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Shani, speak to me!

What is the plan? Just follow me, my Lord. Why did you stop, Shani? There's the door. Things and circumstances may not always be what they seem. I believe, it's time for you to display your power, Indradev. Of course! Closing this gate...

...is child's play for me! Shani, let me try. It seems, the demons have applied all their powers... ...and bound this gate, by their spell. What's the solution to this, Shani? Since all our attempts have failed...

...there is only one option, Indradev. Prayers. Mahadev, please, make things easier for us. Hail Lord Shiva. - Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Sweet faced Mohini!

Let me have the nectar, now! Beware, don't look into Mohini's eyes. She's Mohini. She'll captivate your consciousness. Don't look at Mohini! Let's move on. Or else, you'll be in the same condition as these demons.

Don't worry! Right now, Mohini has all the demons spellbound. None of them will notice us. Move on. - But, how do you know this? I told you, Suryadev. To stop this... ...we'd have to resort to the greatest game player in the universe.

Narayan is the one who planned this. Narayan planned this? But, where is he? You'll know, soon enough, Indradev. Don't make me suffer, anymore, Mohini! Let me have the nectar!

I just can't wait any longer. It's time for the Gods to imbibe nectar. But, not here. Shani, please follow me. We have made so many efforts for this nectar... ...and Mohini is right here, with it! My Lord, won't you partake of it?

I can't believe it. It's been so easy to get the nectar. Deeds are difficult, my Lord. The consequence of one's deeds appear swiftly and suddenly. Since Narayan is our benefactor... ...the task is bound to happen, easily.

But, where is Narayan, Shani? Once his task is completed, you will see him, my Lord. Don't waste any more time. Please, consume the nectar. I feel a strange kind of power surging through my body. My fatigue is gone! I'm filled with energy.

The gods are going to be immortal! Nectar! Mohini, give me the nectar. Mohini! The nectar! I call upon all my powers. This time, when I open my eyes, let me see the truth. Mohini? Where did she go?

The urn is missing, too! Mohini! Hurry up, my Lords. Hurry up! Devraj Indra can't wait anymore! Hurry up!

Get out of your spell, you fool! Wake up! - Back off! There is no Mohini! Wake up, you fool! - Mohini is mine! Oh! Where is Mohini? Where is my nectar? What's the matter, Shani?

Is there any problem? I have a doubt. There is something going on. It's not good. I'll be back in some time. Shukracharya! Please wake up!

We have been cheated, Acharya! Snap out of this spell, you fools! Fine! That's what you deserve! But, I won't be trapped in a spell, anymore. I will defeat Mohini with her own weapons. Mohini!

No matter where you may be, I'm coming to you! I will take away the nectar, which belongs to me! Rahu! Don't do anything foolish... ...that will end in disaster! The gods drank the nectar by deceit.

Mohini took the nectar from me, by deceit. Now, I am going to drink the nectar, by deceit. Where are you, Rahu? Where are you? Chandra! Come closer.

Come close to me. Closer! Rahu wanted to be immortal. In that case, he would be near Goddess Mohini. Chandradev! Who did this to you? What happened?

Chandradev? If you're here... ...then, who was in your place? He looked like you. Rahu. Amazing!

You're the first god... ...who hasn't looked... ...at Mohini's face, at all! Perhaps, you consider the nectar... ...more valuable than beauty. That's how it should be! You certainly worked for it.

Chandradev is here! The one you gave nectar to, is Rahu.

Video Description

Mohini is stalling Raahu from consuming the Amrit as she is mesmerizing him with her dance. Meanwhile, Shani reaches the gate of the the Asuras' abode and despite Indradev and Suryadev's efforts, they cannot break the gate down. Shani asks them to pray in order to look for a way in and all of them pray to Mahadev for help. They find a way in and are shocked to see how Mohini has captivated all the Asuras and stalling them. Shani warns the Devas not to look in Mohini's eyes and step forward to take the Amrit. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

"Amongst the millions of deities worshiped in India, there is one who is most feared. One who strikes a merciless balance between good and evil and makes us realise the cycle of Karma. This is the story of the most revered planet of the zodiac and the Lord of Justice, Shani. What gives Shani his powers and makes his vengeance so potent? Find out with this mythological TV series that's sure to be an audience favourite.

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