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Hello France, I'm Toyotaro,

author of Dragon Ball Super, the sequel to Dragon Ball. Working on Dragon Ball Super This is a great honor for me. I've always dreamed of doing it, so I'm really glad. But it's the sequel to a global success, so I have a huge responsibility. I will do everything in my power to avoid harming the popularity of the series

and to keep creating a Dragon Ball that is true to your ideal. Master Toriyama's work in his career choice For the graphic aspect, I learned it all from Mr Toriyama's manga. My life has been influenced by this man as well: my path to become a mangaka has not been a straight line, I've had various experiences,

but Mr Toriyama linked all those trajectories to bring me where I am now. Without him, my life would have been completely different. Are the values of Dragon Ball also to be found in DBS? I don't think Mr Toriyama made this series to promote specific values. He wanted to create a fascinating story that would be entertaining for everyone. If you find messages in this work, they probably come from yourself.

Mr Toriyama did not put them there. Of course, friendship and family are mentioned in the series, but that's not what Mr Toriyama wanted to put forward. He just needed those elements to make the story interesting. Toyotaro's touch in Dragon Ball Super Since I was a child, I've only ever drawn Dragon Ball.

So I don't really have a personal style. My style is Dragon Ball, it's Mr Toriyama's. However, we are two different people, so my personality probably affects the contents of the manga. I don't know if the fans will accept this difference or reject it, but I do my best to be true to myself and to draw a Dragon Ball that I find interesting. Working under constant time pressure with the anime

The storyline created by Mr Toriyama is a starting point, both for the anime and the manga, but then, each one of us works independently. Therefore, both the story and the timing are often out of sync, but that does not worry us. The possibilities of anime and manga are different, so each one of us tries to adapt the scenario in the best possible way. So there is almost no direct link between the anime and the manga.

A day in Toyotaro's shoes When I work on my panels, apart from eating, going to the bathroom and sleeping, I do nothing but draw. When I have to rush, I sleep 4 hours a night, but apart from that, it's 6 hours on average. Elements that he likes to draw The last step in creating a manga is the inking process. That's my favorite part.

For the storyboard and the sketch, I constantly think about what would be best, and I use a lot of energy, but for the inking, I just have to follow the lines that are already drawn. I like focusing on this somewhat mechanical work. Elements that he finds hard to draw Everything is difficult... but especially fight scenes... and machines.

I haven't drawn a lot of them, but those are difficult elements. It's one of the features of Mr Toriyama's genius. I'm trying to catch up with him, but I'm not there yet. The storyline of Dragon Ball Super I receive the whole story, but it's only a narrative outline. There is no dialogue, for instance. So I have to complete the story and sometimes divert its course, while keeping the main storylines.

One particular anecdote For a character that appears in the 3rd issue, Mr Toriyama had given me a profile drawing. I couldn't see the other side of him, so I didn't draw enough hair on his head and Mr Toriyama had me add several locks of hair. Ah! I realize that it's not that funny, when I tell that story... Dealing with the pressure

I'm under considerable pressure because of this huge responsbility. I must not disappoint the fans. But if I think too much about it, the fear might show through my work, so I strive to remain honest and follow what I find interesting. His favorite manga apart from Dragon Ball From Mr Toriyama, I would say Cashman. Otherwise, it's hard... Rurouni Kenshin, maybe?

(Publisher: Dragon Ball is not in the same league as others, then.) Yes, I never thought about a second best manga... (Publisher: We could say there's Dragon Ball, and then the rest.) One last word? I hope I can keep drawing DBS and meet your expectations without boring you, and achieve an even greater popularity. I will continue with issues number 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on, as long as I'm asked to,

so I'm relying on you to keep reading the series and allow it to continue.

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A l'occasion de son passage au Napoli Comic Con, Toyotaro, l'auteur de Dragon Ball Super (adoubé par Akira Toriyama), nous livre sa première interview filmée !
Il nous parle de sa relation avec Akira Toriyama, l'auteur de Dragon Ball et nous livre quelques confessions !
En partenariat avec J-One et Glénat.
Toyataro, the new mangaka of Dragon Ball Super was in Napoli Comi Con 2017, we travel to this convention to interview him.
For the first time, he speak to a camera and he deliver some confessions about Akira Toriyama and his skills.

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