you because: The greatest tragedy that is happening because you don't have the MAP, is that you feel a lack of support. When you don't have the MAP, you can't articulate it to others. You can't convince your

parents, your family, your board, your investors, your employees, of anything! Diddly-squat! Because you're following something invisible. And you have no way of conveying the journey or the process towards the vision to them. So how else

could they get on board! I know one brilliant woman that I have been so blessed to work with, you know, her family was giving her a really really hard time about a Wellness Empire and service she is called to create.

You know she's called to bring back the divine feminine and help women heel their bodies, so they can be totally flourishing through their bodies, connected to the earth, and really delivering on their gifts, through the Divine

Feminine wisdom. And her family was giving her these negative messages, like you're going to ruin your life and you don't what you're doing, and your failure, and she cognized the MAP. She learned

where she was in her map, and she learned to have that CONFIDENCE. Because all of a sudden, she wasn't following something invisible, to somewhere, we're not sure where. She actually understood her process. And in that confidence, she was

able to convey her strength, and her conviction, and her passion to her parents, to her business mentors to her clients. And her parents came to her and said you know what, sweetheart, we really BELIEVE in you. ... And I don't care if

you're four years old, or 40 years old,or 50 years old or 60 years old. It MATTERS that the people who love you, support you. And sometimes that's not going to happen. That's okay. But you've got to EMBODY that CONFIDENCE, so that the people who

DO want to support you, CAN. Right!? And so her family came to her and said: "You know what, you take as long as you need. We have got your back, and we support you." What kind of difference you think that makes to her? To having the confidence to

make the bold moves she's going to need to take. The courage, and the strength, and the tenacity, and the temerity, and the DEVOTION .... Right!? And the stamina! It's going to help her SO much. And I want that for YOU!

I don't want you sitting, feeling alone completely doubting yourself, isolated with no support network... on the BRAVEST journey of your LIFE: To ground the reason YOU incarnated. You deserve the confidence that comes

from having the MAP. OK. The SECOND reason that you are not yet fully fulfilling your sou'ls highest destiny is THIS. And it comes from the first one: Because you don't have the map, and because you don't have the

confidence, and because you don't trust it fully, You're not COMMITTED. I really did say that. You're not fully committed. You have one foot in unity consciousness, (one foot in your soul's highest destiny), And one foot in the world and society.

And you're straddling these two, and they're starting to move further, and further apart. And you're like that silly person trying to hold two gondolas together in the middle of the canal. With your legs spreading. And eventually,

you're gonna fall in the ocean, or the canal, or the water. And the reason you haven't fully stepped into your total YES, is that you don't trust it yet. You know somebody asked Elon Musk (TESLA), what his "secret to success" was. He said:

"actually, I think it's a certain amount of fatalism." And they said, "what you mean?" He said: "Well, So I might lose everything if I do this. OKAY, I'm still going to do it. I might die doing this." (I mean he's trying to get humanity to Mars right!?) ... I might die

trying to do this. OKAY. We're still doing it." Right!? And ultimately, the ACTUAL price of admission to your soul's highest purpose is actually your LIFE. You might not want to hear that. But the universe isn't gonna

FULLY show up and FULLY support you with every possible gift, and grace, and MIRACLE to bring your mission through, if you're not all on board. Because the truth is, in this process, you will discover that you are immortal. When you

walk THROUGH that fear of fully committing, and you STAND in the fire and the full power and vulnerability of what you came for you will realize: You are eternal, and you are immortal, and you have done this SO many times before. That

nothing can stop you. Because you know what? No matter what happened to you in this lifetime or any other, YOU'RE BACK. And you're here now. And listen to you ROAR. Okay. The THIRD reason you're not yet

fulfilling your highest destiny is this: Because you have still been wobbling between unity and duality, between your highest mission and society and all those voices telling you what you're "supposed to be doing" and

"how things work in the real world" (Utter BS), and you haven't yet fully committed to Heaven on Earth... and the TRUTH that is: there is a UNIFIED FIELD that is the source of ALL of us. Because you haven't fully done that yet, you are still

learning through suffering. When you still have one foot invested in duality that's at least a big part of how you evolve. So what does that look like? So for example, I worked with this amazing woman. She's a high-powered

platinum diamond level entrepreneurial icon. And she would set these massive goals for herself. And then of course, all of the stuff in her inner being, in her life, that wasn't a match would rear its roaring ugly head. And she would

encounter block after block after block after crisis after crisis. And this is a symptom that you might be guilty of. Because SO many people who are partially spiritual will say: "I'm gonna go do this, and I'm gonna have a QUANTUM LEAP.

