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we all feel in control of our actions and thoughts

it's what defines us but as biology and technology begin to intertwine the question remains: could your brain be hacked the truth is the brain is an electrical device because at this weekend interface it to our own electronic devices in fact hundreds of thousands of people are already taking advantage of this with cochlear implant a tape hearing aid which mimics and in the brain to

electrical impulses however electricity isn't exactly precise end up spreading signals across many neurons in the brain and in the case appearing this can make the signal muddy or blurry solve this problem researchers have found a way to use light which you can a man is much more precise to stimulate the desired parts of the

brain and it's this light that may be the key to very specific control over the brain but first the cells must somehow learn how to use light as an input source as crazy as it may seem a harmless non reproducing viruses used to insert genes and the desired neurons or brain cells these jeans are taking from other organisms that you'd like to survive

such as algae surprisingly we use the same genetic and cellular mechanisms as that so if you take DNA from one and inserted in another it still works these genes in code for proteins that allow the new on a brain cell to act as a solar cell as a result the reactor incoming light converted to an electrical signal

La Salle's without the new DNA remain unreactive all we need now is an optical source to shine light on these neurons when we want them activated create this set up within the reward systems have the brain and you could make someone happy with the push of a button stick it into the motor cortex and you could control parts of movement and this is exactly what scientists have done

this mouse has fiber optic cables wired into its right motor cortex which controls movement to the left as soon as the latest shot into its altered solar panel neurons cannot help but run to the left its thoughts and actions have been hacked so what happens when we begin to stick technology into our brains

on the one hand it may open the doors to managing physically debilitating diseases personality disorders believe in conditions such as depression turn on or off the necessary cells and Paula pic the average person may be able to integrate this technology in order to augment their vision

or play video games in their mind and as we begin to understand the intricacies of the brain which region specifically control which actions and thoughts this technology will bear even more significance however the ethical concerns and risks look quietly around the corner so knowing that your brain could be hacked would you want this technology in

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Could technology be used to control your brain?
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