I'm going to set this insanely big goal! Without doing the inner work! Right!? And when you don't have a strategy, when you're not fully established in SERVING and leading from unity consciousness, FIRST, and you are instead focused on

results, and actionables, and outcomes and goals ... It is going to create a long series of hurdles and roadblocks for you go through. Because what's happening is you are externalizing all your inner "shift" as we say. Right!?

The inner child stuff, the birth imprints, that thing's somebody said to you in 7th grade, not feeling good enough, all that's stuff... what your grandmother had to go through in the war ... All that energy is sitting there and it needs to be

resolved. And if you just "push" into some "goal" as I see so many people who are in positions of power and influence, when they try to take on something of greater meaning and purpose: They try to muscle through it, and it smacks them in the face...

This is why. Because THE WAY, right, The Truth, The Way, and The Life... THE WAY to your highest purpose is JUST as important as the WHAT. The HOW is critical. And when you fully devote

yourself to leading from Spirit. To doing the inner work first. To getting the support you need! To figure out how to connect with your spirit and your soul and do your healing work! When you do that and when we dig deep in the basement and

you clear out the gunk... Your mission and everything that comes with it just LANDS. And I'll give you a couple of examples. So when I was still one foot in, one foot out right, when I didn't fully trust the Divine with my mission, I managed to get into an Ivy

League school for a Law and Diplomacy. program. It was the first time I had ever asked a spiritual teacher for support with anything. It was the first time I trusted anyone to assist me. And It was the first time I GOT OVER that voice

that said "you should do it all yourself." Which had kept me a prisoner my whole life. Wo I finally reached out for help. And with the help of my first spiritual teacher, I got in to this law and diplomacy program at an Ivy League

school where they only accept one in twelve applicants. Fast forward, when I FULLY committed to the Divine... When I FULLY embraced my mission, when I FULLY decided that it was do or die this is what I was here for, and nothing else, I was

given a full ride to Harvard University on one of their most prestigious fellowships. It was GIVEN. Likewise, when I was oneI foot, in one foot out, I found myself in a long-term relationship with someone who is constantly doubting me.

Constantly questioning me, constantly 'loving me by trying to keep me small and safe." When I knew I was here for BIG things. When I fully committed to my journey, I ended up finding my husband, my beloved, getting married in Hawaii and

(when we were not even on the same continent) because we were traveling, we had a dream on the same night, that we were meant to move to BALI. We woke up, called each other, and six weeks later, we lived in Bali.

That's what full commitment is like. And I can attest, after having seen our students and partners on SIX continents who have downloaded our curriculum nearly 10,000 times... I have seen their progress! One woman said to me: "You know I've spent

nearly ten thousand dollars on business training, and a YEAR of struggling and fighting with myself to bring my work through. And THIS work DID IT! Within weeks! Boom! I launched! And I am now doing what I was put on the planet for!

Another woman said: "You know, I've been following this invisible path for so long! And now that I have the MAP and the confidence, and I've cleared out all of my contracts, and my patterns of learning through duality and suffering, and I'm committed

to learning through UNITY, I have been offered (she's an artist) I've been offered a job to sit and make my art for thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars." It takes this FULL commitment to step out of learning through duality and

into learning through LOVE. Because you don't have TIME for the suffering. You don't have TIME for these endless blocks. I mean, the Amazon Rainforest is burning acres by the MINUTE. By 2050 we're going to have more PLASTIC in the oceans

than FISH. What are you waiting for!?! Stop projecting you doubt, and your lack of commitment, and your uncertainty, and your lack of confidence, on your spiritual guides and teachers. SIGN UP. Get some help!

I don't care if it's with me! I really don't. Just get the support that you need to fully figure out where you are on your journey. COMMIT to it and UNSUBSCRIBE from learning through suffering. Because you are worth MORE

than that. You are here with a PRECIOUS gift that I have been PRAYING for. That all of humanity has been PRAYING for. You have the answers to our prayers. WHAT are you waiting for!?!! .... So let's begin. If you KNOW you were put on this planet

for something GREATER than you are currently living, and you KNOW the clock is ticking... and the oceans are calling you, and the trees are praying for you, and the bees are beseeching you... Whether you have the solution, or you'll fund it...

whatever your mission is, we're HERE for it. CLICK the LINK and I am down. Let us get to the CORE of what you CAME FOR and ACTUALIZE it. I love you SO much. Click the link, and I'll see you on the other side...

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